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Mia Chef Gelateria

Murray Hill, New York, New York
(18 Reviews)

Mia Chef Gelateria is a high-end New York based culinary institute specializing in artisanal gelato. Our mission as a sustainable corporation guides us in our commitment to social and environmental responsibility. We are dedicated to making the most natural sophisticated product while respecting individuals and the environment by working with local farms and businesses.

We are one of the most successful cooking schools in New York City. Hosting hands-on workshops of specialty desserts. Our cooking classes range from gelato to baking to molecular cooking workshops. Join us for for an unforgettable experience by yourself or with a date. 

Reviews of Mia Chef Gelateria

(18 Reviews)

Eric H.

Attended: Gelato Making

Outstanding class. Thoroughly enjoyed Jason's skillful presentation.

Carlos G.

Attended: Gelato Making

The class was a lot of fun. Making the gelato was easy and the instructor Jason was very knowledgable and clear. The variety of gelato was great and fun to try. We got to make 4 different types of gelato including rum raisin, cookies n cream, chocolate, and snickers caramel with peanut butter. Here are some recommendations to make the class better: - At the end the instructor gave us instructions on how to make gelato at home. It would have been great if this was printed out as a handout for the class; including recommendations for gelato/ice cream machines to buy. - It was surprise the amount of gelato we were able to take home. 8 pints per couple was a lot to manage especially after the instructor said we had only 30 minutes to get into the fridge. We had to rush and buy a cooler and ice to store the gelato. It might be useful to offer take home cooler bags for the class to store their gelato. Something like this:


Attended: Gelato Making

I enjoy the class and the teacher,I learned a lot about making Gelato,and I was surprise to see the ingredients that makes gelato .

Salim B.

Attended: Gelato Making

An excellent way of learning to make gelato. A good approached between the instructor and the attending learners.exept , most of the scales we had on the workshop weren't calibrated. We had difficulties on pouring the right amount of the ingredient

Jack S.

Attended: Gelato Making

It is OK for someone that would like to know basics. I was looking for a deeper class with more specific and recipes.


Attended: Gelato Making

Really fun time and it's amazing that each person leaves with 4 pints of gelato. The only thing that stop me from giving 5 stars is that I feel like we just made the white base 4 times and the toppings/flavors were added by the instructor, with the exception of the chocolate.


Attended: Gelato Making

Amazing evening learning the secrets of making gelato. Lots of measuring, tasting and laughs. I would recommend this fun evening for anyone who wants a cool, delicious evening of learning. Perfect for summer nights.

Gerardo Castillo

Attended: Gelato Making

Great way to spend an afternoon.


Attended: Gelato Making

This course was NOT for people who want to learn about gelato in any culinary or technical way. Mostly for people who want to SEE somebody make gelato, not make it themselves. Sure, you get 4 pints at the end, but it's not worth $100. Also, my reservation was botched and they offered little remedy.

Carol Habbouche

Attended: Gelato Making

Both my hubby and i took the course. It is honestly not worth it and too expensive for what it has to offer. The kitchen is underground with barely air to breathe. The teacher basically teaches you to make 4 recipes that all end up tasting the same (basic cream ice cream) and then adds the main ingredients alone without explaining to anyone. He never tasted the end result which was really bad for all flavors. Basically all we learned is that to make gelato you need the 20,000 dollars machine that they have in store. The teacher was muttering info as if he was forced to teach us without any involvement or excitement that you see in other workshops. Not fun at all!

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