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Wine & Cheese 101

at Murray's Cheese - Greenwich Village, New York

While it's difficult to imagine not enjoying a sip of wine with a hunk of your favorite cheese, certain combinations will particularly titillate your tongue and make your soul sing. Join us for a whirlwind tour of the wine and cheese world as we sample red, white, and dessert wines from around the world. Learn which cheese types best match your favorite...

Sunday Mar 5th, 1pm

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Spain & Portugal - Classic Wines

at NYC Wine Class - Chelsea, New York

You could sample a new Spanish wine every night of the year and still not experience all the variety that this country produces. Each region has their own specialty. Rioja creates smoky, earthy, subtle reds with the Tempranillo grape, while the Priorat region makes rich, dense, powerful reds from the Garnacha variety. The Ribera del Duero also employs...

Thursday Feb 2nd, 7pm

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California Wine & Cheese

at Back Label Wine Merchants - Chelsea, New York

Beat the winter blues and do some California dreamin’ with us! We’ll be pairing some of our favorite wines and cheeses hailing from the west coast.  You’ll sample 5 wines and 5 cheeses while learning about the amazing terroir of the sunshine state.

Saturday Feb 4th, 4pm


Sexy Cheese Pairings

at New York Vintners - TriBeCa, New York

Wine and cheese! A match made in heaven! Yet not every wine sings in perfect harmony with every cheese… but when they hit the right note… it is music to our ears and our taste buds too. So put on your perfect pairing shoes and come join us for our educational Wine and Cheese class. As we taste our way through a flight of excellent wines we will...

Saturday Jan 28th, 4pm


Wine & Cheese Pairing on Yacht Manhattan

at Classic Harbor Line - Chelsea, New York

Join us for our new series celebrating the wonderfully diverse and ever-changing world of wine!  Each week we will focus on a different region exploring the grapes, styles, soils, viticulture, and tasting techniques that will help you enjoy your wine! These interactive tastings will be conducted by our wine professional Wendy Crispell...


Saturday Jan 28th, 5pm

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France - Making Sense of it All

at NYC Wine Class - Chelsea, New York

French wines ooze intimidation; the language, no grape listed anywhere in sight, countless vineyards and producers, and all this at often exorbitant prices. Yet even in the face of these apparent obstacles, France is worthy of our attention. Why? Simply because they still continue to create so many of the world’s most intriguing, exotic, and individualistic...


Friday Jan 20th, 7pm

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Wine & Cheese

at Beecher's Handmade Cheese - Flatiron, New York

Whether you’re a die-hard wine-and-cheese fan or just want to indulge, this class will teach you how to pair artisan cheeses with the perfect counterpart.  Led by Beecher’s sommelier and in-house cheesemaker Andrew Torrens, the class will showcase both classic and unconventional pairings.

Wednesday Mar 8th, 7pm

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Fondue Party

at Murray's Cheese - Greenwich Village, New York

Hot, luxurious, and decadent--that's how we like our chilly November days here at Murray's Cheese. Join us for a tasting of the traditional, the funky, and the downright delicious Alpine-style cheeses traditionally used in classic fondue recipes. After the nosh, we'll get down to business to create the fondue of our dreams.  We'll toast to the...

Sunday Mar 5th, 4:30pm


Vive la France: French Wine & Cheese

at Murray's Cheese - Greenwich Village, New York

Valencay, Epoisses, Camembert and Brie—it is no wonder that France holds the reputation as the king of cheeses! Join us as we offer homage to fromage, tasting through both the rustic and refined French cheesemaking tradition.  From the citric tang of Loire Valley goat cheeses to buttery, nutty sheep's milk alpine's to piquant creamy blues,...

Tuesday Feb 21st, 6:30pm


Wine and Cheese of France

at Chelsea Wine Vault - Chelsea, New York

France is probably the most highly-regarded producer of both wine and cheese, so it's only natural to focus on pairing French wine and cheese together. In this class we’ll explore the different wine growing regions of France and match them up with exceptional French cheeses provided by Murray's Cheese. You’ll get: Tasting-size pours of up to...

Tuesday Mar 28th, 6:30pm


Wine & Cheese Pairings

at Le Grand Triage: Fine Wine & Spirits - Upper East Side, New York

Wine and cheese seem destined for each other as the classic combinations flirt with experiences close to Nirvana; however, some pairings leave much to be desired. So what's the trick? At Le Grand Triage, we're all about wine educations, so join us for a taste-gasm of stellar wine and cheese pairings that will give you a greater appreciation for how...

Friday Feb 10th, 7:30pm

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Whisky & Cheese

at Beecher's Handmade Cheese - Flatiron, New York

Join Edrington’s Jordan Zimmerman and the experts at Beecher’s for an evening of mingling, whisky-sipping and mouthwatering pairings. You’ll learn how to pair artisan cheeses with an unexpected accompaniment: Scotch whiskys.

Thursday Mar 9th, 7pm

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Napa vs. Bordeaux

at NYC Wine Class - Chelsea, New York

Both grow Cabernet Sauvignon, both are fiercely loyal to their region, and both create intense, complex, long-lived wines. Yet they are not the same. Bordeaux, with its centuries of history and ornate chateaux, claims restraint and finesse as well as power, yet by a judicious hand. The wines of Pauillac, Margaux, Graves, St Julien, Pomerol, St Emilion...

Saturday Feb 25th, 4pm


Cheese & Wine 101

at The Institute of Culinary Education - Financial District, New York

The progress of civilization follows the history of cheese and wine---yet with the myriad varieties available today, it can be challenging to pair them well. In this class by Maître Fromager and James Beard Award-winning author Max McCalman, you will taste a range of cheeses and wines alongside one another. As you learn the principles of professional...

Friday Mar 10th, 6:30pm


Cheese, Wine, and the Mediterranean Diet

at The Institute of Culinary Education - Financial District, New York

The "cheese" word is rarely uttered when we hear about the Mediterranean Diet---yet the world's highest per-capita cheese consumption is by people who live around and within that iconic sea!  Cheese and wine have been quotidian parts of their diets for millennia, and continue to be to this day. How is it that those living near the Mediterranean...

Friday Apr 28th, 6:30pm