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Hip Hop Dance Classes NYC

Unleash your inner dancer and learn the grooves of hip-hop with dance classes in NYC. Get your body moving, improve your rhythm, and gain confidence on the dance floor with expert instructors and a variety of hip-hop styles to choose from.

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Hip Hop Dance

Fit4Dance @ 21 Snyder Ave, Brooklyn, NY

Discover your inner rhythm and unleash your "sauce" with a fiery and unconventional hip-hop dance class that will leave you ready to take the stage. Join us at Fit4Dance and redefine your moves with a character-building, unique approach to hip-hop.

Monday Dec 4th, 7:15–8:15pm Eastern Time

Hip House

Fit4Dance @ 21 Snyder Ave, Brooklyn, NY

Get your heart pumping and your body grooving with this high-energy dance aerobics class that combines the best of Old School Hip-Hop and House music. Improve your cardio fitness and tone your body while enjoying the infectious beats and moves.

Monday Dec 4th, 5–5:50pm Eastern Time

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Hip Hop Dance (Private)


This fun and creative Hip Hop class teaches the fundamentals and foundational elements of Hip-Hop dance combing elements of breakdance. Hip-hop techniques and signature moves, and floor work. Students will develop musicality, coordination, flexibility, and physical fitness in a fun environment! Notes: Scheduling for private lessons is flexible and subject to the instructor's availability. If the instructor is unavailable during the date or time...

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The Art & Dance Project: Hip Hop Dance Fitness

39th Avenue Dance & Fitness @ 38-12 30th St, Queens, NY

The Art and Dance project is happy to announce Hip Hop Dance Fitness classes. Join Imani at 39th Avenue Arts N Events and get fit learning hip hop fundamentals.  All skill sets are welcome.  Come dressed comfortably, bring a drink, and a friend! 

No upcoming schedules

Introduction to Hip Hop and House Dance

39th Avenue Dance & Fitness @ 38-12 30th St, Queens, NY

This course will bring students to a beginner Hip Hop and House level, where they can recognize and execute terminology, and the proper technique. Attire: Comfortable street clothes loose fitting or form fitting Example: T-shirts, sweat pants, leggings, harem pants, tank tops, and sports bra Feel free to wear sweatshirts when it gets colder. NO JEANS Agenda: (All fundamentals will be covered & order subject to readjustment based on student...

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Hip Hop Teens Ages 8+

Fit4Dance @ 21 Snyder Ave, Brooklyn, NY

Discover the art of Hip Hop dance as you groove to the rhythm and master signature moves in this dynamic and energetic class. Develop coordination, flexibility, and musicality in a fun and creative environment. Unleash your inner dancer at Fit4Dance!

No upcoming schedules

Adults: Absolute Beginner Hip Hop

Creatively Wild Art Studio Dumbo @ 33 Washington St, Brooklyn, NY

Seeking something new to try? Curious about hip hop? New to dancing completely? Then this is the class for you! Our NEW Adult Absolute Beginner Hip Hop classes are perfect for adults who are just starting out in dance for the first time. Instruction will consist of introductory, basic and beginner-friendly hip hop movement exercises, routines and warm up to get your feet wet. Bring your crew or just yourself into the world of hip hop dance!

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DEL Hip-Hop Stories

92nd Street Y @ 1395 Lexington Ave, New York, NY

Join us to investigate stories from the cipher: What is the meaning of the cipher beyond the dance that we see, and what are the stories of the people that come to the hip-hop dance circle? In this 6-hour, in-person hip-hop workshop, participants will explore hip-hop dance to understand that hip-hop stories come from awareness of one's lived experiences. Attendees will explore their own lived experiences and that of their students to educate themselves...

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Adults: Hip Hop

Creatively Wild Art Studio Dumbo @ 33 Washington St, Brooklyn, NY

Hip Hop is a high-energy class in which you will learn fun hip-hop techniques and combinations. Dancers will learn fundamental Hip Hop moves including basic body isolations, precision, performance quality and choreography, and get to dance to energizing music. Please wear sneakers and clothes you can move in. No experience necessary.

No upcoming schedules

Hip Hop (Beginner)

Bridge For Dance @ 2726 Broadway, New York, NY

Hip Hop is a high energy, poppy dance class for young boys and girls. During this super fun class, the children will learn great new, popular dance skills while getting exercise, learning movement and body awareness and having fun! During class, the students will do a warm up, learn to count music, move “across the floor”, do physical floor work, stretches, light gymnastics, and choreographed dances in a group.   All students will dance...

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Advanced Urban Dance (Ages: 8-17)

York College CPE @ 89-25 Parsons Blvd., Jamaica, NY

This course is a continuation of Urban Dance, using a lot of high-energy to burn calories. This energetic style uses syncopated rhythms and body isolations, mixing classic jazz moves with the latest hip-hop steps. All while dancing to their favorite music. Course Requirement: Gym clothing with sneakers. Note: Consult a physician before starting any exercise program.

No upcoming schedules

8 sessions

Hip-Hop (Absolute Beginner)

92nd Street Y @ 1395 Lexington Ave, New York, NY

Explore the cool style, infectious vibe and basic techniques of this urban dance form.

No upcoming schedules

10 sessions

Afrocardi Party

Human@Ease @ 31 Nassau Ave, Brooklyn, NY

Description of Series Emara Grainger is expanding her signature Afrobics class into a high energy, high impact AFROCARDI PARTY Workshop that fuses African dance and strength training to make you SWEAT for the culture. Each week, we will continue the fun next door at Spritzenhaus for a happy hour with specialty drinks created only for Afrocardi Party-goers. Following the one hour class, guests will move to Spritzenhaus to enjoy a happy hour cocktail...

No upcoming schedules

Hip-Hop to the Top

92nd Street Y @ Online Classroom, New York, NY

In this interactive session, experience hip-hop technique focusing on correct body placement and safety. Explore the pillars of hip-hop and develop strategies to design multidisciplinary lesson plans that build meaningful bridges to music, visual art, literature and other disciplines. Investigate hip-hop’s rich history and make connections to Laban Movement Analysis and the New York City, New York State and national standards. Celebrate and dig...

No upcoming schedules

2 sessions

Hip Hop Level 2

Piel Canela Dance School @ 500 8th Ave, New York, NY

Adv-Beginner Hip Hop moves and technique.  Prerequisite: Hip Hop Level 1 Beginner Note:  Students must bring their CourseHorse payment confirmation to class in order to participate. Piel Canela classes work in cycles. If you purchase an individual class, it will be the first lesson of the long term cycles. Should you take the first class and decide you'd like to purchase additional classes through CourseHorse, please contact us...

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4 sessions

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Discover the Best Hip Hop Dance Classes in NYC

Hip hop is a style of dance that originated from black culture in the 1970s in the United States. Street dances were performed as a method of self expression for black youth. With the rise of rap in the music industry, hip hop entered the mainstream. Hip dance battles rose to popularity in the 1980s and captured the attention of youths from all ethnicities. Today, hip hop is a dance style commonly seen in movies, stage performances, music videos, and advertisements.

There are three styles of movement involved in the core of hip hop dance. These include popping, locking, and breaking. Moves for locking and popping are dictated to the beat of the music. While popping involves explosive outward movements, locking is the inverse with contractions. Freezing momentarily in place for both movements is done for emphasis. “Breaking” is a common term to refer to breakdancing. Though breakdancing can be categorized as its own style of dance, athletic movement and footwork from it are an essential part of hip hop.

Why You Should Learn Hip Hop Dance in NYC

Hip hop is a fun and energetic style of dance. Unlike many other dance styles, participants are encouraged to express themselves and move in ways that feel good to them rather than being constrained by specific movements or steps. This ability to freestyle can improve one’s sense of fun, creative thinking, and self esteem. As individuals realize their skills in a new talent, their levels of confidence rise. Learning to dance within a group and in front of other people is also known to decrease symptoms of anxiety. In short, people who attend dance classes generally receive a boost in feel-good brain chemicals and learn to feel more assured about themselves.

Physical exercise is also known to increase dopamine in the brain, and hip hop is a dance known to make participants sweat. Some people pursue dance classes as an alternative to the traditional gym. Hip hop is categorized as aerobic exercise, and the bonus is it’s fun! Dancing is often recommended as a form of exercise for seniors as it improves range of movement and flexibility. Dancing is also known to increase body strength.

Attending hip hop dance classes will introduce you to a whole new circle of people. This community will be a source of advice and encouragement. Bonding with people over shared experiences can result in finding a sense of belonging and even forming lasting friendships. Should you choose to stick with learning hip hop, recognizing oneself as belonging within a community can improve well being and self-esteem.

Many people choose to learn hip hop purely for the joy of it. However, should one choose, it is possible to monetize one’s dancing skills. Hip hop dances are commonly paid to perform in advertisements, music videos, concerts, shows, and other special events. Street dancing can also be a source of income, and some students progress to getting full or part time jobs as instructors themselves.

In-Person Hip Hop Dance Classes & Schools in NYC

CourseHorse gathers all in-person hip hop dance classes in NYC into one place for easy searching. If you don’t find the courses you are looking for, check back for future offerings or contact individual schools to express interest in specific dance classes.


Currently, most hip hop classes in NYC are offered by Fit4Dance, located in Crown Heights, Brooklyn. The studio focuses on dance as a fun and exciting form of physical fitness. Zumba is the studio’s most popular dance class, but they teach many other styles, including hip hop, Jazz, and Ballet, among others. Most classes are open to all age groups but some are segregated for children, teens, and adults. Classes generally last around 1 hour and cost $20 per person. 

Hip Hop Dance is a course available for adults and teens of at least 15 years old. New students should expect to hit the ground running as they dive into the rhythm of hip hop and discover their style of movement. Teens aged 19 or younger may also attend Hip Hop Teens Ages 8+. This course focuses on elements of breakdance to develop coordination, body strength, and flexibility.

Hip hop enthusiasts may also be interested in Fit4Dance’s Jazz Dance class. Hip hop is considered to have been born from Jazz, and today the two dance and music styles are influenced by one another. Like hip hop, Jazz is an energetic dance style that encourages self expression. Essential Jazz dance movements include percussion (similar to popping but sudden and sharp), swinging (swaying back and forth), and sustaining (slow, continuous, and even motions).

92nd Street Y

92nd Street Y is a community center dedicated to bringing people together through culture, art, and entertainment. The center is located on the Upper East Side and offers a handful of in-person classes involving dance of various styles. 92nd Street Y welcomes a diverse community of different backgrounds, faith, and ages and offers classes on a wide variety of topics with the goal of continuous learning, self improvement, and enjoying life.

Though 92nd Street Y currently does not have any hip hop class offerings, it has provided such in the past. Students may also be interested in the Solo Jazz for Newbies course. This class teaches the lingo of jazz as well as specific dance moves, such as the Charleston and Suzie Q, among others. 92nd Street Y has provided other hip hop adjacent courses in the past such as Jazz Funk – a style of dance from the 70s from which hip hop evolved. 

Femme Body Fitness

Femme Body Fitness is a school located in Flatiron near the Empire State Building. The studio focuses on fitness specifically for women, with the goal of improving self confidence and muscle strength. Dance classes focus on sensual movements and body sculpting. The studio offers courses in dance styles such as ballet, belly, lap, and pole, among others. Students must be 18 or older. Classes usually last an hour and cost $30. 

Though Femme Body Fitness does not offer courses in hip hop, enthusiasts of the dance style may be interested in their Beginner Twerk class. Twerking is a move known in hip hop that involves the motion of the hips and lower back. Squatting is often required to pull off the move, thus this class builds lower back and leg muscles. Not for the faint of heart, this class promises to have your legs burning!

Virtual Hip Hop Dance Classes & Schools

If you can’t find hip hop dance classes in your area or dislike the commute of in-person classes, you can attend virtual hip hop dance classes online from anywhere in the country. All you need is a reliable internet connection and enough space to get your groove on. Virtual tools allow instructors to emulate the personability of physical classrooms. Students can hear the instructor’s dance music, ask questions, and see each other in real time over online video. 

Many online classes have material requirements that students must shop for and supply themselves. With dance courses, all that is required is comfortable clothing. If you don't have breathable clothing that lets you move, you would have needed to purchase these items for a physical class as well. The only other equipment you may wish to pick up is a video camera or standing mirror to view your own moves and identify mistakes, but neither of these is required.

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