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Watercolor Classes NYC

Unlock your artistic potential with a wide range of watercolor classes in NYC! Learn essential techniques, discover new styles, and create stunning works of art while gaining the confidence and skills to express yourself through this captivating medium.

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Watercolor Techniques

New York School of the Arts @ 315 E 62nd St, New York, NY

Unleash your creativity and master the art of watercolor painting at the renowned New York School of the Arts. Explore a wide range of techniques, from landscapes to portraits, and bring your imagination to life on the canvas. Discover the unique qualities of this captivating medium in a supportive and inspiring environment.

Saturday Feb 3rd, 1–4pm Eastern Time

 (10 sessions)


10 sessions

The Magic of Watercolor

New York School of the Arts @ 315 E 62nd St, New York, NY

Discover the enchanting world of watercolor at the renowned New York School of the Arts. Explore the art of layering transparent washes, and learn how to use pigments to create stunning compositions. Let your creativity flow with this immersive course.

Thursday Feb 1st, 2–5pm Eastern Time

 (10 sessions)


10 sessions

Contemporary Watercolor

New York School of the Arts @ 315 E 62nd St, New York, NY

Explore the possibilities of expressive, contemporary watercolor painting at the New York School of the Arts. From composition to color, this class encourages experimentation and individual growth. All levels are welcome.

Tuesday Jan 30th, 1:30–4:30pm Eastern Time

 (8 sessions)


8 sessions

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Watercolor Painting (Beginner/Intermediate)

92nd Street Y @ 1395 Lexington Ave, New York, NY

Unleash your creativity and discover the beauty of watercolor painting. Learn various techniques, color formation, and visual representation through direct observation. Join a supportive community of artists and receive real-time feedback on your progress.

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7 sessions

Beginner’s Guide to Watercolor: Natural + Urban Subject Matter (Single Session)

Creatively Wild Art Studio Dumbo @ 98 Water St, Brooklyn, NY

Discover the versatility of watercolor painting as you learn fundamental techniques and practical approaches in capturing natural and urban subject matter. Unleash your creativity and evoke tone and emotion through color palettes, brushstrokes, and professional applications. All levels are welcome in this course held at Creatively Wild Art Studio Dumbo.

Thursday Dec 7th, 11am–1pm Eastern Time

Capturing Nature’s Essence: Abstract Landscape

92nd Street Y @ 1395 Lexington Ave, New York, NY

Discover the captivating world of abstract landscape watercolor in this immersive workshop led by artist and educator Melanie Kozol at the 92nd Street Y. Ignite your creativity and learn how to capture the essence of nature through vibrant and expressive compositions. Gain valuable insights and techniques from an experienced artist who has painted at locations all over the world.

Thursday Jan 4th, 10am–3:30pm Eastern Time

 (2 sessions)


2 sessions

Beginner’s Guide to Painting for Teens: Acrylic, Watercolors + Oils (Single Session)

Creatively Wild Art Studio Dumbo @ 98 Water St, Brooklyn, NY

Discover the potential of acrylics, watercolors, and oils in this inspiring art course. Learn to match your subject matter to the media and explore different results with each painting medium. Focus on color, light, and composition as you develop your own unique style. Suitable for beginners or intermediate students looking for inspiration.

Sunday Dec 10th, 11:15am–1:15pm Eastern Time

Long Pose Figure Drawing

Drawing New York @ 15 Gramercy Park South, New York, NY

Refine your figure drawing skills and immerse yourself in the artistry of capturing a single pose throughout this dynamic session offered by Drawing New York. Learn from experienced artists, bring your own drawing pad and preferred tools, and get ready for a unique opportunity to enhance your artistic abilities. Register now and let your creativity soar!

Sunday Dec 3rd, 12–3pm Eastern Time

Winter Landscape Paintings @ Winemak’her Bar

Private Picassos Art Studio & Shop @ 492 5th Ave, Brooklyn, NY

Unlock your creativity and learn watercolor techniques in our Winter Landscape Paintings course. Immerse yourself in the world of art at Private Picassos Art Studio & Shop and let our trained instructors guide you through the process. Join us for a unique experience and enjoy a free drink at Winemak’her Bar.

Friday Dec 15th, 7–8pm Eastern Time

Advanced Abstract Painting

New York School of the Arts @ 315 E 62nd St, New York, NY

Expand your artistic horizons and deepen your understanding of abstract painting at the esteemed New York School of the Arts. Discover your visual vocabulary and explore different media as you experiment with abstract art within various artistic movements. Gain valuable technical demonstrations and personalized feedback to develop your body of work.

Friday Apr 5th, 4–7pm Eastern Time

 (9 sessions)


9 sessions

Gum Over Platinum

Penumbra Foundation @ 36 E 30th St, New York, NY

This intensive, hands-on workshop offers students an opportunity to learn about the beautiful practice of layering platinum palladium prints with gum bichromate watercolor pigments for additional depth and tone. Students will start by learning the basics of creating a digital negative from a digital file or pre-scanned film negative. The class will then go over preparing platinum-palladium chemistry, coating, exposing and developing prints. The second...

Saturday Mar 16th, 10am–6pm Eastern Time

 (2 sessions)


2 sessions

Weekend Figure Drawing

Drawing New York @ 15 Gramercy Park South, New York, NY

Join us for an immersive figure-drawing experience, where you can unleash your creativity and refine your skills. Discover the joy of capturing the human form through a series of short poses and longer sessions with our talented models. Don't miss out on this opportunity to connect with fellow artists and enhance your artistic journey.

Saturday Dec 9th, 12–3pm Eastern Time

Figure: Painting the Model in Costume, with a Focus on Portrait

New York School of the Arts @ 315 E 62nd St, New York, NY

Immerse yourself in the world of historical dress and evoke emotion through painting the human figure in costume. Develop your understanding of light and shadow, warm and cool colors, and create lifelike portraits with accurate and three-dimensional facial features. Join us for a transformative art experience at the New York School of the Arts.

Monday Jan 29th, 4–7pm Eastern Time

 (8 sessions)


8 sessions


New York School of the Arts @ 315 E 62nd St, New York, NY

Unleash your creativity through the intriguing world of alternative photographic processes in this historic Prussian blue course at the New York School of the Arts. Learn to create captivating images using the cyanotype process, while exploring various techniques such as photograms, paper selection, exposing and developing prints, and more. No prior experience is necessary.

Thursday Feb 1st, 10am–4pm Eastern Time

 (10 sessions)


10 sessions

Painting for the First Time: Acrylics (Single Session)

Creatively Wild Art Studio Dumbo @ 98 Water St, Brooklyn, NY

Discover the joy of painting with acrylics in a supportive and nurturing environment at Creatively Wild Art Studio Dumbo. Overcome your fears and gain confidence as you learn the fundamentals of painting, including choosing subjects, working on a canvas, and mastering color mixing. Join us and leave with new skills and beautiful canvas creations!

Tuesday Dec 5th, 7–9pm Eastern Time

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Discover the Best Watercolor Classes in NYC

Watercolor is a beautiful art medium combining pigmented water-soluble paint with water to blend vibrant and translucent colors. You can create detailed paintings, abstract art, unique and bright landscapes, and other stunning creations with watercolor paint. 

Watercolor painting is a popular art medium, but it can be difficult for beginners to learn. The best way to learn watercolor painting is by taking a class. For those living in New York City and the surrounding area, dozens of in-person art classes are available. Watercolor art classes in NYC offer great personalized instruction, convenient class schedules, and an opportunity to learn in a friendly class setting.

Why You Should Learn Watercolor in NYC

Learning watercolor in NYC opens up a wide range of opportunities. First, watercolor painting is a fun hobby to learn in your free time. While learning watercolor, you get to spend your time productively while expressing yourself in a creative way. 

Some other reasons why you should learn watercolor in NYC include: 

  • Become part of a community: By taking in-person classes in NYC, you can join a larger community. You can join groups, clubs, events, and organizations that connect you to other people with similar interests. 
  • Make new friends: If you’re new to NYC or you haven’t found ways to make new friends, then taking a class is the perfect way to meet people. 
  • Start a business: Watercolor art is popular because of its calming design. You can learn watercolor art with the intent of starting a small art business.
  • Learn new composition skills: Learning watercolor composition can help you see the world in a new light, which can help with other aspects of design. 
  • Make gifts for friends and family: At the very least, learning watercolor allows you to create handmade gifts for friends and family. 

There are many reasons why learning watercolor painting in NYC is a great idea. CourseHorse makes finding a class easy by putting hundreds of classes, both in-person and online courses, at your fingertips. 

In-Person Watercolor Classes & Schools in NYC

Several schools offer in-person watercolor classes in NYC. Some popular schools include Pain Makers Notes, The Art Studio NY, 92nd Street Y, and Creatively Wild Art Studio. You can find classes from each of these schools through CourseHorse. 

One of the most popular classes for beginners is the Beginners Watercolor Painting: How to Paint Flowers class through The Art Studio NY. It meets for four sessions and has an average class size of just eight students. Because the classes are so small, students will get personalized instruction and hands-on learning with their instructor. This flower painting class specializes in teaching students how to paint flowers while also focusing on the basics of watercolor painting. Students will learn wet-on-wet painting, wet-on-dry watercolor painting, dry brush, variegated washes, splattering, watercolor dripping, glazing, color mixing, and more. 

Another class open to students of all levels is the Approaches to Abstraction with Watercolor course from 92nd Street Y. The class has six sessions that help students learn to branch out of their creative boxes and learn to paint abstract art using watercolor. This course offers valuable skills and can help students learn how to embrace their own art styles. 

The Painting Seascapes with Watercolor class is unique because it teaches students how to paint the ocean, waves, beaches, and other stunning seascapes. Students will learn how to use watercolor to capture moving water. Throughout the class, students will participate in group discussions, observe demonstrations, and get feedback on progress in real-time.

Once you’ve mastered the basics of watercolor, move on to the Landscapes in Watercolor (Intermediate/Advanced) class. This class meets for six sessions and briefly recaps basic watercolor techniques. Then, it teaches students to capture details within a landscape, including seasonal blooms, dewy vistas, and emerging greens. The instructor will also perform demonstrations to help the students learn new skills. 

An NYC school called Paint Makers Notes offers two classes called Watercolor Paint Making - Rare and Precious and Watercolor Paint Making - Basics. Rather than teaching skills related to painting, the class teaches students how to create the paint from scratch. The class meets once for three hours, and students will leave with six full pans of handmade watercolor paint, metal carrying cases for paint, and the knowledge of how to create watercolor paint from scratch. 

Located in downtown Brooklyn, the Creatively Wild Art Studio offers a class called Painting Watercolors: Nature, Land + the City. This course meets for six sessions and shows students how to capture landscapes, cityscapes, and nature in watercolor. Some of the subjects you will learn to paint include fauna, flowers and trees, and people. In addition, you will learn to build up color by layering and how to choose the right color palette for your piece. 

You can book any of these classes by visiting CourseHorse’s website. 

Virtual Watercolor Classes & Schools

Virtual watercolor classes offer a great alternative to those who can’t fit in-person courses into their schedule. Unlike in-person classes, virtual classes can be taken anywhere. So, you can take a lesson from an NYC school while traveling across the country. All you need is a computer, the course materials, and an internet connection. 

For some, virtual classes are the perfect fit. You can learn how to paint with watercolors without worrying about commuting into the city. In addition, there are more online class options. 

There are two main downsides when it comes to online classes. First, you won’t get hands-on help from the instructor and can’t meet with your classmates in person. Second, most online courses don’t provide class materials. However, for many, the pros of online watercolor classes outweigh the cons. 

The Watercolors for Absolute Beginners course is one of the best classes to take if this is your first watercolor class. It includes six class sessions and starts from the absolute basics of watercolor painting. Students will learn how to mix watercolor paint and how much water to add. By the end of the class, students will know how to use both wet-in-wet techniques and wet-over-dry techniques.

Another great option for those who are new to watercolor is the Watercolor Painting (Beginner/Intermediate) class. The class is perfect for beginners and intermediate learners who want to improve or learn new skills. The class will learn how to apply paint to the paper and how watercolor forms on the paper. 

A great class for intermediate learners specifically is the Online Watercolor 202 - Intermediate course. It meets for four sessions and is the perfect class for students with some watercolor experience. This class picks up where most beginners’ classes finish by diving deeper into watercolor. It’s ideal for students who want to begin painting professionally for a fine art book, advertising, or design illustration. 

Since there are so many online classes, you should be able to find one that fits into your schedule and price range. 

Private Group Watercolor Classes in NYC

Providing a creative outlet for employees and company group members is the perfect way to build relationships and help your employees relax. CourseHorse offers private group watercolor classes in NYC for companies who want to give their employees a much-needed break. 

One of the best watercolor courses for groups is the Virtual Watercolor Workshop class. The class is just one hour and thirty minutes, making it the perfect length for a busy schedule. The workshop will teach basic watercolor techniques, including the wet-on-wet technique. In addition, you can give the instructor a specific image to lead the group on how to paint or select from the class’s unique gallery. Plus, you won’t have to worry about making sure your guests are prepared for the class since Coursehorse will ship all the necessary supplies right to their door before the class takes place.

Having your employees participate in an art class will help them relax. It’s the perfect team-building event for both large and small groups. 

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