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Performing Arts Classes NYC

Unleash your creativity with a variety of performing arts classes in NYC. From acting to dancing, you'll learn new skills, gain confidence, and shine on stage.

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Beginners 1: Guitar for Absolute Beginners

New York City Guitar School @ 251 W 30th St, New York, NY

Unlock your musical potential with a guitar course designed for absolute beginners. Students will learn basic chords, practice with real songs, and connect with classmates at the New York City Guitar School. Guitars are provided, so all you need to bring is your desire to rock!

Tuesday, Feb 27th, 6–7pm Eastern Time

 (12 sessions)


12 sessions

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Lindy Hop Zero to Hero (Beginner Swing Dancing)

92nd Street Y @ 1395 Lexington Ave, New York, NY

Learn and perfect the essential steps of the Lindy Hop, from Jig Walk to Swing Out, at 92nd Street Y. Gain the confidence and skills to hit the dance floor or move on to intermediate classes after just four months of weekly lessons. No partner is required!

Tuesday, Feb 27th, 7–8pm Eastern Time

Solo Jazz for Newbies (Beginner)

92nd Street Y @ 1395 Lexington Ave, New York, NY

Discover the vibrant world of the vernacular jazz movement at the renowned 92nd Street Y. Unleash your inner dancer as you learn the vocabulary and unique character of early jazz dance, mastering iconic steps like Charleston, Suzie Q, Shorty George, and Fall Off The Log. Get ready to groove and let the rhythm take control!

Monday, Feb 26th, 7–8pm Eastern Time

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Private Piano Lessons: Adult Students (1 hour)

Natalia Huang Piano Studio @ 15 E 40th St, New York, NY

Discover the joy of playing the piano with personalized instruction from an experienced instructor at Natalia Huang Piano Studio. Our private lessons for adult students focus on technique, ear training, sight-reading, and music appreciation. Don't miss out on this opportunity to enhance your musical abilities and bring your passion for piano to life.

Monday, Feb 26th, 3–8pm Eastern Time

Guitar 1: Guitar for Absolute Beginners

Brooklyn Guitar School @ 81 4th Ave, Brooklyn, NY

Start your guitar journey from scratch and learn basic chords and songs by popular artists like John Legend and Taylor Swift at Brooklyn Guitar School. This course is designed specifically for absolute beginners, providing step-by-step explanations and comprehensive video tutorials to help you master the guitar. Join now and discover your hidden talent!

Wednesday, Feb 28th, 6:30–7:30pm Eastern Time

Drum Lessons/Private 1 hour - All Levels

Conor Hall Drums @ 24-09 41st Ave, Queens, NY

Unlock your rhythm and unleash your inner drummer with private drum lessons at Conor Hall Drums. From beginners to advanced students, you'll explore techniques, notation, grooves, and styles, and even dive into odd time signatures and improvisation. Get behind the drum set and experience the joy of making music.

Sunday, Feb 25th, 1–5pm Eastern Time

Flamenco / Spanish Guitar Private Lessons

Diego Campo's Guitar Lessons @ 770 Herkimer street, Brooklyn, NY

Master the art of Flamenco and Spanish guitar with personalized private lessons. Develop your technique, learn traditional pieces, and gain a deeper understanding of the instrument's history and theory. Whether you're a beginner or looking to enhance your skills, these flexible and tailored lessons will help you become a great guitarist.

Tuesday, Feb 27th, 10am–8pm Eastern Time

Guitar 3: Guitar for Near Beginners

Brooklyn Guitar School @ 78 4th Ave, Brooklyn, NY

Take your guitar playing to the next level with a focus on rhythm! Master bass strums, palm mutes, scratches, and sixteenth notes to play with confidence and expression. Prerequisites: completion of Guitar 1 and 2 or comfort with basic open chords and strumming patterns.

Monday, Feb 26th, 6:30–7:30pm Eastern Time

Premiere Pro Bootcamp

Noble Desktop @ 185 Madison Ave, New York, NY & Virtually Online

Master the art of professional video editing with Premiere Pro. Learn how to import, organize, and edit footage, enhance audio and video quality, add effects and titles, and much more. Take your video editing skills to the next level with this comprehensive course.

Monday, Mar 4th, 10am–5pm Eastern Time

 (3 sessions)


3 sessions

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Essentials of Film Acting 110

Acting School for Film and Television @ 939 8th Ave, New York, NY

Master the art of on-camera acting for film and television at the renowned Acting School for Film and Television. With a focus on believability, vulnerability, and projecting your voice, emotions, and physicality, this class offers personal attention and private camera time to ensure your success in the industry. Don't miss the opportunity to showcase your work to casting directors, agents, and managers in a professional theater setting.

Tuesday, Feb 27th, 6:15–9pm Eastern Time

Advanced Beginner Bellydance Technique & Choreography

Tandava Arts @ 307 W 43rd St, New York, NY

Immerse yourself in the art of Egyptian-style bellydance with Carol Tandava. Experience the thrill of learning beautiful choreographies to sizzling Middle Eastern music, while receiving individualized feedback and performance opportunities. Join us for an unforgettable journey into the world of bellydance at Tandava Arts.

Sunday, Feb 25th, 3–4pm Eastern Time

SharQui – The Bellydance Workout

Tandava Arts @ 307 W 43rd St, New York, NY

Discover the joy of belly dancing while sculpting your body and improving your posture. Join us for a dance fitness class that automatically burns calories and strengthens your upper body. Suitable for all ages and skill levels!

Tuesday, Feb 27th, 7–8pm Eastern Time

Lindy Hop for Social Dancing (Intermediate)

92nd Street Y @ 1395 Lexington Ave, New York, NY

Take your Lindy Hop to the next level with this intermediate course. Dive into advanced vocabulary, connection, musicality, and creativity. Enhance your social dance skills and become the life of the party.

Tuesday, Feb 27th, 8–9pm Eastern Time

12 Week: The Art of Musical Performance

The New York Performing Arts Academy @ 244 West 54th St, New York, NY

Unleash your inner singing actor and take your stage presence to new heights with The Art of Musical Performance program at The New York Performing Arts Academy. Discover the delicate balance between vocal technique and raw emotional expression, and master the art of performing a song. Join a vibrant, supportive learning environment and create unforgettable musical moments.

Saturday, Mar 2nd, 12–1:30pm Eastern Time

 (12 sessions)


12 sessions

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8 Week: The Art of Musical Performance

The New York Performing Arts Academy @ 244 West 54th St, New York, NY

Unleash your inner singing actor and take your stage presence to new heights in this immersive program at the New York Performing Arts Academy. Dive deep into the art of performing a song, infusing it with emotion and authenticity. Join a vibrant community of passionate performers and explore the thrilling world of musical theatre, opera, and concert/cabaret.

Saturday, Mar 2nd, 12–1:30pm Eastern Time

 (8 sessions)

Basic Bellydance Technique & Combinations

Tandava Arts @ 307 W 43rd St, New York, NY

Learn the fundamentals of bellydance and master short hot combinations that will make you the star of any dance floor. With easy-to-follow instructions and practice materials provided, you'll be dancing confidently in no time. Get ready to shimmy and shake!

Sunday, Feb 25th, 2–3pm Eastern Time

Tuesday Improv - Night Time Special (Class + Coaching)

Kissin Improv @ 131 W 72nd St, New York, NY

Experience the art of improv with one of the most renowned performers in the country at Kissin Improv. Enhance your public speaking skills, increase your social interactions, and have a good laugh in this personalized class taught by an improv master. Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to jump-start your improv skills.

Tuesday, Feb 27th, 7–9pm Eastern Time

Advanced Film Acting 210 (For Returning Students)

Acting School for Film and Television @ 939 8th Ave, New York, NY

Take your film acting skills to the next level with Advanced Film Acting 210 at the prestigious Acting School for Film and Television. This course is designed specifically for returning students, providing advanced techniques and professional development opportunities. Sharpen your audition skills, expand your range, and master the business side of film acting in this intensive program.

Tuesday, Feb 27th, 6:45–9:30pm Eastern Time

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Performing Arts Classes in NYC are rated 4.6 stars based on 1,708 verified reviews from purchasers.

Discover the Best Performing Arts Classes in NYC

The performing arts includes a wide array of creative disciplines, all of which involve live performance before an audience. It’s a collective term for various art forms, including but not limited to theater, dance, music, spoken word, comedy, and others. Artists in the performing arts use their bodies, voices, props, and musical instruments in order to communicate powerful ideas and narratives. Whether through captivating stage plays, mesmerizing dance movements, or entrancing musical compositions, the performing arts connect artist and audience in limitless ways.

Why You Should Learn Performing Arts in NYC

Learning a performance art can provide students with unique tools to express themselves. The performing arts provide a structured and creative outlet for individuals to explore and communicate their thoughts, feelings, and experiences. Potential students also have a wide range of performing arts to choose from, including acting, dancing, music, and even rarer art forms like opera and puppetry. Through the process of learning and honing their craft, individuals can develop the skills and techniques necessary to translate their own thoughts and feelings to a wider audience. Over time, they can build self-confidence and connect with themselves and others on a profound emotional level. 

New York City, a widely recognized global hub for arts and culture, is an incredible place in which to pursue the performing arts. The city boasts a rich cultural heritage and is home to renowned theaters, dance companies, music venues, and performing arts institutions. These include the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater, Madison Square Garden, and Carnegie Hall. There are plenty of places to both learn a performing art and become inspired. Individuals will never run out of plays to go to, concerts to attend, or stand-up comedy sessions to laugh along with. If students are interested in pursuing a career in performing arts, they’ll also find plenty of networking opportunities in the city. 

In-Person Performing Arts Classes & Schools in NYC

There are many in-person performing arts classes in NYC for aspiring actors, comedians, musicians, and more. For example, the Brooklyn Comedy Collective offers a class called Improv Level 1. In this class, students will learn how to improvise comedically through a series of exercises and games. They’ll learn how to connect with themselves and others emotionally, comedically, and boldly, in order to become the best possible performers. This class is appropriate for those looking to become future performers, as well as those looking to learn more casually. 

The Brooklyn Comedy Collective is located in the Williamsburg district of Brooklyn, NY. It focuses on teaching comedy through three distinct pillars. Firstly, to empower each student to find their unique voice in comedy and performance. Secondly, to pair individual feedback with ensemble-minded focus, and finally, to give each student the tools they need to succeed on stage. 

Also in New York is the Musical Theater Audition Master Class with Scott Wojcik hosted by Actors Connection New York. The session will commence with a Q&A, followed by each actor performing their prepared material in a group setting for Scott. He will provide coaching, give direction, and offer potential recommendations for additional material to explore if your current selections are not yielding the desired results. 

Actors Connection New York focuses on connecting budding actors to industry professionals, such as talent scouts, agents, casting directors, and more. They create opportunities for those looking to refine their skills, as well as those completely new to the industry who want some initial experience. 

The 92nd Street Y offers a course called Jazz Keyboard (Beginner) for those looking to learn how to grow and refine their jazz keyboard skills. This beginners class covers basics such as melody, rhythm, harmony, and repertoire. Students will use the Great American Songbook and music from musicians like Duke Ellington and Sonny Rollins as inspiration. Students will get both individualized and group attention in a class limited to seven people. 

Also offered by the 92nd Street Y is a class called Sing the Authentic You! A Cabaret Performance Workshop. In this class, students will learn from award-winning cabaret artists Faith Prince, Michael Kirk Lane, and Alex Rybeck. Over the course of this two day intensive, participants will learn how to connect to their material and deliver their most authentic self on stage. 

The 92nd Street Y is a cultural and community center focused on connecting people through the arts. Located in the heart of Manhattan in the Upper East Side, it is easily accessible to anyone in New York City. This prominent cultural center has over 4,000 classes taught by experts in their field.

Finally, the New York Jazz Workshop offers a course called Jazz Singing with Michelle Walker. In this course, students will learn from expert musicians and teacher Michelle Walker. This two hour long weekly workshop is for intermediate and advanced students who are looking to hone their skills. Students will have the opportunity to be accompanied by musicians, and in some cases, a full band. 

The New York Jazz Workshop is located in midtown, Manhattan. It was created in order to provide opportunities for students of all backgrounds interested in jazz. The New York Jazz Workshop has several offerings for those interested in jazz music, including private lessons, master classes, concerts, teen workshops, and more. 

Virtual Performing Arts Classes & Schools

Learning performing arts virtually has its pros and cons. On the positive side, virtual learning provides convenience and flexibility, allowing students to participate in classes from anywhere without the need for commuting. It also offers access to a wider range of instructors and programs from different locations, offering diverse perspectives and expertise. 

However, there are challenges as well. The absence of physical presence and live interactions can make it harder to establish connections and engage fully in the learning process. The lack of immediate feedback and correction may hinder the development of certain performance skills that require direct observation and guidance. 

There are many online performing arts classes for interested students. For example, the L.A. On-Camera Training Center aims to provide actors in Los Angeles with authentic and proven on-camera techniques. Led by experienced comedy actress Jacqueline Geary, the 12-week introductory course titled How to be Funny on Camera explores the four fundamental elements of a comedy scene. In this course, students will learn the eighteen tools needed to make any read complete. It is ideal for those looking to book comedic roles, improve their acting in comedic scenes, or extract comedy from dramatic scenes. Experience the genuine L.A. On-Camera Training Center and elevate your on-camera skills. 

In addition, Dance of Venus offers learning opportunities for individuals interested in belly dancing, yoga, and ballroom dance. Online performing arts learners may be interested in the Beginner Belly Dance class taught by Dance of Venus. This course focuses on unleashing the "goddess Venus" inside each participant, teaching them to take control of their bodies and movements. Through the art of belly dancing, students will learn how to improve their musicality, posture, grace, and flexibility. 

Private Group Performing Arts Classes in NYC

Learning performing arts in a group setting offers benefits such as fostering a sense of community, collaboration, and shared experiences. It provides opportunities for peer feedback, learning from others' performances, and developing interpersonal skills. Group classes also allow for ensemble work, creating cohesive and impactful performances while inspiring and motivating students through a sense of belonging.

If you’re interested in performing arts classes for private groups in NYC, contact CourseHorse through the form on the website. With CourseHorse, group size can be changed after booking if needed, so you don’t have to worry about that last minute cancellation. With multiple supported platforms, you can also book from anywhere. Finally, confirmation is sent within 24 hours, so you can be sure that you’ll be ready to go on the day of the booking.

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