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Russian Classes NYC

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Find Russian classes in NYC where you can improve your language skills and gain fluency in speaking, reading, and writing Russian. Enhance your cultural understanding, travel opportunities, and career prospects with these interactive and engaging Russian language courses.

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Russian - Total Beginner

ABC Languages @ 26 Broadway, New York, NY

Immerse yourself in the beauty of the Russian language with our engaging and interactive classes. Our professional native teachers will guide you step by step, helping you gain basic conversation skills and an introduction to the Cyrillic alphabet. Join us on this exciting language journey!

(384) Beginner 16 and older

8 sessions

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Russian - Total Beginner

ABC Languages @ Online

Learn Russian from scratch with engaging, native teachers who will guide you through a 6-week introductory course. Get ready to master basic conversation skills, vocabulary, and even the Cyrillic alphabet. Start your language journey today!

(384) Beginner 17 and older

8 sessions

+3250 pts
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Russian Beginner 2

ABC Languages @ Online

Learn to speak Russian with ABC Languages! This online course is perfect for those who already know the script, have some knowledge of present tense and cases, and want to focus on conversation skills. Immerse yourself in the language and start speaking Russian confidently.

(384) Beginner 16 and older
+3250 pts
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Russian Intermediate 3

ABC Languages @ Online

Take your Russian to the next level with our immersive and interactive online classes. Enhance your conversational skills and review grammar in a supportive and engaging environment. Join us and start speaking Russian with confidence!

(384) Advanced 16 and older
+3250 pts
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Russian Beginner 3

ABC Languages @ Online

Take your Russian to the next level! Join our interactive online classes where you'll learn the past tense and master the dative, genitive, and instrumental cases. Get ready to engage in conversations and build up your vocabulary. Start your journey today!

(384) Beginner 16 and older
+3250 pts
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All About Russian: An Intro Workshop

ABC Languages @ Online

Discover the beauty and intrigue of the Russian language with ABC Languages. Immerse yourself in the Cyrillic script, pronunciation, and cultural topics in this gentle 90-minute workshop. Take the first step towards fluency and experience a new world of language and culture.

(384) Beginner 16 and older
+500 pts
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Russian conversation and pronunciation

Learn with Anna @ 180 Maiden Ln, New York, NY

Come to practice your Russian in an immersive and engaging way. You will develop the vocabulary through the natural environment and situations. We will visit Russian stores and cultural places to engage with the language and people directly.  We will play games to boost your vocabulary, create skits and dialogues to learn how to pronounce while have fun. We will play Russian versions of other games for the immersive experience.

(3) All levels 13 and older
No upcoming schedules

Private Russian Lessons

ABC Languages

Learn to speak Russian with personalized instruction tailored to your language learning needs. Join our esteemed language program and immerse yourself in the rich culture and heritage of the Russian language. Sign up today and embark on a transformative language learning journey with our expert instructors.

(384) All levels 18 and older

Russian Intermediate 2

ABC Languages @ Manhattan, New York, NY

Take your Russian language skills to the next level with an immersive and interactive course that focuses on perfective and imperfective verbs, prefixed verbs of motion, and the subjunctive. Join our group classes and unlock new conversational opportunities.

(384) Intermediate 16 and older
No upcoming schedules
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Reviews for Russian Classes in NYC

Russian Classes in NYC are rated 4.4 stars based on 387 verified reviews from actual purchasers.

  • Russian - Total Beginner

    Anonymous review on 3/14/2023
    Dimitri is a good teacher Blends his teaching with a lot of humor.
  • Russian - Total Beginner

    Reviewed by Andre A. on 7/25/2019
    Very interesting class. Dimitri is a great tutor & very helpful.
  • Russian Beginner 2

    Reviewed by Sue F. on 1/13/2019
    I enjoyed the class very much. The instructor Dmitri was of course very knowledgeable about the language, and also is a good teacher. He was well-organized, moved the class at an appropriate pace, and added interesting and useful information that is not in textbooks. The venue was comfortable and the class size was perfect. The course description accurately reflected the level of the class.
  • Russian - Total Beginner

    Reviewed by Kate F. on 11/3/2015
    Ana is lovely and explains everything thoroughly, couldn't ask for better.

Discover the Best Russian Classes in NYC

The roots of Russian, like most European languages, can be traced all the way back to Proto-Indo-European. There are likely around 153 million native Russian speakers globally, and about 900,000 Americans speak Russian. Interestingly, Russian is an extremely popular language online, where, as of 2013, it was being used on six percent of all websites. This makes it an even more commonly-used language on the world wide web than German. The poet, novelist, and playwright Alexander Pushkin revolutionized Russian in the early 19th century by writing in the common vernacular of the time. His modernizing influence is being expressed in the language to this day. 

Why You Should Learn Russian in NYC

When you begin to learn Russian you are joining a global language community and a centuries old cultural tradition. Not only this, but Russian is the eighth most commonly spoken language in the world, which means that it is crucial to the regular operation of global markets and business, while playing a key role in international politics. 

New York City is home to the largest Russian-speaking community in the Western Hemisphere with approximately 600,000 Russian speakers calling it home. Brighton Beach and Sheepshead Bay are the two neighborhoods where most Russians call home in NYC. You might have the chance to meet a native speaker or two if you take an in-person Russian class in the city. 

Learning a new language is a terrific way to meet like minded people and plug into a new community. Who knows what opportunities might open up as you expand your network and begin conversing with others who have begun their own language journey. It's a fun hobby, and a great way to stay productive even in your free time. 

Studies have shown that multilingual proficiency can increase your earning power and your potential to find new professional and career opportunities. Knowing more than one language may even prevent cognitive decline across the speaker's lifespan. Learning a new language with a new alphabet is sure to be a challenge, but taking classes with structured lessons and curriculums is a sure-fire way to make progress and see practical benefits quickly. 

In-Person Russian Classes & Schools in NYC

Russian is a commonly spoken language in NYC and that means you can start a class there now. Learning Russian is easier and more efficient with a knowledgeable instructor to guide and give you feedback, plus you get to converse and try out new skills with your classmates. In-person classes make the starting-out process easy. 

When you take an in-person Russian course, everything you need is there waiting for you, including a professional native speaker who can provide you with attentive and relevant feedback. Having a dedicated space in which to learn makes the process and retention that much easier as you begin to get the feel for your new language tools. Join a thriving world of Russian speakers, and see where the sounds take you. 

One excellent feature of in-person classes is that the space, set-up, and materials are all there waiting for you. There's no need to worry about internet access, computers, platforms, or any other technology. Arrive with an open mind and the learning begins.

Russian Private Lessons by ABC Languages teaches you the basics of Russian grammar, syntax, and vocabulary through a curriculum formulated for your specific needs and goals. Open to all experience levels, with no prerequisites, the class proceeds on a schedule that works best for you, with 12, 24, or 48 hour options. The knowledgeable team of ABC Instructors will guide you to language proficiency that actually works with native speakers in the real world. 

Russian - Total Beginner is a six-week introductory course for those with little to no experience speaking Russian. The expert instructors at ABC Languages are native speakers who teach you basic conversation skills, vocabulary, and the rudiments of Cyrillic. A blend of traditional grammar and situational conversation, classes meet once a week for 90 minutes. 

ABC Language’s Russian Intermediate 2 is for language learners with a firm foundation in past, present, and future tenses, verbs of motion, and singular and plural cases. You will work with ABC Instructors to learn imperfective and perfective verbs, prefixed verbs of motion, and the subjunctive. The class is open to students aged 16 and older, and class sizes average about 6 participants per class. 

Virtual Russian Classes & Schools

There are benefits to online and in-person classes. Some students learn best in a community of peers at a physical location which prompts them to focus and use time efficiently. Others enjoy the freedom of virtual learning, which requires no commute and is often less expensive. What matters is finding the delivery mode that works best for you to learn Russian. 

Don't let a lack of nearby in-person Russian classes stop you from enrolling today. Numerous online Russian classes can be found at CourseHorse now, and they're delivered directly to your home or workspace. You may need to require your own materials for virtual lessons, but when learning a new language, this generally means that all you need is a computer and an internet connection. 

Do you want to meet other Russian language learners? All About Russian: An Intro Workshop will help you to do just that. Diving into a full language course can be intimidating and sometimes expensive. If you'd rather get a taste of Russian first, then you can take part in this informative and stress-free 90-minute pop-up introduction. Learn about Cyrillic script, basic greetings, pronunciation, and potential challenge points when beginning to learn Russian. 

Russian - Total Beginner from ABC Languages SF will start you on your way to Russian proficiency over the course of eight-weeks. A professional instructor will teach you basic words and phrases from the very first class. Students represent a range of interests, from wanting to learn basic phrases for a trip abroad to aiming for full language mastery. Classes are open to learners aged 18 and up, and classes are capped at 10. All students have the option of adding additional weeks and classes upon completion of the course.

Russian Language Meet-Up by Fluent City is for anyone interested in meeting and conversing with Russian speakers from around the world. Connect with other intermediate to advanced speakers and socialize in Russian. Students will receive real-time feedback and new vocabulary from an experienced instructor. This is a discussed based class in which students will form groups or chat one-on-one with other Russian speakers. Sessions are once a week and last two hours. The meet-up occurs via Zoom, so you will need a computer or smart device and an internet connection. 

Private Group Russian Classes in NYC

Make a private Russian class the next team-building event for your business or organization. This is an excellent way to help your team build rapport and sharpen communication skills as they learn a valuable new skill. CourseHorse offers live online group classes deliverable directly to you, wherever you are. 

Russian classes for private groups in NYC are available now and more are being added all the time. Increase creativity and sharpen critical thinking skills by engaging your group in a class that will combine history, culture, memorization, and sympathetic listening to build trust and a spirit of teamwork. 

Contact CourseHorse now to let them know what you are looking for in a course or to see what private online Russian classes are available. Just click the "Contact Us" button on the CourseHorse home page, provide a few basic details, and you'll be on your way to a new and thrilling course for yourself, your coworkers, or your friends and family. 

Booking is easy with CourseHorse because there are no fees and your group size can be changed after you've booked. Times are fast and things change. We get it. But not to worry, because CourseHorse always confirms your booking in 24 hours or less, and multiple platforms are supported. Most classes are delivered through Zoom, but CourseHorse also supports Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, and WebEx.

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