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Painting Classes NYC

Unleash your inner artist with a wide range of painting classes in NYC. Whether you are a beginner or experienced artist, discover new techniques, explore different mediums, and create beautiful works of art that will inspire and delight.

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Oil Painting for Absolute Beginners

92nd Street Y @ 1395 Lexington Ave, New York, NY

Embark on a journey into the enchanting world of oil painting. Unleash your creativity and learn the fundamental techniques of oil painting at the prestigious 92nd Street Y. Discover the magic of this sumptuous medium and unleash your artistic potential in a supportive and inspiring environment.

Monday Jan 8th, 6:30–9pm Eastern Time

 (6 sessions)


6 sessions

Saturday Painting

FIELD COLONY @ 1001 Bloomfield St, Hoboken, NJ

This painting class provides an introduction to painting and is followed by an interactive open format that encourages and provides live discussion and guidance. Acrylic paint is the primary medium used for this class, but I encourage the exploration and use of other painting mediums to experience the advantages of each. This painting class introduces students to painting, techniques, and concepts, with emphasis on artistic expression. I will guide...

Saturday Dec 16th, 10am–1pm Eastern Time

Painting in the Park @ Prospect Park, Brooklyn, NY

Discover the joy of painting outdoors in a low-pressure, individualized setting. Join us in nearby Prospect Park and capture the beauty of Brooklyn's jewel with all the materials provided. Plus, enjoy a free half-hour set-up time to immerse yourself in the art of painting and drawing.

Saturday Dec 16th, 12–2pm Eastern Time

 (2 sessions)


2 sessions

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Figure Painting

New York School of the Arts @ 315 E 62nd St, New York, NY

Unleash your creativity and explore the art of figure painting in a variety of styles at the esteemed New York School of the Arts. Join renowned instructors Faye Sanders and Eric Michelson as they guide you through traditional and contemporary approaches, teaching you concepts like color mixing, brushstrokes, and value. With personalized instruction and the freedom to explore your style, this course is perfect for aspiring figure painters of all levels.

Thursday Feb 1st, 6–9pm Eastern Time

 (10 sessions)


10 sessions

Painting Workshop: Harlem

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Painting Lounge @ 15 W 116th St, New York, NY

Unleash your creativity in a relaxed and social environment at Painting Lounge's upcoming workshop. Join an experienced artist as they guide you step-by-step through replicating a beautiful painting. BYOB and enjoy a fun-filled evening of music, conversation, and creativity!

Thursday Dec 14th, 7:30–9:30pm Eastern Time

Painting Workshop: Williamsburg

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Painting Lounge @ 309 Roebling St, Brooklyn, NY

Unleash your creativity and enjoy a stress-free painting experience at a relaxed and social workshop in Williamsburg. No previous experience is needed - our experienced artist will guide you step-by-step through creating a beautiful work of art. Bring your friends and coworkers, or enjoy a unique date night and have fun in a fun and creative atmosphere.

Thursday Dec 14th, 7:30–9:30pm Eastern Time

Portrait Painting

New York School of the Arts @ 315 E 62nd St, New York, NY

Refine your artistic skills and learn the art of depicting the human form with the Portrait Painting course at the renowned New York School of the Arts. This class offers practical information on painting fundamentals and encourages students to explore their style. All levels are welcome to join and enhance their ability to describe the visual world.

Tuesday Jan 30th, 6–9pm Eastern Time

 (8 sessions)


8 sessions

Classical Painting Techniques

New York School of the Arts @ 315 E 62nd St, New York, NY

Unlock the secrets of classical oil painting techniques in this comprehensive course at the prestigious New York School of the Arts. Discover the power of underpainting and grisaille, while honing your skills in composition, value, and color. Suitable for all levels, this course delves into the rich history of painting methods since the Renaissance.

Wednesday Jan 31st, 3–6pm Eastern Time

 (10 sessions)


10 sessions

Japanese Ink Painting (Sumi-e)

RESOBOX @ 91 East 3rd St, New York, NY

Discover the tranquility and simplicity of Sumi-e, the ancient East Asian art of ink wash-painting, at RESOBOX. Explore the essence of objects through the fewest possible strokes and let your personality shine through in your work. Join us for a contemplative experience that will transport you to a world of beauty and self-expression.

Wednesday Dec 13th, 6–7:05pm Eastern Time

Getting Started with Oil Painting

92nd Street Y @ 1395 Lexington Ave, New York, NY

Discover the world of oil painting in a supportive and educational environment. Dip your toe into this complex medium and decide if it's the right fit for you. All supplies are provided at no additional cost.

Tuesday Mar 5th, 4–6:30pm Eastern Time

 (4 sessions)


4 sessions

Teens: Beginner Oil Painting

Creatively Wild Art Studio Dumbo @ 98 Water St, Brooklyn, NY

Get set up with the basics in this introductory class. Oil Painting is an exciting rich medium but a much longer process to learn, it can be intimidating at first as the paint remains wet for longer, but the benefits are this allows you more time to manipulate your work. In our full course, you will learn how to create original finished oil painting(s) using personal subject matter with pictures or photos of people and places, and things that inspire...

Thursday Jan 4th, 4:15–6:15pm Eastern Time

 (8 sessions)


8 sessions

BYOB Painting: Desert (UWS)

The Paint Place @ 243 W 72nd St, New York, NY

Come paint with us! Our paintings are all for beginners- no experience necessary. Our professional artists will guide you through the class step by step to help you create your one a kind masterpiece to take home with you that night!

Wednesday Dec 20th, 7–9pm Eastern Time

Painting: The Essential Elements

New York School of the Arts @ 315 E 62nd St, New York, NY

Unleash your artistic potential through the exploration of oil paint at the renowned New York School of the Arts. Discover essential techniques such as canvas stretching, surface preparation, and brush cleaning, while immersing yourself in the language of painting. Historical examples and diverse approaches to working from life will inspire your creative journey.

Monday Jan 29th, 9:30am–12:30pm Eastern Time

 (8 sessions)


8 sessions

Introduction to Painting Techniques

New York School of the Arts @ 315 E 62nd St, New York, NY

Discover the fundamentals of oil painting, from canvas preparation to color theory, at the prestigious New York School of the Arts. Immerse yourself in techniques taught by seasoned artists, take inspiration from museum visits, and receive personalized critiques to elevate your artwork to new heights.

Monday Jan 29th, 2–4pm Eastern Time

 (8 sessions)


8 sessions

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Discover the Best Painting Classes in NYC

Do you live in New York City? Are you thinking about learning to paint? Painting is a method of artistic expression in which paint, pigment, color, or another medium is applied to a solid surface. This unique form of self-expression dates back to prehistory, when nomadic people created paintings on rocky walls using charcoal. The oldest paintings in the world were recently found in Spain, and experts believe them to be over 42,000 years old. Most often a brush is used to apply paint, but other tools, such as knives, spatulas, sponges, and airbrushes can be used alone or in combination with brushes. “Painting” is an interesting word, since it is used to describe the action that creates the end product (both are referred to as “painting”). Any person can learn to paint, regardless of their background.

Why You Should Learn Painting in NYC

Learning painting in New York City can be a great hobby that will help you relieve stress, or simply give you something to do when you have free time. You might find that you enjoy the part of painting that allows you to create something for another person as well. Your next painting could wind up being a special gift that a loved one can hang in their home. It is the perfect way to show you care about them on their next birthday, or just in general. The best part is, your painting could be of anything that you believe is special to the person in question.

There is a large community of painting lovers in New York City that is accessible both in-person and online. These can be people who use painting as a hobby, or even people who paint professionally. Once you have a basic understanding of how to paint, you may want to research local clubs, groups, events, or organizations where you can meet other people who like painting. Groups like this can offer you the opportunity to create a new social circle.

If you are looking for your new side hustle, painting could be it. Being able to paint is a marketable skill that you can turn into a part-time job, or even a new job entirely. You have the option of selling your paintings through an online marketplace, or in-person at a craft fair near where you live. You could even begin taking commissions, where you create custom paintings based on the requests of your customers.

In-Person Painting Classes & Schools in NYC

If you live in New York City and you want to learn painting in-person, CourseHorse can connect you with classes in your area. For example, you can attend Painting Workshop: Harlem in the neighborhood of the same name at Painting Lounge. In this class, you will learn painting by replicating the featured painting of the evening with guidance from an experienced artist. This class is perfect for beginners, and you can even bring beer, wine, and food to enjoy while you paint. 

BYOB Painting: Santorini (UWS) takes place at The Paint Place on the Upper West Side, and it is a class for beginners. You will learn to create a one-of-a-kind painting masterpiece that you can take home the same night. 

Also at The Paint Place on the Upper West Side is BYOB Painting: Banksy Girl with Balloon (UWS). This beginner-level painting class will show you how to replicate this famous work by street artist Banksy, and you will be able to take your creation home with you at the end of the evening.

Another The Paint Place on the Upper West Side offering is Paint Your Pet (UWS). For this class, you send in a photograph of your pet that you would like to paint, and that photo is sketched onto your canvas as a guide for you to follow. Create your own masterpiece and enjoy a relaxed atmosphere.

Open BYOB Sip and Paint takes place at Painting Hangout in Midtown. Bring some drinks and your friends and enjoy making memories and masterpieces together. All art materials are provided, and you can release your stress with this simple and fun course.

Painting from Life: Alla Prima at Chelsea Classical Studio in Chelsea is a class where students work from a live model and learn the alla-prima approach to painting. You will also learn good draftsmanship, values, and color, which are all fundamentals for continuing your painting journey.

Grayscale Painting for Beginners is offered at Creatively Wild Art Studio Dumbo in Brooklyn and will teach you to create dynamic compositions using a sequence of tones from light to dark. You will create a monochrome image in this unique and challenging class for all levels.

Another Chelsea Classical Studio offering is Long Pose Figure Drawing & Painting. This class focuses on composition, proportions, gesture, values, color, and oil painting technique. You will work from a live model and learn a direct alla-prima approach that aims for good draftsmanship.

Painting in the Park is offered by at Prospect Park South. This weather-permitting in-person class includes a free half-hour set-up time and all of the necessary materials. You will paint a portrait of Prospect Park in a low-pressure setting.

Creatively Wild Art Studio Dumbo in Brooklyn offers Oil Painting I: Beginner Steps for Adults. This intensive oil painting class will equip beginners with the essential skills needed to express their own ideas on canvas. You will create an original finished work using oil paints.

Virtual Painting Classes & Schools

If you want to learn painting online, there are many virtual classes from which to choose. When you take an online painting class, you can gain the same knowledge of painting as you would at an in-person class, and if you take a live online class, you will still get the real-time feedback from your instructor that you would at an in-person class. This type of feedback is critical to learning painting in an easy and relaxing way. Just remember that if you choose to take an online painting class, you will most likely need to purchase your own materials, but your instructor should give you a list of what to buy.

Interested in online painting classes? CourseHorse has several options that you can pick from based on what type of painting you would like to master. For example, Beginner’s Intro to Watercolor Painting: Single Session is a class that explores the colorful world of watercolor painting. You will experience learning and fun in this relaxed group atmosphere while you discover your unique form of self-expression.

Painting the Natural World is another watercolors class that is perfect for all skill levels. In this class, you will learn to make expressive marks, mix colors, and apply water mindfully. It is recommended that you have at least basic knowledge of painting and watercolors to take this class.

Online Painting With Acrylics 301 is a virtual class for all levels in which you will learn the techniques of 20th-century painting masters. These include mixing colors and preparing your canvas for your work.

Online Oil Pastel 101 is a virtual class that teaches you about the creamy, easy-to-mix medium that is oil pastels. You will learn the basics of color theory and create unique projects using smooth blends and subtle applications of color.

Private Group Painting Classes in NYC

Do you have a business or organization in New York City? Would you like to schedule a painting class as a fun team-building event? CourseHorse has painting classes for private groups in New York City that they can deliver to you. To give you an idea of what to expect from one of these courses, Virtual Watercolor Workshop (Materials Included) will take up to 225 participants and all materials are included in the cost of the class. Your group will learn techniques to create an abstract painting in a relaxing and creative atmosphere. Virtual Acrylic Painting (Materials Included) is designed for up to 500 participants per course and all materials are included. This class instructs your group on how to create a painting on canvas. While you will all be working on the same painting, the end products will be unique to each artist. And Virtual Watercolor Georgia O’Keeffe (Materials Included) takes up to 225 people at one time and includes all the materials you need to learn. This class will teach your group about legendary watercolor artist Georgia O’Keeffe, and in the process of painting, you will learn her techniques.

If you do not see a group class that interests you listed publicly on their website, CourseHorse can provide a different class for your group. Reach out through the contact form on their website to learn about all available options. When you book with CourseHorse, it is important to remember that you get a multitude of benefits, including the ability to change your group size after booking if necessary. You will also receive a confirmation within 24 hours of your booking, and there are no extra booking fees. Finally, CourseHorse private group classes are supported on multiple platforms, so everyone can join in on the fun no matter where they are.

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