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The Best Way to Learn to Draw

To all future da Vincis and Kandinskys: We hail you. Drawing is arguably one of art’s most fundamental skills, and though it stands alone as something worth learning, it’s also the basis for a variety of other disciplines from watercolor to architecture.

Even if you’ve decided to pursue drawing as a hobby (or profession), the question still remains: where to begin? Should you pursue your love of landscapes? Learn portraiture? Produce that perfect drawing of your pet?

We recommend starting with the basics. Lines and circles are the building blocks of drawing, and you’ve got to master these before you can move on. Once you’ve gained some confidence (and given your pencil a workout), you can tackle more complicated projects with skill and aplomb.

Want to learn more? From line drawing to live models, and comic books to landscapes, we've unpacked the secrets to learning to draw like the pros.