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Discover the art of quilting in New York City with a variety of quilting classes. Learn traditional techniques, explore modern designs, and create beautiful quilts while enhancing your creativity and craftsmanship skills.

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Neon Weekend Deluxe Edition

UrbanGlass @ 647 Fulton St, Brooklyn, NY

From signage to quilt squares to comic book characters, neon art starts with the same step as making a commercial neon sign: making a detailed neon pattern. Well-planned patterns are necessary for neon benders to replicate the 2D image in 3D glass. This introductory neon bending class will go through all the basics of neon tube bending and assembly, with a focus on hand making simplified illustrative patterns from a student’s chosen inspiration....

Friday Mar 1st, 6–9pm Eastern Time

 (3 sessions)


3 sessions

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Classeteria @ 284 Suydam St, Brooklyn, NY

In this course for adults and older teens, we will create our own patchwork quilts from fabric scraps and old clothing, while learning the history of quilting. Students will come away with skills such as rotary cutting fabric, piecing a quilt, and hand quilting a finished product to take home.

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6 sessions


Outside In Art Inc @ Zoom

This workshop is designed for artists, educators and anyone interested in learning the craft of quilting. In this workshop we will learn basic quilt design, sewing, and assembling quilts. You will leave the workshop with your own quilt panel. You must be available to attend both days to complete the workshop. What you will learn: Quilt designing Sewing patches Printing side panels Assembling quilt Stitching sides together What you will...

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5 sessions

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Hand Quilting

Better Than Jam's Store & Studio @ 10 Grattan St, Brooklyn, NY

Intro to Hand Quilting: Learn the basics of traditional quilting by hand in this intro to quilting class. Working on a small sample piece, students will learn how to trace their own quilting designs, prepare materials for quilting, and have time to practice the hand quilting stitch using a wooden hoop.

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Quilting for Beginners

92nd Street Y @ Online Classroom, New York, NY

Create a 36” x 36” quilt by sewing machine. Through this class, students will gain an understanding of basic machine quilting techniques and complete a quilt! This project will require some homework in between classes.  Materials not included. Please request for supply list.

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Intro to Quilting

92nd Street Y @ 1395 Lexington Ave, New York, NY

You’ll learn how to make a simple patchwork quilt top, how to create the “quilt sandwich”, and how to sew binding. You’ll complete this course with a finished quilt! Beginner machine sewing skills required.  Supply List: To view the list please CLICK HERE PROOF OF COVID-19 VACCINATION IS REQUIRED for all adults and children ages 5+.

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6 sessions

Patchwork Quilting

Better Than Jam's Store & Studio @ 10 Grattan St, Brooklyn, NY

Intro to Patchwork Quilting: Learn the basics of Patchwork by Hand in this two-session class for beginners. Students will learn all the essential skills to get started on a patchwork project, including drafting designs, creating templates, cutting, stitching, and pressing.  This is a great class for anyone looking to learn a fun and relaxing new hobby, or get started on unique gifts for babies, weddings, etc. Finished patchwork pieces can...

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2 sessions

Beginner Quilting

Brooklyn Craft Company @ 165 Greenpoint Ave, Brooklyn, NY

Learn modern quilting techniques! This one-day workshop will cover all the basics of assembling, machine-quilting, and finishing a small quilt. In one five-hour session, you'll learn: Understanding quilting materials, including batting and binding. How to assemble a "quilt sandwich" and baste or prep it for quilting How to quilt on a standard home sewing machine using a walking foot How to attach the quilt binding by machine, to finish the...

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Modern Quilting Lab

M Avery Designs @ 720 Monroe St, Hoboken, NJ

In this quilting & applique class, each of the three weeks we’ll focus on a few different modern, yet traditional quilting technique per week. At the end of the class, your work can be put together to create a beautiful modern mini quilt.  Whether you’re a complete quilting beginner, or if you’ve done some quilting before, there’s going to be a lot of information and different techniques pack into this 3 week workshop.  ...

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3 sessions

Freestyle Quilting (Ages 16+)

Classeteria @ 284 Suydam St, Brooklyn, NY

In this 3 week course for adults, we will create our own patchwork quilts from fabric and clothing scraps, while learning some of the history of quilt making. Students will learn how to cut and piece together a quilt top, how to hand quilt, how to bind the edges, and walk away with the skills to finish their very own quilt.

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3 sessions

Quilting (4 Weeks)

Textile Arts Center @ 505 Carroll St, Brooklyn, NY

In this class, students will learn the fundamental skills of quilt making. This class will teach general quilting terminology, introduction to the rotary cutter, how to sew and press block units and an overview of hand and machine quilting techniques. Students will be encouraged to experiment and play with color and composition. Our classes are designed to focus on a learned skill rather than a final product. At TAC, our mission is to provide skills...

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4 sessions

After Workshop: Hand Quilting

Textile Arts Center @ 505 Carroll St, Brooklyn, NY

In this class, you will learn the basic skills of hand quilting, such as pinning, how to make binding, and different methods of connecting quilting layers. Students will create their own small quilt block where you can experiment with different quilting techniques.The After Workshops are a series of high quality hands-on classes, at low cost and low commitment. Materials, skills and fun supplied.Our classes are designed to focus on a learned skill...

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Modern Improv Quilting

Craftsman Ave @ 117B 11th St, Brooklyn, NY

Quilting is a craft that is truly timeless. From early pieces to modern works, quilts carry a sense of sentimentality and emotional warmth that make them more than just another blanket.  Each work at the Zak Foster Quilt Shop is designed and created by hand and with the end goal of having something heartfelt and practical come together in one design. After working from the design to the final stitch, the work of time and patience that goes...

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3 sessions

Modern Quilting & Applique Boot Camp

M Avery Designs @ 720 Monroe St, Hoboken, NJ

In this modern quilting class, each week we’ll focus on one modern, yet traditional quilting or applique technique per week. We’ll create a quilted square each week using this technique. At the end of the class, each square can be put together with the others from the class to create a beautiful modern quilt. Whether you’re a complete quilting beginner, or if you’ve done some quilting before, there’s a ton to be learned in this 8 week...

No upcoming schedules

8 sessions

Easy Modern Quilting Boot Camp

M Avery Designs @ 720 Monroe St, Hoboken, NJ

In this modern quilting class, each week we’ll focus on one modern, yet traditional quilting or applique technique per week. We’ll create a quilted square each week using this technique. At the end of the class, each square can be put together with the others from the class to create a beautiful modern quilt. Whether you’re a complete quilting beginner, or if you’ve done some quilting before, there’s a ton to be learned in this 8 week easy...

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6 sessions

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Discover the Best Quilting Classes in NYC

The term quilting may well conjure up visions of pioneer women sitting in a circle in a barn, tatting up bedding for a young bride in the community. While such quilting bees did once exist, quilting has evolved into a popular hobby, with its enthusiasts numbering somewhere between nine and 11 million people, 98% of whom happen to be women. While creating a handsome and often heirloom-worthy patchwork arrangement is perhaps what you think of as quilting, the actual quilting process is the sewing together of a “sandwich” of fabric comprised of a top (the patchwork part), batting (the insulation part) and backing (usually a solid piece of material.) Quilting today is usually done using a sewing machine, although a patient person can make an entire quilt by hand.

Why You Should Learn Quilting in NYC

Life in the greatest of the world’s metropolises can get very hectic indeed, and, to preserve your sanity, you need something to take your mind off the stresses and strains of squeezing into a subway train during rush hour and the other hassles that are part and parcel of the Gothamite’s daily routine. When it comes time to find an activity that will counteract some of this urban stress, there are many hobbies from which to choose: some people cook for fun, others do yoga, others build model airplanes and fly them in the Sheep Meadow, others knit, and others still perform karaoke. So why not take up quilting?

There is a veritable Zen of needlework: the repetitive motion of needle and thread going through the layers of fabric isn’t exactly the same thing as meditation, but the effect can be very similar. You’re focusing your attention on something non-verbal and simple that you can do well. Quilting calls for precision, but it also allows you to exercise your imagination as you choose the fabrics to employ for your quilt top and decide how to stitch the layers together (you can even do that freehand with your sewing machine.) In addition to this micro satisfaction, you’ll get macro satisfaction sooner than you think: you can complete a large quilt in a matter of weeks, and then you’ll have a handsome handcrafted article to enjoy during cold New York winter nights. You can also make a batting-less summer quilt that will provide you with just the right degree of covering when you try to sleep on a swelteringly humid summer night.

If that doesn’t sell you on quilting, also consider that there’s a substantial quilting community out there that seeks to bring quilters together, be it to sew socially or to discuss quilting topics and share work and inspiration. Quilters come together at quilt shops and fabric stores, as well as in specialized quilting guilds such as the NYC Metro Modern Quilters Guild or Empire Quilters. You’ll discover that you’re far from being the only quilter in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx, or Staten Island and that you can connect with people—not something easily done in the big city—through a hobby that can be both meditative and social.

What, you may wonder, should you do with all these quilts you imagine yourself making? You only need so many in a city whose winters aren’t utterly sub-zero, and your friends and family probably aren’t in need of countless quilts, either. You might then consider selling your work on a site such as Etsy, where some quilters have built thriving side gigs by offering their hand-quilted work to the general public. Some of these professional quilters even take commissions from clients who want a particular design turned into bedding. If you’re interested in going this route, you’ll be surprised how quickly your sewing machine will pay for itself.

In-Person Quilting Classes & Schools in NYC

You can learn quilting in Brooklyn, Manhattan, and, if you don’t mind, a brief expedition across the Hudson, Hoboken. Perhaps the biggest selection of classes is to be found at Brooklyn Craft Company. Located a block from the Greenpoint Avenue stop on the temperamental G train, Brooklyn Craft Company is both a shop carrying all manner of DIY supplies and a workshop space that is devoted to classes that allow busy adults to tap into their crafty side. Subjects taught include (inter alia) sewing, knitting, crocheting, dyeing, embroidery, and, yes, quilting. They have been hosting workshops and classes since 2012 and gradually evolved into what is, at present, a thriving business.

Their quilting classes begin at the beginning with Beginner Quilting. In the course of a five-hour class, reasonably experienced sewers (that’s people who sew) will be guided through the creation of a 36” square quilt, which can be then used as a baby quilt or a lap quilt. Two solid pieces of fabric are used for top and backing, and students learn to create the quilt “sandwich” and then how to baste, quilt and bind it. You won’t get to work with patchwork at this stage in your quilting career, but you’ll otherwise have had the full quilting experience in miniature and be ready to proceed to the creation of a design for the top layer of your quilts.

The Beginner Patchwork Workshop would be the place to learn the rudiments of what can develop into an extremely elaborate technique. The workshop gets you started by teaching you how to make a quilt block in the log cabin pattern (and how not to cut yourself using a rotary cutter to produce even pieces of fabric to sew together.) Students emerge from the workshop with a completed small quilt top that they can go on to quilt at their leisure. Further quilting classes from Brooklyn Craft Company include an English Paper Piecing Workshop in which students learn the clever technique of creating geometric patterns for quilt tops using paper templates.

Also in Brooklyn, just where the Battery Tunnel disgorges you, is Craftsman Avenue, a school that teaches such unusual activities as welding, woodworking, and knife forging. They also have a Modern Improv Quilting class which, in the course of three sessions, will have students taking several dress shirts that have served out their purpose in life and turning them into a finished crib quilt. Deeper into the heart of Brooklyn is Classeteria, which offers its own Quilting class that covers such skills as rotary cutting, piecing, and hand-quilting to produce a finished patchwork project.

In Manhattan, the 92nd Street Y[MHA], world-famous for its arts and cultural programs, has a six-session Intro to Quilting class. Here, students create a small patchwork quilt using fabrics of their choosing. (No supplies are provided.) Basic sewing (hand and machine) skills are required. Note also that proof of COVID-19 vaccination is mandatory for all participants. (An online version of the class exists as well.) The 92nd Street Y also has a class for grandparents (only) in creating a family quilt.

Finally, if you’re up for a short trek, M Avery Designs of Hoboken has quite an assortment of quilting classes from which to choose. These include something as simple as a Mini Patchwork Quilt Workshop that produces a quilt of modest proportions in two hours and something as elaborate as an Easy Modern Quilting Boot Camp that delves into contemporary quilting design and has students creating a fully quilted square at each session of the class. Put them all together, and you’ll have a handsome finished quilt to show for your efforts. You can also take an Intro to Free Motion Quilting class that, by demonstrating the technique on a pot holder, will show you the quilting equivalent of freehand drawing, a fun and inventive means of assembling your quilting sandwich without being fettered by the laws of geometry.

Virtual Quilting Classes & Schools

If you don’t want to deal with trying to get yourself and a half-sewn king-size quilt to Hoboken to take a class, or if you’d rather put your feet up and quilt in the privacy of your own room, you might wish to consider an online quilting class. Those generally provide you with a greater selection of classes (and class times) than those that can be found in your immediate vicinity and a degree of convenience that eliminates commuting time and makes a two-hour quilting class into two hours of fun rather than a drawn-out four-hour undertaking. You can even sit at home with a cup of hot cocoa under a quilt in your pajamas while you quilt on a cold winter night, which is far preferable to trudging through the snow with your sewing kit.

Some people, of course, learn better in a live classroom setting, so online learning isn’t for everyone. The other factor to bear in mind is that to learn quilting from home, you’re going to need a sewing room, or, since most New York apartments don’t allow for the wild luxury of an entire sewing room, you’ll at least need the equipment you’d find in a sewing room. In addition to the fabric that you’d need even in an in-person class, you’re going to need a full complement of notions and a sewing machine. Of course, as quilting classes are pretty much all geared toward people who can sew, you probably already have most of what you need. (If not, remember that sewing machines can be rented if you’re not sure you want to buy one just as yet.)

Online quilting classes are available from a number of providers throughout the country. M Avery Designs in Hoboken is one such provider, with a whole online catalog of classes not available at their brick-and-mortar location. On the second Wednesday of every month, they offer a Quilt Club that brings quilters together to work on a given quilt block. The club meetings are a great example of how the internet can make it possible for those who share an enthusiasm to share it with fellow enthusiasts. Other online options focus on specific projects, such as the Dresden Plate Quilt or a Hovea Quilted Jacket (yes, you can quilt more things than just quilts), or on specific techniques, such as Quilt Binding with Continuous Bias Tape.

Private Group Quilting Classes in NYC

Team-building events are an increasingly popular way of gently coaxing people who work together to form more cohesive units. While quilting may not be the first idea that springs to mind for such an activity, a small quilt can actually be made in a couple of hours, and the history of quilting bees and sewing circles shows that such activities can be a very effective means of bringing people together. You may not end up with a bunch of heirloom-worthy quilts, but you will have achieved your team-building goals with private group quilting classes in New York City. You have but to avail yourself of the contact form on the CourseHorse website to be contacted by a member of the event fulfillment team who will be able to make your quilting event a reality.

If you want something textile-oriented but that requires no sewing ability on the part of the participants, you might consider taking your team (of 60 members or fewer) down (or up) to Chelsea for a Wearable Art Workshop in Sneaker Painting. The event provides each participant with a pair of blank sneakers and a range of media with which to decorate them. There is a (cash) bar to help the inhibited get their creative juices flowing. You can also BYOB; a corkage fee applies. At the end of the event, at least some of those involved will emerge with a pair of sneakers they might actually wear in public.

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