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Health Classes Coming up in New York

GBA 1: Group Health Plan Design

The coverage of health care benefits begins with a discussion of the environment of health care and health care plans, followed by health plan designs and cost-control techniques. Note: Classroom location listings are also posted outside the CAPS office and the lobby of the 17 Lexington Avenue building.

11 sessions
M.   Sep 19th, 6:15pm
All levels
Immune Up! Boost Your Immunity Naturally

Join NYC based herbalist JoAnne Richards and discover how to boost your immune system with herbs, nutrition and lifestyle, and how to quickly recover from colds and flu this winter. You will make and take home your own herbal medicine.

Su.   Sep 11th, 10am
All levels
Other Dates (3)
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Natural Skin Care

Herbal Skin Care - We will talk about challenging skin conditions, and herbs to heal and nourish the skin. Learn herbal recipes and formulas for cleansers, scrubs, toners and moisturizers. You will make and take home your own natural skin care product.

T.   Sep 20th, 7pm
All levels
Weed Walk in Prospect Park

Join one of our local herbalists and learn how to identify and harvest wild healing plants and trees. Discover how local weeds can support your healing and wellness and how to make your own herbal medicine! Place: Meet at the Grand Army Plaza entrance of Prospect Park.

Sa.   Sep 24th, 1pm
All levels
Other Dates (3)

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Heal Your Thyroid Naturally

Thyroid issues can be frustrating. Medications alone often don’t alleviate symptoms, which can include depression, anxiety, fatigue, weight gain, hair loss, hormonal changes, etc. In this class, whether we have hypo- or hyperthyroid, Hashimoto’s or Graves’ disease, thyroid nodules, or have had our thyroid removed, we will learn how to manage...

F.   Oct 7th, 6pm
All levels
Chakras and Vibrational Healing

Our health is greatly impacted by both external factors (our environment, including how healthy and harmonious our dwellings and workspaces are) and internal factors (our values, thoughts, perceptions and lifestyles). Though each one of us processes emotions and thoughts differently, negative thoughts and emotions bring down our energy level. When...

2 sessions
Th.   Oct 13th, 8pm
All levels
Cardio Bollywood

This Cardio Bollywood Dance Class is dancing workout focused on giving you a good fitness routine. Instead of being focused on just steps and choreography, the mission is to have you sweating and make you feel accomplished from a fun workout. At the same time it is filled with dance moves that are inspired from the world of Bollywood and helps keep...

M.   Aug 29th, 6:30pm
All levels
Other Dates (17)
Herbs 101 - Intro to Medicinal Herbs

Bring Herbal Healing into your life! Learn the basics of Traditional Herbal Medicine, according to the Wise Woman Tradition, and how it compares to other natural healing modalities and Modern Western Medicine. Begin to get to know your green allies, and how to prepare your own herbal medicine, including tinctures, infusions, oils and salves. You will...

Su.   Oct 9th, 10am
All levels
Other Dates (3)
Ayurvedic Nutrition: Healing Body, Mind and Spirit

Ayurveda, India’s ancient healthcare tradition, views food not as mere nutritional substance, but as a living spiritual force that profoundly affects our well-being on every level. In this class, Ayurvedic physician (known as Ayurvedacharya) and esthetician Naina Marballi will explain how we can create an optimal diet for ourselves based on our own...

4 sessions
T.   Oct 18th, 8pm
All levels
Herbs for Tarot Reading and Divining

Bring a little magic to your life! In this course, you will take your tarot skills to the next level by learning how to boost your reading ability through herbal allies. You will be taught about the rich botanical symbolism in the tarot, from roses to olive branches and beyond. You will also learn how to empower yourself and others by prescribing herbal...

W.   Sep 28th, 7pm
All levels
FREE INTRO: Self-Diagnosis and Healing: Chinese Methods

In this class, we will learn simple, yet highly sophisticated, time-tested self-diagnostic tools that will enable us to nip health concerns in the bud. Traditional Chinese medicine has techniques for assessing the balance of vital energy (chi) throughout the body. Deficient or stagnant chi produces outward signs visible on the face, tongue and eyes...

Th.   Nov 10th, 8pm
All levels
Herbal Medicine Chest

New York based herbalist Jo Anne Richards of Peony Rose Apothecary will show you how to stock your medicine cabinet with nature's bounty! You'll be introduced to the top 10 herbs to have close at hand for optimal wellness, first aid, and deep healing. You will make and take home your own herbal medicine!

Su.   Nov 6th, 10am
All levels
Other Dates (2)
Self-Diagnosis and Healing: Chinese Methods

Self-Diagnosis and Healing: Chinese Methods for Analyzing Signs and Symptoms of Imbalance & Enhancing Well-being In this class, we will learn simple, yet highly sophisticated, time-tested self-diagnostic tools that will enable us to nip health concerns in the bud. Traditional Chinese medicine has techniques for assessing the balance of vital energy...

3 sessions
Th.   Nov 17th, 8pm
All levels
Biosonic Sound Healing

Sound Healing teaches an Energy Medicine approach, developed by Dr. John Beaulieu, which integrates energy healing, systems science, molecular research, and spiritual wisdom. In this workshop, students learn practical methods of using tuning forks to tune the nervous system, stimulate trigger points, and align our posture to visual harmonics. Special...

2 sessions
Sa.Su.   Dec 3rd, 9:30am
All levels
Integral Yoga

Integral yoga is a system of hatha yoga that is holistic. This class begins with centering and sound vibration, postures, guided deep relaxation, breathing practices and a brief meditation practice. Bringing students in touch with the physical and the subtle aspects of themselves, learn meditation through focusing on breath and body awareness. Non-competition...

13 sessions
W.   Sep 21st, 5:45pm
All levels
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