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Indian Cooking Classes NYC

Discover the rich flavors and vibrant spices of Indian cuisine with Indian cooking classes in NYC. Learn to create delicious and authentic dishes like butter chicken, biryani, and naan bread, and bring the tastes of India into your own kitchen.

2 classes in-person in NYC have spots left, and 3 classes live online are available.

Shop & Cook: Indian Market for Spices

Abigail's Kitchen @ 193 Henry St, New York, NY

Explore the vibrant world of Indian spices and elevate your cooking skills with our immersive culinary experience. Discover the secrets of creating authentic Indian dishes as we guide you through a local market to select the freshest ingredients. Unleash your culinary creativity and master the art of spice blending in this unforgettable culinary adventure.

Thursday Dec 28th, 11am–4pm Eastern Time

Afghan Cooking With Nawida: Immersion Workshop #2

The League of Kitchens @ 65th Rd & Rego Park, Rego Park, NY

In Workshop #2 (Vegetarian), you will start off by making aashak, a festive vegetarian dumpling dish. You will make the dumpling skins from scratch, fill them with a chive mixture, then learn to fold them into tiny half-moons. These are then boiled and topped with a tomato-garlic sauce, a garlic-yogurt sauce, and crushed dried mint. You will then make a homestyle Afghan classic-lubya and challow, kidney beans stewed with onion and a spiced tomato...

Saturday Dec 16th, 1–5:30pm Eastern Time

Indian Cooking Online w/ Yamini

The League of Kitchens @ Virtual Learning

Learn the secrets of making delicious aloo paratha and refreshing cucumber and yogurt raita in this interactive online cooking class with Yamini. Immerse yourself in the flavors of Indian cuisine and experience a virtual dinner party where you can share in the fruits of your labor, apart but together!

Sunday Dec 31st, 1–3:30pm Eastern Time

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Explore Cooking & Baking Private Group Events

Explore private group events and team building activities ranging from cooking to art, escape rooms, trivia, and more

Explore Cooking & Baking Private Group Events
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Winter Warmers I (Series)

EZCompliments Indian Cooking Classes @ Online Classroom

Experience the vibrant flavors of Indian cuisine with Winter Warmers I. Discover how to create delicious vegetarian and gluten-free options while learning to make mouthwatering dishes like yakhni meatballs, rajma with squash, and chicken saag. Spice up your cooking skills with this tantalizing culinary adventure.

Tuesday Dec 5th, 6–7:30pm Eastern Time

Winter Warmers II (Series)

EZCompliments Indian Cooking Classes @ Online Classroom

Experience the rich flavors of Indian cuisine with our Winter Warmers II series. Learn how to create delicious entrées and accompaniments that can be customized to fit your dietary needs. Join us for an unforgettable culinary journey.

Thursday Dec 7th, 6–7:30pm Eastern Time

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Introduction to Indian Cooking

Home Cooking New York @ 158 Grand St, New York, NY

Unlock the secrets of Indian spices and cooking techniques at Home Cooking New York. Discover how to recreate your favorite Indian restaurant dishes, including Matar Paneer, Golden Chicken Korma, and Fresh Garlic Naan. Don't forget to ring the buzzer upon arrival!

No upcoming schedules

Indian Cooking for the Holidays

Miette @ 109 MacDougal St, New York, NY

Spice up this holiday season with dinner that combines the flavors and warmth of Indian cooking… On the menu: Tuna kebab, seasoned with spices, Cilantro, and Lime Hara Masala Chicken (boneless chicken marinated in yogurt, coriander, garam masala and green chilies) Gobi Masala (cauliflower sautéed in ginger and spices) Baingan Bharta (char grilled eggplant cooked with a simple combination of spices and herbs) Pulao, flavorful Indian Basmati...

No upcoming schedules

One-Pot Indian Cooking

Miette @ 109 MacDougal St, New York, NY

The best time you’ll ever spend cooking authentic and delectable Indian one-pot meals.    Learn to rustle up the following delicious dishes: Chicken Biryani (basmati rice cooked with chicken, flavored with saffron and whole spices) Pao Bhaji (a street food favorite - tangy, spicy medley of vegetables served garnished with lime and cilantro) Upma (a popular, Indian style couscous flavored with onion and cilantro) Cilantro Chutney (a...

No upcoming schedules

Vegetarian Indian Cooking

Home Cooking New York @ 158 Grand St, New York, NY

Learn the secrets to using Indian spices and cooking techniques, so you can make all of your Indian restaurant favorites at home. Menu: Matar Paneer (with Homemade Paneer) Lentil Dal with Spiced Butter Spiced Cabbage Poriyal Cilantro-Mint Chutney Fresh Garlic Naan Important notes: Please reach out to CourseHorse for any dietary restrictions. Make sure to ring the outside buzzer, even if the front door is open, so we know you...

No upcoming schedules

Cooking Workshop: Essentials of Indian Cooking

Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Center @ 243 W 24th St, New York, NY

Vegetarian cooking inspires us to lead a healthier, happier, and more ethical way of life. Join Neeti as she shares her Indian secrets for cooking delicious, fresh, and joyful vegetarian dishes, and then enjoy eating the meal you helped prepare! Neeti has more than 25 years of professional experience in cooking and baking. She regularly teaches workshops and courses in Sivananda centers and ashrams.

No upcoming schedules

Indian Cooking

Miette @ 132 Mulberry St, New York, NY

Learn to Cook the following:  The Secret to Chicken Tikka Masala and More No other culinary term evokes more mystery and magic than "curry". Is it an Indian dish? A Thai menu mainstay? Or just a spice in your cupboard? Well, it's all of these and so much more!  Learn to make a variety of unusual and magically spiced curries.  On the menu: Chicken Tikka Masala (boneless chicken cooked in a creamy tomato sauce) Lamb Vindaloo (hot...

No upcoming schedules

At-Home Indian Cooking

Miette @ 132 Mulberry St, New York, NY

In this class you'll learn to put an Indian spin on your at-home soup and chicken meals with an understanding of how to use whole spices.  Chef Paul teaches how to use the most unadulterated form of these Indian spices for the most authentic taste. In this class you'll make a traditional Indian spiced chicken, accompanied by a palate-pleasing chutney, and a traditional Indian condiment. Curried Lentil soup Tandoori Chicken with lime and...

No upcoming schedules

Adult Indian Cooking

Miette @ 132 Mulberry St, New York, NY

Learn to Cook the following:  Curried Lentil Soup Indian Spiced Chicken with Lime and Cilantro Basmati Rice Pilaf with Pistachios Mango or Coconut Sorbet Student below 18 years old should be accompanied by a parent/guardian.

No upcoming schedules

Vegetarian Indian Cooking (Private)

Home Cooking New York

We run fully hands-on cooking parties and pride ourselves on teaching students how to cook from start to finish; nary an onion is peeled for you before we begin. A better sense of satisfaction and greater learning (and fun!) comes from creating a meal in its entirety. Our cooking parties provide an interactive and fun activity for celebrating birthdays, wedding parties, and is an ideal way for business colleagues to bond outside of work. Here is...

No upcoming schedules

Indian Cooking w/ Yamini: Immersion Workshop #2

The League of Kitchens @ 83rd Dr & Talbot St Kew Gardens, Brooklyn, NY

During Yamini’s Immersion Workshop #2 (Vegetarian), you will learn to make a typical South Indian meal that features dosas, thin pancakes made from a tangy rice and lentil batter, which are filled with spiced potato and served with an accompanying stew and chutneys for dipping.  You will first learn to make sambar, a spiced stew of vegetables and pigeon peas. Sambar’s signature flavor comes from sambar masala, a mixture that Yamini makes...

No upcoming schedules
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Discover the Best Indian Cooking Classes in NYC

Indian cooking is a diverse and flavorful type of cooking that originates in the country of India. Each region of India has its own unique type of cuisine, for instance the north is known for its curries. One defining characteristic of Indian cooking is the use of unique spices like turmeric and ginger, which have strong flavors and also a number of health benefits. Indian cooking is also steeped in tradition and culture. Cooking techniques are often passed down through generations, and many recipes are associated with specific festivals or religious ceremonies. 

Why You Should Learn Indian Cooking in NYC

There are many different reasons why you might want to learn Indian cooking. One is that you’ll discover interesting new flavors and cooking techniques. You can use your new skills to broaden your cooking repertoire, experimenting with different dishes, or applying your knowledge to other types of cuisines. Indian cooking is also a great thing to learn if you are budget-conscious. Many Indian recipes contain relatively inexpensive ingredients like lentils and vegetables. Another reason to learn Indian cooking is that you’re likely to also gain some insight into the country’s culture and traditions, since India’s cooking is intimately tied to its culture.

In-Person Indian Cooking Classes & Schools in NYC

New York City is famous for its food, and in addition to many different restaurants, you’ll also find a wide variety of different cooking schools, including many options for in-person Indian cooking classes.

Mukti’s Kitchen is located in Brooklyn, which is about five miles outside of New York City. It was founded by Mukti Banerjee, who wanted to share the variety and uniqueness of her Indian cooking with other people. This school has a number of fun, interactive classes where students can learn to make their own healthy Indian food. In Indian Bread, students can learn to make a variety of different Indian breads, and also learn about Indian spices. They make: roti/chapatti, naan, aloo paratha, poori, and chana masala. This class costs $135, and is three hours long. 

Mukti’s Kitchen also offers a variety of other Indian cooking classes. For instance, in Delicious Vegan, Gluten-free, Indian Dishes, students make five vegetarian dishes: baigan bharta, chana masala, pakora, okra bhaji, and vegetable pulao. They also learn how to use Indian spices. This class is $135. Another option is Pakora, Paratha, Saag Paneer, and Butter Chicken, which also costs $135. Students learn the fundamentals of Indian cooking, and make pakora-onion fritters, saag paneer, aloo gobi and matar, chicken makhni, and aloo paratha. All students receive an electronic version of the recipes that they learn in class.

Home Cooking New York also teaches Indian cooking classes. This school is located in Lower Manhattan. It was founded in 2002 by Jennifer Clair, a former food editor at Martha Stewart Living, who has written cookbooks, recipes, and food editorials. In Introduction to Indian Cooking, students learn Indian cooking techniques, and how to use Indian spices, so that they can make their own Indian food at home. The menu for this class is: matar paneer, golden chicken korma, lentil dal with spiced butter, cilantro-mint chutney, and fresh garlic naan. At the end of class, participants enjoy a sit-down meal together, and are welcome to bring a bottle to share. They leave with a recipe packet. This class is $110 and two and a half hours long. 

The League of Kitchens offers a class called Indian Cooking w/ Yamini. Yamini was born and raised in Mumbai, India. She teaches students to make dal dhokli, basmati rice, cachumber, and ghee. At the beginning of class, students enjoy homemade chai and a selection of Indian treats. They leave with a recipe packet, and a shopping guide to Yamini’s favorite food markets. The League of Kitchens is made up of women from around the world, who offer a variety of different cooking classes where they share both their family recipes and their personal stories. It is located in Brooklyn, New York. Indian Cooking w/ Yamini costs $150 and runs for two and a half hours.

Virtual Indian Cooking Classes & Schools

Thirty years ago, if you wanted to take a cooking class, you’d have to drive to the cooking school, and meet with the instructor and other students in a kitchen or classroom. This would mean you could only attend a school close to your home, and you’d have to spend time and money commuting there. Now, you have another option. If you want to learn to cook, you can choose a virtual class, where you log in online, and participate in a virtual cooking session through your computer screen. This option gives you a lot more flexibility, and has become extremely popular in recent years. You can learn a wide array of different topics online, and will find many different online Indian cooking classes. Just be aware that with an online class, you’ll probably have to supply your own ingredients and cooking equipment, unlike with an in-person class, where these are often provided.

Indian Cooking Online w/ Yamini is an online class offered by the League of Kitchens, which is made up of a group of women from around the world. These women teach their family recipes, and share their personal stories. Students who take this class learn three of Yamini’s family recipes: homemade flatbreads stuffed with spiced potatoes and onions, refreshing cucumber, and yogurt raita. They also share questions, conversation, and stories, and finish with a virtual dinner party. The class is two and a half hours long, and costs $50. There is an average of 13 students per class. The League of Kitchens has been featured in the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, The Splendid Table, and Time Out New York.

EZ Compliments is a cooking school that runs a variety of different online cooking workshops. It is based in Andover, Massachusetts. Chef Shilpi runs the classes. She was born and raised in India, and works to share her passion for Indian cooking, and help more people enjoy Indian food. In the Tuesday Workshop Series, students cook a different complete meal in each session. Some menu options include chicken rogan josh and cumin rice, goan fish curry and peas pulao, and keema matar and plain paratha. Students can sign up for an entire four-week series, or just one class at a time. Each dish can be personalized according to dietary requirements, including vegetarian or gluten-free needs. It costs $50 to take one class. Classes run for an hour and a half on Tuesday evenings, and the average class size is about 12. There is also a Thursday Workshop Series, which is on Thursday evenings.

You can also learn Indian cooking through Mukti’s Kitchen, which is a cooking school based in Brooklyn, New York, but offers online classes as well. School founder Mukti Banerjee opened her school so that she could share the variety and uniqueness of her Indian cooking with others. She also strives to empower people to cook their own food and make healthy choices when they do so. In Authentic Indian Vegetarian, she teaches students to make eggplant masala, saag paneer, and vegetable pulao/pilaf. This class costs $75 and meets over Zoom.

You can also learn Chai Making virtually, through New York City-based Food Craft. Chai is a beverage that originated in India, and contains black tea, spices, sugar, and milk. It is believed to have a number of health benefits. In this class, you’ll learn the history of chai, some of its health benefits, and will make authentic masala chai tea. Prior to the start of the class, each participant gets a kit that contains tea, sugar, milk, and a variety of different spices. Students need access to a stove, and a number of kitchen supplies including a saucepan and a strainer. This class is two hours long and costs $650.

Private Group Indian Cooking Classes in NYC

Learning to cook is fun and accessible for people of all different ages and interests. If you need to plan a group event, but you can’t decide what to do, consider booking a private group Indian cooking class through CourseHorse. When you book through CourseHorse, you don’t need to register, and you don’t need to pay a booking fee. Within 24 hours, you’ll get a confirmation of your booking, and you have until 72 hours before the event to make changes, provided that you meet the minimum group size.

For groups in New York City, Abigail Hitchcock, owner and chef of Abigail’s Kitchen, offers a three-hour group Indian Cooking class at her restaurant in Greenwich Village. Up to 24 people can attend this class, and the cost is $135 per person. Students will learn to prepare a number of classic Indian dishes including cauliflower pakora, chicken korma, basmati pilaf, and spinach and potato samosas. Groups also have the option to customize their menu if they prefer. Students work and eat on unique counter-height butcher block work tables. Beer and wine are included, and ingredients are sourced from the local farmer’s market whenever possible.

If you prefer a virtual format, the Virtual Sushi Making Workshop is a popular choice for groups interested in cooking. In this 90-minute workshop, participants learn to make their own sushi. A professional chef and instructor takes them through the process of making sushi rice, cut rolls, hand rolls, and nigiri. They also learn about basic knife cuts, and some basic information about fish. Each participant is mailed a sushi kit before the event, which includes chopsticks, a rolling mat, and ingredients for making sushi rice, as well as a gift card to use for buying fish or vegetables. They will need to supply some basic kitchen tools including a saucepan with a lid, a kitchen towel, and a knife. The Sushi Making Workshop can accommodate up to 500 people, and costs $110 per person.

Virtual group classes can run through Zoom, Google Meets, Microsoft Teams, or WebEx. If you’d like more information about booking a private Indian food cooking event, or to discuss other options, contact CourseHorse.

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