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Craft Classes NYC

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Discover a wide range of craft classes in NYC, from pottery and knitting to jewelry making and woodworking. Learn new skills, unleash your creativity, and create beautiful handmade pieces that you can proudly display or gift to others.

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Craft a Side Table (Introduction to Woodworking and Furniture Making)

Craftsman Ave @ 117B 11th St, Brooklyn, NY

Learn the art of woodworking and create a contemporary side table using oak and classic half-lap joints at Craftsman Ave. Unleash your creativity and design the perfect piece of furniture for your home in this beginner-friendly workshop.

(525) Beginner 18 and older

The Art of Metalsmithing by Carolina Iwanow

NYC Jewelry Lab by Carolina Iwanow @ 1027 Grand St, Brooklyn, NY

Discover the secrets of designing and creating beautiful handmade jewelry using an array of metals. Learn essential fabrication techniques and unleash your creativity in this comprehensive jewelry design course. Join us at NYC Jewelry Lab for an immersive and hands-on experience in the art of metalsmithing.

(98) All levels 21 and older

5 sessions

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Natural Scented Candle Making (Bryant Park)

Atelier Artisane @ 25 W 39th Street , New York, NY

Learn the art of crafting healthy, fragrant candles for your home in this hands-on course. Discover the benefits of natural ingredients and gain the skills to create your own unique scented candles. Join us at Atelier Artisane and elevate your candle game.

(129) All levels 18 and older
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Explore Art Private Group Events

Explore private group events and team building activities ranging from cooking to art, escape rooms, trivia, and more

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Custom Scent & Candle Making Experience

Atelier Artisane @ 25 W 39th Street , New York, NY

Unleash your creativity and learn the art of fragrance blending in NYC. Join our workshop to discover the secrets behind creating your unique fragrance oils for candle-making and reed diffusers. Develop your skills with expert guidance and leave with two personalized fragrance blends to bring home.

(129) All levels 18 and older

Make a Stained Glass Work of Art (Intro level)

Craftsman Ave @ 117B 11th St, Brooklyn, NY

Discover the ancient art of stained glass and create a unique piece of colored glass art in this introductory workshop. Learn the fundamentals and techniques of the Tiffany stained glass process while designing and building your own beautiful masterpiece. No experience is necessary.

(525) Beginner 18 and older

Make a Classic Longboard (Introduction to Woodworking)

Craftsman Ave @ 117B 11th St, Brooklyn, NY

Discover the art of woodworking and create your self-powered ride at Craftsman Ave. Join this workshop and learn to design and build your very own old-school Pintail Longboard Skateboard. Perfect for cruising and carving, this classic skateboard will surely turn heads.

(525) Beginner 18 and older

Art Under Glass DeCoupage

Art Under Glass DeCoupage @ E 23rd St, New York, NY

Discover the art of creating stunning designs on glass using images from books, magazines, and greeting cards. Learn how to transform glass objects into beautiful gifts and keepsakes through the technique of decoupage. Enhance your designs with metallic paints, paper, metal leaves, and markers, and finish your pieces with a lacquer for both functionality and decoration.

(99) All levels 12 and older

DIY Perfume Bar Experience

Bios Apothecary @ 61 West St, Brooklyn, NY

Discover the art of bespoke fragrance creation at Bios Apothecary's workshop in Brooklyn, New York. Immerse yourself in a library of over 130 natural aromatics and create your own signature scent using therapeutic-grade essential oils and rare extracts from around the world. Perfect for a unique date or a fun activity with friends.

(35) Beginner 13 and older

Make a Barrel to age your own Whiskey and Craft Cocktails

Craftsman Ave @ 117B 11th St, Brooklyn, NY

Unleash your inner cooper and discover the art of barrel making in this hands-on workshop. Learn how to create an oak barrel to age spirits, unlocking a world of unique flavors and smoothness. Join us at Craftsman Ave for an unforgettable experience in the ancient craft of coopering.

(525) All levels 18 and older

Jewelry Design/Making (6 Weeks Beginner & Intermediate)

The Benlolo Studio @ 347 5th Ave, New York, NY

Discover the art of jewelry design and creation in a personalized teaching studio environment. Learn to make exquisite rings and pendants using wax casting, gold or silver fabrication, and bezel setting techniques. With small class sizes and individualized attention, unleash your creativity under the guidance of a world-class jeweler at The Benlolo Studio.

(41) All levels 18 and older

6 sessions

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Jewelry Design/Making (4 Weeks Beginner & Intermediate)

The Benlolo Studio @ 347 5th Ave, New York, NY

Discover the art of creating unique, custom jewelry through personalized instruction from a world-class jeweler. Unleash your creativity and learn essential techniques to craft stunning rings, pendants, and more at The Benlolo Studio. Embark on a transformative journey in jewelry design and making.

(41) All levels 18 and older

4 sessions

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Candle Making Pop Up! Experience

Back Porch Soap Company @ 711 Amsterdam Ave, New York, NY

Create two of your own personalized candles in stunning upscale glass jars with lids. Join expert candle maker, Marla Bosworth, in the Upper West Side of Manhattan for a relaxing candle making experience. Perfect for gift-giving or for yourself, these non-toxic candles are made with eco-friendly materials and come in a variety of colors and bestselling fragrances. Don't miss out on this candle-making workshop!

(164) All levels 12 and older

Stained Glass

West Side YMCA - Community Arts @ 5 W 63rd St, New York, NY

Learn to create beautiful glass objects using this ancient craft. Students learn to create patterns, cut foil and solder stained glass into a variety of useful and sculptural forms that include candle holders, night lights, mirrors and light catchers. Ample individual assistance enables each person to pursue their individual projects. Essential equipment provided; students must purchase additional supplies separately (we will provide recommendations...

(30) All levels 18 and older

8 sessions

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Natural Perfume Workshop

Bios Apothecary @ 61 West St, Brooklyn, NY

Create your very own bespoke fragrance using a wide range of botanical scents, including therapeutic-grade essential oils, rare woods, exotic flowers, invigorating spices, and more. Unleash your creativity and indulge in a unique sensory experience at Bios Apothecary's perfume-making workshop. This instructor lead class includes an introduction to natural perfumery, guided sampling and guided formulation. 

(35) All levels 13 and older

Jewelry Making - Silver Package

Alzerina Jewelry @ 1535 East 14th St, Brooklyn, NY

Unleash your creativity and learn the art of jewelry making in this hands-on class. Create stunning pieces for everyday wear or special occasions in a fun and welcoming environment. Come and discover the joy of crafting unique and beautiful jewelry.

(78) Beginner 14 and older

Introduction to Floral Design

FlowerSchool New York @ 253 W 28th St, New York, NY

Discover the art of floral design at FlowerSchool New York's Beginners Open Studios. Learn from professionals, work with stunning seasonal blooms, and create a masterpiece arrangement to take home. Unleash your creativity and bring the beauty of flowers to life.

(155) Beginner 18 and older

Organic Cold Process Soap Making for Fun & Gift Making

Back Porch Soap Company @ 711 Amsterdam Ave, New York, NY

Treat yourself to this class and learn the art of soap making in this fun class in the Upper West Side of New York City. 

(164) All levels 18 and older

Perfume Making Class for Two (1-Hour Private)

Back Porch Soap Company @ 711 Amsterdam Ave, New York, NY

Embark on a fragrant journey with our Perfume Making Class for Two! Immerse yourself in the art of scent creation guided by perfumer Marla Bosworth. Explore a variety of natural fragrances, blend unique scent combinations, and craft a personalized perfume that captures your individual style and essence.

(164) All levels 18 and older

Introduction to Japanese Floral Design

Ikebana Flowers New York @ 1133 Broadway, New York, NY

Discover the centuries-old Japanese art of Ikebana, where nature's harmony meets artistic elegance. Learn the history, philosophy, techniques, and theory behind this sophisticated floral design. Express your creativity and take home a stunning arrangement that brings beauty to any table.

(19) Beginner 10 and older

Painting Workshop: Harlem

Special School Offer!
5% Off Painting Lounge Gift Cards! Learn More >

Painting Lounge @ 15 W 116th St, New York, NY

Unleash your creativity in a relaxed and social environment at Painting Lounge's upcoming workshop. Join an experienced artist as they guide you step-by-step through replicating a beautiful painting. BYOB and enjoy a fun-filled evening of music, conversation, and creativity!

(511) All levels 17 and older
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Reviews for Craft Classes in NYC

Craft Classes in NYC are rated 4.7 stars based on 1,884 verified reviews from actual purchasers.

  • The Art of Metalsmithing by Carolina Iwanow

    Reviewed by Andy A. on 4/16/2024
    Carolina is awesome. Very knowledgeable and patient to beginners. I made a few rings under her guidance but with complete creative freedom. I'd love to stay in touch with her in the future for any advice I might need as I continue to make jewelry. I'd definitely take her class again.
  • Candle Making Pop Up! Experience

    Reviewed by Samiha G. on 4/15/2024
    We loved our class! It was just the two of us and Marla made it a very special day.
  • Jewelry Design/Making (6 Weeks Beginner & Intermediate)

    Reviewed by Rae O. on 4/4/2024
    Location, studio and teacher were all fantastic! Highly recommend!
  • The Art of Metalsmithing by Carolina Iwanow

    Reviewed by terri p. on 3/29/2024
    Great class. Great teacher
  • Jewelry Design/Making (4 Weeks Beginner & Intermediate)

    Anonymous review on 3/21/2024
    It was an absolute pleasure and Ken our instructor was not only knowledgeable, but extremely flexible, tailoring it to our desires, while making sure we had the basics down. I absolutely recommend this class and my only regret was that it was way too short!
  • DIY Perfume Bar Experience

    Reviewed by Megan O. on 3/11/2024
    The woman running the class was so sweet, helpful and knowledgeable. The experience was so cool and relaxing. Highly recommend to anyone considering making their own perfume.
  • Make a Classic Longboard (Introduction to Woodworking)

    Reviewed by Bill J. on 3/11/2024
    Had a lot of fun!
  • DIY Perfume Bar Experience

    Anonymous review on 3/10/2024
    This was one a very unique experience. A group of friends and I organized this to celebrate a birthday. It was super fun creating our own fragrance by exploring different scent combinations. I would definitely do this again!
  • Craft a Side Table (Introduction to Woodworking and Furniture Making)

    Reviewed by Rachel C. on 3/2/2024
    The instructor David Sokoler was fantastic. He was funny and personable. He was also knowledgeable and made himself available to us as a resource for any questions we had about woodworking in general or our personal projects. The class was cute and served as a great introduction to power tools and was accessible even without prior experience.
  • Art Under Glass DeCoupage

    Anonymous review on 2/25/2024
    This class was amazing! Luci is a skilled artist and great teacher who walks you through all the steps, making it impossible not to have the end product you envisioned. Her stories of her artistic journey are delightful and made for a wonderful afternoon!

Discover the Best Crafting Classes in NYC

Crafting is the act of making something decorative by hand, using your skill and creativity. Some people craft as a hobby, while for others it is a full-time job. There are many different types of crafting, and they involve working with a range of different materials such as leather, clay, metal, and fabric. Some types of crafting are focused on upcycling or repurposing old items. Crafting can be used to create all kinds of items, from bath bombs, to scarves, to furniture.

Why You Should Learn Crafting in NYC

One of the biggest reasons to learn crafting is for the personal fulfillment you’ll get from making something with your own hands. Many people who craft say that they get a real sense of accomplishment from this activity. In addition, crafting can be therapeutic, forcing you to focus on your materials, and temporarily forget about any worries you might be dealing with.

There are also practical reasons to learn crafting. You can save yourself money by making your own items, such as clothing or home decor. In addition, these items will be more meaningful than something bought from a store, because you have put your time and effort into making them. Crafting can also be a lucrative side job, since there is a thriving market for unique hand-made items.

In-Person Crafting Classes & Schools in NYC

In New York City, there are many different places to take an in-person crafting class. On the Upper West Side, the Back Porch Soap Company offers classes in both candle-making and soap-making. In Candle Making Class NYC, students create two container candles, using soy wax and coconut wax, and adding color and essential oils. This class is two and a half hours long, and costs $248. Students also take home a handout that has detailed instructions, formulas, and information about suppliers. The Back Porch Soap Company was founded in 1998 and its clients include American Express, Ernst & Young, and Dunkin Donuts.

Back Porch Soap Company also offers a Cold Process Soap Making Class, for $248. In this class, students use the cold process method to make soap from scratch. They add essential oils, colorants, and botanicals to personalize their soaps, and also learn how to work safely with lye, and where to buy cold process supplies. Each participant takes home their own batch of soap. The class runs for two and a half hours.

Art Under Glass DeCoupage is another New York City craft class, and takes place in Manhattan, with artist and teacher Luci Solinsky. Students in this class cut images out of magazines, books, and greeting cards, and glue them onto glass objects. They use paints, metal leaf, and markers to enhance the images, and then cover them with lacquer to create decorative and original pieces of art. All levels are welcome; advanced students will have the opportunity to learn more advanced techniques. The class is three and a half hours long, and costs $125.

Craftsman Ave also offers a variety of in-person crafting classes in New York City including knife making, jewelry design, and woodworking. Craft a Custom Leather Wallet is a four-hour class where students make a handcrafted leather bi-fold wallet. They learn to measure, cut, bevel, punch, glue, and sew, and also have the option of using a laser cutter to engrave the wallet with a custom design. No previous experience is necessary. Tuition is $195. Craftsman Ave is located in Brooklyn, which is less than five miles from Manhattan.

Brooklyn Craft Company, also located in Brooklyn, offers a number of different types of sewing classes including Sewing 101: Tote Bag. In this three-hour class, students learn how to sew on a sewing machine, how to cut fabric accurately, how to pin and sew seams, and how to create a bag lining and sew straps. They leave class with a finished, lined tote bag. This class costs $85, and students also need to purchase fabric for their bag, which is available at a discount in the retail shop.

Virtual Crafting Classes & Schools

If you can’t find a good in-person crafting class in New York City, you could also opt for an online crafting class. This format became popular during the COVID-19 pandemic, when people couldn’t learn in person, however, it has remained popular because many people have discovered that they love the flexibility that it provides. You can take an in-person crafting class from anywhere you want, as long as you have a computer and an internet connection. Just be aware that you’ll probably have to provide your own materials.

The Chicago Botanic Garden runs an online crafting class called Introduction to Weaving. Tuition is $374, and there are eight two-hour class sessions. The instructor teaches students how to make their own looms, talks about contemporary handweavers, and covers a number of different tapestry techniques including basket weave, pile, twill, rya, and soumak. There are also presentations discussing the relevance of weaving in relation to material production, fine art, and craft. No experience is necessary, and students will receive a supply list after registering.

Love & Make runs a variety of craft workshops in the Houston area, but also offers many workshops in an online format. Its Virtual Melt & Pour Soap-Making Workshop is one hour long and costs $25. The workshop covers the basics of melt and pour soapmaking, in addition to some soap-making history lessons. Students also learn about different ingredients and recipes, and make their own soap. A supply list is available online.

Another option from Love & Make is the Virtual Candle Making Workshop, where students learn to make a soy wax candle. The class includes basic candle-making steps, tips and tricks, and troubleshooting. Supplies need to provide their own materials. The workshop runs for an hour, and costs $25.

Another virtual crafting class option is Ceramic Llama Painting, which is offered through Food Craft. This class is all about llamas; Students learn how to paint a ceramic llama, learn fun facts about llamas, and get a virtual tour of a llama farm. Supplies are provided, and there are three different package options to choose from. Students just need paper towels and access to a sink with running water. This class is $750, and is two hours long. 

The Chicago-based Evanston Art Company also provides crafting instruction in a virtual format. Paper Remix I is a collage-making class where students work with a variety of different papers and techniques to create collage compositions. This class has six sessions in total, and costs $205. A supply list is available online.

Private Group Crafting Classes in NYC

Crafting classes are a popular choice for team-building events and other types of group get-togethers because they are engaging and entertaining, and they are accessible to people of all different ages and abilities. CourseHorse offers many different private group crafting classes, and makes it easy to book them. You won’t need to register in order to book a group class, and there are no booking fees. In addition, you’ll get confirmation within 24 hours of booking. CourseHorse also offers a flexible change policy. You need to meet the minimum group size, but after that, you can make changes to your total group size up to 72 hours before your event. 

Design Your Own Candles Workshop is an in-person group class that takes place at the Back Porch Soap Company on the Upper West Side in New York City. Participants make two coconut and soy wax container candles. To personalize each candle, they choose and blend natural scents, colors, and botanical additives like flower petals. Each person gets lids and eco-friendly bags to take their candles home in. Up to 85 people can take this class, at a cost of $90 per person. It is an hour and a half long.

Another New York City group class option is Terrarium Making, where an instructor takes participants through the process of creating a terrarium, and teaches them how to care for the succulents they place inside it. The class can accommodate up to 20 people, and costs $65 per person. Containers, soil, rocks, plants, and other decorative elements are all provided, and each person will create their own terrarium to take home.

There are also a variety of virtual classes, for groups that would prefer that format. For instance, in Virtual Soap Making, participants learn handmade soap techniques. The class covers basic techniques, goes over different recipes, and discusses the benefits of making your own soap. Students make soap, and personalize it by adding botanicals and other ingredients. All materials are supplied by mail including shea butter soap base, dyes and fragrances, molds, and soap boxes. This class costs $105 per person, and can accommodate up to 500 people. It runs for two hours.

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