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What types of classes would you recommend for a date night?

Whether it's your 50th anniversary or first date, classes are a great way to spend time with a significant other. If you’re in NYC, check out our class guides:

I want to try something new and creative. Any recommendations?

If you’re looking to flex your creative muscle, check out these guides that feature some of our favorite art classes and workshops in nyc.

What classes make for great hobbies for adults?

If you’re looking for a more enriching way to spend time than watching Netflix, we recommend checking out these guides:

I'm visiting NYC and looking to take a class to get to know the city but don't know where to start. Any tips?

Taking a class is a great way to get a feel for the city and meet people who live here. Common classes people take on their trips to New York include cooking and photography classes to get a better feel for local flavors and sights.

We put together a few additional guides to help you get a feel for NYC: