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Metal Working Classes NYC

Discover the art of metalworking with a variety of hands-on classes in NYC. Learn the techniques of forging, welding, and jewelry making, and gain the skills to create unique metal creations.

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Make a Steel Planter Box (Welding/Metal Fabrication)

Craftsman Ave @ 117B 11th St, Brooklyn, NY

Discover the wizardry of welding and metal fabrication as you learn the core skills used in creating a small minimalist planter. Build your custom, practical, and beautiful finished work with expert guidance, and take home a cool, personalized object that showcases your newfound skills. Get ready to make sparks fly!

Monday Dec 18th, 6–10pm Eastern Time

Build a Custom Copper Lamp (Intro to Copper Creations)

Craftsman Ave @ 117B 11th St, Brooklyn, NY

Discover the art of soldering and create a unique copper pipe lamp in this hands-on workshop. Craft a one-of-a-kind design using simple hand tools and the power of fire. Unleash your creativity and illuminate your space with a funky, homemade Edison bulb.

Monday Dec 11th, 6–10pm Eastern Time

DIY Workshop Decanters

EatMetal, Inc. @ 720 Monroe St, Hoboken, NJ

Unleash your creativity and master the art of crafting unique metal decanter labels in this hands-on workshop. Learn stamping and texturing techniques while creating stunning designs to adorn your decanters. All tools and materials are provided, and you'll take home your finished masterpieces.

Tuesday Dec 12th, 5–7:30pm Eastern Time

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Craft a Custom Knife (Introduction to Knife Making)

Craftsman Ave @ 117B 11th St, Brooklyn, NY

Discover the art of creating your custom kitchen knife from scratch. Unleash your creativity and learn the techniques of knife-making in this hands-on workshop at Craftsman Ave. Craft a blade that fits perfectly in your hand and bring it to life with a unique brass-pinned hardwood handle.

Sunday Dec 24th, 1–5pm Eastern Time

Forge a Small Knife

Nazz Forge @ 52 34th St, Brooklyn, NY

Unleash your inner bladesmith and create a practical and stylish tool at Nazz Forge. Master the art of forging a small knife, up to five inches in length, with options to customize in Damascus or stainless steel. Previous forging experience is required.

Saturday Dec 16th, 6–10pm Eastern Time

 (6 sessions)


6 sessions

Mig Welding

Michelle Greene Sculpture @ Brooklyn Navy Yard, Bldg. #280, New York, NY

Learn the art of Mig welding in a unique and empowering class taught by an experienced artist. Get individual help and create a small sculpture while discovering the advantages of Mig welding in various applications. With excellent ventilation and provided welding gear, this class is perfect for beginners and experienced welders alike.

Sunday Jan 14th, 11am–1pm Eastern Time

Introduction to Oxy-Acetylene welding

Michelle Greene Sculpture @ Brooklyn Navy Yard, Bldg. #280, New York, NY

Have you ever wondered what it is like to light a torch, set a flame, run a bead? In this session you will learn to braze. You will create a small unique sculpture to take home.It can be used to display jewelry, or hold a candle. The options are endless. We will discuss the many advantages of gas welding when setting up a shop, creating furniture, art, fabrication. etc. What makes this Course unique is that it is taught by an artist who has...

Sunday Jan 7th, 11am–1pm Eastern Time

Forge a Medium Knife

Nazz Forge @ 52 34th St, Brooklyn, NY

Unleash your inner blacksmith and craft your own personalized blade in a safe and welcoming environment. Gain hands-on experience while creating a medium-sized knife suitable for various purposes. Take your knife-making skills to the next level with our advanced forging techniques.

Saturday Dec 16th, 6–10pm Eastern Time

 (8 sessions)


8 sessions

Introduction to Tig Welding on Steel

Michelle Greene Sculpture @ Brooklyn Navy Yard, Bldg. #280, New York, NY

What makes this Course Unique is that is is taught by an artist who has experience teaching both sculptors and welders. She is a Part-Time Associate Professor at Parsons School of Design, teaching Metal Fabrication. This class is an empowering experience for both beginners as well as people who have experienced welding in the past. The class is also unique because it will be "limited to 2 people". You will receive individual help. ...

Saturday Jan 6th, 11am–1pm Eastern Time

Weld / Connect / Bond - "2 people" signing up together

Michelle Greene Sculpture @ Brooklyn Navy Yard, Bldg. #280, New York, NY

Experience the unique opportunity to learn welding techniques from an experienced artist and professor in an intimate private session. Create a sculpture while bonding with a friend or loved one in this hands-on class. Don't miss out on this memorable date night or family activity. A private session for "just you two". 

Sunday Dec 10th, 11am–1pm Eastern Time

Buddy Up! Build a Custom Copper Lamp

Craftsman Ave @ 117B 11th St, Brooklyn, NY

Unleash your inner maker and light up your life with a custom copper lamp. Join a workshop that will teach you the art of soldering and how to manipulate copper pipes into a funky, unique design. No experience necessary, just a desire to create and a friend to join you on this creative journey.

Monday Dec 11th, 6–10pm Eastern Time

Weld a Steel Rose

Craftsman Ave @ 117B 11th St, Brooklyn, NY

Create a timeless rose that will never die or wither. Join this workshop at Craftsman Ave and learn the art of MIG welding to attach the petals to the stem, and shape them with an open-flame torch. No experience is required.

Saturday Dec 30th, 6–10pm Eastern Time

Blacksmith Basics: Trinkets

Nazz Forge @ 52 34th St, Brooklyn, NY

Discover the art of blacksmithing as you learn to create practical and stylish metal trinkets in this hands-on introductory class. From coat hooks to s-hooks, uncover the essential techniques needed to shape and mold steel, perfect for budding blacksmith enthusiasts.

Friday Dec 15th, 1–3pm Eastern Time


Introduction to Arc/Stick Welding

Michelle Greene Sculpture @ Brooklyn Navy Yard, Bldg. #280, New York, NY

Learn the art of Arc/Stick Welding from an experienced artist and professor at Parsons School of Design. This unique class focuses on technique and offers individualized instruction in a small class size. Discover the versatility and strength of Arc Welding in construction, furniture building, and sculpture.

Saturday Dec 16th, 2–4pm Eastern Time

Blacksmith Basics - Bottle Opener

Nazz Forge @ 52 34th St, Brooklyn, NY

Learn the ancient art of blacksmithing as you craft a practical and artistic tool using fire and hammer. Forge a bottle opener in this immersive one-session class at Nazz Forge and discover the thrill of creating something beautiful and functional. Don't miss this opportunity to unleash your creativity and walk away with a unique masterpiece.

Thursday Jan 11th, 6–8pm Eastern Time

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Discover the Best Metalworking Classes in NYC

Metalworking is the process of fabricating metals into tools, objects, and structures. Several processes are involved in metalworking, but the processes you use when creating specific items will be dependent on the metal you’re working with and what you’re trying to create. Soldering and welding are two frequently used metalworking processes. Both processes use heat to join metal, however, welding is used for large and thick materials, whereas soldering is only as strong as the metal alloy you use to join metal pieces together. 

Metalworking was popular in ancient times and, as metal objects became more valued, metalworkers themselves became sought after. As the demand for metalwork increased, knowledge about metalworking and metals improved. Welding and soldering are processes that evolved alongside metalworking and can be learned by taking a metalworking class. Metalworking can be expensive when you first start out because of the specialized tools you need to use, but if you take an in-person class, most tools and materials will be provided for you. 

Metalworking today is used to make jewelry, electronics, and other items. If you’re looking for a lucrative hobby, metalworking may be perfect for you. You can create metalwork pieces that are practical in use or just decorative and sell them online. Metalwork items also make great gifts for your family and friends. 

Why You Should Learn Metalworking in NYC

Metalworking is taught by expert instructors at studios and schools in the New York City area. Learning how to fabricate metal has several benefits.

Metalworking involves the use of not only powerful machinery but also your hands. When you craft something out of metal pieces, you’re frequently using both hands. This can improve your hand-eye coordination and strengthen the muscles in your hands, fingers, and wrists. Metalworking also exercises your creativity and imagination. Once you have enough experience in metalworking to make your own projects, you can work on designs of your own to create custom items. This is a great way to use your imagination as you try to design realistic but unique pieces. 

Metalworking hobbyists who can make custom pieces can sell them online. People love to buy custom hand-crafted items like jewelry, wall art, and sculptures. This is a great way to make money on the side. These custom items also make great gifts for your family and friends. 

In-Person Metalworking Classes & Schools in NYC

If you live in New York City and want to learn metalworking, there are in-person classes available to you. These classes are taught by expert instructors who teach metalworkers of all skill levels. If you’re a beginner, an instructor can teach you how to safely work with metalworking tools, including machinery, and the essential properties of the metals you’ll be working with in the class. Overall, in-person classes are a great way to gain experience and knowledge in a welcoming environment. 

Metalworking processes are more broadly categorized as forming, cutting, and joining processes. Many in-person classes will focus on cutting and joining processes. One joining process you may already be aware of is welding. Welding joins metal pieces together through high heat. This process is typically used on large and dense materials. If you’d like to learn how to weld and use welding as a process in your metalworking projects, Michelle Green Sculpture, located in Brooklyn, offers several classes that focus on welding types. 

Metal inert gas (MIG) welding is an efficient way of welding large metal pieces. In the class MIG Welding, you’ll learn how to set up your welding machine, along with other MIG welding fundamentals. Your instructor will also discuss the advantages of MIG welding when setting up your own welding shop, and the advantages of using this type of welding to create furniture and art. This is a two-person class, so it will be highly interactive and private. 

Gas tungsten arc welding, or TIG welding, is less efficient and more expensive than MIG welding, but it allows for detailed precision. When taking a two-hour introductory class on TIG welding, you’ll learn how to use a TIG welding machine. Your instructor will teach you how to choose the right tungsten and how to set the gauge for your machine. This is a beginner-level class, but it’s recommended that you take the MIG welding or gas welding class first to become familiar with the welding process.

If you’re interested in learning how to weld to create art, sign up for Michelle Green Sculpture’s Introduction to Arc/Stick Welding class. It’s a fast and inexpensive welding process, making it ideal for hobbyists. This class will provide you with welding gear and gloves, and there’s no fee for the metal pieces you use in class. 

The machinery used when welding can be dangerous. It’s essential that you wear safety gear to your in-person metalworking class if you’ll be welding. It’s recommended that you wear 100% cotton clothing because cotton is less likely to catch fire from sparks than synthetic material is. Long-sleeved shirts and jeans should be worn to fully cover your arms and legs. Closed-toed shoes and protective eyewear are also necessary when welding. 

There are in-person metalworking classes in New York City that teach you how to join metal by soldering instead of welding. Soldering uses a filler metal known as solder to join metal together. Both the metal pieces and the solder will be heated before the solder is used to join the pieces. Once the solder has cooled and solidified, it’ll have created a durable joint. Metal alloys are used when soldering, like tin-copper, silver-copper, and tin-silver-copper. 

Craftsman Ave, in Brooklyn, hosts a copper lamp-making class. You’ll learn how to cut the copper used to make the lamp and how to solder pieces together. The lamp you create will be custom, so you’ll gain design experience through this class too. If you and your partner are looking to take up a new hobby or would like to work on building a lamp for your home, a date-night version of this class is also available. 

The two of you can also attend a planter box-making class at Craftsman Ave. Because the planter box is made of steel, which is a thicker material, you’ll learn to weld instead of solder. Your instructor will guide the two of you through using a MIG welding machine and other hand tools. This class is also a date-night workshop, so pizza is provided as well as a bottle of wine. 

Virtual Metalworking Classes & Schools

If there are no in-person classes available near you or if the ones offered require too long of a commute, don’t worry, you have the option of attending a virtual metalworking class. Online classes are taught by live instructors remotely. Because they are remote, you’ll be responsible for supplying yourself with most if not all materials that are necessary, whereas in-person classes would supply the materials for you. 

Metalworking often requires powerful machines that can be dangerous to use if you have no prior experience. Online classes, therefore, are unlikely to have you working on a project that uses these machines. Instead, many online classes will focus on teaching you the history of metalworking and offer demonstrations. 

EatMetal Inc. offers a class on earring making. A live demonstration will be provided via Zoom on how to make a jump ring for earrings, among other necessities like earring findings. After the demonstration, there’ll be an open forum where you can ask about the process. 

New and returning virtual metalworking classes are frequently added to CourseHorse’s listings. Check back regularly to see if a newly added class catches your interest. Previous classes have been demonstration and lecture-style. 

Private Group Metalworking Classes in NYC

Are you looking to schedule a metalworking class for you and a group of friends? Metalworking classes are great bonding activities. CourseHorse has private metalworking classes that they can deliver to you.

Groups fully located in NYC can book a ring-making party through CourseHorse. This in-person workshop is hosted by Fitzgerald Jewelry in Williamsburg. Participants will learn the process of fabricating silver bands from an instructor knowledgeable in metalworking. This event is BYOB for participants over the age of 21. You’ll also be provided with cheese and fruit plates to snack on as you work toward creating three of your own silver bands. 

If you and your friends are looking for a remote crafting workshop, CourseHorse offers one in woodworking. Woodworking uses similar tools to metalworking. In this virtual beer caddy-making class, you’ll learn about the tools used in woodworking as you create your own caddy. Up to 200 people can take this hour-long class. After creating your caddy, you’ll even be able to paint it a pre-chosen color. 

CourseHorse can work with you and your group to determine what type of metalworking class best fits your interests and needs. They can accommodate a range of group sizes and multiple online video platforms may be chosen for course delivery. You can reach out to CourseHorse through the contact form on their website for more information and assistance. 

CourseHorse does not charge a booking fee and allows free cancellations up to two weeks before your class. If you have a class in mind but aren’t sure if your group will enjoy it, they’ll provide you with a 20-minute demo for a fee of $100.

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