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Weaving Classes Coming up in New York

Tapestry Weaving for Beginners

at Brooklyn Brainery - Prospect Heights, New York

In this class, you will learn the basic skills to make your own small tapestry style weaving, from start to finish. You don’t need any experience to join this class - you'll learn how to dress the loom, start the weaving, add a pattern or two and tie it off.  Are materials provided and included in cost of the class?  Yes Though most...

Friday Oct 28th, 1pm


Zen Weaving: All-Day Session

at Loop of the Loom - Upper East Side, New York

The All-Day class is an intensive session of mindfulness SAORI weaving.  In this session, you will experience the easy-to-learn form of SAORI as meditative/creative weaving. The simple way of weaving leads your mind to the state of emptiness easily without practice.  By focusing on your pleasure moment with color, texture,...

Thursday Oct 27th, 11am

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Introduction to SAORI Weaving

at Loop of the Loom - Upper East Side, New York

If you are looking for a weaving place for the first challenge, a new hobby, or relaxation, this class is perfect match for you! This introductory class is the 2-hour setting which is enough to enjoy weaving and complete something to take it home. We guide you how to weave with a pre-set loom. SAORI weaving method is the easy-to-learn form of,...

Thursday Oct 27th, 11am

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Tapestry Weaving

at Make Workshop - Gowanus, New York

This workshop is designed to teach the basics of hand weaving with yarn, fabric and raw wool.  In addition to learning how to create fabric and one-of-a-kind works of art using a variety of patterns and techniques, the supply fee includes a picture frame loom that you can take home so you can continue weaving long after the workshop ends.

Wednesday Nov 16th, 7pm


Tapestry Weaving Beyond the Basics

at Lion Brand Yarn Studio - Flatiron, New York

Tapestry Weaving Beyond the Basics will build on the skills covered in our introductory class. You will explore new patterns, knots, and shapes while learning how to create a tapestry of your own design. You'll also have a chance to refresh yourself on skills learned during the introductory class. Prerequisite Skills: Tapestry Weaving Basics or comparable...


2 sessions

Tuesday Nov 1st, 5pm


Tapestry Weaving

at Textile Arts Center - Gowanus, New York

In the Tapestry Weaving class, students will learn how to design and hand weave their own tapestry wall hanging. They will also learn how to use traditional and contemporary tapestry techniques and apply them to their design.  All materials for sample making and learning the technique are included. Students are encouraged to bring in fibers and...


4 sessions

Sunday Nov 6th, 11am


Master Modern Tapestry Weaving

at CraftJam - Chelsea, New York

Unless you’ve lived in a cave or on a deserted island the past years, you must know that woven home decor pieces are THE trend right now. Seriously! This age old technique has made a tremendous comeback. And we love it! That’s why we created this Master Modern Tapestry Weaving CraftJam so you can get a jumpstart to this technique and make your...

Thursday Nov 17th, 7pm


Weaving (Beginners)

at Argyle Yarn Shop - Windsor Terrace, New York

Playfully experiment with color and texture in a craft with an ancient heritage which is rebounding in popularity. In this class you'll learn how to "warp" a weaving loom (casting on the vertical stands of thread) with even tension, then how to weave using multiple colors. By the end of the session you'll be well on your way to finishing a chic,...

Sunday Oct 30th, 1pm


Intro to Weaving on a Floor Loom

at Weaving Hand - Bedford - Stuyvesant, New York

In this one-day intensive class, participants will be introduced to the wonderful art of hand weaving on a floor loom.  Over the 6 hour class period, you'll learn how to create a warp and dress a loom; and how to read drafts to create a sampler of 7 weave structures. You'll also learn the anatomy of a loom, troubleshooting and the skills needed...

Sunday Oct 30th, 12pm

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Drafting 101

at Textile Arts Center - Gowanus, New York

This is a class for weavers of all levels who are ready to delve further into the math and logic behind planning a weaving. Students will learn how to read weave drafts, practice drawing drafts, and leave with an understanding of how to create their own draft so that they can plan personal projects.  Important Things to Note:  Please note...


Saturday Nov 12th, 11am


Cricket Loom

at Weaving Hand - Bedford - Stuyvesant, New York

Participants will create a woven sampler of finger-controlled weaves such as loop pile, Ghiordes knots and more. Weavers will continue to practice and explore the learned techniques in an experimental matter by combining them all in a creative way. Students will also learn how to warp a Schacht Cricket rigid heddle loom by using a warping peg. The...

Saturday Oct 29th, 12pm

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Intro to Tapestry

at Weaving Hand - Bedford - Stuyvesant, New York

Tapestry is an ancient unique form of weaving, known as 'painting with fiber'. From the classic Navajo style to contemporary and modern aesthetics, the possibilities for creativity are endless with tapestry.  In this introductory course, students will learn how to dress a loom for tapestry, use joining techniques to create designs, and understand...

Saturday Oct 29th, 12pm

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Intermediate Weaving on a Floor Loom

at Weaving Hand - Bedford - Stuyvesant, New York

This one-day intensive workshop is for students that have taken our intro workshop or for more experienced weavers interested in brushing up their skills. Participants will work on their draft reading and weaving skills by creating a tapestry using three intricate weave structures.  The 6 hour session will include guidance on warping and dressing...

Sunday Oct 30th, 10am

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Ikat Weaving with Indigo Dyeing (2 Saturdays)

at Weaving Hand - Bedford - Stuyvesant, New York

Our Ikat Weaving Class is a course that meets on two Saturdays. Indigo, historically extracted from plants, is among the oldest dyes to be used for textiles and is known for embodying a rich and distinctive blue color. During this course, we will experiment with various shades of Indigo, and combine its beauty through Ikat, a resist technique where...


2 sessions

Saturday Nov 5th, 12pm

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Guatemalan Backstrap Weaving

at Weaving Hand - Bedford - Stuyvesant, New York

Students will learn how to create and weave on their own backstrap loom, as we create exquisite weavings inspired by the Mayan culture.  Backstrap Weaving, an ancient technique that has continued to thrive since the Pre-Columbian era, was historically passed down over the generations through Mayan women. Over the centuries, the backstrap weaving...

Sunday Nov 6th, 12pm

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