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Life Drawing Classes NYC

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Unleash your inner artist and master the art of figure drawing with life drawing classes in NYC. Learn the fundamentals of capturing the human form, improve your technique, and gain a deeper understanding of anatomy, all while expressing your creativity and honing your artistic skills.

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Long Pose Figure Drawing

Drawing New York @ 15 Gramercy Park South, New York, NY

Refine your figure drawing skills and immerse yourself in the artistry of capturing a single pose throughout this dynamic session offered by Drawing New York. Learn from experienced artists, bring your own drawing pad and preferred tools, and get ready for a unique opportunity to enhance your artistic abilities. Register now and let your creativity soar!

(706) All levels 16 and older
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Classical Drawing Workshop @ 98 Sterling St, Brooklyn, NY

Unlock the secrets of classical drawing techniques in a relaxed and supportive environment. This workshop will guide you through the fundamentals of contour and gesture drawing, helping you create lifelike renditions of the human figure. Join us at for an immersive and enjoyable artistic experience.

(14) All levels 18 and older

2 sessions

+980 pts
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Life Drawing (w/ Model) for Adults - BYO Materials

Creatively Wild Art Studio Dumbo @ 98 Water St, Brooklyn, NY

Immerse yourself in the art of life drawing at Creatively Wild Art Studio Dumbo. Sharpen your observational skills and develop your style as you capture the essence of the human body with a live model. This self-led workshop is the perfect opportunity for artists of all levels to practice their craft in a supportive and creative environment.

(185) All levels 18 and older
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Life Drawing

New York School of the Arts @ 315 E 62nd St, New York, NY

Expand your artistic skills and delve into the intricacies of structure with a comprehensive drawing course. Explore various techniques used by masters and engage in thoughtful group discussions to enhance your understanding of this crucial aspect. Join now to unlock your creative potential.

(76) All levels 18 and older

4 sessions

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Life Drawing (w/ Model) for Adults - BYO Materials

Creatively Wild Art Studio Dumbo @ 98 Water St, Brooklyn, NY

Immerse yourself in the art of life drawing at Creatively Wild Art Studio Dumbo. Sharpen your observational skills and develop your style as you capture the essence of the human body with a live model. This self-led workshop is the perfect opportunity for artists of all levels to practice their craft in a supportive and creative environment.

(185) All levels 18 and older

5 sessions

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Drawing Heads and Hands

92nd Street Y @ 1395 Lexington Ave, New York, NY

Make more expressive and engaging figure and portrait drawings and paintings through short and long studies of the head and hands. Recommended for both painting and drawing students. Improve your understanding of proportion, anatomy, line, composition, and light and shadow theory. All media and levels welcome. Supply List: Toned Charcoal or Pastel Paper: Either 5 individual sheets, or pad (Strathmore, Canson, etc., 24” x 18” or 12” x...

(1074) All levels 18 and older
No upcoming schedules

2 sessions

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Beginners Acrylic Painting

The Art Studio NY @ 211 W 80th St, New York, NY

Unleash your creativity and discover the joy of acrylic painting in this nurturing art class at NYC's top-rated studio. With personalized instruction from a professional artist, explore fundamental techniques and unlock your inner artist. Join a supportive community and create beautiful masterpieces to decorate your home.

(636) Beginner 18 and older
No upcoming schedules

4 sessions

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Weekend Life Drawing

Solas Studio @ 117 E 24th St, New York, NY

An intimate figure drawing class with minimal instruction. Open to veterans and newcomers alike. Intimate venue Not a bad seat in the house. About this event (18+) Join us for a Saturday afternoon session of figure drawing with a live nude model. No photography allowed. BYOA or purchase a ticket with the materials option! Timeline: 30 second pose x 20 5 minute pose x 2 15 minute pose x2 *10 minute break* 30 minute pose x 2

(11) All levels 21 and older
No upcoming schedules

Adult: Introduction to Still Life Drawing & Painting

Creatively Wild Art Studio Dumbo @ 98 Water St, Brooklyn, NY

Learn practical skills and take inspiration as you observe from still life all around you. Studying still life will help you develop a strong set of foundation art skills, and prepare you for an exciting journey ahead as your work evolves. Create and interpret from man-made objects, furniture or natural: food, flowers, or personal subject matter. Receive supportive quality teaching from our professional artists, get enthusiastic encouragement and...

(185) Beginner 18 and older
No upcoming schedules

Open Figure Drawing-Long Pose

The Decorus Atelier of Figurative Art @ 117 57th St., Brooklyn, NY

Open nude figure drawing and painting session from 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM EST. Two hour long pose. There are a limited number of easels and chair available. Feel free to bring your own portable easel or chair. 

(149) All levels 16 and older
No upcoming schedules

Canvas Stretching Workshop

Solas Studio

Join us for a 2 hour all-inclusive canvas stretching demonstration and hands-on workshop!  A workshop on how to stretch your own canvas! By stretching your own canvas you can buy higher quality materials at the same price of a machine stretched canvas. Learn your craft inside and out! Refreshments provided. Materials for 1 small canvas provided.

(11) All levels 21 and older
No upcoming schedules

Andy Warhol Fashion Still Life Drawing Session Handbags

Fashion Drawing Session

A special Fashion Drawing Session to celebrate Andy Warhol and his roots as a commercial fashion illustrator drawing accessories for Henri Bendel, Vogue, and Harper’s Bazaar. At this event we are illustrating a still life composed of mid-tier & luxury hand bags and hard goods - these will serve as focal pieces. To accent the focal pieces will be makeup, perfume packaging, eyewear, watches, jewelry, decorative pieces, and more. The aim is to...

All levels 18 and older
No upcoming schedules

BYOB Drawing (Still Life)

Michiyo Art Studio @ 59 Franklin Street, B9, New York, NY

Bring your own drink and socialize with like minded art lovers while you draw a master piece. Drawing is essential/fundamental to any medium. Learn and develop your eyes to see values, shapes and depth. Students will work from still life. List of materials for drawing class: Different shads of pencils (at least 6H, 4H, 2H, HB, 2B, 4B, 6B ) Kneaded eraser Sketchbook of your choice (One heavy weight (at least 70 lb) sketch pad and one light...

(61) All levels 21 and older
No upcoming schedules

Adult Life Drawing (Non-Instructional)

Kids at Art

This class will let your creative spirit run free and you will enjoy creating your own work of art. There will be a live model or still life each week. These classes are non-instructional. There will be a class monitor and informal critiques. Artists need to bring their own preferred choice of medium, as well as sketch pad.

(1) All levels 18 and older
No upcoming schedules

Drawing for Kids

Outside In Art Inc @ 372 Clinton Ave , Brooklyn, NY

Does your child love to learn how to draw? Drawing for kids is a great class to learn to draw from life, and from the imagination. We will draw from graphic images, comics, our imagination, and life itself. Each class we will use games, warm ups and peer feedback to learn about our work. The class is every Thursday from 4-5PM

(2) All levels 7 - 14 years old
No upcoming schedules

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Reviews for Life Drawing Classes in NYC

Life Drawing Classes in NYC are rated 4.6 stars based on 2,915 verified reviews from actual purchasers.

  • Long Pose Figure Drawing

    Anonymous review on 5/23/2024
    The class was great. It was my first time and I am planning on coming again next week. The atmosphere was really pleasant and the model great.
  • Long Pose Figure Drawing

    Reviewed by Kellie P. on 4/15/2024
    This event was great! Lovely location! Quiet. Small group size so everyone gets a good view of the model. Recommend for all skill levels.
  • Life Drawing (w/ Model) for Adults - BYO Materials

    Anonymous review on 11/10/2023
    Awesome class !
  • Long Pose Figure Drawing

    Reviewed by Yasmin B. on 10/30/2023
    Great workshop
  • Beginners Acrylic Painting

    Anonymous review on 8/31/2023
    Super class enjoyed it a lot.
  • Long Pose Figure Drawing

    Reviewed by Natalie T. on 8/7/2023
    Professional model who did great at getting back in the same position every time! And funny warm organizer. Nice and talented people in the session.
  • Classical Drawing Workshop

    Reviewed by Claudia B. on 4/28/2022
    The class was very fun and relaxing. Was able to brush up on some old skills, created a painting I ended up really liking and have started painting again. Dan and wife and extremely friendly and very welcoming.
  • Long Pose Figure Drawing

    Anonymous review on 1/31/2020
    Excellent class, great value for the price. The session was run very professionally, the model was experienced, and it was wonderful to work with like-minded serious artists.
  • Long Pose Figure Drawing

    Anonymous review on 10/13/2019
    Inviting atmosphere, great model, and nice classmates!
  • Long Pose Figure Drawing

    Reviewed by Blair F. on 10/10/2019
    The class was easy to find and had a very inviting group. The model was great!

Discover the Best Life Drawing Classes in NYC

Life Drawing, also known as Figure Drawing, is the practice of drawing in order to study the human figure in detail. Drawing from life is a classical part of training for artists, and helps you learn to draw directly from your subject rather than draw a generic version of it. Practicing life drawing will make you a better artist.

When you understand the human muscles and skeleton, you can draw figures more realistically. 

Life drawing classes in NYC give you a chance to practice by drawing a live model’s poses and gestures, or capturing a still life of objects. Life drawing can be a detailed study, an expressive sketch, or a captured gesture.

Why You Should Learn Life Drawing in NYC

Learning life drawing in NYC will improve your artistic skills and creativity. The city is home to world-class art schools and studios and a rich culture of galleries and museums. Your art appreciation will expand when you learn to practice life drawings of your own. 

A life drawing habit refreshes your creativity and takes you away from your usual routine. Plus, you can learn from and collaborate with other aspiring artists, expand your artistic horizons, and develop your own unique style. 

Life drawing classes can help you pursue a career in art. You’ll expand your portfolio and network with people in your classes, professionals in the field, social media, and industry shows and events. Many artists pursue their work as a side hustle, selling artwork online or at festivals and galleries. The median annual wage for fine artists is $50,000. 

In-Person Life Drawing Classes & Schools in NYC

You can choose from many life drawing classes offered in NYC. Check out Coursehorse for some great options.

Personal Studio Time: Life Drawing with a LIVE Model at Creatively Wild Art Studio Dumbo in Brooklyn, New York offers studio time to practice your life drawing skills with a live (clothed) model. You’ll gain experience observing the human body’s essence, musculature, and posture and sharpen your own distinctive style.This is a self-taught class and students provide their own art supplies. Bring your pencils, charcoals, inks, pastels and paper or sketchbooks to work with. 

Fundamentals of Drawing & Painting at Chelsea Drawing & Painting Workshops in New York City is a private class with artist Raphael-Raúl. In this private, in-person class you’ll learn to compose a still-life, mark-map your drawing, measure proportion, and see tonal values and apply them. You will practice with pastels to learn color harmony. In your session, you’ll learn how to use the Elements of Art to read a painting and you’ll gain an understanding of art history and art appreciation. You can book your personal session with the artist at your preferred time.

Chelsea Drawing & Painting Workshops is modeled after fifteenth century Renaissance workshops, where art apprentices worked under a professional master artist in his workshop-home. The free sharing of ideas and techniques will grow and inspire your art practice. Classes are taught in the artist’s home art studio in the heart of the Chelsea Art district of New York City.

Classical Sketching/Drawing Workshop at - Lefferts Garden in New York City takes you through the building blocks of figure drawing in a supportive, individualized setting. You’ll start by observing the building blocks of contour and gesture, and finish with a life-like rendition of what you observe. This class provides an opportunity to draw from a live model. 

There are materials available in the classroom for you to use at your first class, but please bring your own materials to later classes. The class includes demonstrations and streamed video lectures for you to follow at home, and you’ll go home with printed handouts.

Learn to create fine art at from National Endowment Fellow and professional MFA Painter and Graphic Artist Dan Freeman. You’ll learn how to not only see but observe and perceive, and translate your perceptions into conceptions and creations.

Virtual Life Drawing Classes & Schools

In-person life drawing classes are a great way to quickly hone your skills. You get advice on your technique and materials suggestions from a professional artist while you work, plus you have the opportunity to draw from live models. The students in your class share your interest in art and may become new friends who support your journey.

If there are no in-person classes available in your area, a broad scope of online offerings are a great alternative. You can hone your skills with the help of a professional artist no matter where you live. You can skip the commute and packing up your materials, and work in a comfortable and familiar home environment.

You’ll need to procure your own materials before the online class begins. Your instructor will provide a materials list that you can shop for at a local art supply or online, so you’ll be well equipped to continue practicing your drawing when the class is over. Explore these online life drawing classes you can take through CourseHorse.

Beginner’s Drawing in 90 Minutes at The Art Studio NY provides a culture of creativity, connection and community. This foundational drawing class is suitable for beginners or more experienced artists, and will sharpen your skills and take your artwork to the next level. The class covers shading, line, tone, mark marking, and cross hatching, and you can draw from still life, landscape, or whatever inspires you most. 

Online Drawing with Graphite 101 led by Pastimes for a Lifetime is for you if you are a beginner or a lapsed artist. This class focuses on measuring and drawing skills in a fun and informative format. You’ll hone your hand sensitivity with unique projects that improve your hand-to-eye coordination, and you’ll learn to sketch and shade with graphite pencil to produce dimension, perspective and texture on paper. 

Unleash your inner artist in Fear-Free Beginner's Drawing 101 from The Art Studio NY. This beginning class provides one-on-one expert instruction on using charcoal and pencil, and explores still life, realism, abstraction, landscape, and portraiture drawing. You’ll learn techniques like shading, expressive line, mark-making, composition, contour drawing, quick sketches, 3-D effect, and dimension. The instructor hosts a private art-loving Facebook group for class students only.

Online Drawing with Graphite 102 is an intermediate class that takes your drawing skills to the next level. It covers measuring, sketching and shading skills using tinted paper and larger formats, and more challenging subject matter like still life. 

Private Group Life Drawing Classes in NYC

When you need a group event for your business or organization or a fun party activity, Coursehorse has you covered. Coursehorse provides life drawing classes for private groups in NYC.

In Virtual Group Drawing & Sketching Class you’ll learn how to make a graphite still life drawing. The class covers all the basic drawing techniques, like hatching and cross hatching to build value and create depth in your drawing. You’ll make beautiful drawings using basic shapes and dynamic compositions. Choose from still life, landscapes, botanical, faces, or another drawing style you enjoy. Just show up with a graphite pencil and your preferred drawing paper. Customize your course by adding a game or a second event with all materials included, for just $150 more. This class accommodates up to 255 people.

If you don’t see the class you’re looking for, let Coursehorse create it for you. Reach out using the Contact Us button on their website to plan your unique group experience. Booking a class with CourseHorse is a piece of cake. Just choose your class, pick a date, and take a guess at how many people will attend. You can finalize your group size up to one week before your class. There’s no booking fee or extra charges, and you’ll receive a confirmation within 24 hours of your reservation.

CourseHorse recommends joining your class on Zoom, but they can accommodate Google Meets, Microsoft Teams, and WebEx. If you’d like an in-person activity, some courses can even come right to your office or home.

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