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Bread Making Classes NYC

Master the art of baking bread with a variety of hands-on classes available in NYC. Learn the secrets to creating delicious, homemade bread while enjoying the satisfaction of baking your own bread.

3 classes in-person in NYC have spots left, and 1 class live online is available.

New York Bagels

Atelier Sucré @ 104 East 7th Street, New York, NY

Immerse yourself in the art of traditional bagel making at this hands-on baking class. Learn the secrets of creating authentic New York bagels and experiment with various toppings and fillings. Don't miss out on this unique culinary experience!

Sunday Dec 17th, 10am–12:30pm Eastern Time

Sourdough Basics Bootcamp

Teaching Table @ 177 Pondfield Rd, Bronxville, NY

If you want to better understand the science of sourdough, start or save a starter or manage some baking mishaps, this virtual course is for you. Sourdough bread baking is as simple as it is complicated. Through science and theory, live demonstrations, experiential learning and collective trouble shooting, you will make sense of sourdough. By the end of this 2-part series, you will have an active starter, understand how to care for it, and will...

Wednesday Dec 6th, 6:45–8:45pm Eastern Time

Gingerbread House Decorating (Ages 2-17) Family Workshop

Taste Buds Kitchen @ 109 W 27th St, New York, NY

Join us at Taste Buds Kitchen for a festive winter wonderland experience, where you and your family can create lasting memories and design a gingerbread abode in our signature gingerbread house decorating classes.

Sunday Dec 17th, 9–10am Eastern Time

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Bagel Workshop (Virtual)

Home Cooking New York @ Virtual Classroom

Learn the secrets to making authentic NYC-style bagels at Home Cooking New York's Bagel Workshop. Join Chef-Instructor Erica Wides as she guides you through the process of kneading, rolling, boiling, and baking a dozen hand-rolled bagels in assorted flavors. Don't miss out on this opportunity to satisfy your bagel cravings from the comfort of your own home.

Saturday Jan 13th, 12–1:30pm Eastern Time

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Virtual Gluten Free Bread

Michelle Tampakis @ Virtual Learning via Zoom

Learn how to make a delicious sandwich bread, that also happens to be gluten, dairy and nut free. We'll start with a brief explanation of the ingredients, move into a demo of the measuring and mixing, and proofing of the dough. I will also have a previously mixed dough that has risen and a description of the final product, with a loaf of fully baked bread as a sample. About the Instructor: I am a professionally trained chef, I worked 20+ years...

No upcoming schedules

Bread Workshop

Plum & Honey @ 117 9th St, Brooklyn, NY

Have you struggled making bread at home? Get ready to add homemade bread into your repertoire. Each guest will make rosemary tomato focaccia, cheesy gruyere epi bread, and sweet, brioche cinnamon buns from scratch to take home.

No upcoming schedules

Bread: Basics

The Brooklyn Kitchen @ 274 36th St, Brooklyn, NY

Join Reva Castillenti, award-winning baker, for an overview on baking bread at home. Making bread at home is easier than it looks. This class is ideal for beginner bread lovers who want to learn about basic fermentation science, gluten formation, baker's percentages, proofing, and yeast. Students will make olive oil rolls and honey oat loaves. You will learn to make a simple Dinner Rolls, and a Focaccia 

No upcoming schedules

Intro to Sourdough

The Brooklyn Kitchen @ 63 N 3rd St , Brooklyn, NY

The pandemic may be waning, but your bread game can thrive! Learn about all the stages of making sourdough bread at home, from a home cook's perspective. This isn't an intimidating pro baker's course, it's a delicious overview of the simple steps that contribute to a perfect loaf. Arnie Adler "the Bread Baker of Riverdale" taught himself to bake through trial and error. Since 2021, he has been operating a micro-bakery in his community, offering...

No upcoming schedules

Holiday Breads

The Brooklyn Kitchen @ 274 36th St, Brooklyn, NY

Nothing makes you feel more accomplished than home made bread. Learn the tricks of making yeast happy, keeping your bread light and fluffy, and how to use whole grains in simple one day breads.  You will learn  Whole Wheat Cranberry Loaf and Rolls  Olive Oil Dinner Rolls

No upcoming schedules

Italian Breads

The Brooklyn Kitchen @ 100 Frost St, Brooklyn, NY

Be your own artisan bread baker! We'll give you all the techniques you need to make perfect, fresh bread at home. Menu:  Focaccia & Ciabatta

No upcoming schedules

International Breads

Brooklyn Botanic Garden @ 1000 Washington Ave, Brooklyn, NY

In this hands-on class, we will discuss the history and health benefits of fermented batters and learn to make four different breads from around the world; idli, injera, dosa, and sourdough. Students have opportunities to taste and sample and take away the skills to make their own yummy international breads! All breads will be gluten and dairy free.

No upcoming schedules

Bread for Beginners

The Brooklyn Kitchen @ 88 Essex St, New York, NY

Bryan Ford, or Artisan Bryan as you may know him, is the author of New World Sourdough and host of Magnolia Network's The Artisan Kitchen. An experienced baker that focuses on Latin American baked goods, Bryan brings fun energy to workshops that will open your eyes to a whole new world and style of baking. Techniques In this class we will learn the basics of making bread, from the yeast and flour types, to the different mixing, shaping,...

No upcoming schedules

Make Your Own AT Home: Handmade Challah and Tortillas

Teaching Table @ Virtual Cooking Class, New York, NY

Having a hard time finding a decent loaf of bread? Are your kids subsisting on more cheese quesadillas than you care to admit? Why not learn how to make bread and tortillas from scratch? No time like the present to join us for a virtual cooking class to make your own bread and tortillas at home! No special tools, equipment or ingredients needed (see below). In this all ages virtual cooking workshop, you will make your own yeasted Challah bread from...

No upcoming schedules

Savory Breads and Pies

Home Cooking New York @ 158 Grand St, New York, NY

Flex your baking muscles while you learn the ins and outs of making different savory breads: yeasted breads, quick breads, and tarts with flaky butter crusts.  Herbed Focaccia  Classic Quiche Lorraine (includes Pie Crust 101)  Skillet Cornbread with Homemade Buttermilk  Zucchini Bread with Olive Oil and Lemon Zest Make sure to ring the outside buzzer, even if the front door is open, so we know you are arriving! Important:...

No upcoming schedules

French Baguette Making

The Brooklyn Kitchen @ 100 Frost St, Brooklyn, NY

Make your own baguette in class Artisanal bread making Maximize your home oven Fool the best of them (even the French) Start making your own delicious baguette style breads with Melissa Weller. Melissa Weller of East River Bread Company and former head pastry chef at Per Se makes some of the best breads and pastries around, and she wants to show you how. Students will learn how to make rich and crusty baguettes. From the mix, to the rise, to...

No upcoming schedules
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Discover the Best Bread Making Classes in NYC

Bread making is a rewarding hobby where you learn to make breads from all over the world. You can learn recipes from every culture, or you can specialize in a specific type of bread, like sourdough or holiday breads. Baking bread is a fun, relaxing, and unique hobby that is worth the spend you’ll spend learning it. 

The best way to learn how to make bread is by taking a class. In-person classes offer hands-on instruction from a professional who will help you master the art of bread making. There are dozens of bread making classes listed on CourseHorse’s website for those who are interested in learning the art of making bread.

Why You Should Learn Bread Making in NYC

There are many reasons why you should learn bread making in NYC. Learning to make bread helps you learn a valuable skill that will enrich your daily life. Here are some of the best reasons why you should learn bread making in NYC. 

  • Learn a new and unique hobby: Bread making is a fun hobby that you’ll enjoy learning. It’s a productive way to spend your free time. 
  • Make new friends: By taking bread making classes, you can meet new friends who share your hobbies.
  • Join clubs, groups, and events: As you learn new bread making techniques, you’ll be exposed to new clubs, groups, and events in your area. 
  • Start a small business: If you enjoy bread making, you can create a small business and begin making and selling bread out of your home. 
  • Give gifts to friends and family: With your new bread making skills, you can give homemade gifts fresh from the oven to your friends and family. 

In NYC, there are thousands of opportunities for you to meet new people, learn new skills, and begin new hobbies. Making bread will be one of the most enriching hobbies you’ll choose to learn while you’re in NYC. 

In-Person Bread Making Classes & Schools in NYC

When you take an in-person class to learn bread making, you get hands-on instruction from experts who can help you learn the skills to excel quickly. CourseHorse has tons of NYC bread making classes listed on the site to help you get connected with the best schools and bread making instructions in NYC. 

A great class from The Brooklyn Kitchen is the Intro to Sourdough class. It has an average class size of 20 people, which gives you lots of room to make friends, meet new people, and network with other people who love bread making. Your teacher will walk you through the stages of making sourdough bread at home and give you an overview of the steps that contribute to a perfect loaf. 

It is the perfect class to take if you want to learn the basics of sourdough in a stress-free environment with others who are learning from scratch. In addition, the course offers substitutions for those who have dairy and wheat allergies since some recipes may contain these allergies. 

Another great course from The Brooklyn Kitchen is the Doughs course. In this class, you’ll learn how to make dinner rolls, cream scones, and gougeres, though the exact menu may depend on seasonality, ingredient availability, and the chef’s preference. The average class size is 20 people, which gives plenty of opportunities for making friends and meeting new people. 

This class is a great general bread making class if you’re interested in learning how to make several types of dough. The course lasts for two hours and you’ll make the dough, cook, and eat your creations. You’ll also have enough to take several breads home with you. 

Atelier Sucré offers a New York Bagels class for students who want to learn how to make the famous New York bagel. During the two and a half hour course, you’ll learn how to make bagel dough and how to bake authentic New York bagels. In addition, students will prepare their own bagel toppings and sandwich fillings. It’s perfect for anyone who’s wanted to know how New York bagels got their acknowledgement. 

In this class, students will work in groups of four people to create bagels. When the class is over, everyone will have enough completed bagels to take a dozen home with you to share with your friends and family. You’ll also learn the best way to apply toppings to bagels. 

Another great class you should consider taking is the four-part Baking Boot Camp from Home Cooking New York. You’ll meet with your class every week for four weeks and learn the basic baking techniques you'll need to feel comfortable being called upon to "bring a dessert" to your next gathering. Here’s what you’ll cover over the four classes: 

  • Week One: You’ll learn how to make cakes, including building a batter and making buttercream. Specifically, you’ll learn to make yellow butter cake with Swiss meringue buttercream and caramelized fruit upside down cake. 
  • Week Two: Next, you’ll learn how to make chocolate and confessions. In this class you’ll create chocolate genoise swiss roll, dark chocolate truffles, and eclairs with vanilla pastry cream.
  • Week Three: You will focus on baking pies and tarts. The three recipes included in week three include seasonal fruit galettes, lemon curd tart, and apple tarte tatin. 
  • Week Four: Finally, you’ll cover breads and make focaccia, whole wheat pita bread, Make-Your-Own pizza, and chopped salad. 

At the end of each of the four classes, you’ll sit down and enjoy a full meal with your classmates. This is the perfect course to introduce you to baking since it covers a wide variety of subjects and recipes.

Virtual Bread Making Classes & Schools

If you live in New York but don’t feel like commuting to an in-person class, consider taking an online bread making class. Online classes provide many of the benefits of an in-person class but you can take the entire course from the comfort of your home. It’s a great option for those with busy schools or if you live too far away from the in-person class’s location. 

One of the best online bread making classes is the virtual Bagel Workshop from Home Cooking New York. While you’re taking the class, you’ll learn to knead, roll, boil, and bake authentic NYC style bagels. You’ll be taught by chef-instructor Erica Wides. By the end of the class, you’ll make a dozen hand-rolled bagels or assorted flavors. 

You’ll need to have all of the materials and flavors ready before the start of the class so you can fully take part in the virtual classroom. If you have any questions about what you need, feel free to reach out. The class focuses on teaching bagel-making skills so you can recreate New York bagels.

Another class option is the Virtual Bread Baking 101 class from Eve Bergazyn. During the class, you’ll learn how to combine salt, water, yeast, and flour into warm, crusty, and chewy breads. You’ll be guided by your live instructor on how to create several classic breads. To fully participate, you’ll need to bring your own ingredients, including active dry yeast, flour, olive oil, honey, salt, sugar, and more. 

You will also need to have several tools ready in the kitchen, including a small whisk, measuring cups, bowls, sheet pans, wire racks, and more. The teacher specifically recommends having a KitchenAid with a hook or hands mixer, but it’s not required. You’ll be able to interact with the teacher, ask questions, and get feedback on your technique. 

The Chopping Block on Lincoln Square offers a Virtual Cook Along: Phyllo Workshop. Phyllo dough is a light and flakey dough that you can use to make pastries and desserts. The chef will teach you the nuances for successfully working with this light and flaky pastry to prepare three delicious recipes.

Specifically, you’ll make spanakopita (spinach and feta phyllo triangles), Baklava (layered spiced walnuts and phyllo with honey syrup), and orange and clove-scented phyllo cake. In the class, you’ll leave six specific skills, including:

  • Working with phyllo dough
  • Making spinach and nut fillings
  • Preparing honey syrup
  • Working with spices
  • Whipping eggs


By the end of the class, you’ll be an expert in using and making phyllo dough and you’ll be prepared to make these dishes on your own from the comfort of your home. 

Private Group Bread Making Classes in NYC

Businesses and companies can book private group bread making classes in NYC for their employees to learn new skills, relax, and get to know each other in a non-stressful environment. It’s the perfect reward for employees after a long work quarter. CourseHorse has several great group classes that are perfect for business groups. 

A great virtual class for groups is the Virtual Grow Your Own Home Garden (Materials Included) course. It’s a private, interactive workshop led by a professional instructor. Your entire group will get an herbal kit before the start of class. The kit includes the following: 

  • Seeds: parsley, cilantro, tarragon, chives, and thyme
  • Starter pots
  • Planting Markers
  • Peat discs

Your group will learn how to build their own small gardens in their home and cultivate herbs. It’s a relaxing class that’s perfect for helping employees and group members relax while learning great new skills. 

CourseHorse also has in-person classes for groups in New York. For example, you can book the NYC In-Person: Japanese Vegan Cooking class for up to 25 people. Because you can only have 25 people, this may not be best for large groups, but it’s perfect for smaller companies.

In this class, your group will learn to cook wholesome and filling Japanese foods that promote wellness and health. During the two-hour class, the instructor will teach the group how to use ancient superfoods like miso and tofu as you make an appetizer, entree, and dessert. You’ll learn to make: 

  • Appetizer: Organic trumpet mushroom carpaccio with yuzu, truffle oil, shiso basil, sea salt, and crusted almonds
  • Entrée: Herbed creamy tofu ricotta lasagna with brown rice pasta
  • Dessert: Organic apple rose tart with almond cream, banana, cinnamon, and brown sugar

If you can’t find the class you’re looking for, feel free to reach out to CourseHorse. CourseHorse can walk you through your options and help you to find the best class option for group classes.

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