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7 Best Couples Cooking Classes in NYC - CourseHorse

By Infiniti Bowie | Published 7/24/2012

Forget seven minutes in heaven, these seven couples cooking classes will bring you and your significant other closer than ever.

Couple Cooking Together

Netflix and chill is great and all, but instead of being a couch potato with your lover, why not actually cook potatoes with them instead? How can you and your partner ever have a life together if neither of you knows how to make anything other than microwaved pizza? Instead of nearly burning the house down trying to cook a romantic dinner for your anniversary, save yourselves a trip to the ER with these 7 handpicked couples cooking classes in beautiful NYC.

Romantic Dinner

Romantic Dinner for Two

Home Cooking New York
SoHo, Manhattan

If you and your partner are more of the high maintenance type, then this couple’s class may be right for you. In this class, you’ll learn how to make meals that typically only grace the pages of a five-star restaurant menu. From special champagne cocktails to dark chocolate mousse with fleur de sel whipped cream, you and your date will never have to make reservations again. Our reviewers gush about the friendly and personal instructors who are so knowledgeable that they make cooking amateurs feel like executive chefs at home.

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Couple Cooking

Date Night

The Brooklyn Kitchen
Sunset Park, Brooklyn

The Brooklyn Kitchen is on a quest to teach adults how to cook like adults. With an emphasis on creative nourishment and their determination to get people to cook more often, this school is perfect for learning how to prepare family meals. Students who have taken a course at this school rave about the amazing staff and say they can’t wait to come back to cook some more! In this class, you and your significant other will team up with other couples to create the ultimate family meal, such as lemon curds and roasted spatchcock chicken with citrus. And what’s a meal without a glass of wine or a cold beer (on the house, of course)? Just promise us you’ll drink responsibly.

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Couples: The Bourbon Steakhouse

The Institute of Culinary Education
Financial District, Manhattan

Steak and bourbon are practically America’s sweethearts, which is why they are welcome at almost any dinner table. The Institute of Culinary Education (ICE) is well renowned for being the largest hands-on cooking program in America, with state of the art kitchens and world class chefs. In this cooking class, couples learn how to wine and dine like carnivorous kings and queens, cooking fancy feasts such as Strip Steak au Poivre with Bourbon Cream Sauce and truffled mashed potatoes, all while sipping on bourbon. See why our reviewers love their chefs and praise how amazing the food tastes afterward. ICE, ICE baby, indeed.

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Gelato Making

Mia Chef Gelateria
Murray Hill, Manhattan

Contrary to popular belief, gelato and ice cream are not the same thing, and you and your date will learn why in this fun and informative cooking class. Mia Chef Gelateria is one of New York City’s top culinary schools, specializing in artisan gelato. In Gelato Making, couples get to learn the history behind this ice cream-like concoction, so that not only will you learn how to make it, but you’ll also taste the history in every bite. At the end of the class, you and your partner get to bring home the deliciousness! Our reviewers loved learning about gelato’s origins and praised the instructor for his informative tips on how to make top-notch gelato, even offering tips on how to make the dessert at home! So, do you think you’re ready for this Gel-ly?

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Sushi Heart

Sushi Basics

Abigail's Kitchen
Greenwich Village, Manhattan

While you and your partner may not be able to perform fancy tricks on a hibachi table, you will learn sushi basics with this beginner’s couples cooking class. Taught by Abigail Hitchcock, couples get to take advantage of the school’s working restaurant kitchen to prepare their sushi dinners. Abigail’s Kitchen has been open for business for over a decade, and students from various classes love the feel of cooking in an actual restaurant kitchen, with many reviewers saying they felt like master chefs and were ready to take their newfound skills home. However, we strongly recommend not trying to make a fire volcano on your stove top.

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Women baking Cupcakes

Sweetheart Cupcakes

Butter Lane
East Village, Manhattan

Only the sweetest for your sweetie! While it’s always good to spice things up in your relationship, a little sugar keeps everything nice. In this cooking class, you and your partner will learn how to make cupcakes and even go in-depth with a lesson on making the icing. Whether you used to make cupcakes with your Easy Bake oven or your SO’s mother used to be the cupcake champion of the world, you’ll both have a blast making cupcakes at Butter Lane. And the best part? You’ll get to take a box of cupcakes home with you! Sweeeet.

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Couples Date Night: Traditional French Croissant Class

Atelier Sucré
East Village, Manhattan

Ooh la la! It’s no wonder they say that Paris is the city of love. You and your darling dearest will feel as if you’re dining right under the Eiffel Tower at this couples cooking class in NYC. Atelier Sucre was founded by French chef Simon Herfray and with his vast experience in all things pastries and French cuisine, students from all over the world come to learn from him. This specific class offers couples an intimate atmosphere that lets them learn while getting even closer in this romantic space. Fall in love with each other all over again with Chef Simon’s French Croissant Class, and see why our reviewers highly recommend both him and this romantic couples cooking class. After you, mon amor.

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