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Tasting Classes Coming up in New York

Hops Class Lecture & Tasting

at Bitter & Esters - Prospect Heights, New York

Our dedicated course and accompanying tasting will engross you in the wonderfully complex world of hops which are the delicate, cone-like flower giving many of your favorite brews their delicious and complex aromas and flavors. Hops are wonderfully diverse and are used for multiple purposes. Each variety imparts a uniquely different scent and flavor...

Sunday Nov 13th, 12pm


Yeast Class Lecture & Tasting

at Bitter & Esters - Prospect Heights, New York

Brewers make wort. Yeast make beer. Our yeast class and accompanying tasting will delve deeply into the world of everyone’s favorite microorganism. The yeast lecture will cover: A history of yeast as it pertains to brewing and home brewers. Yeast Nutrition, growth and chemical pathways that effect home brewers. How to choose and maintain a happy...

Sunday Dec 11th, 12pm


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Wine Tasting 101

at Chelsea Wine Vault - Chelsea, New York

Brush up on wine basics in this fun, tasting-based class. We'll cover the basics of wine terminology, and show you how to pick out aromas and describe what you taste and smell. You’ll get: Tasting-size pours of up to 6 wines Alessi Grissini Torinesi Breadsticks Voss Artesian Water Printed handouts with information on the topics covered in...

Monday Nov 14th, 6:30pm

Other dates (2)

Holiday Wine Tasting aboard Yacht Manhattan

at Classic Harbor Line - Chelsea, New York

Step aboard the Yacht Manhattan or Manhattan II decked out in full holiday decor. Relax in our climate controled glassed-in observatory and sip on wines hand picked by our adored wine expert Wendy Crispell. She will teach you which wines go perfectly with everything on your holiday table. Additionally, each will be paired with the perfect cheese,...

Friday Dec 2nd, 6:15pm

Other dates (3)

Blind Tasting Workshop

at Corkbuzz Restaurant & Wine Bar - Chelsea, New York

We won't blindfold you, but we will pour the wines "blind" — meaning you won't be told what you're tasting at first. Hone your deductive tasting skills and learn how to tell the difference between grapes like Pinot Noir and Tempranillo or Riesling and Chenin Blanc. We'll cover: the language of wine; purpose of blind tasting; classic grapes, regions...


Sunday Oct 23rd, 6pm

Other dates (4)

Blind Tasting Challenge

at New York Vintners - TriBeCa, New York

Rather than being some kind of bar trick, blind tasting is a fun way of developing your palate and is a constantly evolving skill that will assist you in choosing your favorite wines, without already knowing what they are. The structure of the class is simple. At the start we conceal the six wines you will taste (as a team) and the objective is to...

Thursday Oct 27th, 6:30pm


Grands Crus Tea Tasting

at Palais des Thés - SoHo, New York

Participants will enjoy the full sensory experience of tea tasting and the tea expert will share anecdotes and background information about each tea. The tea classes will start with a journey into the tea plant itself while also exploring the craft of creating fine teas through a detailed and selective process. Overall, participants will take away...

Thursday Nov 3rd, 5pm

Other dates (5)

Trick or Treat: Smell My Stinky Cheese

at Murray's Cheese - Greenwich Village, New York

When we say "You stink!" we mean it as a compliment, as some of our very favorite cheeses are the meaty, funky, creamy washed rinds. Outside of being downright delicious, stinky cheeses have a history full of monasteries and monks and a make process full of brines and brushing. Join us for an afternoon of cheeses that some consider challenging but...

Saturday Oct 29th, 4:30pm


Stouts, Porters, and Brown Ales

at Hop To Beer - Upper East Side, New York

The brands Guinness and Newcastle may easily come to mind, but do you know what the difference is between a stout, a porter, and a brown ale? Well, that is where this class comes in handy so you can blow people away with your rich knowledge of beer!  These beers may share some similarities but don't think that they are the same! Come and learn...

Saturday Oct 22nd, 2pm

Other dates (9)

American Craft Beers

at Hop To Beer - Upper East Side, New York

Sure, prohibition held us back in the beer world, but America is back with a vengeance! With around 3000 craft breweries, find out which one appeals to your taste buds the most.  When people hear the words “craft beer”, images of hipsters in Brooklyn sipping overpriced beers from local breweries pop into mind. Craft beer, however, has actually...

Saturday Oct 22nd, 4pm

Other dates (9)

Beer Appreciation

at Hop To Beer - Upper East Side, New York

This beer appreciation class re-introduces you to the world of beer. We veer far from the traditional American commercial beers, focusing on craft breweries from around the world. Just like it is impossible to hate bread, it's impossible to hate beer. Highlights of this 1 Hour Beer Class experience include:  Tastings of beers tailored specifically...

Saturday Oct 22nd, 6pm

Other dates (9)

Belgium Beers

at Hop To Beer - Upper East Side, New York

Explore some of the most interesting styles of beers on Earth with our Belgium beer class! From lambics to saisons, the Belgians have been brewing creative and unique beers for centuries.  Unrestricted by the German beer purity law, Belgium beer was unique in that it has always incorporated fruits, herbs, sugars, and various other flavors into...

Friday Oct 28th, 6pm

Other dates (8)

Cheese 101 - Fall Favorites

at Murray's Cheese - Greenwich Village, New York

Calling all cheeselovers! Whether you're an Epoisses expert or a Roquefort rookie, Cheese 101 is the place to be. We'll walk you through a tasting of seven families of cheese--from fresh to bloomy to blue and everything in between--so that you leave armed with the knowledge you need to approach even the most daunting of cheese counters and create...

Saturday Nov 12th, 1pm


Murray's Cheese Caves Tour & Tasting

at Murray's Cheese - Hunter's Point, New York

We're opening our new Cheese Caves facility for one public tour a month! See for yourself why Conde Nast Traveler named Murray's Cheese Caves one of the 50 Coolest Places to see in the world as we introduce you to the world of affinage (The Art of Aging Cheese).  We'll meet at our Distribution Center in Long Island City, Queens where...

Saturday Jan 14th, 11am

Other dates (3)

Best of Eataly Vino: Holiday Edition

at La Scuola at Eataly NY - Flatiron, New York

Eataly Vino boasts an incredibly large selection of Italian wines and with the 20 different regions that make-up the boot, deciding what to bring home can be somewhat challenging – especially during the holidays! Let Eataly Vino Manager, Leonard Rankin, ease the stress of holiday planning by giving you the inside scoop on the shop and sharing some...

Friday Nov 18th, 6:30pm