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Drink Making Classes NYC

Elevate your mixology skills and become the life of the party with a wide range of drink-making classes in NYC. Learn the art of crafting cocktails, mastering mixology techniques, and discover new recipes to impress your friends with your newfound expertise.

6 classes in-person in NYC have spots left, and 9 classes live online are available.

Chanoyu for Everyone: Tea Time at the Table

RESOBOX @ 91 East 3rd St, New York, NY

Discover the art and tradition of the Japanese tea ceremony at RESOBOX. Immerse yourself in the meditative rituals of chanoyu and experience the rich taste of matcha prepared with precision and grace. Join us for an unforgettable tea time like no other.

Tuesday Dec 12th, 7–8:30pm Eastern Time

Classic and Creative Cocktails

CocuSocial Cooking Classes @ The Terrace 140 West 24th Street, New York

Learn the art of crafting delicious and stunning cocktails from a master mixologist in this exciting hands-on class. From classic favorites like the Martini and Margarita to unique variations, you'll discover the secrets behind each drink and get to taste them all. Don't miss your chance to become a confident bartender and impress your guests at your next gathering.

Thursday Jan 11th, 6:30–8:30pm Eastern Time

Brewshop 101: Home Brewing Essentials

Bitter & Esters @ 700 Washington Ave, Brooklyn, NY

Unlock the secrets of home brewing in a friendly and informative environment at Bitter & Esters. Our hands-on intro classes provide the confidence, knowledge, and experience needed to become a skilled home brewer. Join us for a fantastic brewing experience and develop a deeper understanding of beer.

Saturday Jan 13th, 12–2:30pm Eastern Time

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Ice Cream Cocktail Mixology

Tipsy Scoop Brooklyn @ 270 Metropolitan Ave, Brooklyn, NY

Discover the perfect blend of boozy concoctions and frozen delights in this one-of-a-kind mixology experience. Unleash your inner mixologist and learn the secrets behind crafting tantalizing ice cream cocktails that are sure to make waves on your Instagram feed. Don't miss out on this unique opportunity to sip, sample, and capture unforgettable moments at Tipsy Scoop Brooklyn.

Thursday Dec 7th, 6–7:30pm Eastern Time

Brewshop 501: All-Grain Brewing

Bitter & Esters @ 700 Washington Ave, Brooklyn, NY

Take your home brewing skills to the next level with Bitter & Esters' advanced class on all-grain brewing. Dive deep into the mashing process, water chemistry, and troubleshooting techniques, and learn how to avoid a stuck lauter. Join us for an immersive experience in the world of all-grain brewing.

Saturday Mar 16th, 12–2:30pm Eastern Time

Drinking Ahead: Wines for 2024

Astor Center @ 23 E 4th St, New York, NY

Raise your glass to 2024 in wine. If your New Year resolution is to be a more savvy, knowledgeable and conscientious wine drinker – then this class if for you! The world is changing faster than ever before and global grape growing, wine making, and consumer drinking practices are no exception. Whether it's a return to viticulture's ancestral roots, the emergence of relatively new-to-America grapes and regions, or styles once thought to be fads...

Tuesday Dec 19th, 6:30–8:30pm Eastern Time

Chai Making

Food Craft @ Live Online

Authentic chai making using fresh and whole spices Your Experience: Experience incredible India in every sip of their traditional drink through our Chai Making event virtually guided by a local Indian instructor from Jaipur. Be invigorated and drawn by its authentic flavor from a blend of premium Assam black tea, milk, herbs, and spices! Your Menu: Authentic Masala Chai (4 servings) What You'll Learn: History of Chai Different Spices and...

Tuesday Dec 19th, 9am–11pm Eastern Time

Wellness Elixir Happy Hour

Lila Volkas Nutrition LLC @ Interactive Live on Zoom

Mix up your happy hour with plant-based beverages that are meant for having fun, de-stressing and socializing. This is a unique and inclusive way to have a happy hour with your team minus hangover!

Wednesday Dec 6th, 10–11am Pacific Time

Spiced Cocktails & Moctails

Food Craft @ Live Online

Discover the art of infusing aromatic spices into exquisite cocktail and mocktail recipes. Elevate your mixology skills and explore the vibrant world of flavors with this hands-on course. Unleash your creativity and master the foundation of crafting flavorful drinks.

Tuesday Dec 19th, 9am–11pm Eastern Time

Bubble Tea Making

Food Craft @ Live Online

Three refreshing homemade boba with two toppings Your Experience: Master the art of bubble tea making with pro bobaristas in the comforts of your home. Learn how to cook tapioca pearls, produce 3 intensely flavorful boba drinks, and a lot more fun facts about the world-renowned beverage. All in an hour, with kits, delivered! Your Menu: Live Demo Layered Passion Fruit Jelly Tea (Decaf) Mint Taro Milk Tea (Decaf) DIY Matcha Brown Sugar...

Tuesday Dec 19th, 9am–11pm Eastern Time

Tipsy Bubble Tea

Food Craft @ Live Online

Three spirit-infused bubble tea recipes for your happy hour Get the best of both worlds through indulging in alcohol-infused bubble tea drinks. Engage in a live demo creation of refreshing, creamy, fruity drinks with a little kick that tickles your senses in every sip as you enjoy a moment of story exchange, and learning fun facts about the infamous bubble tea. Your Menu: Demo Passion Fruit Bobarita (Decaf) Taro Baileys (Decaf) DIY Matcha...

Tuesday Dec 19th, 9am–11pm Eastern Time

Hawaiian Cocktails & Mocktails

Food Craft @ Live Online

Two cocktails and a mocktail with unique flavors of Hawaii Make it summer all year round at work with tiki cocktails & mocktails drinks for teams who like it fun & colorful! With spirits, liquors, tropical elements, and a little spice mingling, these concoctions will bring you a feeling of relaxation under the sun. Or maybe a Hula dance! Your Menu: Demo Spiced Hamana Cocktail Aloha O'e Cocktail DIY Hula Lemonade Mocktail​...

Wednesday Dec 20th, 9am–11pm Eastern Time

Mix the Best Guacamole and Bloody Marys

The Good Food Project @ Virtual Classroom

Learn to create the perfect pairing of guacamole and Bloody Marys in this hands-on class. Master the art of making amazing guacamole and discover how to mix, pour, and garnish the ultimate Bloody Mary. Leave with the knowledge to build an awesome Bloody Mary bar at home.

Thursday Dec 7th, 1–2:30pm Mountain Time

Hack Your Snacks

Lila Volkas Nutrition LLC @ Interactive Live on Zoom

Does working from home have you snacking your way throughout the day? Learn to make healthful and delicious snacks with a Holistic Nutritionist. Join your host in making an herbal beverage and easy superfood truffles at home.

Wednesday Dec 6th, 10–11am Pacific Time

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Discover the Best Drink Making Classes in NYC

Drink making refers to the process of preparing various beverages, including alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. It involves meticulous preparation and familiarity with relevant tools and equipment. Drink making encompasses activities such as mixing cocktails, brewing tea and coffee, creating homemade infusions, fermenting and distilling spirits, brewing beer, and making wine. It involves a combination of artistry, scientific understanding, and skillful execution to produce beverages that showcase creativity and taste delicious. 

Why You Should Learn Drink Making in NYC

There are many reasons why NYC is a great place to learn drink making. First of all, there are many institutions in which aspiring mixologists and drink makers can gain inspiration. It’s home to many of the most iconic bars in the country, including the Old Town Bar and The Campbell. New York is considered the birthplace of modern tea, as it was there that Thomas Sullivan, a tea retailer, invented the tea bag. Aspiring beer makers also have much to seek out in New York. There’s a contemporary push for local hops production in New York, with the Bronx Brewery currently growing hops in community gardens across the boroughs. 

NYC’s vibrant cocktail culture, world-class instructors, and diverse community of professionals provide a stimulating environment in which to hone your skills. From the renowned cocktail bars to the specialty coffee shops, tea houses, and breweries, NYC offers numerous opportunities for hands-on learning and exposure to diverse flavors. The city’s bustling hospitality industry also provides an exciting gateway to career prospects. 

In-Person Drink Making Classes & Schools in NYC

There are many options available for those interested in in-person drink making classes in NYC

For example, CocuSocial offers a class called Classic and Creative Cocktails. In this class, students will learn essential skills such as stocking a bar, creating classic cocktails, and crafting variations like the Lavender Lemontini, spicy Margarita, and mesquite smoked Old Fashioned. 

Taste each cocktail, partner up to make your two favorite drinks, and master the art of making simple syrup and stylish garnishes. As a takeaway, you’ll receive an e-booklet filled with recipes and a designated space for personal notes. CocuSocial is located in the Midtown neighborhood of Manhattan. It offers a range of different classes, from pasta making to wine tastings, each designed to combine cookery with social gatherings. 

Bitter and Esters offers a class called Brewshop 101: Home Brewing Essentials. This beginner-friendly brewing class offers a comprehensive understanding of beer, its ingredients, and the brewing process. Students will learn the confidence, knowledge, and skills needed to become an efficient home brewer. Students will brew a 5-gallon batch of beer and have the opportunity to taste some homebrew. 

Located in the Prospect Heights neighborhood of Brooklyn, Bitter and Esters seeks to make the art of brewing accessible to all. As the city’s first do-it-yourself home brewery and supply shop, Bitter and Esters provides classes, resources, and a store from where to buy all your home-brewing needs. 

Another class that may be of interest is the Barrel Age Your Own Whiskey and Craft Cocktail class put on by Craftsman Ave. In this class, students will copper and create their own oak barrels in which to age spirits. Expert guides will walk participants through the entire process, from assembling the staves and hoops to charring the interior with a propane torch. Alongside these practical skills, students will learn about the history and significance of barrel aging alcohol. 

Craftsman Ave is located in Gowanus, Brooklyn. Their mission is to turn ordinary students into extraordinary craftsmen, including welders, woodworkers, welders, jewelry makers, leather crafters, knife forgers, and stained glass artisans. 

Aspiring drink makers may be interested in the Tour of Europe–Wine and Cheese Pairing class, hosted by Murray’s Cheese. In this class, students will take a tour through Europe without leaving Manhattan. An expert will guide students through a smorgasbord of high-quality cheese, each paired with a complimentary wine. Students will learn how to create their own cheese and wine pairings at home. Murray’s Cheese is located in the Greenwich Village area of Manhattan. They focus on making cheese education and cookery accessible to all students. 

RESOBOX offers a class called Chanoyu for Everyone: An Introduction to Tea Ceremony. In this class, students will experience the captivating Japanese tea ceremony, an ancient art that combines socializing, meditation, and the appreciation of matcha, or powdered green tea. Students will learn the basics of matcha preparation and the ceremony itself. No specific materials are required, and all are welcome to participate. 

RESOBOX is a Japanese cultural center that celebrates the influence of Japanese arts worldwide. With workshops, a gallery, and a café, they provide a platform for artists to showcase their Japanese-inspired works and foster creativity. They have classes on many aspects of Japanese arts and culture, from martial arts to cosplay. 

Finally, Palais des Thés offers a class called Introduction to Tea and Tea Tasting. In this class, participants learn the ins-and-outs of the tea plant itself, as well as what parts are used for brewing. They will also explore the art of creating and brewing tea perfectly. Participants will also learn how to taste tea, the different notes involved, and how to brew and serve tea at home. 

Established in Paris in 1986, Palais des Thés is a renowned brand offering premium teas. Their selection includes over a hundred varieties sourced directly by our expert tea tasters from esteemed regions like China, India, and Japan. From vibrant green teas to comforting rooibos, each tea is chosen with strict ethical standards.

Virtual Drink Making Classes & Schools

Online classes are here to stay, and they offer both advantages and disadvantages over traditional in-person classes. On the one hand, online classes offer flexibility. With online classes, you have the freedom to attend from anywhere, whether it's the comfort of your own home, a coffee shop, or even while traveling. This eliminates geographical barriers and allows you to pursue education without the constraints of location. Additionally, online classes offer a vast array of options, giving you access to a wide range of subjects and courses from reputable institutions and experts worldwide.

On the other hand, online classes make it difficult to receive hands-on feedback in real time. Students often have to procure their own materials, or pay an extra fee to have them shipped to their house. Additionally, building a sense of community can be more challenging in a virtual setting. In traditional classes, students have the opportunity to interact face-to-face, engage in group activities, and form connections with their peers. Online classes may provide discussion boards or chat features, but it can still be difficult to replicate the camaraderie and personal connections that come with in-person learning. 

There are many options for aspiring drink makers seeking online drink making classes. The Chopping Block Lincoln Square, Chicago's foremost gourmet supplier and educational provider for food and drink enthusiasts, offers an enticing class called Virtual Cocktails: Tequila 101. Led by expert Christophe Bakunas, participants will delve into the world of tequila, exploring its taste and production. This interactive class covers various topics including bar setup, cocktail components, presentation techniques, and bar lingo. Students will leave with the knowledge and skills to craft delicious cocktails like the Last Word, Paper Airplane, and Corpse Reviver. 

The Teaching Table offers an online class on Plant Based Milks as well. Participants in this class will learn the art of making their own plant-based milks using readily available ingredients. Guided by expert instructions, students will acquire the necessary techniques to transform a variety of plants, nuts, and seeds into delicious and nutritious milk alternatives. Topics covered include the benefits and drawbacks of different tools, optimal soaking methods, and valuable insights into ingredient selection. The Teaching Table is committed to providing accessible education on using healthy, local ingredients to create delightful meals and ingredients.

Private Group Drink Making Classes in NYC

Looking for a fun team-building event for your business or organization? Consider scheduling a drink making class with CourseHorse. They offer live online group classes that can be tailored to your needs and delivered directly to you. Whether you're in New York City or elsewhere, CourseHorse provides private group drink making classes in NYC that can be a great way to engage your team and foster a sense of camaraderie. 

If you’re interested in private group drink making classes in NYC, then contact CourseHorse through the contact form on their website. Booking with CourseHorse has several advantages. Firstly, there is the flexibility to adjust the group size even after booking, allowing for convenient changes according to the team's needs. 

Additionally, CourseHorse ensures prompt communication by guaranteeing a confirmation email within 24 hours of the reservation. This provides reassurance that the booking is securely confirmed. CourseHorse does not impose any booking fees, creating a straightforward and transparent process. The platform also supports multiple devices, enabling participants to join the class using their preferred laptops, tablets, or smartphones. With CourseHorse, participants can expect an exceptional booking experience for their team-building event, characterized by convenience, flexibility, and excellent service at every stage.

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