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Drink Making Classes Coming up in New York

Public Mixology

at Liquid Lab NYC - Midtown East, New York

Liquid Lab NYC’s public mixology classes are a great way to learn the finer art of mixology in a fun and social environment. Whether you are a bartender looking to hone your craft or an at-home cocktail enthusiast looking to expand your repertoire, our classes are perfect for any skill level. We will be discussing cocktail culture and tasting along...

Sunday Feb 12th, 4pm

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Cupping for Beginners

at JOE Coffee - Chelsea, New York

Introduction to evaluating coffee through cupping, the industry's standard method. Learn coffee cupping procedure and how to evaluate coffee, build vocabulary and sensory memories, and taste coffees. (No experience necessary.)

Saturday Feb 4th, 11am


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Milk 2: Latte Art

at JOE Coffee - Chelsea, New York

In this hands-on class, learn latte art theory and technique. Practice steaming milk and pouring latte art, such as hearts, rosettas, or tulips. Prerequisite: Must have taken Milk 1 or have equivalent steaming experience.

Saturday Feb 18th, 1pm


Barista Jam Session

at JOE Coffee - Chelsea, New York

For working baristas, home baristas, and those who have taken the Barista Course or One Day Workshop, this open jam session offers a casual space to practice and develop any bar skills. Must have taken a class with us or have some barista experience.

Monday Jan 23rd, 5:30pm


Milk 1: Steaming

at JOE Coffee - Chelsea, New York

In this hands-on milk steaming class, learn the basics of milk chemistry, steaming theory, and technique, and practice steaming milk to create silky micro foam for sweet and perfectly textured lattes and cappuccinos. Notes: No experience is necessary. This class is a prerequisite for Milk 2: Latte Art 

Saturday Feb 11th, 1pm


Brewshop 101: Home Brewing Essentials

at Bitter & Esters - Prospect Heights, New York

Our intro classes are designed for the absolute novice brewer. They are a fantastic experience for anyone looking to develop a deeper understanding of beer, its ingredients, and the process by which it’s made in a friendly and savvy environment. We teach in a concentrated 2 to 3 hour workshop format that focuses on a hands-on learning experience....

Thursday Jan 26th, 6:30pm

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Home Brewing Methods

at JOE Coffee - Chelsea, New York

Learn the basics of brewing through demonstrations of home brewing methods including electric drip, French press, Chemex, and AeroPress. Compare cup profiles and check out equipment. No experience is necessary.

Saturday Feb 4th, 2pm


Science of Beer

at Hop To Beer - Upper East Side, New York

Why does your favorite beer tastes the way it does? How does yeast shape the flavors of beer? What is actually happening when a beer spoils, skunks, or sours? Why does Guinness need time to “settle” when poured? Beer brewing isn’t an art, it’s a science. An exact science. Science teacher and microbiologist, Evie, pulls back the curtains on...

Saturday Jan 28th, 4pm

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Espresso 1: Technique

at JOE Coffee - Chelsea, New York

In this hands-on espresso class, learn the theory behind extraction, see a demonstration of espresso preparation technique, and practice pulling shots of espresso to control brew variables. No experience necessary.

Saturday Feb 11th, 10am


Mixology: Learn to Create Tea-infused Cocktails

at Sanctuary T - SoHo, New York

Tired of the same old vodka tonic? Try a tea-infused cocktail instead!  Course Highlights: While discovering the fundamentals behind basic mixology, flavor building, and drink making, learn how tea can contribute various flavors to create a truly unique, easy-to-make cocktail.  You will take part in a hands-on approach to these inventive...

Monday Jan 30th, 6:30pm

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Espresso 2: Dialing In

at JOE Coffee - Chelsea, New York

In this hands-on class, learn how changing brewing variables will affect extraction.  Practice technique.  Must have taken Espresso 1 or have equivalent technical experience.

Saturday Feb 18th, 10am


Brewshop 501: All-Grain Brewing

at Bitter & Esters - Prospect Heights, New York

Are you ready to step into all-grain brewing but not sure where to start? This is an advanced class for the intermediate or experienced extract brewer. We’ll take an in depth look at the mashing process and different styles of mashing/lautering & sparging along with the enzymatic and chemical pathways involved. Additionally, we’ll cover water...

Sunday Feb 5th, 12pm

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Hops Class Lecture & Tasting

at Bitter & Esters - Prospect Heights, New York

Our dedicated course and accompanying tasting will engross you in the wonderfully complex world of hops which are the delicate, cone-like flower giving many of your favorite brews their delicious and complex aromas and flavors. Hops are wonderfully diverse and are used for multiple purposes. Each variety imparts a uniquely different scent and flavor...

Sunday Mar 12th, 12pm


One Day Coffee Workshop

at JOE Coffee - Chelsea, New York

Our One-Day Coffee Workshop is a very special three-part coffee class aimed at giving a holistic education to both the novice and budding enthusiast. The workshop will begin with Seed to Cup, an introductory lecture to coffee's transformation from bean to beverage including growing, processing, roasting, and brewing. This is followed...

Sunday Feb 19th, 10am


Romantic Winter Cocktails

at Haven's Kitchen - Chelsea, New York

We love the cozy warmth that a proper cocktail brings to our bodies in the dead of winter. But sometimes, we just want to hibernate instead of going out to our favorite bar. In this class, learn how to make comforting sippers to keep you toasty during the frostiest time of year.  We'll learn to incorporate seasonal ingredients like cinnamon,...

Tuesday Feb 14th, 7pm