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Driving Lessons NYC

Master the art of driving and gain the skills and confidence you need to hit the open road with these driving classes in NYC. These courses offer hands-on training, expert instruction, and a solid foundation for safe and successful driving.

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Italy's Motor Valley: Fast Cars, Slow Food

92nd Street Y @ 1395 Lexington Ave, New York, NY

If you liked the movie Ford vs Ferrari you'll love this lecture! “Motor Valley,” in the Emilia-Romagna region of Italy, has the world’s highest concentration of two and four-wheel luxury brands like Dallara, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Maserati, Pagani, Ducati. Car enthusiasts will love learning about the area’s 15 car museums and 19 private vintage car collections.  Discover Motor Valley Fest, four days, filled with thrilling races, exhibits...

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Defensive Driving (Zoom)

Automotive Academy for New York @ Virtual Zoom 5 Hour Class

Complete this course in 1 day and receive a Certificate of Competion.  This course has 2 advantages; 1) The driver will be able to get up to 4 points off his/her driving record 2) The driver will be able to obtain a discount with their insurance provider for 3 years. 

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6 Hour Point Reduction Defensive Driving Course

Blue Steel Auto School @ 197 Utica Ave, Brooklyn, NY

Increase your driving skills and receive an insurance discount with Blue Steel Auto School's Defensive Driver's Discount Program. Join us for an educational opportunity that has shown up to a 22% reduction in traffic crashes. Book your spot now!

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Pre-License Certificate

York College CPE @ 94 - 20 Guy R Brewer Blvd, New York, NY

This class is mandatory by DMV for all New York State permit holders to attend before making a road test appointment. Upon completion, the student will receive a MV-278 certificate; This certificate must be handed into the motor vehicle inspector on the day of the road test. Photocopies of the five hour certificate will not be accepted at the road test.

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4 Point Reduction on Driving Record

Blue Steel Auto School @ 203 Utica Ave, Brooklyn, NY

POINT AND INSURANCE REDUCTION Defensive Driver's Discount Program Course Welcome to the Defensive Driver's Discount Education Program. This is a great opportunity for you to increase your driving skills while at the same time receiving an insurance discount. Defensive Driver's Discount  Inc. has been a leader in corporate and government driver training programs for almost 20 years. Government studies have shown as high as a 22%* reduction...

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Pre-License Course (5 hour) Zoom

Automotive Academy for New York @ Virtual Zoom 5 Hour Class

This is a class that's facilitated on Zoom.  This class must be completed by everyone who desires to obtain a NYS drivers license. Upon completion, the student will receive a MV-278 certificate; which is required in order to sign up for a road test and must be handed into the inspector on the day of their road test. All services must be pre-paid before services will be rendered. Cancellations and No Shows for the Defensive Driving classes will...

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Motorcycle Design Theory

Craftsman Ave @ 117B 11th St, Brooklyn, NY

This workshop will start by reviewing different types of custom bikes and during the workshop, students will be exposed to different methods of customizing the frame and other components ranging from tires to custom seats.Motorcycle enthusiasts have been customizing their rides since the first bike came out. We want to add our own flare and taste to the machine, whether it is to making it faster, sleeker, rattier or just unique. In this workshop...

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Automotive Academy for New York @ Virtual Zoom 5 Hour Class

To Pay for Course: This course is required for all NYS permit holders.  The content knowledge covered are all topics that DMV requires in order to obtain the pre-license certificate. MEET POINT - Zoom Virtual Classroom Login Information will be give 3-5 days before the class begins. 

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Car Care

Ferrari Driving School @ 3232 Steinway St, Long Island City, NY

Car Care is a 2 hour class developed by us which will give information and skills that every driver needs! Learn How to: Check tire pressure and fix a flat Pump your own gas (why pay full service) Jump Start & Charge a Battery Choose a Mechanic What to have in an emergency Check fluids, fuses, filters, wipers, etc. What to do if involved in a collision Prepare your car for winter driving What to look for when buying a used car And much...

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Introduction to Motorcycles

Ferrari Driving School @ 3232 Steinway St, Long Island City, NY

This is a a two-hour introduction to motorcycles and how to do a pretrip inspection. Other important training concepts included. This class is also great for the person that isn’t sure if motorcycle riding is for them. This school has been providing the highest level motorcycle instruction to thousands of students. Their instructors evaluate you using proven methods and will recommend a specific number of classes based your current skill level. Keep...

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Defensive Driving

York College CPE @ 94 - 20 Guy R Brewer Blvd, New York, NY

What are the benefits of taking a Defensive Driving/Accident Prevention course? When you complete an approved defensive driving class your driving knowledge will be refreshed you can reduce up to 4 points from your NYS DMV driving record (learn about the NYS driver point system)you will receive a 10% reduction of the base rate of your auto and motorcycle insurance premiums each year for three years.  Completion of a defensive driving/accident...

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Department of Transportation (DOT) Certification

Ferrari Driving School @ 3232 Steinway St, Long Island City, NY

Driving without the Certification can result in heavy fines & vehicle impoundment for both driver & company. In this course, you will earn your US DOT Certification that will allow you to operate a Commercial Vehicle across state lines (interstate). You will receive the certification the same day upon completion.

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Forklift Training and Certification

Ferrari Driving School @ 3528 19th Ave, Astoria, NY

Become a skilled forklift operator with OSHA certification from the experts at Ferrari Driving School. This comprehensive course gives job security, lower maintenance costs, and increased efficiency.

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Reviews for Driving Lessons in NYC

Driving Lessons in NYC are rated 4.6 stars based on 1,693 verified reviews from actual purchasers.

Discover the Best Driving Classes in NYC

When you live in New York City, owning a car and learning to drive is not the necessity it is for other Americans. With the abundance of reliable public transit, most New Yorkers opt out of the responsibility of car ownership and driving. However, others eagerly pursue their driver’s licenses, understandably seduced by the flexibility and independence that comes with them. New York is among the states requiring a driver’s education course before receiving your license. Many stop their formal driving education there, but you can pursue more specialized driving and automotive repair classes as part of a career path or hobby, or to save money on your insurance premiums and maintenance costs by doing it all yourself.

Why You Should Learn Driving in NYC

Getting your driver’s license in New York City will increase your independence in your transportation, and that can be a significant step into adulthood if you’re still a teen. Whatever age you may be, having a driver’s license in NYC opens up thousands of job opportunities, from driving buses to delivering donuts. The happy flip side to having such an efficient public transit system means that New Yorkers who enjoy driving or maintaining vehicles have significant job options in the field.

With NYC’s overflowing streets, many who prefer to drive themselves invest in lower-profile scooters or motorcycles to get around town. New York City’s many biker and motorcycle enthusiast clubs are excellent ways to connect with others interested in learning maintenance and repair of their own bikes. Whatever your vehicle of choice, driving in NYC’s packed streets is a challenging skill but rewarding to learn. Mastering the art of safe driving is a must for your own sake as well as those of millions of other drivers, passengers, cyclists, and pedestrians you share the road with in New York City.

In-Person Driving Classes & Schools in NYC

Whether it’s a driver’s education course or an advanced auto maintenance workshop, automotive and driving skills are more often than not learned in in-person classes. An experienced live instructor is vital when the stakes are so high in learning to operate and maintain a vehicle safely. 

Auto repair classes can help anyone save money by performing their own car care. For many, vehicle maintenance courses are part of their career education too. And driving and maintenance classes aren’t just limited to cars: learning to operate and care for forklifts, commercial trucks, motorcycles, and other vehicles are the gateway to many stable jobs and enjoyable hobbies.

Blue Steel Auto School is an NYSDMV-licensed driving school easy to find in Brooklyn’s Crown Heights neighborhood. They offer a variety of driving classes, including driver’s education, motorcycle training, and several options for defensive driving. Their enthusiastic instructors lead their auto-centered courses with a mission to transform lives by empowering their students to drive safely and maintain their vehicles with confidence.

If you’re looking for a defensive driving class to reduce your violation points and insurance premiums, you’ll want to sign up for Blue Steel’s 6 Hour Point Reduction Defensive Driving Course. Insurance companies reward you with a 10% discount (or more) when you complete courses like this, thanks to the measurable decrease in traffic accident risk you gain from your education on safely navigating the roads. Bring your NYS Learner’s Permit or driver’s license and a notepad.

Since 1968, Ferrari Driving School has been a forerunner in automotive education services in NYC. As the largest driving school in the city, they provide fleet training and other services to government agencies, businesses, and organizations in the area. And their trademarked Ferrari 5 Level Program is popular for New Yorkers learning to drive the city streets safely. You’ll find them in their Long Island City Training Center in Queens.

But Ferrari’s automotive education doesn’t stop at driving: they also offer a top-notch Car Care workshop. The two-hour class will walk you step by step through essential maintenance and repair skills every driver needs to know. You’ll learn how to pump your own gas, jump start and charge a battery, and perform routine safety checks. This Ferrari class also goes beyond basic car maintenance, covering topics like how to choose a mechanic and what to look for when purchasing a used vehicle.

Ferrari Driving School also offers many career skill and certification courses, including the OSHA-certified Forklift Training and Certification class. Ferrari instructors recommend you take this course directly after you pass your CDL road test to increase your chances of employment and job security. Trucking companies prefer drivers who can load their own trucks by safely operating a Class C forklift, something you’ll be able to do like a pro by the end of this class. As an OSHA-certified forklift driver, you’ll also be eligible for stable warehouse employment in a position that doesn’t depend on the fluctuating number of delivery orders.

Another class to increase your employability as a trucker is Ferrari’s Department of Transportation (DOT) Certification course. If you want to be able to drive a commercial vehicle across state lines, you will need the US DOT Certification that you’ll earn by taking this class. Without this certification, you can have your vehicle impounded and incur heavy fines for both yourself and your company. This simple class is all you need to legally operate your commercial vehicle interstate.

Passionate motorcyclists will enjoy Craftsman Avenue’s unique class in Motorcycle Design Theory. The Brooklyn school offers welding, woodworking, jewelry making, leather crafting, knife forging, and stained glass classes to people of all backgrounds and skill levels in their Gowanus home.

Taught by Craftsman Avenue’s founder Taras Kravtchouk, this motorcycle class will teach how to customize your bike’s frame and other components like seats and tires. Bike customization is a tradition that runs through the entire history of motorcycle ownership, and being able to tailor yours safely is one of the most exciting aspects of maintaining and caring for your vehicle. You will also explore the different types of custom bikes and learn the distinguishing characteristics between cafe racers, bobbers, and trackers. By the end of the workshop, you will know exactly where to begin when you’re ready to customize your motorcycle.

Virtual Driving Classes & Schools

In-person classes are the obvious choice for driver’s education courses with on-the-road practice components and for learning the hands-on skills of auto maintenance and repair. However, online driving classes are becoming more popular for defensive driving courses and even for the classroom component of Driver’s Education. Many prefer these for the flexibility they offer with the options of different class times. And the ability to meet with a live instructor from home can be a huge benefit when you don’t yet have the independence in transportation you’re hoping to gain when you finally get your first driver’s license.

For New Yorkers, Wagner College Lifelong Learning’s online driving class, Driver Education, allows teens to take their driver’s ed from home. A live NYS-certified instructor leads the 24-hour lecture portion of the course, after which you’ll submit your log of 24 hours of parent-supervised practice driving. If your instructor scores your log at 65% or above, you’ll receive the NYS DMV MV-284 certificate at the end of the class.

If your New York State Driver Violation Points are causing your insurance rates to soar, Ferrari Driving School’s online Defensive Driving class is an easy solution for you. Fun and experienced instructors will guide you through six hours of lecture and videos, as well as discussion of defensive driving techniques, traffic safety, and driver behavior and attitude. Once you complete the class, your insurance premiums will drop, and your confidence as a driver will soar with your new know-how about how to stay safe on the road.

Private Group Driving Classes in NYC

Would you like to schedule a private group driving class? Or does your auto repair business team need a group car maintenance workshop for a new certification? With CourseHorse, you can arrange the driving class your group needs to take their skills to the next level.

If you can’t find the group driving class you need, you can reach out to CourseHorse with their convenient contact form to discuss their options for private automotive courses they can coordinate for you. Or, if you prefer, you can schedule a phone call to begin a conversation with a CourseHorse team member. 

CourseHorse can book your driving class, even if you don’t know the number of participants yet. You can update your headcount until a week before the class date begins. For $150, CourseHorse can tailor your class to include questions or games specific to your group. Otherwise, if you don’t require any customizations, CourseHorse won’t charge you a dime for arranging your class. Just look for a confirmation from a team member within 24 hours of booking.

CourseHorse recommends Zoom for your live online private driving class, but they can accommodate Webex, Google Meet, or Microsoft Teams if you prefer an alternative teleconferencing software. And in some cases, CourseHorse may be able to arrange your group class as an in-person workshop at your business or preferred location.

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