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Botanical Drawing Classes NYC

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Learn the art of capturing the intricate details of plants and flowers through botanical drawing classes in NYC, where participants can explore various techniques and tools to create stunning, life-like illustrations.

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Drawing Roses

92nd Street Y @ 1395 Lexington Ave, New York, NY

Unlock the art of drawing roses with techniques in graphite and color mediums. From preliminary sketches to final renderings, explore the beauty and intricacies of this timeless subject. Delve into historical and contemporary examples for inspiration, enriching your artistic journey in this comprehensive workshop suitable for all skill levels.

(1074) All levels 18 and older
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Botanical Drawing 1: Online

Chicago Botanic Garden @ Online via Zoom

Develop your botanical art skills by mastering the fundamentals of drawing with pencil. Learn techniques for capturing proportion, line, tone, dimensionality, and expression using live specimens, flowers, seeds, and fruit. Elevate your artistic abilities from the comfort of home with guided instruction and a detailed supply list.

(129) Beginner 18 and older

8 sessions

+4490 pts
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Pen and Ink 1

Chicago Botanic Garden @ Online via Zoom

Master the art of pen-and-ink drawing in this immersive botanical exploration. Acquire essential techniques including stippling, cross-hatching, and contour-line to capture intricate natural forms with precision. Unlock the secrets of creating depth and dimension through black-and-white elements, from leaf venation to stem texture, and bring your drawings to life.

(129) Beginner 18 and older

7 sessions

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Botanical Drawing 2: Online

Chicago Botanic Garden @ Online via Zoom

Enhance your botanical drawing skills with advanced techniques in graphite, light and dark media, and carbon dust. Join this online course offered by the Chicago Botanic Garden and continue your artistic journey. Prerequisite: Botanical Drawing 1.

(129) Advanced 18 and older

6 sessions

+4490 pts
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Draw Flowers + Terrariums Workshop

Brooklyn Craft Company @ 165 Greenpoint Ave, Brooklyn, NY

Learn to draw adorable and charming botanicals! This mellow, beginner-level workshop will take you on a tour of illustration basics in one three-hour session. You'll learn the basics of drawing simple floral forms to compose your own patterns and terrarium drawings. You'll start by learning to draw the basic structure of various plants, then learn to add on the center, petals, and leaves to create your own original, beautiful botanical illustrations....

(562) All levels 18 and older
No upcoming schedules

Botanical Drawing (Beginner)

Brooklyn Botanic Garden @ 1000 Washington Ave, Brooklyn, NY

Explore the world of botanical drawing in this introductory workshop. With a step-by-step approach to capturing form, proportion, value, and texture, you will build a foundation for drawing botanical subjects. Bring your own materials: Pencil HB (also known as #2) or 2B pencil Paper Laser paper, smooth sketch paper or Bristol Kneaded eraser Tissue or soft cloth Before you Purchase Materials: If your class is canceled due to low registration,...

(165) Beginner 18 and older
No upcoming schedules

Summer Camp: Botanic Watercolors (Grades 6-12)

One River School

Translucent orchids, fragrant roses and blooming tulips - this course will allow students to examine botanical life by creating a series of intricate watercolor paintings using techniques such as washes, glazes, wet-in-wet, dry brush and pen/ink.

(13) All levels 11 - 17 years old
No upcoming schedules

Nature Drawing (Beginners and Beyond)

Brooklyn Botanic Garden @ 1000 Washington Ave, Brooklyn, NY

With plants of many kinds as our subjects, this class explores contour, perspective, value, and texture to build drawing skills. Students will work with a variety of pencils, including color pencils, ink, and color and textured papers.  Please bring an 11 by 14-inch sketchbook or pad to the first class.

(165) All levels 18 and older
No upcoming schedules

7 sessions

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Botanical Drawing I: Methods and Materials

New York Botanical Garden @ 20 W 44th St, New York, NY

Accurate observation translates into sensitive, realistic drawings and is an essential skill for botanical artists. Using basic shapes, fruit, and leaves, learn contour drawing with an emphasis on proportion, and explore techniques such as foreshortening, perspective, and line weight. This class is a prerequisite for all BIL certificate classes. If you do not have much drawing experience, you may want to consider first trying our Botanical Drawing...

(662) All levels 18 and older
No upcoming schedules

6 sessions

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Contemporary Botanical Drawing

Trestle Workshops @ 62 18th St, Brooklyn, NY

You will learn traditional botanical illustration technique after which participants can practice such a technique and/or use their specimen to create a contemporary botanical inspired drawing. We will also touch on plants as subjects throughout art history and in the post-modern era.  Seasonal flowers are provided but feel free to bring your own. Please bring $15.00 Material Fee to the teacher

(326) All levels 14 and older
No upcoming schedules

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Reviews for Botanical Drawing Classes in NYC

Botanical Drawing Classes in NYC are rated 4.5 stars based on 2,931 verified reviews from actual purchasers.

  • Drawing Roses

    Reviewed by Alana B. on 11/14/2023
    Excellent instruction and the 92nd Y was an amazing facility. Learned many new techniques. Would recommend
  • Drawing Roses

    Anonymous review on 12/17/2022
    Incredible teacher and lovely class camaraderie
  • Contemporary Botanical Drawing

    Reviewed by Jennifer S. on 5/31/2019
    Enjoyed the space to draw and explore spring blooms.

Best Botanical Drawing Classes in NYC 

If you consider yourself an artistic person with an interest in science, botanical drawing might be an ideal skill for you to learn. Botanical drawing combines the scientific accuracy of observation with artistic interpretation. It offers a creative outlet for individuals to express their personal style, artistic vision, and unique perspective on nature. 

New Yorkers have plenty of opportunities to observe a tremendous range of plants at local gardens and museums. The city also offers several courses to help them enhance their skills and meet other botanical artists. 

Why You Should Learn Botanical Drawing in NYC

First and foremost, New York City is home to several renowned botanical gardens, such as the New York Botanical Garden in the Bronx and the Brooklyn Botanic Garden. These spaces provide a collection of plant species from around the world, allowing aspiring botanical artists to study a wide range of subjects. For instance, many of the plants at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden are native to Asia and Africa, making it all the more exciting that New Yorkers get to observe them up close, learn about their unique characteristics, and capture their vivid colors and other details on paper. 

In addition to the botanical gardens, New York City is home to dozens of world-class museums that house extensive collections of botanical art. For instance, the Metropolitan Museum of Art features an impressive assortment of botanical illustrations, including works by famous artists from various periods. MoMA features several pieces by famed German artist Karl Blossfeld, most commonly known for his collection of detailed plant photographs. These exhibits can serve as inspiration for other botanical artists. 

Unsurprisingly, New York City is also home to a vast and diverse artistic community, with numerous art schools, workshops, and studios dedicated to botanical drawing and related skills. These institutions attract talented instructors and provide a supportive learning environment for both beginners and experienced artists. Engaging in workshops or joining art classes in the city allows individuals to refine their skills, receive expert guidance, and connect with fellow artists who share a passion for botanical drawing.

In-Person Botanical Drawing Classes & Schools in NYC

There are several in-person botanical drawing classes for students in the New York area. One advantage of taking an in-person drawing class is the hands-on guidance provided by the instructor. This direct interaction creates a deeper understanding of botanical drawings and can accelerate your learning process. Live demonstrations from an experienced artist allow you to observe appropriate techniques and methods up close. Witnessing the instructor's expertise in real time can enhance your understanding of various drawing techniques, such as shading, perspective, and composition.

Students can attend a Beginner Botanical Drawing class at the Brooklyn Botanical Garden. The primary focus of this course is to accurately capture the form and texture of a plant or flower. The instructor uses a step-by-step approach to help beginners develop a solid foundation that they can build upon. Students in this class are expected to provide their own materials, including pencils, paper, erasers, and a soft cloth or tissue for blending. 

The Brooklyn Botanical Garden also offers a class called Botanical Drawing I: Methods and Materials. This course focuses on the importance of acute observation skills, as this is one of the fundamental principles of botanical drawing. Keen observation skills are necessary to accurately capture the subtle nuances of plant forms, textures, and colors. Students will also learn more about perspective, line weight, and contour drawing by using simple shapes to construct more complex images. 

Botanical Illustration with Watercolor Pencil is another option at the famed Brooklyn Botanical Garden. Watercolor pencils are a popular tool for botanical artists to add color and details to their creations. In this class, students will build on existing drawing skills and learn plenty of techniques to get the most out of watercolor pencils. Some of the other required supplies include either multimedia sketch paper or hot press watercolor paper, a pointed watercolor brush, a kneaded eraser, and 2B or HB pencils.

Trestle Workshops in Brooklyn hosts a Contemporary Botanical Drawing class for beginner artists. This program explores the depiction of plants as artistic subjects throughout different periods in art history, including the postmodern era. Students will also learn numerous classic drawing techniques that they can apply to their own contemporary pieces. While the school provides seasonal flowers, students are welcome to bring their own instead.

Virtual Botanical Drawing Classes & Schools

If you’re unable to find a botanical drawing class in your area, there are plenty of online botanical drawing classes available instead. Online drawing classes offer the flexibility to learn from the comfort of your own home or any location with an internet connection. This eliminates the need for commuting and allows you to schedule classes at a time that suits your availability. The convenience of online learning accommodates people with busy schedules or those living in remote areas where in-person classes may not be available.

The Chicago Botanic Garden offers a course called Botanical Drawing 1. This particular class stands out as one of the more comprehensive options, spanning eight weeks with three-hour sessions on Saturday mornings. Participants in this course will learn various essential drawing skills, including proportions, dimensions, and expressing their unique artistic vision. Throughout the class, students will find inspiration in the beauty of natural specimens such as flowers, fruit, and seeds. For those with more experience, a more advanced opportunity awaits in Botanical Drawing 2, where advanced graphite techniques and drawing on toned paper are the main focus.

Jade Scarlett is a well-known artist who teaches a beginner-friendly Realistic Botanical Drawing & Painting class online. This class is designed for both newcomers and those looking to boost their artistic skills. Throughout two sessions, participants will gain fundamental expertise in creating lines and master shading techniques using ink and graphite. Participants will also be taught proper methods for transferring their artwork onto watercolor paper, as well as valuable guidance on preparing their paper or canvas effectively.

Jade also offers a relaxing Abstract Watercolor and Fluid Botanicals class. This program may be a great fit for those wanting to learn botanical drawing for mental wellness purposes, as enjoyment is prioritized above proper technique. In this course, Jade encourages students to let their creativity flow while engaging in free-form botanical watercolor paintings. Interested students can check the course website for a complete list of required supplies. 

Private Group Botanical Drawing Classes in NYC

Attending a private botanical drawing class with friends or coworkers is a unique way to bond and make memories with peers. The private class setting provides a relaxing space for individuals to explore their creativity without judgment. These classes might also spark an interest in botany, creating a deeper connection with nature and encouraging participants to explore the natural environment beyond the classroom. 

CourseHorse provides an exciting Virtual Group Drawing & Sketching Class where your group can unwind and explore your creativity. The class mainly focuses on drawing plants, but you can customize the theme to suit other interests, like landscapes or human subjects. In the course, you'll learn about hatching and cross-hatching techniques that help you add depth and dimension to your drawings. By mastering the skill of using basic shapes to construct objects, you can improve your precision and accuracy. You'll also receive valuable tips on creating more dynamic compositions, enabling you to make realistic and eye-catching artwork.

You can also try out the Virtual Watercolor Workshop by CourseHorse. It's a great choice for small groups, and you'll get to explore the "wet-on-wet" technique. This is a classic Italian technique that creates more intricate art by blending layers of paint together. By learning this approach, you can more efficiently create impressive paintings since you don’t have to wait for each layer to dry. You can also personalize your experience by sharing your own photo or artwork for the group to recreate together. If CourseHorse doesn't currently offer a botanical drawing class that interests you, you can ask about alternative options through their website’s contact form.

When you book a group experience with CourseHorse, your group can access several benefits. You'll receive a confirmation within 24 hours of booking to ensure your spot is reserved. You can also alter the size of your group after booking, which is handy if someone’s plans change at the last minute. CourseHorse's classes work well with different web browsers and operating systems. This means everyone in your group can have a great experience, no matter what devices they prefer to use.

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