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Learn Hindi and immerse yourself in the rich culture of India with Hindi classes in NYC. Gain fluency, expand your global network, and open up new opportunities with this vibrant and widely-spoken language.

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Private Hindi Lessons

ABC Languages

Learn Hindi at ABC Languages and discover a personalized program designed just for you. Whether you prefer private lessons or learning with friends and family, our team of experts will match you with a professional instructor to help you achieve your language goals. Start your Hindi journey today and immerse yourself in a vibrant culture.

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Hindi Beginner Level 1

Learn Language Hoboken @ 450 7th St, Hoboken, NJ

This series is devoted to creating a solid foundation for future language fluency. At the end of this course series, the student will be able to  talk about him/herself express likes and dislikes understand basic and complex grammar use phrases to describe oneself and/or other people, places or things use simple and complex verb tenses to talk about present and past experiences in the target language and much more This foundational...

Beginner 21 and older
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Discover the Best Hindi Classes in NYC

Hindi is the first language of nearly 500 million people. As of 1950, Hindi became the official language of the Union of India, symbolizing the country's national identity; however, English is also commonly spoken within the country. Approximately 20 million people speak Hindi as a second language, making it the fourth most frequently spoken language globally. In addition to over 48 dialects of Hindi, South Africa, Bangladesh, Yemen, and Uganda have significant communities of Hindi speakers. Written Hindi has a different name, Devanagari script.

Hindi has evolved with influences from Dravidian, Turkish, Farsi, Arabic, Portuguese, and English. By utilizing these influences, Hindi has become a powerful, expressive and creative language that can be spoken, written, or performed.

Why You Should Learn Hindi in NYC

Various reasons motivate people to learn a new language. Some simply want to learn a new language, while others want to travel there. No matter what your goal is, learning Hindi can be a fun challenge, whether you want to learn the culture, build a strong resume, or expand your knowledge.

Before traveling to any new country, you may want to learn the native language. Despite the widespread use of English in India, knowing Hindi makes it easier to find places and order food.

There are Hindu communities across the country. If you belong to this ethnicity, it may be important to become more involved in your heritage culture. Learning Hindi is one way to accomplish this. Taking time to learn Hindi in New York City can be very rewarding. As the second largest immigrant community in the city, you can easily find yourself surrounded by the Hindu culture. All across New York City, you can find meetups ranging from dance performances to comedy and poetry readings.

If you learn Hindi now, you will have an edge over your competitors. Previously, most professionals would prefer to study Spanish, French, Mandarin, or German, but India has gained increasing prominence in the business world in recent years, which has opened up many career paths. You can work as a News Correspondent, Copywriter, Teacher, Social Worker, Translator, or Interpreter with your Hindi skills. Your proficiency in the language will be an asset to many international companies. 

With the large business presence of New York City, learning Hindi could prove beneficial to your career. Not only could you find work with International companies, but you could also find jobs as an Interpreter or Bilingual Customer Service Representative. Interpreters in New York make between $30,000 and $120,000 annually, depending on experience and demand. Customer Service Representatives make between $25,000 and $52,000 per year. However, customer service could provide more growth opportunities and could be your way of climbing the corporate ladder.

In-Person Hindi Classes & Schools in NYC

Learning in person allows you to work one-on-one with like-minded individuals while having a knowledgeable instructor there to answer your questions. In New York City, students can find several courses to learn Hindi. 

The founder of Hello Hindi Language School aims to provide students with an efficient and fun way to learn Hindi and converse in it. They desire to assist each student individually if they encounter difficulties in the learning process. With their location in Midtown, students can take this 5-Week Premium Hindi course. In this course, students will learn how to speak Hindi. As a first step, students will interact in Hinglish, a combination of Hindi and English. They will then practice common phrases and greetings, then listening and comprehension. Students should be well on their way to fluent Hindi speaking when they finish the course.

Whenever students are ready to begin their language journey, ABC Languages offers ongoing classes geared to their skill level. Students will not need to wait for a new term to get started. One class students can jump into is the Hindi High Beginner course. This is a beginner-level course designed to familiarize new Hindi speakers with the foundations of the language.

A little further away in Hoboken, New Jersey, students can attend Learning Language Hoboken. This school aims to provide a simple place to learn languages. In the Hindi Beginner Level 1 course, students 21 and over will begin to build a foundation for future fluency. They will learn to speak about themselves and Express their likes and dislikes. Students will go over basic and complex grammar as they learn various phrases. They will also begin to read the script.

Virtual Hindi Classes & Schools

You can learn Hindi effectively through virtual learning. Taking a virtual Hindi class might be a good option if you cannot get to an in-person Hindi class or don't like to commute. Because they are so convenient, virtual classes have become increasingly popular in recent years–even among students who can take in-person classes. Through virtual education, you can learn from anywhere, using your computer anywhere. Virtual classes are usually conducted through teleconferencing platforms like Zoom. Several schools also offer virtual courses with locations across the country. 

ABC language while offering classes to students in New York; if you prefer, you can opt for their virtual courses. Students can take the Hindi Total Beginner course. In addition to basic conversational skills, students will learn vocabulary. Students will learn to speak in the present tense. They will also begin working with written Hindi script.

Another school located in New York that offers online classes is Hello Hindi Language School. Even if you live in New York City but don't want to commute through the city, you can take their 5-Week Premium Hindi course online. It will be the same curriculum as the in-person course. The course will begin with conversations in Hinglish, a combination of Hindi and English, where students learn the basics of speaking Hindi. Students will practice with their peers to improve listening and comprehension skills by learning common phrases and greetings. 

Mt. San Antonio College also offers all of its courses online. Students with basic Hindi language knowledge can take the Hindi Advanced course. Students will continue to develop their comprehension, communication, reading, and writing of Hindi. In this course, students will start working with Indian literature to continue to develop a working understanding of the language. 

Private Group Hindi Classes in NYC

Group classes are a great way to entertain a diverse audience. CourseHorse offers private group Hindi classes or other group classes as an option for those planning workplace team-building events, birthday parties, or other special events and needing something for their guests. There is no registration fee or booking fee; you'll receive a confirmation of your event details within 24 hours. CourseHorse also allows you to change your booking 72 hours before the event.

The Virtual Escape Room: The 90's is a great team-building event for professional groups. Together, the group will solve riddles and puzzles to escape from a '90s throwback camp. The event will last around 75 minutes but can increase depending on the group's needs. Larger groups will be split into mini-teams. Up to 200 people can join this event. 

If you and your friends are considering a trip to India, consider the Indian cooking class available in NYC. This course teaches students to make classic Indian food. Students will spend time with different spices and understand how to use them.

Several CourseHorse providers can host your event at your home, office, or an external location. In most cases, virtual events are held using Zoom. However, CourseHorse can also accommodate Google Meets, Microsoft Teams, and WebEx.

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