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6 classes in-person in NYC have spots left, and 5 classes live online are available.

Escape Room - Playground

The Escape Game @ 295 Madison Ave, New York, NY

Pass Your Class Light-hearted, nostalgic, and playful, Playground is a favorite of both first-timers and enthusiasts. Your game will start in a classroom where you’ll have to finish all of your assignments before the end of the day, or you can forget about summer break. And these assignments are unlike anything you actually encountered in school. Playground was designed for up to 12 players and is an epic team building experience. Difficulty:...

Monday Dec 4th, 10:10–11:10am Eastern Time


Escape Room - The Depths

The Escape Game @ 295 Madison Ave, New York, NY

Uncover the Lab's Secrets Are you brave enough to dive into the depths of the ocean to investigate an abandoned laboratory? Well, you’ll have to be in this escape room! The brilliant researcher, Dr. Humphreys, has gone missing and there have been rumors of mysterious experiments since his disappearance. It’s up to you to navigate your submarine to the lab, decipher Humphreys’ research, and discover what he’s been hiding deep in the ocean....

Monday Dec 4th, 10:20–11:20am Eastern Time


Escape Room - The Heist

The Escape Game @ 295 Madison Ave, New York, NY

Complete a Successful Art Heist Attn. Agent, your mission should you choose to accept it: pull off the ultimate museum heist. A priceless Monet painting has recently gone missing from the Barclay Museum of Historical Art. We have reason to believe it’s been nabbed by the museum’s curator, Vincent Hahn. Your mission — slip through the museum galleries undetected, break into Hahn’s office, recover the painting, and high-tail it out of there...

Monday Dec 4th, 9:50–10:50am Eastern Time


Explore Fun Private Group Events

Explore private group events and team building activities ranging from cooking to art, escape rooms, trivia, and more

Explore Fun Private Group Events
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Escape Room - Prison Break

The Escape Game @ 295 Madison Ave, New York, NY

Complete Your Daring Prison Escape Many consider Prison Break our most difficult escape room. Players are split into two different prison cells and must work together to get out of a 1950s-style prison. A successful escape will include a sneaky trip to the warden’s office. An unsuccessful escape will land you in prison forever. Yes, those are real prison toilets….what can we say? We are obsessed with creating realistic environments. Difficulty...

Monday Dec 4th, 10–11am Eastern Time


Escape Room - Gold Rush

The Escape Game @ 295 Madison Ave, New York, NY

Find the Inheritance The 1800s California gold rush was a time when just about anyone could get lucky with a fortune. No one knew this better than your recently deceased relative, Clyde Hamilton. Though he’s since passed, the prospector left behind quite a pretty penny in gold. As his surviving next of kin, he’s offered you a chance to claim the gold fortune as an inheritance for yourself…if you can find it! You’ve only got 60 minutes to...

Monday Dec 4th, 9:30–10:30am Eastern Time


Escape Room - Special Ops: Mysterious Market

The Escape Game @ 295 Madison Ave, New York, NY

Uncover the Truth As a special ops agent, covert investigations across the globe are nothing out of the ordinary. But your routine search of a spice market leads to an unexpected discovery…Now you’re left to combat an international crisis that threatens the state of the world as we know it. You’ll need to harness all your tactical skills and training if you’re ever going to put a stop to this global catastrophe. Through all the twists and...

Monday Dec 4th, 9:40–10:40am Eastern Time


Virtual Escape the Room: Murder Mystery

CourseHorse Experiences @ Zoom Conference

Solve a crime in mini teams by completing puzzles and riddles!  In this murder mystery experience, you and your team will become trainees at the CHPD (CourseHorse Puzzle Detectives), solving the sort of crimes that only the most puzzling criminals leave for solution-oriented enforcers. Is your team ready to outsmart the sort of murderer who would leave clues about their crime to taunt investigators? We hope so because we need your help! ...

Tuesday Dec 5th, 12–1:15pm Eastern Time

Virtual Escape the Room: The 90's

CourseHorse Experiences @ Zoom Conference

Work together with your mini team to escape the room in just one hour while reminiscing fondly about the '90s.  In this escape game experience, you and your team will be campers at a '90s throwback camp for those who miss those good old Nickelodeon days and the long, baffling song of a dial-up modem. This is the ultimate escape game for anyone who ever made it a Blockbuster night (and was kind enough to rewind), anyone who knew that pizza...

Tuesday Dec 5th, 12–1:15pm Eastern Time

Virtual Escape the Room: Escape from the 2000s

CourseHorse Experiences @ Zoom Conference

Team up to escape the room while reminiscing fondly about the 2000s. After a long day's work, you stumble back into your home. You sink into your couch, close your eyes, and wish nothing but to return to your younger years. Ahhhhhhhhhhh, the 2000s! A time of no worries and less responsibility. Where the OC and Gossip Girl were the talks of the town. Where you were serenaded by the best boy bands and were inspired by Destiny's Child. You recall...

Tuesday Dec 5th, 12–1:15pm Eastern Time

Virtual Escape the Room: Expedition to the North Pole

CourseHorse Experiences @ Zoom Conference

You and your friends book a Groupon to the North Pole and are bright-eyed and bushy-tailed to go explore the blistering cold and all that it has to offer. After a couple of hours on the private plane, you notice some turbulence but shrug it off, and decide to take a snooze. In the middle of the night, you're awakened by heart-stopping turbulence. Over the PA system, an announcement from Captain Thayne Jackson informs the group you'll have to make...

Tuesday Dec 5th, 12–1:15pm Eastern Time

Virtual Escape the Room: Pirate Treasure Hunt

CourseHorse Experiences @ Zoom Conference

Find the buried treasure before the clock runs out in this pirate-themed virtual adventure.  In this unique treasure hunt, you and your crew will be shipmates at a tavern. Unbeknownst to you all, the tavern is frequented by the notorious Captain William Kidd. When the captain enters the grimy tavern, he throws down a parchment and a wager: any crew who dares race him to the treasure and win may keep it for themselves. This isn't to be taken...

Tuesday Dec 5th, 12–1:15pm Eastern Time

4 fun classes that have ended
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Beginner Belly Dance

Dance of Venus @ 265 West 37th Street , New York, NY

Unleash your inner goddess and discover the magic of belly dance with our authentic Middle Eastern instructor. Sculpt your body, improve posture and flexibility, and dance with grace in this mesmerizing ancient art form at Dance of Venus.

No upcoming schedules

SharQui – The Bellydance Workout

Tandava Arts @ 265 W 37th St, New York, NY

Discover the joy of belly dancing while sculpting your body and improving your posture. Join us for a dance fitness class that automatically burns calories and strengthens your upper body. Suitable for all ages and skill levels!

Monday Sep 25th, 6–7pm Eastern Time

Beginners Floral Design (Open Studio)

FlowerSchool New York @ 253 W 28th St, New York, NY

Our Beginners Open Studios classes are a great way to experience floral design as a beginner or polished enthusiast. We only use the most floral spectacular specimens in our works that often follow a design theme. This classes are for those seeking to learn how to make floral arrangements like a professional. Students will: Learn how to work with flowers like a professional Use stunning fresh seasonal blooms Take home a masterpiece sized...

Wednesday Aug 23rd, 11am–12:30pm Eastern Time

Jewelry Making - Silver Package

Alzerina Jewelry @ 1535 East 14th St, Brooklyn, NY

Unleash your creativity and learn the art of jewelry making in this hands-on class. Create stunning pieces for everyday wear or special occasions in a fun and welcoming environment. Come and discover the joy of crafting unique and beautiful jewelry.

Wednesday Apr 15th, 5:30–7pm Eastern Time

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