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Gotham Writers' Workshop

Gotham Writers' Workshop

Hell's Kitchen, New York, New York
(743 Reviews)

Gotham Writers Workshop is a creative home in New
York City and Online where writers develop their craft and come together in the
spirit of discovery and fellowship. We’ve been teaching creative writing to
students since 1993.

We believe that everyone has a story to tell.
Indeed, many stories. Keep your eyes and mind open and you will find them
everywhere. And we can help you tell your stories better.

Whether you’re a new writer looking to explore, or
an experienced writer looking to strengthen your skills, our classes will help
you reach your goals—through clear instruction on elements of craft, critique
in a safe environment, and a structured process that keeps your work on track.

We also teach Business Writing, with the same verve
and expertise we bring to our creative writing courses.

We strive to give each student the best possible
learning experience. Class size is strictly limited so you never get lost in a
crowd. And our instructors are consistently excellent—working writers who are as
skilled at teaching as they are at writing.

Thousands of people have been enriched by the
Gotham experience. It’s why we’ve been around for over twenty-five years.

Reviews of Gotham Writers' Workshop

(743 Reviews)
Fiction Writing Level 1: 10 Week Workshop


Attended: Fiction Writing Level 1: 10 Week Workshop

I highly recommend this course to anyone interested in writing a short story or novel. In my class there were about 15-20 students with varying interest areas and writing experience. The major highlights were the teacher and the critiques. Our teacher, Varud, had a thoughtful perspective and response to nearly every question someone from the class threw at him. Beyond his knowledge and experience, he was incredibly attentive, kind, patient and encouraging. The second big benefit of the class was the critique process, called the "Booth" submissions. Twice throughout the class, you'll submit your work to be critiqued by the rest of the class. Each week, you'll read your classmates works and provide a critique. Both parts of that process are incredibly valuable. If I had to nitpick about things that could've been better - cut the exercises you do with classmates throughout the class and shave about 30-60 minutes off class time. While I got a lot from my classmates when reading their work or listening to their opinions on my writing, the mini exercises peppered throughout class didn't add much for me. Overall, I highly recommend this class to anyone interested in writing fiction!

Memoir Writing Level 1: 10-Week Workshop


Attended: Memoir Writing Level 1: 10-Week Workshop

Was a good group of students but aside from critiquing each other’s work there was no syllabus, no teaching, no exercises. I stopped attending. Did not deliver what I expected. I did appreciate the feedback I received from the other students.

The Editor’s Eye Level I: Two Day Intensive

Ksenia N.

Attended: The Editor’s Eye Level I: Two Day Intensive

I really enjoyed this class and I think I've learned quite a bit!

Creative Writing 101 Level 1: 6 Weeks

Marie-Louise W.

Attended: Creative Writing 101 Level 1: 6 Weeks

Great class, awesome feedback, loved the tips and the camaraderie between classmates, I missed homework deadline for last class, just wished the window had been open a little longer so I could have received the feedback

Screenwriting Level 1: 10-Week Workshop


Attended: Screenwriting Level 1: 10-Week Workshop

Jeremy is a great teacher!

Character Development Two Day Intensive

Faith A.

Attended: Character Development Two Day Intensive

Paul was engaging, encouraging, and you can tell he loves what he does, which spilled over into the way he interacted with us. Overall, great class— presented well, easy to follow with time for examples, short exercises, and questions. I really enjoyed it.

Screenwriting Level 1 Two Day Intensive

Joan M.

Attended: Screenwriting Level 1 Two Day Intensive

I enjoyed the class and learned a lot. The instructor was enthusiastic, personable and knowledgeable and kept the information coming. He had excellent answers for any questions and made me want to take more classes on this subject.

Creative Writing 101 Two Day Intensive


Attended: Creative Writing 101 Two Day Intensive

This instructor had a wealth of info but I do wish he had used more modern or current day examples for resources as opposed to the classics that were mentioned.

Grammar 1: The Basics (Two Day Intensive)


Attended: Grammar 1: The Basics (Two Day Intensive)

Lara is awesome; she made the class exciting.

Children’s Book Writing Two Day Intensive

Lisa G.

Attended: Children’s Book Writing Two Day Intensive

It was a great class! I learned plenty and am inspired as a result to forge ahead with my writing. I only wish we'd had more time to cover more of the material in detail. I think a three-day intensive might allow for that.

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555 8th Ave 14th Flr. Ste 1402, New York, New York 10018
Gotham Writers' Workshop
Hell's Kitchen, Manhattan
555 8th Ave 14th Flr. Ste 1402
Between W 37th & W 38th Streets
New York, New York 10018

Upcoming Classes at Gotham Writers' Workshop

Stand-Up Comedy Writing Intensive
Stand-Up Comedy Writing Intensive
Next start date:

Tuesday Oct 11th, 6:30pm - 9:30pm Eastern Time

Just Write
Just Write
Next start date:

Wednesday Oct 12th, 10am - 1pm Eastern Time

Business Writing Level 1: 6 Weeks
Business Writing Level 1: 6 Weeks
Next start date:

Wednesday Oct 12th, 7pm - 9pm Eastern Time

Creative Writing 101 Level 1: 6 Weeks
Creative Writing 101 Level 1: 6 Weeks
Next start date:

Thursday Oct 13th, 6:30pm - 9:30pm Eastern Time

Screenwriting Intensive
Screenwriting Intensive
Next start date:

Saturday Oct 22nd, 11am - 6pm Eastern Time

Songwriting Intensive
Songwriting Intensive
Next start date:

Saturday Oct 22nd, 11am - 6pm Eastern Time

Dialogue Writing Level 1 One Day Intensive
Dialogue Writing Level 1 One Day Intensive
Next start date:

Saturday Oct 29th, 11am - 6pm Eastern Time

Teachers at Gotham Writers' Workshop

Adela Brito Akil Kumarasamy Alanna Schubach Alex Forbes Alex Mindt Alexander Steele Alexis Schaitkin Alexis Atkinson Alice Bradley Alison Stein Wellner Alison Espach Alysia Li Ying Sawchyn Amelia Blanquera Amina Akhtar Aminda Asher & Isabel Fairbanks Amy Sue Nathan Ananda Naima González Andrew Collins Angela Lam Angie Chatman Anita Diggs Anni Irish Anu Jindal Arlaina Tibensky Ashley Shelby Aspen Matis Aubrey Poole Barbara DeMarco-Barrett Barbara Schoichet BC Edwards Benjamin Buchholz Benjamin Obler Beth Livermore Betsey Odell Blaise Allysen Kearsley Brendan Halpin Britt Gambino Bruce Cherry C.C. Webster Carl Capotorto Carmen Bugan Carole Bugge Carolyn Maccullough Carter Edwards Casandra Lopez Chelsea Bieker Chip Livingston Chloé Caldwell Chris Prioleau Christine Meade Christine Reilly Christopher Dietrich Cleve Lamison Colleen Kinder Corie Hengst Cullen Thomas Dalia Pagani Dan Lopez Dana Miller Dave Hanson David LaBarca David Seigerman David LaBarca David Kuelz David Title David Pace David Farley David Berner David Rice David Yoo Diana Spechler Divya Sood Dominic Preziosi Doug Katz Dov SS Simens Dr. Steve Albrecht Edward Einhorn Elane Johnson Elizabeth Cohen Emily Rodriquez Emily Rodriquez Emily Rapp Black Emma Pearse Erik Kraft Erin Entrada Kelly Fran McNulty Francesca Ochoa Francis Flaherty G. D. Peters Gabrielle Bellot Greg Fallis Hasanthika Sirisena Heather Wood Rudulph Ian S. Port Irene Zabytko J. L. Stermer J.S. Breukelaar Jaime Karnes James Steerman James Yeh James Bosley James Preller James E. Wright James Pawelski & Suzie Pileggi Pawelski Janet Flora Janice Erlbaum Janine Annett Jason Greiff Jeffrey Mosier Jen Glantz Jennifer Udden Jennifer Gennari Jennifer Armstrong Jennifer Keishin Armstrong Jennifer Marie Brissett Jeremy Wechter Jessica Sticklor Jessica Penner Jessie Sholl Jil Picariello Jim Mendrinos Jody Gray Joe Okonkwo John Kachuba John Oliver Hodges Jolie DeFeis Jon Reiner Jon Gingerich Jonathan Mandell Joselin Linder Josh Sippie Juan Vasquez Julia Dahl Julie Powell Julie Zeilinger Justina Ireland Justine Teu Kamilah Moon Kara Lee Corthron Karen Kingsley Karen Sieber Karyn Casl Kate Angus Kate Moses Katherine Taylor Keith Nishida Kelly Caldwell Ken Derry Ken Liu Kesi Augustine Kim Brittingham Kim Liao Kimberlee Auerbach Kimberly Brittingham Kirsten Imani Kasai Kody Keplinger Kristin Rockaway Kuros Charney Kurt Opprecht Lara Ewen Laura Yeager Laura Wolner Laura Cahill Leigh Michaels Lev AC Rosen Lilly O'Donnell Lisa Reardon Lisa Kaufman Lynda Sandoval Madeline Valentine Mara Reinstein Marco Shalma Margaret Meacham Maria Alejandra Barrios Marie Carter Mary Donnelly Mary Anderson Masha Hamilton Matt Jones Matthew Cody Matthew Lippman Max Adams Meghan Kenny Melissa Petro Michael Dunphy Michael Eldridge Michael Jones Michael Backus Michael Montlack Michael Leviton Michael Q. Boyd Michaela Roessner Mike Luongo Mike Dunphy Miriam Datskovsky Mo Krochmal N. West Moss Nan Mooney Nancy Weber Nelsie Spencer Nina Boutsikaris Noah Ballard Nora Raleigh Baskin Olugbemisola Rhuday-Perkovich Pamela Harris Patty Lamberti Paul Zimmerman Paul Witcover Pete Jensen Peter Stass Peter Finch Phat Chiem Philip Cioffari Polly Bresnick R. Dean Johnson Rachel Simon Rachel Engelman Raven Burnett Richard Caliban Rita Chang-Eppig Rob Decina Robert Repino Roohi Choudhry Rory Haines Rosalie Morales Kearns Roseanne Wells Ryan Britt Ryan Tymensky Salma Zarook Sara Barron Sarah McColl Sarah Bruni Sarah Moriarty Sarah Langan Scott Cheshire Scott LaCounte Scott Alexander Hess Season Harper-Fox Serrana Laure Gay Seth Fried Shahnaz Habib Shamar Hill Shari Goldhagen Shelly Oria Stacy Pershall Stacy Parker Le Melle Steph Spector Stephanie Paterik Stephanie Stuve-Bodeen Stephanie Kim Steven James Snyder Sue Henderson Susan Breen T Kira Madden Tal McThenia Tamara Guirado Tatjana Soli Teresa Wong Thais Miller Tom Brennan Tom Cooper Tommy Jenkins Tony Conniff Vanessa King Varud Gupta Weike Wang Zaina Arafat
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