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Classes NYC

Intuitive Walk-About:World Trade Center &Fulton Station

at Art of Intuitive Photography - Financial District, New York

Please join me for 2 hours to photograph the beautiful architecture of the World Trade Center Oculus and Fulton Station. For this class we will explore and photograph together.   I will help guide you to capture interesting images, to see things differently and assist with composition. Please do not bring a tripod or external flash....

Sunday Oct 30th, 2:30pm


Sushi Making Class

at CocuSocial - Murray Hill, New York

Don’t let the sushi chef have all the fun! Come and learn the spreading, layering, tucking and rolling. There is no wrong way of making sushi! In this fun, hands-on social cooking class, you will learn all the skills needed to make sushi-rolls, including how to make sushi rice, select sushi-grade fish, with additional, gourmet neta (ingredients)...

Monday Oct 31st, 6pm

Other dates (6)

Black & White Photography

at PhotoUno Photography School - Midtown East, New York

Are you an admirer of vintage, black and white photography? Have you worked with black and white film in the past, but find yourself dissatisfied with the results you get using your digital camera? Learn to visualize your world in black and white and produce striking images in black and white with this 3-week course. In this course we will discuss...


3 sessions

Saturday Oct 22nd, 11am


Digital Photography I: Taking Control of Your Camera

at PhotoUno Photography School - Midtown East, New York

By the end of this class, you will learn to control your camera in Manual Mode. You will gain a clear understanding of: Aperture Shutter Speed ISO Exposure Focus Control White Balance Rule of Thirds Basic use of the built in flash This beginner photography class was designed to be: Fun:  We have prepared both indoor and outdoor exercises ...


6 sessions

Saturday Oct 22nd, 11am

Other dates (10)

Bezel Setting

at Liloveve - Williamsburg, New York

Go beyond “bezel wire” and learn the art of constructing bezel settings  for cabochon gems, or a stepped bezel for faceted gemstones and adorn a ring in this 2-day intensive workshop. Working with sterling silver, we use hammer and stamps, as well as high polish and oxidized finishes to accentuate textures and highlight designs.  Q&A...


2 sessions

Saturday Oct 22nd, 11am


Museum Hack Met Un-Highlights Tour

at Museum Hack - Central Park, New York

Join us for a highly interactive, subversive, fun, non-traditional museum tour. New York City's Metropolitan Museum of Art is a massive, venerable cultural institution. We realize that even the most seasoned art experts take longer than a few hours to digest all that lies within the Met's hallowed walls, and we don't claim to show you everything....

Saturday Oct 22nd, 11am

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Museum Hack Tour of the Museum of Natural History

at Museum Hack - Upper West Side, New York

Dinosaurs! Science! Adventure! Break out your pith helmet as we embark upon a brazen expedition through the halls of New York City's world-famous American Museum of Natural History (AMNH). Join your maverick tour guide as we deftly navigate this massive 27-building, 1.6 million square foot landmark cultural institution. Learn the science...

Saturday Oct 22nd, 11am

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Introduction to Metalworking: MIG Welding

at Metal Shop Fantasy Camp - Williamsburg, New York

Through the making of this small steel cube, you will learn a tremendous set of skills that can used to make anything in metal. Whether it is a custom dining table, a lamp or a sculpture.  The skills to practice will focus on:   Measuring  Cutting  Fitting  Clamping  JIG making  MIG welding  Grinding ...

Saturday Oct 22nd, 11:15am

Other dates (16)

How to Cook Vegetables (properly)

at Home Cooking New York - SoHo, New York

The class offers the surest way for adding more vegetables to your daily regime. We'll help demystify all the different vegetation available at the supermarket and then teach you how to cook it so you enjoy every forkful. Blanching: Broccoli Rabe with Garlic; String Beans Gremolata Roasting: Roasted Potatoes & Fennel, Roasted Beets, Roasted...


Saturday Oct 22nd, 12pm


Badass Bitches Tour of the Met

at Museum Hack - Central Park, New York

Do you get the sneaking suspicion that women are underrepresented at our nation's museums? Well, you are correct! Though criminally few female artists are on display, we take you to art by women who rock, celebrate the accomplishments of modern and historical women, and reveal what's goin' down today. We have gathered up the most "WTF?" stories and...

Saturday Oct 22nd, 1pm

Other dates (9)

Photo Safari: Iconic New York (Part 2)

at New York City Photo Safari - Upper East Side, New York

Join us on this fast paced Photo Safari to explore some of New York City's most iconic buildings. Photograph Times Square, the Chrysler building, Bryant Park (home of Fashion Week), Grand Central Terminal and the New York Public Library. We'll show you the best vantage points to photograph these landmark buildings as you hone your photography skills....

Saturday Oct 22nd, 1:30pm

Other dates (15)

Learn to Juggle (or Get Better)

at JuggleFit - Union Square, New York

Students attending this class will learn how to juggle for brain & body fitness using an easy step by step method, and learn about the surprising benefits of juggling for brain and body health. This is a fun, laid back class where it’s okay to drop the ball. You’ll leave feeling exhilarated and inspired with an exciting new way to work out....

Saturday Oct 22nd, 2pm

Other dates (2)

Afternoon Date Terrarium-Making Workshop

at Twig Terrariums - Gowanus, New York

Join the Twig experts for info on what makes a healthy terrarium, hands-on guidance on how to create one, and learn tips and tricks to miniscaping your own little green world. We provide all the ingredients, including a few types of forest-fresh moss, an adorable little person to live inside, and a care sheet for you to take home with your nifty new...

Saturday Oct 22nd, 2pm

Other dates (11)

Group Moss Terrarium-Making Workshop

at Twig Terrariums - Gowanus, New York

Learn to create a Twig Terrarium at Twig's Open Studio in Gowanus, Brooklyn! Join the Twig experts for info on what makes a healthy terrarium, hands-on guidance on how to create one, and learn tips and tricks to miniscaping your own little green world! We provide all the ingredients, including a few types of forest-fresh moss, an adorable...

Saturday Oct 22nd, 2pm


Big Gay Met

at Museum Hack - Central Park, New York

The Metropolitan Museum of Art is one of the greatest museums on the planet. It is filled with the history of societies present and past, packed with millions of objects that date back over 6000 years, brimming with beauty, inspiration and intellectual stimulation. It’s also super gay.   Come join us for a whirlwind romp through the sometimes...

Saturday Oct 22nd, 2pm

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