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Classes NYC

Leather Bag Making

at Brooklyn Shoe Space - Williamsburg, New York

In this Bag Making course, students will choose from a leather tote bag or backpack. Once the style is chosen students will choose their leather and hardware and learn how to construct the bag of choice from start to finish.  Are the materials included in the cost of the class? Yes The bag making course includes tuition and all the materials...


2 sessions

Tuesday Oct 25th, 6pm

Other dates (5)

Sock Knitting

at Brooklyn Craft Company - Greenpoint, New York

Take your beginner knitting skills to the next level. Join this workshop to learn how to make socks. If you have basic knitting skills and are eager to start making socks, this workshop is for you. You will learn sock knitting from A to Z. After just one evening, you’ll leave with one mini-sock and the skills plus knowledge to make a multitude of...

Tuesday Oct 25th, 6:30pm


Open Level Modern Dance

at Bridge For Dance - Upper West Side, New York

This class on Basic Modern dance introduces you to Horton Technique which incorporates diverse elements like Native American Folk Dance, Japanese gestures, Afro-Caribbean isolations. Students who are 15 to 17 years old should have a parent/guardian present on the first day of class to sign up a release form.

Tuesday Oct 25th, 7pm

Other dates (6)

BYOB Painting: Central Park in Fall

at The Paint Place - Upper West Side, New York

Come paint with us! Our paintings are all for beginners- no experience necessary. Our professional artists will guide you through the class step by step to help your create your one a kind masterpiece to take home with you that night!

Tuesday Oct 25th, 7pm

Other dates (3)

BYOB Painting

at Paint Along NYC - Murray Hill, New York

Sip your favorite Pino Noir and shake off some stress in our Painting class! Bring a group of friends, or make new ones while you paint your cares away! Two blissful hours later, you’ll emerge back onto the gritty streets with your completed canvas in hand, and without a care in the world. Important Things to Note: We use Acrylic paint and a...

Tuesday Oct 25th, 7pm

Other dates (19)

On-Camera Film/TV Intensive with Jen Rudin

at Actors Connection New York - Hell's Kitchen, New York

For the intensive, you'll start off with a Q&A, and then Casting Director will begin working with you with a reader, on-camera, in a group format. Be prepared for feedback and adjustments as Casting Director will coach and critique your work, tweak your material and share invaluable information. Here's an incredible opportunity to meet and work...

Tuesday Oct 25th, 7pm

Other dates (2)

On-Camera Film/TV Intensive with Teaguen Gigi Andreas

at Actors Connection New York - Hell's Kitchen, New York

Don't miss out on this ONE NIGHT ONLY on-camera intensive with this CD from one of NY's top TV/film casting offices. Teaguen is currently working on the third season of a New York TV series. For this event, Teaguen will have received your headshots and resumes and cast you in a scene which you will receive 24-48 hours in advance. You'll start off...

Tuesday Oct 25th, 7pm

Other dates (3)

MC 101 (Two-Day Version)

at Manhattan Edit Workshop - Chelsea, New York

This course leads you through the interface and basic editing techniques before moving on to trimming, fine-tuning the edit, adjusting audio, handling multicamera editing, adding transitions, adding titles, and outputting your finished project. The training is hands-on and features project-based lessons in which you work on real-world projects...


2 sessions

Saturday Nov 5th, 10am

Other dates (8)

Drawing and Watercolor (Beginner/Intermediate)

at ArtWorks at West Side YMCA - Upper West Side, New York

This class is an introduction to the basic techniques of drawing and watercolor. Our subjects will be still-life, art reproductions and photos.  The Summer class will meet in Central Park, weather permitting. Enjoy developing your rendering skills in a supportive environment. Q&A Q: What is the make-up...


7 sessions

Saturday Nov 5th, 10:30am

Other dates (3)

Explorations with Clay: Wheel (Beginner)

at ArtWorks at West Side YMCA - Upper West Side, New York

This class is an introduction to throwing on the potter’s wheel, emphasizing how to create functional forms such as cylinders and bowls. Participants will also learn to enhance forms with decorating and glazing techniques. Q&A Q: What is the make-up policy for multi-session classes?  A: If you sign up for a class with multiple...


7 sessions

Saturday Nov 5th, 10:30am

Other dates (2)

Holiday Ornaments (One Day)

at Brooklyn Glass - Gowanus, New York

Learn how to create your very own blow glass ornaments in this one day workshop. Apply colors, patterns, and decorative glass hooks and enjoy a great introduction to glass blowing. This class makes a wonderful gift as does the beautiful work that you will make. No experience necessary. Q&A Q: Can I make up a class if I miss one? A: No,...

Saturday Nov 5th, 11am

Other dates (7)

Saturday Brunch

at Miette - Little Italy, New York

Learn to cook the following Roasted Potatoes Poached Egg and Muffins Hollandaise Sauce Creamed Spinach Caesar Salad with Homemade Rosemary Croutons Mimosa Vodka Lemon Sorbet Students below 18 years old should be accompanied by a parent/guardian."

Saturday Nov 5th, 12pm


Six Basic Cooking Techniques

at Home Cooking New York - SoHo, New York

After you’ve tackled these fundamental cooking techniques, there is no limit to the variation of meals you can make. Knife Skills (everything you need to know) Browning Meats (perfect skillet steak) Making Pan Sauces (red wine-shallot pan sauce) Roasting Vegetables (roasted potatoes and seasonal vegetables) Blanching Green Vegetables (string...

Saturday Nov 5th, 12pm

Other dates (3)

Make Eclair and Choux

at Mille-Feuille Bakery - Greenwich Village, New York

2 hr to 2.5 hrs preparation and baking. It includes: Theory of the choux dough Preparation of the 'pate a choux' Cooking of the pastry creams Piping & baking techniques Filling & glazing People enjoy free coffee beverages in a relaxed atmosphere with our very own Parisian chefs. Each participant will make her/his own Eclairs and Cho...

Saturday Nov 5th, 12:45pm

Other dates (3)

Bengali Cooking w/ Afsari: Immersion Workshop #2

at The League of Kitchens - Bay Ridge, New York

In Workshop #2 (Vegetarian), you will begin at the end - dessert. Afsari’s award winning rice pudding takes a fair amount of preparation but is worth every step. She will introduce you to the fragrant kalazeerashort-grained rice, which is soaked, dried, and crushed. You will then simmer it slowly with milk, cream, butter, sugar and cardamom pods,...

Saturday Nov 5th, 1pm