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Classes NYC

Sewing 101: The Machine (Beginner)

at Brooklyn General Store - Carroll Gardens, New York

Join this class if you always wanted to learn how to sew. Here's were to start.  In this 2-hour class, you will learn how to thread a sewing machine, bobbin and sew straight seams. Students will get an overview of how the machine works, basic care and stitching.  Are materials provided and included in cost of the class? No. Materials you...

Thursday Nov 3rd, 7pm


5 Week Advanced VoiceOver "Tech" w/ Paul Liberti

at Actors Connection New York - Hell's Kitchen, New York

Learn skills, techniques, insiders secrets for the working Contemporary Commercial Voice Over actor - plus a top VO Agent evaluates your work! There are six Key Skills that every voice actor must learn for current commercial voice over. If your voice over technique needs an update – or you just want to learn some new skills as a voice actor –...


5 sessions

Friday Oct 14th, 6pm

Other dates (2)

How to Cook Duck

at Home Cooking New York - SoHo, New York

When you start with duck, you can't go wrong. Learn how to use every part, from the breast to the legs to the all-important drippings. Learn to Cook: Crispy Duck Breast with Cherry-Thyme Jus   Duck Confit (legs cooked in rendered fat to lusciousness) over Frisee Lettuce Salad Crisp Potato Galettes Cooked in Duck Fat Quick Duck Stock

Friday Nov 4th, 6pm


Film Audition Intensive with Adrienne Stern

at Actors Connection New York - Hell's Kitchen, New York

For tonight's intensive, Adrienne will provide you with a variety of scenes to choose from a few days before the intensive online via your AC account. You are to prepare one scene that you feel represents you.  You'll start off the night with a Q&A taking in the pearls of wisdom and information this veteran CD has to offer and then Adrienne...

Friday Oct 14th, 6:30pm


5 Dollar Fridays: Guerilla Lighting

at BKC Brooklyn Central - DUMBO, New York

With cheap LED options combined with the high-ISO performance of today's digital cameras, the possibilities for rigging a cheap, creative lighting solution are vast.  With just a little know-how, a few unexpected tools and a healthy dose of ingenuity, you could sidestep expensive gear purchases in favor of the "studio-everwhere" approach of DIY...

Friday Oct 14th, 6:30pm


Mozzarella Making

at Murray's Cheese - Greenwich Village, New York

Mild and milky, smooth and silky: any way you stretch it, we love fresh mozzarella! And in this hands-on crash course we'll teach you how to make it at home. First we'll set you straight on coagulation as we tell you how milk turns from fluid to firm curds. Then we'll all roll up our sleeves to turn curds into the beautiful balls that we know as fresh...

Friday Oct 14th, 6:30pm

Other dates (8)

4 Week Film/TV Audition Technique with Judy Henderson

at Actors Connection New York - Hell's Kitchen, New York

Each week will build on the last and all sessions will be on-camera. The course will start off with a week of monologues so Judy can get a "feel" for your type as well as an opportunity to focus on each actor's individual on-camera habits and how this could affect your audition. Week 2 you'll work on cold sides and in week 3 you'll be emailed film...


4 sessions

Friday Oct 14th, 7pm


MC 101 (Two-Day Version)

at Manhattan Edit Workshop - Chelsea, New York

This course leads you through the interface and basic editing techniques before moving on to trimming, fine-tuning the edit, adjusting audio, handling multicamera editing, adding transitions, adding titles, and outputting your finished project. The training is hands-on and features project-based lessons in which you work on real-world projects...


2 sessions

Saturday Nov 5th, 10am

Other dates (2)

Holiday Ornaments (One Day)

at Brooklyn Glass - Gowanus, New York

Learn how to create your very own blow glass ornaments in this one day workshop. Apply colors, patterns, and decorative glass hooks and enjoy a great introduction to glass blowing. This class makes a wonderful gift as does the beautiful work that you will make. Are materials provided and included in cost of the class ? Yes Pre-requisite : No experience...

Saturday Nov 5th, 11am

Other dates (7)

Make Eclair and Choux

at Mille-Feuille Bakery - Greenwich Village, New York

2 hr to 2.5 hrs preparation and baking. It includes: Theory of the choux dough Preparation of the 'pate a choux' Cooking of the pastry creams Piping & baking techniques Filling & glazing People enjoy free coffee beverages in a relaxed atmosphere with our very own Parisian chefs. Each participant will make her/his own Eclairs and Cho...

Saturday Nov 5th, 12:45pm

Other dates (2)

Marc Bauer – International Culinary Center

at De Gustibus Cooking School - Midtown, New York

Marc Bauer, master chef, roundsman, and highly respected instructor from the International Culinary Center, returns to De Gustibus for the 38th time to teach the fine art of knife use.   You will learn new methods to cutting and dicing a variety of vegetables and be introduced to the techniques required to create beautiful garnishes. A class...

Saturday Nov 5th, 1pm


Kids Fashion Camp (Mini-vacation)

at Esaie Couture Design School - Manhattan, New York

You LOVE fashion, right? But maybe you think you're too young to do anything about it?? Well, think again! You can learn to sew, be a designer or fashion illustrator, develop your brand/your logo, create a collection, etc. You'll learn many tricks of the trade from seasoned industry professionals. When we're through with you, you won't just follow...

Monday Oct 3rd, 9am

Other dates (6)

Fundamentals of Drawing and Painting

at Chelsea Classical Studio - Chelsea, New York

Drawing has been the foundation of art for many centuries, and the incredibly diverse and varied approaches continue to inspire much interest from students today. This course will introduce students to the basics of drawing and composition through a series of exercises meant to serve as a foundation based on the human figure.  Students of all...

Monday Oct 3rd, 9am

Other dates (52)

Southern BBQ Supper

at Home Cooking New York - SoHo, New York

Let Chef John Scoff show off his South Carolina roots in this delicious round of the best of the South. Spareribs with Sweet and Spicy BBQ Sauce Southern-Style Coleslaw Creamy Macaroni and Cheese Fresh Fruit Hand Pies

Saturday Nov 5th, 6pm


New Driver Start Up

at York College CPE - Jamaica, New York

With education comes independence. Gain more independence and heighten your career opportunities by learning how to drive. This course is designed for adult learners and provides the materials and knowledge you will need to meet all of New York’s standards that are required to obtain your license and start driving on New York State’s roads and...


5 sessions

Saturday Oct 15th, 9am