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Middle Eastern Cooking Classes NYC

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Middle Eastern Cooking Classes Coming up in New York

Essentials of Middle Eastern Cooking

at The Institute of Culinary Education - Flatiron, New York

Though there are vast areas of arid landscape, the Middle East is a fertile spot on the culinary map. Over the years, various empires have ruled the region's countries, leaving their imprint on the colorful, aromatic, and diverse flavors. Recipes are dominated by spice blends, in-season vegetables and fruits, grains, olives and olive oil, nuts, herbs,...

Sunday Dec 11th, 6pm


Lebanese Cooking w/ Jeanette: Immersion Workshop #2

at The League of Kitchens - Bay Ridge, New York

In Workshop #2 (Vegetarian), you will start off by making a smoky, garlicky baba ganoush, an eggplant spread, which you'll take to a sour and sweet place with a topping of chopped tomato and a drizzle of pomegranate molasses. You will then learn to make mujaddara, a famous Lebanese lentil and rice porridge, which is topped with crispy fried onions,...

Saturday Oct 29th, 1pm

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Lebanese Cooking w/ Jeanette: Taste of Workshop

at The League of Kitchens - Bay Ridge, New York

An exciting introduction to Lebanese cuisine! This 2.5 hour class begins with a warm welcome to Jeanette’s home, where she will greet you with a cup of cinnamon tea and a delicious homemade snack. You will learn how to make yogurt from scratch and then how to properly strain and dress the yogurt to make labneh, a delicious and healthy yogurt spread....

Saturday Nov 12th, 1pm


Lebanese Cooking w/ Jeanette: Immersion Workshop #1

at The League of Kitchens - Bay Ridge, New York

In Workshop #1 (Non-Veg), you will start off by learning how to make yogurt from scratch and then how to properly strain and dress yogurt to make labneh, a delicious and healthy yogurt spread. When you makehummuswith Jeannette, you will learn how to start with dried chickpeas to get the most flavor, and the proper proportion of tahini, garlic, and...

Saturday Nov 19th, 1pm


Lebanese Cooking w/ Jeanette: Immersion Workshop #3

at The League of Kitchens - Bay Ridge, New York

Menu for Immersion Workshop #3 (Non-Vegetarian) Fattoush (Lebanese Bread Salad) A bright, flavorful salad overflowing with fresh vegetables and herbs, dressed with lemon juice, olive oil and spices, and topped with crisp, fried, pita triangles Shish Touk with Toum (Chicken Kebabs with Garlic Spread) Chicken marinated in a savory yogurt sauce, grilled...

Saturday Dec 17th, 1pm


Middle Eastern Meze

at Haven's Kitchen - Chelsea, New York

In this class, we’ll compose a meze table that draws inspiration from a range of regions of the former Ottoman Empire and their classic dishes. Middle Eastern meze-style dining is a favorite at Haven’s Kitchen. Small plates like hummus, kibbeh, labneh and falafel feature fresh seasonal ingredients and array of cooking styles that make for fun...

Thursday Jan 19th, 11am


How to Use Herbs & Spices in Cooking (or Seasoning 101)

at Home Cooking New York - SoHo, New York

This class is designed to be the end-all-be-all for your seasoning questions. We cover all of the following, and cook up a variety of different dishes that incorporate these techniques: Identifying every herb and spice available to you in the supermarket  When to choose herbs vs. spices Food pairings (what herbs/spices pair well with what...

Tuesday Jan 10th, 6pm


Middle Eastern Table

at Camaje - Greenwich Village, New York

No need to bring anything but your hunger for good food and your thirst for knowledge! Learn basic Middle Eastern cooking techniques and ingredients. Our menu includes  Hummus bi Tahini Baba Ganooj Toum (garlic paste) Lebanese Chicken Kebabs Lamb Kefta Cucumber Yogurt Salad Lentil and Bulgur Pilaf with Caramelized Onion (Mujaddara) Spicy...

Wednesday Nov 2nd, 6:30pm


How to Season Like a Chef

at Natural Gourmet Institute - Flatiron, New York

Learn the secret to sparking personality in any food through dynamic seasoning. Chef Jay Weinstein reveals the three keys to creating distinctive flavors through seasoning, from using herbs, spices, and marinades for ethnic and regional identity, and understanding when to complement versus when to contrast, to a true understanding of the role salt...

Monday Nov 28th, 6:30pm


The International Food Tour of Astoria, Queens

at SusanSez NYC Walkabouts - Astoria, New York

Enjoy the most delightful restaurants, cafes and food shops as Susan shows you her very favorites. Tastings include honey-laden baklava, soft Colombian sweet bread, flaky Greek spanakopita and much more! Learn the history of Greeks, Italians, Germans, Middle Easterners, South Americans and Southeast Asians that have made Astoria one of "the most diverse...


Sunday Nov 13th, 11am

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Middle Eastern Cooking with Rawia Bishara

at De Gustibus Cooking School - Midtown, New York

A fascinating tale will unfold as Rawia Bishara shares her journey from Nazareth, an Arab town in northern Israel, to opening Tanoreen in Brooklyn, where she serves “the Middle Eastern home cooking I ate growing up.” All of this is celebrated in Rawia’s new, highly-praised cookbook, Olives, Lemons, and Za’atar, from which she will take the...

No Upcoming Schedules

Exploring Middle Eastern Cooking Series

at Haven's Kitchen - Chelsea, New York

Middle Eastern food is a favorite at Haven's Kitchen. The vibrant flavors, the focus on seasonal ingredients and communal style of eating aligns with our stars. This February, we're doing a three part series that focuses on lessons from new classic, "old" classic, and a recently released, soon-to-be classic cookbook. The range of flavors and techniques...


3 sessions

No Upcoming Schedules

Flavors of the Middle East

at Home Cooking New York - SoHo, New York

This class is designed to help you increase the number of flavors and ingredients you are comfortable experimenting with in your kitchen, by highlighting the vibrant cuisines of the Middle East. Menu: Homemade Pita Bread Muhammara (walnut-pomegranate-red pepper dip) Roasted Eggplant with Chermoula and Sumac Yogurt Chicken Tagine with Saffron...

No Upcoming Schedules

Middle Eastern Dinner

at Haven's Kitchen - Chelsea, New York

Even though the cultures and people of the Middle East are diverse, ingredients like olive oil, olives, sesame seeds, chickpeas, mint, honey, and flatbreads like pita are common staples throughout the region—cutting across ethnic and religious differences. Through creating a festive dinner, students will learn how these ingredients are important...

No Upcoming Schedules

Learn to Cook Healthy, Flavorful Home-cooked Dishes

at Mukti's Kitchen - Kensington & Parkville, New York

Indian cooking is the best when it's home made. Mukti will give you the detailed descriptions of spices, sauces and what goes with what and how to flavor the dishes. After that we will prepare curries which are very authentic with vibrant tastes and textures of this rich and fascinating cuisine. We invite you to bring a notebook, so you can take...

No Upcoming Schedules