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Noble Desktop

Noble Desktop

Midtown, New York, New York
(371 Reviews)

Noble Desktop teaches people how to build websites, make apps, and create digital content. We offer comprehensive day, evening, and weekend classes as well as certificate programs in web design, web development, and digital publishing. Our curricula and workbooks are used by colleges and schools worldwide.

Noble Desktop was established in 1990, and has been training designers, coders, professionals, and career-changers ever since. We've seen literally dozens of schools appear and disappear since our founding. But Noble has persisted and thrived due to the quality of our curriculum and instructors. With Noble Desktop you can count on original curriculum, computers supplied in classrooms, free retakes, and a money-back guarantee. 

We Wrote the Book Ourselves
Most of our classes include a custom training workbook written by our top instructors. Take it home with you: with step-by-step exercises and power-user keyboard shortcut guides, it’s like having a refresher course right on your desk. We wrote the book ourselves because we couldn't find any book that was good enough. Now our books are being used by other schools and training centers worldwide.

We Provide Computers, Mac or PC
Since when did training centers expect you to "bring a laptop"? Noble Desktop has always had classrooms full of computers, Mac and PC. Each computer is loaded with software and has a 19-inch monitor. The next time you are asked to "bring a laptop," ask why you aren't being provided a computer. Noble Desktop always has up-to-date equipment in our state-of-the-art classrooms.

We Are NY State-Licensed, and Adobe Authorized
When looking at a computer training school, check to see if they are NY State-licensed. Any school in New York should be licensed by law. Noble Desktop follows state-issued guidelines for curriculum development and teacher licensing. Adobe Authorized means our instructors have passed the rigorous Adobe Certification Exam, and that we follow Adobe's quality-control standards.

Our Students Love Us! 2000+ Testimonials and Counting
We offer our guarantee because we think we’re the best—but don’t take our word for it. Read the more than 2000 industry professionals who loved our classes so much they used their real names with testimonialand are putting what they learned to use on the job.

Reviews of Noble Desktop

(371 Reviews)
SEO in a Day

Tony D.

Attended: SEO in a Day

The course was very insightful, it was run very efficiently and covered a lot of top topics

Graphic Design Bootcamp


Attended: Graphic Design Bootcamp

Class was good. Challenged ppl creatively but the fundamentals of graphic design could have been explained in more depth. Ex: kerning and leading. Two important fundamentals of graphic design that was covered in 2 minutes. Spend more time on The basics that help designs make a lasting impact and give / show examples. Overall i would say the class was not worth the dollar amount I paid.

SEO in a Day


Attended: SEO in a Day

The course was great! The teacher was superb! She took her time to explain everything clearly and was very helpful! Definitely worth going if you are a small business owner and need more customers.

Adobe Photoshop Bootcamp

Anh T.

Attended: Adobe Photoshop Bootcamp

Very enthusiastic instructor. Class was fun!

Adobe Illustrator 3-day Bootcamp


Attended: Adobe Illustrator 3-day Bootcamp

Eugenio is a great teacher! Energetic, kind, patient, and an expert in the topic. I only took off a star because the rest of my classmates seemed kind of disinterested in being there, which was surprising for continuing education. So there wasn't really a sense of camaraderie, but I did get a solid foundation and introduction to Illustrator.

After Effects in a Day


Attended: After Effects in a Day

Amazing instructor!

After Effects in a Day

Mary B.

Attended: After Effects in a Day

Great teacher! Learned a lot in one day.

After Effects in a Day


Attended: After Effects in a Day

Very good for learning with no experience or for filling in the gaps from self teaching AfterEffects. Wish there were a little more complex concepts taught other than just moving shapes around on 2D space but you can only teach so much in a day. Got a little too quick towards the end when exporting projects and learning different compressions so it felt arbitrary to even explain. But overall good class and great teacher, perfect pace for learning from scratch and if you need to learn specifically how to make gifs and logos

Google Ads in a Day

Jhordan M.

Attended: Google Ads in a Day

Class was great. I learned a lot and left with a clear understanding of the material.

Photoshop in a Day


Attended: Photoshop in a Day

Second half of the class moved a little too quickly

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