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Pace University CPE

Midtown East, New York, New York
(121 Reviews)

This school gives you the power to transform your life ---to achieve your educational goals and career dreams. Whether you are looking to enhance your skills in your current position, contemplating a career change, updating your resume, or opening up your mind to something you have always dreamed of learning, they have the courses that will fit your needs and help you achieve your goals. 

Their Mission is Simple - To Help You Succeed:
The school offers life-long learning opportunities for all ages. Their mission is to serve their community by enriching lives through personal and professional development. They provide a wide variety of affordable noncredit courses, certificates, and professional training opportunities that will advance your career!

Reviews of Pace University CPE

(121 Reviews)

Shanavier M.

Attended: Human Resources Generalist Certificate

Very informative, with tons of useful information.

Elizabeth C.

Attended: Introduction to Blueprint Reading

it was good and very helpful. Thank you

Carolina F.

Attended: Adobe InDesign

I had very little knowledge of InDesign going in and now I can create a magazine in a jiff! It was very helpful, the instructor Eugenio is patient and kind. You get a beautiful Certificate at the end of the class which was the best part! I would recommend this class to anyone who wishes to learn the basics of InDesign. Can't wait for my next class!

Olivia B.

Attended: Adobe InDesign

The perfect class for me. An overall review of indesign highlighting its use for magazines and advertisements. A 4 hour class can't highlight everything but Eugenio structured the class really well to give you the best overview and provide tricks for new users! Would highly recommend.

Michael T.

Attended: Adobe Photoshop CC Level 1

This class was truly phenomenal! I had no idea that I'd learn so much! The class was small and moved quickly. The instructor had an accent, but he knew his stuff and was amazing. Definitely worth the cost. I'd love to take more lesson with Eugenio.


Attended: Adobe InDesign

I thought Eugenio the teacher was great and accessible during the break to ask questions. Would have liked a takeaway at the beginning of class with some Indesign shortcuts, but overall a great class and I learned a lot!! I liked how he set us up to create a magazine during the class and we learned that way since every page was something different.


Attended: Adobe InDesign

The instructor was very clear in his instructions and the topics were well organized. A surprising amount of information was covered in a little under 4 hours. You will get the most out of this class if you have a basic working knowledge of Photoshop or Illustrator.

Karen O.

Attended: Adobe Photoshop CC Level 1

I would definitely recommend this for anyone beginning with Photoshop

Teuta S.

Attended: HR Global Certificate

It was very informative!

Edward G.

Attended: Construction Project Management Certificate

Excellent, the teacher is the best.

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551 5th Ave, New York, New York 10017
Pace University CPE
Midtown East, Manhattan
551 5th Ave
At E 45th St
New York, New York 10017

Teachers at Pace University CPE

David Caputo Joan Tucker and Constance Harris Michael J. Pocchia, Esq Alex Gordon Amy Williams Amy Williams Andre Nakashian Andrew Revkin Arnum Wapples Ava Heuer Ava Heuer and Dr. Jimmie Flores Beth Smith & Ashleigh Sawdon Bill De Fossett Bob Calamai Brett Cassidy Brett Cassidy & Teri Latimer Brett Cassidy & Michael J. Pocchia C. Wendell Edwards Cara Cea Christi Kobus Rokicki Constance Harris Dan Pucci Danielle Plass David Gibbs Douglas Barr Dr. Flores, Ava Heuer, Mr. Lerner Dr. James Gabberty E. Dominique Paraison Eddis Miller Emily Welty Eugenio Eugenio Solis De Ovando Eugenio & Hap Gaylord Greg Chartier, Ph.D., SPHR, GPHR Greg Chartier & Jimmie Flores Hap Gaylord Hariharan Natarajan James Gabberty Jane Lattes Jeff Opperman Jennifer Pankowski Jennifer Loftus Jimmie Flores Jimmie Flores & Greg Chartier Jimmie Flores, PhD, DM, PMP, SSBB, ITIL, SPHR, GPHR Jimmie Flores, Ava Heuer & Joshua Lerner Joan Tucker John Filiberty John Delfino Joseph & Joe Julie Gil Kevin J. Murphy Kevin O'Meara, M.S. Kevin Murphy & Greg Chartier, Ph.d., SPHR, GPHR Kevin O'Meara, M.S. and Professor William Rundle Kit Lee- Demery Kristin Nelson Kristin Nelson Leo Somma Lisa Dash-Grimes Lisa Montenaro Marie Esposito Mary Anne Martucci Matthew Bolton Matthew Capala Matthew Knell Michael Fucilli, CIA, CFE Michael Pocchia Michael J. Pocchia & Hon. William J. Giacomo Mor Diao Mor Diao, Allison Minerva & Paul Campano Nancy Kelly Nipunee Dayananda Padma Kadiyala, MBA, PHD Pamela Marcus Paul Campano Paul C. Bierman, Esq.Professor PBD Investigations / Security Guard Training School Professor Brett Cassidy Professor Michael J. Pocchia, Esq. Professor Nipunee Dayananda Professor Paul C. Bierman, Esq Professor Paul C. Bierman, Esq. Professor Sheri Adebiyi Professor Sheri Adebiy Professor William Rundle Ray LaManna Ray LaManna, SPHR Ray Rokicki Jr., MBA/HRM, PHR Robert Chersi Robert Calamai Roberta Bangs Sheri Adebiyi Stacy L. Spencer STAFF Teresa O. Malihan Teri Latimer Theresa Breland Thomas Murphy Viktoras Kulvinskas
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