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New York Academy of Art

TriBeCa, New York, New York
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At the New York Academy of Art, we believe that the world of visual art is built upon the essential cornerstones of figurative drawing, painting, and sculpture. Mastering these disciplines is critical to the development of an artist's personal vision and, ultimately, to the creation of vital contemporary art.


The New York Academy of Art is a graduate school that combines intensive technical training in the fine arts with active critical discourse. We believe that rigorously trained artists are best able to realize their artistic vision. Academy students are taught traditional methods and techniques and encouraged to use these skills to make vital contemporary art. The Academy serves as a creative and intellectual center for all artists dedicated to highly skilled, conceptually aware figurative and representational art. 


The New York Academy of Art was founded in 1982 by artists, scholars and patrons of the arts, including Andy Warhol, to foster a resurgence in the training of figurative and representational art. The Academy has since developed into a non-profit cultural institution housing the nation’s first graduate school of figurative art, a continuing education program, the region’s most in-depth figurative art library, an extensive exhibition and lecture series, and iconic New York City events such as Take Home a Nude and Tribeca Ball.

Reviews of New York Academy of Art

(34 Reviews)

Catherine W.

Attended: Full Color in the Figure

Great instructor, always well prepared and very insightful.


Attended: Figure Atelier

Due to a technical glitch, too many turned up for the first day and, even after, it is a busy class but the teaching is brilliant. Aimed exactly at each individual's requirements. Choose this class if you have some knowledge, this isn't for absolute beginners but I felt it really advanced my technique and knowledge.


Attended: Academic Drawing: The Bargue Method

Excellent class that teaches fundamental drawing techniques in ways that really work; good instructor who spends lots of time with each student and is very encouraging.


Attended: Watercolor Painting

Excellent instruction - small suggestions often made all the difference to a painting.

chris F.

Attended: Introduction to Drawing and Painting

Adam Cross was quite an inspiring, knowledgable and inspired teacher. Easy to talk to, willing to answer any questions, wanting to get to know the students, and great at making the course enjoyable all the way through. This class does teach the fundamentals of drawing and leaves the student with a firm base to move forward with outside of class. I found myself focusing more on the drawing side of the course because all of the students problem solving can and should be done with the pencil. Especially as someone with little to no experience. Although, I did think being introduced to oil paints was fun, worthwhile and even an indispensable part of the course. But again, I think the student who wants to continue on should come with the intent of drawing much much more than oil painting upon finishing the class. This class did a great job of helping the artist mitigate drawing and painting anxiety, setting the student up to continue sighting from real life, still life drawing and painting, and gives a variety of exercises that can and should be used to continue to build upon your own foundation.

Ralph J.

Attended: Plein Air Watercolor

Marcelo was a good instructor. He gave his students personalized attention. Demonstrations were provided. I learned so much and a new way of painting after over thirty five years of not painting since college. We went to a different outdoor location every week. Although classes were slated for three hours, many classes provided much more time for the students. The class was small but it gave us a good opportunity to meet the other students and learn. I would certainly consider another class.


Attended: Intimate Narrative

Michelle is an incredible teacher. She pitched it just right with every student and added extra interest with art history during the breaks. I enjoyed every moment and learnt so much.


Attended: Introduction to Drawing and Painting

Clases was good, a little slow I feel it, I want more concept and more knowledge about the material. But the teacher was good.


Attended: Portrait and Figure Painting

Learned so much about oil painting techniques and came out an improved artist. I highly recommend this course!


Attended: Intimate Narrative

Michelle, our teacher, is amazing. Really helpful and supportive. I drop the star not for her but for the organisation of the NYAA. We were in a pretty unsuitable room which lacked equipment and good lighting. We were often delayed by lack of essential items. Fortunately, I understand the class will be moved upstairs for the spring semester.

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