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La Mano Pottery

Chelsea, New York, New York
(55 Reviews)

La Mano Pottery is a full service ceramic studio located in the Chelsea neighborhood of New York City. Opened in 1998, La Mano provides a welcoming studio environment for beginners and experienced potters. Here, everyone can relax, learn, and enhance their creativity while working with clay.

Classes are offered weekly for those interested in hand building or using the potter’s wheel to make unique handmade items. The class schedule includes a wide array of programs for adults as well as teenagers, young children (over age 5), and for parent/child groups. Private lessons are also available.

All classes are small, and are designed to help students develop and advance their skills and creativity (see descriptions and schedule below). Teachers freely share their enthusiasm for pottery and offer personal assistance to help students realize their ideas. Ample practice time is available to all students at no additional charge, and there is always a knowledgeable studio assistant on duty.

La Mano is equipped with 29 electric pottery wheels for throwing. A separate area is set up for hand building, complete with slab roller and extruder. Six electric kilns, firing regularly to cone 05 and cone 5, allow for the production of hundreds of beautiful pieces each week. Two distinct clay bodies, and a unique collection of glaze recipes (mixed right in the studio), offer a palette of colors for all tastes and projects. Small pottery tools, clean towels and aprons, as well as an extensive library of ceramic books and magazines are made available for everyone working in our space.

Reviews of La Mano Pottery

(55 Reviews)


Attended: Silver Clay Workshop

Greatly enjoyed the class. Amy was a knowledgeable and informative instructor. I had fun!!!


Attended: Hand Building | Summer

I learned a lot about clay and pottery, and I'm inspired to create more in other mediums too. Will probably register for a session again when I have some more free time. Would recommend.

Stefanie R.

Attended: Silver Clay Workshop

Great teacher - lots of fun and I learned a lot about this -

Irka T.

Attended: Silver Clay Workshop

It was a great class! I learned something I've wanted to do. I did feel a bit rushed to finish the project. And I also think I was very overcharged for materials. (I checked the price of silver clay online, and I have to say I found the same product & size for $30 less)

Huoy U.

Attended: Wheel | Early Spring

It was my first time at the wheel and it was a great experience! It looks very easy when you watch an experienced person but it requires a lot of practice to throw things so effortlessly. Class is once a week but you students can visit any time during the week when the studio is open and there are no classes. Peggy is an amazing teacher. She has many years of experience and is also one of the owners of the studio. She is very patient and provides individual attention to students during the class. My favorite part of the class is glazing which we learned in the 7th week. It's when everything you've learned comes together with color and become beautiful pieces of work. I have developed a greater appreciation for all things pottery!


Attended: Intro Workshop: Handbuilding

This class is basically paying $75 to play with clay. The teacher did not really guide us except to tell us what we couldn't make, and if you pay extra to keep a piece you make, you don't get to pick the color of your glaze. It was a fun activity to do with a friend or significant other, but it's odd that this class is priced the same as the wheel class which includes much more technique instruction.

Chad L.

Attended: Silver Clay Workshop

Great instruction and loads of fun! Came out with great results!


Attended: Silver Clay Workshop

The class was fun and I learned but if the replacement instructer had more knowledge or practice on the uses of the material I may have learned more BUT overall it was good and I would go back to try a different instructer. The place was nice and the people were accommodating as well.

Melda E.

Attended: Intro Workshop: Wheel

Great instructor. Things were made easy for us. Wished the size of the class was smaller.

Amy H.

Attended: Intro Workshop: Wheel

Perfect introduction to the wheel. Looking forward to taking another class soon.

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