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Hip Hop Dance Classes Online

Learn to bust a move and express yourself through the vibrant and energetic art of hip-hop dance. From beginner to advanced, these online classes offer step-by-step instruction, choreography, and a fun way to improve coordination, flexibility, and rhythm.

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Virtual Beginners Hip Hop Dance

Nadia Khayrallah

Find your groove from the safety of your room! This fun, upbeat, beginner-friendly class breaks down the fundamentals of street and commercial dance forms to build up your technical skills and confidence. The session will incorporate an injury prevention warm-up, introduction to new moves, a piece of choreography, and a guided freestyle session. Our focus will be on the rhythm, footwork, isolations, and stylized flair that defines hip-hop dancers....

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Drums for Adults & Teens Beginner

Los Angeles City College @ Live Online

Have you ever wanted to play the beat to your favorite song, jam with a band or rock out with the music on your phone, CDs and/or MP3 player? We will explore the basics of rhythm and you will learn to play Rock, Pop, Hip Hop, Dance, R&B, Blues and many other music styles on the drums. Bring in your favorite songs. Instructor will provide the drum set.  Please Note: Bring drum sticks and practice pad, available at Sam Ash, Guitar Center...

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5 sessions

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Discover the Best Hip Hop Dance Classes Online

Hip hop dance and music go hand in hand. While this style of music and dance has roots in black culture, it has grown popular across the United States and even internationally. Hip hop started as a style of street performance for the expression of black youth during the late 1960s and early 1970s. With the rise of the Sugarhill Gang, Hip hop began to climb in popularity. Dance battles were performed in the streets in the 1980s and 1990s and eventually, the dance style and music came to the screen and stage.

Dancing hip hop involves three styles of movement – popping, locking, and breaking. Popping commonly occurs with the beat of the music. Movements are directed outward in a kind of visual explosion. Locking can also occur with the beet but involves inward movements such as contracting or tightening. Dancers may also freeze for emphasis. “Breaking” refers to breakdancing and, while often taught as a separate style of dance, its elements of footwork and athleticism are tied into hip hop.

Why You Should Learn Hip Hop Dance Online

Learning hip hop (and truly any form of dance) can be a source of fun, expression, and creativity. Many people learn to dance simply for the joy of it, rather than for competition or spectacle. Hip hop is a unique style of dance in that it focuses on self expression, and many dancers find self-confidence and freedom in the ability to shape their own movements.

Some people abhor the idea of going to the gym. These individuals might sign up for dance classes through a desire for a more accessible and enjoyable form of physical exercise. Even if exercise isn’t your specific goal in dancing, learning hip hop dance will improve your body strength and flexibility. In class, you can expect to work up a sweat as hip hop is considered a form of aerobic exercise and will get the blood pumping. 

Learning to dance often leads to boosts in confidence and self esteem as you realize your ability to master a new skill. Dancing also requires being willing to perform in front of others, which includes the possibility of making mistakes during practice. Being open to others viewing your movements can help with overcoming performance and social anxiety. Some dancers progress to take on leadership roles in teaching others, if not in a classroom than something as simple as teaching a friend a flashy trick or two.

Taking hip hop dance lessons opens individuals up to new experiences, people, and opportunities. Through classes, individuals usually find community (be it in-person or online). This community becomes a source of advice and encouragement. Peers can share experiences and cheer each other on as they master difficult moves or perform in competition. Having a sense of community and belonging is important to an individual’s well being. Forming connections over similar interests can also lead to discovering long-term friends.

While making money doesn’t have to be a goal in learning hip hop, those who learn to perform the dance well can turn their talents into a source of side income. Dancers can earn money to perform in music videos, special events, competitions, concerts, and shows. Others might dance on the street of cash. Those who enjoy teaching may charge fees for instructing others. Whatever your interests in learning hip hop dance, there are many benefits to engaging in the hobby. 

Virtual Hip Hop Dance Classes 

You might think it would be difficult to learn hip hop from the comfort of your own home. Not so! With a reliable internet connection, all you need to attend online classes is enough space to move around. You’ll interact with your instructor and peers in real time over online video. Virtual hip hop dance classes not only eliminate the commute of in-person classes but also don’t limit you to nearby dance studios. In theory, you could attend dance classes from anywhere in the world! 

The only downside to virtual classes is you may be required to supply your own materials. Luckily, very little is required for dance besides comfortable clothing. Another important aspect of learning dance is being able to observe your own moves. While physical dance studios commonly have floor to ceiling mirrors for this purpose, students learning from home may need to video tape themselves if they don’t own a standing mirror. 

Virtual Hip Hop Dance classes have been available in the past. Continue to check CourseHorse’s virtual class search for future offerings or consider signing up for online dance classes for a different dance style, such as ballet.

Hip hop is intrinsically tied to black culture and movements of social change in US history. The Dance/Movement Therapy for Social Change is a four-part course that teaches students about how dance/movement therapy is used both in mental health and social change. Included is also a workshop on social advocacy. By the end of the course, students will have a better understanding of how to use dance to change the world around them and grow confidence in themselves in becoming agents of change. Students must be at least 18 years old.

If your interest in dance and hip hop lies in the physical benefits, you wish to attend the Virtual Lit Fit course. Students will groove and sweat to the beat of various dance styles. Like hip hop, participants in dance fitness are encouraged to freeform. Should you choose to attend this class over multiple sessions, you will inevitably develop your own style of movement and build confidence in how you express yourself. 

Private Online Group Hip Hop Dance Classes

Hip hop dance classes may seem a little unconventional when it comes to group building activities. While hip hop encourages individual expression, learning to move and groove with your teammates is also an important skill for group-style dances and learning choreography. While a group of friends can certainly have fun dancing together, businesses and organizations can benefit from private online group hip hop dance classes as well. 

Corporate teams participating in dance classes will discover a sense of fun and creativity, which are known to increase productivity and problem solving skills. Learning to move as a team also improves communication and planning abilities. If you can’t find hip hop dance classes for your group, there are a few other private courses you may be interested in. 

Regardless of style, every dancer (including professionals) needs to stretch to improve flexibility and avoid injury. The Virtual Group Stretching & Alignment course teaches stretches commonly used by dancers to keep their body limber. Variations of techniques are provided for participants who have a limited range of motion. 

If your team commonly works in a typical office setting, you may wish to attend the Virtual Chair Stretching class. Participants will perform stretches related to yoga and dance while sitting on a chair. This makes the class excellent for individuals of all levels of flexibility. By the end of the class, your team will have a set of stretches for improving posture and movement that they continue using in the office or any future dance classes.

Teams looking for events with more of a musical focus may wish to attend a night of Virtual Music Trivia. The class covers music genres from all over the world, not just what is popular. Teams will enjoy stretching their thinking muscles while laughing and competing with each other. The event is open for groups of all sizes up to 200 people, but accommodations can be made for larger groups. 

Looking for trivia more in line with hip hop? Virtual Black History Month Trivia includes questions involving African American pop culture and music as well as movies, history, sports, and many more topics. Each round of trivia will involve different styles beyond simple questions and answers, including visual and musical trivia. Participants will compete both in groups and individually. Trivia lasts for one hour, but the time can be adjusted to the needs of your group. 

If you are looking for course options that differ from what’s available, you may reach out to CourseHorse for information about future events or the ability to customize existing ones. Any event through CourseHorse can be customized to include certain games or themes for an additional fee. Group sizes are also flexible. You can change the size of your group up or down so long as CourseHorse is given advance notice. 

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