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New York City College of Technology

New York City College of Technology is a thriving institution that has grown from 246 students in 1947 to about 17,000 today. With a focus on technical training and higher education opportunities, the college offers a wide range of programs to prepare students for careers in various fields.

Upcoming Classes at New York City College of Technology (10)

All courses are held at 25 Chapel St, Brooklyn, NY unless indicated.

Tuesday, September 10th
6–9pm EDT (12 sessions)


Wednesday, September 11th
6–9pm EDT


Wednesday, September 18th
6–9pm EDT


Wednesday, September 25th
6–9pm EDT


Wednesday, October 2nd
6–9pm EDT


Tuesday, October 8th
6–9pm EDT (4 sessions)


Wednesday, October 9th
6–9pm EDT


Tuesday, October 15th
6–9pm EDT (9 sessions)


Tuesday, November 12th
6–9pm EDT (3 sessions)


Wednesday, December 4th
6–9pm EDT (6 sessions)


Provider Description

Your college years represent a precious opportunity to gather knowledge, personal strength and resolve for a future that offers unimaginable opportunities for those that have the fortitude to seize them. New York City College of Technology can provide you with these opportunities if you take advantage of the College’s educational offerings and supporting services, and dedicate yourself to reaching your potential.

The College was founded in 1946, under the name “The New York State Institute of Applied Arts and Sciences.” The urgent mission at the time was to provide training to GIs returning from the Second World War and to provide New York with the technically proficient workforce it would need to thrive in the emerging post-war economy. No one in 1946 could have predicted the transformation the College has experienced. From its beginnings as an Institute - to being chartered as a community college in 1957 - and subsequently transitioning to senior college status during the 1980’s - it has grown from serving 246 students in the class of 1947, to a population today of about 17,000 degree-students (about 6,000 in baccalaureate degree programs) and serving over 14,000 others who participate in the continuing education offerings of the College.

Our mission, however, has not changed; It is still urgent, and it is still focused on preparing a technically proficient workforce and well-educated citizens. The College’s offerings encompass the pre-professional, professional and technical programs that respond to regional economic needs and provide access to higher education for all who seek fulfillment of career and economic goals through education. The 65 registered programs offered allow graduates to pursue careers in the architectural and engineering technologies, the computer, entertainment, and health professions, human services, advertising and publishing, hospitality, business, and law-related professions, as well as programs in career and technical teacher education.

These programs extend from the only program in entertainment technology east of the Mississippi to the most award-winning public program in the culinary arts to be found anywhere; from healthcare programs that address critical social needs to a program in applied mathematics that prepares students to design computer-based models needed in the world of high finance; from advertising design and graphic arts programs to a facilities management program that prepares students to manage the star-wars-like control rooms of complex modern high-rise buildings. In essence, the College’s programs are geared to the needs of our students, the professions we support and the commerce that drives our economy.

While technologies have changed and professions have been transformed, what is at the heart of City Tech has remained constant - our basic educational approach. City Tech is a place where dedicated faculty, many joining us after successful professional careers in their chosen fields, work side-by-side with students in laboratory settings. The college was founded as a beacon of opportunity available to those who might not otherwise have access to higher education and it still performs this function today. And just as was true on the chilly morning in February of 1947 when the college first opened its doors, we have one foot in the present and one in the future, keeping our programs aligned with the high-tech workforce needs of tomorrow.

I invite you to explore this Web site to begin your own voyage of discovery through our college and to see for yourself why City Tech is such a unique place, a college that can help you build the future we cannot yet imagine.

300 Jay St, New York, NY 11201
New York City College of Technology
Downtown Brooklyn, Brooklyn
300 Jay St
Btwn Tillary & Johnson Streets
New York, New York 11201

Reviews of New York City College of Technology

(3.7-star rating across 108 reviews)
  • DOB Filings And Permits Process

    Anonymous review on 5/23/2024
    Felt a little unorganized. I am familiar with the DOB process, I was hoping for a "back to basics" clear shot introduction to filing permits in NYC. If I didn't already understand it I feel this class would be super confusing as a new-to-the-system user. I suggest re-organizing the presentation. Also the trainer, while personable and helping the class not feel so mundane, had some odd comments throughout that were not appropriate for a professional training.
  • DOB Filings And Permits Process

    Reviewed by li z. on 5/23/2024
    It was also, it will better if he can go deeper. Let me know if there is level 2, 3 class. Thank you
  • Homeowner's Guide to Basic Electrical Repairs

    Anonymous review on 2/22/2024
    Instructor was professional and patient. He answered all our questions.
  • Homeowner's Guide to Basic Electrical Repairs

    Anonymous review on 2/22/2024
    Very knowledgeable and friendly instructor. There were a number of people in the class who had specific questions about their own homes; instructor was friendly and answered those questions, as a result it took about an hour before we did anything hands on in the class. The one main hands-on exercise we did was good, would have liked some more hands on experience.
  • Homeowner's Basic Tool Kit

    Anonymous review on 11/16/2023
    The instructor was very nice but there was no structure or set of activities or skills pre-planned. He showed us some tools, and then asked us what issues we're having at home and tried to provide instruction on handling those. He wasn't always able to explain clearly especially things like electric (which can be difficult but simple things like how to install a light switch or outlet. He did show the breaker box ). So super hit or miss. Some things were indeed useful --we got to use a jigsaw and circular saw--and it's nice to have a dummy toilet, sink or drywall demo. But there wasn't any real instruction. None of us got to install an anchor, for example, or try the studfinder. I think having a hands-on activity for say, 6-10 items would be ideal with questions dealing with personal DIY items. The best part was the "under the hood" look at plumbing which explained a lot of issues.
  • DOB Filings And Permits Process

    Anonymous review on 10/27/2023
    The class just outlined the Expeditor terminology and some of its process. It would've been great if we got copies of instructor's outline which had vast information and usable links. I suppose three hours was too little to really get in depth guidance to the DOB permits & plans submission process. I enjoyed listening but really wasted my time.
  • Level 2 Blueprint Reading Advanced, Construction Drawings

    Reviewed by Dawn F. on 4/21/2023
    Francisco is an excellent teacher. not only does he explain everything thoroughly, he fielded all of our questions & exhibited great patience & a profound love for teaching his subject.
  • Revit MEP for Engineering

    Anonymous review on 6/22/2022
    Class lacked structure and did not really follow a syllabus of any sort. The instructor relied on the students a lot to try and figure things out, when most of us were not totally familiar with the program. A few classes were spent just watching/listening to an automated robot read a PDF to us or YouTube tutorials, which we could have done on our own outside of the class. Would have been a much more productive and informative class if the instructor shared his screen from day 1 and walked us through setting up the project, and following along with all of the steps to progress and complete the model during each class. Instead, the classes consisted of the instructor having random students share their screen and the rest of the class would have to watch and try to assist while they struggled with certain aspects of the program.
  • Level 2 Blueprint Reading Advanced, Construction Drawings

    Anonymous review on 6/3/2022
    Loved the interactive and hands-on nature of the class. Also appreciated that the instructor was focused on questions we had with regard to our own home renovation projects. It would have, however, been helpful to have some more structure in the begin of the class to teach us some of the fundamentals that I think many of us lacked, before jumping into the interactive section.
  • DOB Filings And Permits Process

    Anonymous review on 5/7/2022
    Very informative! Thanks!
  • Homeowner's Guide to Plaster and Sheetrock Repair

    Anonymous review on 4/17/2022
    Unfortunately the class was advertised at one location only to be moved to another without proper notice. I could not attend because I could not find the alternate location.
  • Intro to Python

    Anonymous review on 4/13/2020
    The on-site class was ok, but when we had to go on-line due COVID I stopped learning :(
  • Homeowner's Guide to Basic Plumbing

    Anonymous review on 2/20/2020
    Good...very basic.
  • Homeowner's Basic Tool Kit

    Anonymous review on 2/6/2020
    Very knowledgable and skilled instructor but not enough hands-on instruction with tools.
  • NYS Notary Public Exam Preparation

    Anonymous review on 1/19/2020
    I enjoyed the class, it was very informative.
  • Level 4 Cost Estimating for Construction

    Reviewed by Gerald D. on 1/10/2020
    Waste of time and money.
  • REVIT Certification Prep

    Reviewed by S M Nazmul C. on 1/5/2020
    Nov 8th class was postponed. when this will be taken?
  • Homeowner's Guide to Basic Plumbing

    Reviewed by Kim l. on 9/27/2019
    Roberto was great. He gave good tips for troubleshooting and I'm much less intimidated now by pipes under the sink.
  • Getting Great Real Estate Deals in Difficult Times

    Anonymous review on 4/28/2019
    Great class. Very informative.
  • DOB Filings And Permits Process

    Reviewed by Sean M. on 4/12/2019
    Teacher is great, and learning a lot. Definitely recommend anyone taking this class to learn blueprints.
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Review Summary by CourseHorse

The reviews of classes at New York City College of Technology praised certain instructors for being knowledgeable, excellent teachers who explained subjects thoroughly and answered questions patiently. Some students appreciated the interactive and hands-on nature of the classes, which allowed them to learn practical skills applicable to their own projects. Overall, there were mentions of gaining knowledge in areas such as blueprints, plumbing, repair work, house renovation, and CAD. Quotes: 1. "The teacher was awesome. He explained every little detail and all of the questions asked by all of us, he really has so much knowledge!" 2. "This was a good introduction to Revit class... The instructor was very knowledgeable about Revit and had a unique backstory on the software which was interesting. I would highly recommend this class."

Teachers at New York City College of Technology

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