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Pickling Classes Coming up in New York

All Sorts of Salads

at Haven's Kitchen - Chelsea, New York

The bounty of summer brings tender greens, heirloom potatoes, greens, summer squash and shelling beans. We'll prepare a variety of salads with both classic and innovative flavor combinations.  Our instructors will show you how to make basic vinaigrette and offer tips on how to expertly compose an impromptu salad using meats, greens and grains. ...

Tuesday Jan 31st, 11am


Handmade Mexican Tacos

at Home Cooking New York - SoHo, New York

Tacos made from homemade corn tortillas are unbeatable. And believe us when we say they are ridiculously easy and fun to make. We'll fill them with all kinds of delicious ingredients and you will look forward to your excuse to through a taco party. Guacamole en Molcajete (homemade in a mortar and pestle) Homemade Masa Corn Tortillas  Soft...

Wednesday Nov 30th, 6pm


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Raclette and Fondue!

at The Homestead at Bedford Cheese Shop - Gramercy, New York

Here at the Cheese Shop, we feel that Raclette and fondue are great all year round, but as it gets cooler there's nothing quite like delicious melted cheese on pickles, potatoes, meats, bread- just about anything! Join us in the Homestead tonight as we taste cheeses that are great for this- and not just from Europe! We'll sip on some wine and try some...

Friday Nov 18th, 7pm


Sunday Afternoon Chinese Menu

at Karen Lee Cooking - Upper West Side, New York

Join Karen for a cooking class based on fresh, local, and organic ingredients. Menu: Sichuan Beef ( fillet mignon) with Noodles   Halibut with Pickled Vegetables  Sichuan Green Beans  Cilantro Rice  Ginger Cake with Brown Sugar Icing

Sunday Nov 20th, 12pm


Meatless Mondays

at Natural Gourmet Institute - Flatiron, New York

The Meatless Monday campaign has become a nationwide craze, so why not let Chef Sara Furcini teach you how to prepare delicious, satisfying vegetarian dishes that you can enjoy on Monday or any day? You will learn how to maximize flavors and nutritious value using wholesome ingredients and healthful cooking techniques. You’ll revel in the many benefits...

Monday Nov 21st, 6:30pm


Essentials of Middle Eastern Cooking

at The Institute of Culinary Education - Flatiron, New York

Though there are vast areas of arid landscape, the Middle East is a fertile spot on the culinary map. Over the years, various empires have ruled the region's countries, leaving their imprint on the colorful, aromatic, and diverse flavors. Recipes are dominated by spice blends, in-season vegetables and fruits, grains, olives and olive oil, nuts, herbs,...

Sunday Dec 11th, 6pm



at The Brooklyn Kitchen - Williamsburg, New York

Seasoned canners and novice picklers alike will enjoy this opportunity to learn how to best preserve summer produce for the cold months ahead. Learn the differences between hot and hold and pressure canning and how to bring some summer into the long, boring days of winter. Menu: Seasonal pickles to take home!

No Upcoming Schedules

Homemade Pickles

at Brooklyn Brainery - Prospect Heights, New York

In this class you'll learn the simple steps of homemade, shelf-stable pickles, from sourcing veggies to jarring, sealing and processing. We'll also cover the tools and tricks of preservation, such as safety and shelf-life, as well as various pickling methods and canning history. Finally, we'll sample the delicious fruits of our labor, and you'll get...

No Upcoming Schedules

Homebrew Kimchee: Traditional Asian Pickling

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at Pioneer Works - Red Hook, New York

We will learn the history of this tasty pickled treat and learn both the traditional and modern methods of preparation. In this afternoon workshop, Sohui Kim from Red Hook’s Good Fork gives us a simple introduction in making Korean kimchee. After we work our way through the entire kimchee making process- salting and draining the cabbage, making...

No Upcoming Schedules

Pickles, Preserves and Cheese

at The Homestead at Bedford Cheese Shop - Gramercy, New York

Do you ever wonder what you should serve alongside your cheese? Chutney? Honey? Jam? Fresh fruit? Well, wonder no more! We have crafted this class in order to help you perfectly pair your cheeses with the right accompaniment. Five cheeses will be paired with a selection of preserves (one or two might just be homemade!) and there will be Prosecco to...

No Upcoming Schedules

Brine on the Brain: Pickles

at The Homestead at Bedford Cheese Shop - Gramercy, New York

Whether sidled up to a quarter-pounder, paired with your favorite cheese, or straight from the barrel on Coney Island, pickles are a food we all love. Come sample some of our favorites from near and far while learning the difference between a half sour and a gherkin. You’ll even learn what gives a cured cuke its crunch.

No Upcoming Schedules

Fall Essentials: Pickling and Preserving

at The Homestead at Bedford Cheese Shop - Gramercy, New York

Sure there's a bountiful harvest at the farmers market this time of year, but how do you make it last? We'll take you through the basics of preserving produce through the long (hopefully not as cold as last year) winter. You'll even get to take the fruits of your labor home with you!

No Upcoming Schedules

Fruit Pickling: Sodas and Cocktails

at Brooklyn Botanic Garden - Crown Heights, New York

Create your own shrub-a classic mix of fruit, sugar, and vinegar used to make delicious cocktails and sodas-and then learn how to preserve it by canning. Expand your ideas on what pickling can be, learn to minimize waste, and increase your nutritional intake as you prepare shelf-stable goodies that allow you to eat (and drink!) locally year-roun...

No Upcoming Schedules

Canning, Pickling & Jarring

at La Scuola at Eataly NY - Flatiron, New York

Have you ever tasted an incredible fresh tomato sauce or fruit marmellata in the summertime and wished you could save it for the colder months? Italians have perfected a variety of ways to preserve food so that you can relive that delicious first bite at a future date. Join our Chef of La Scuola as she demonstrates how to can, jar, and perfectly...

No Upcoming Schedules