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Glass Sculpture Classes Coming up in New York

4 classes have spots left

Neon 101: Introduction to Neon Weekend

at UrbanGlass - Fort Greene 647 Fulton St, Brooklyn, New York 11217

Learn how to create your own neon sign or sculpture from start to finish in this two-session intensive workshop. The class will be presented as a series of tutorials focused on glass: Bending Designing Wiring Installation Along with a demonstration of how a glass tube is processed and filled with gas to produce light. This course is...

Saturday Oct 15th, 11am - 5pm Eastern Time

  (2 sessions)

2 sessions

Make a Stained Glass Work of Art (Intro level)

at Craftsman Ave - Gowanus 117B 11th St, Brooklyn, New York 11215

Stained Glass is one of the most unchanged crafts in the world. The process and techniques you will learn in this workshop are centuries old, but the design you create will be one-of-a-kind. It will live in your home as a monument to your creative super powers! This workshop is for anyone, from beginners to experienced artisans, who desires to dabble...

Saturday Oct 8th, 8am - 12pm Eastern Time

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Stone Carving with Ailene Fields

at The Compleat Sculptor - Chelsea 110 West 19th Street Lower Level, New York, New York 10011

Highly acclaimed sculptor, Ailene Fields, will be demonstrating and teaching the fine art of stone carving and finishing. Basics of stone carving - initial roughing out, developing a form, final finishing and polishing are presented during the course. There is a choice of softer stone or marble. Tools, sharpening and maintenance are all covered....

Wednesday Nov 2nd, 4pm - 7pm Eastern Time

  (4 sessions)

4 sessions

Stone Carving

at New York School of the Arts - Upper East Side 315 E 62nd St 2nd Fl, New York, New York 10065

In this 4-day course, students will be introduced to the history of stone carvings. Students will learn the use and purpose of different tools and various carving techniques to make figurative or abstract sculptures on stone. The goal is to complete a sculpture and gain experience in direct carving of soapstone, alabaster, or marble. MATERIAL LIST...

Tuesday Nov 15th, 1pm - 4pm Eastern Time

  (11 sessions)

11 sessions

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Patterns + Textures

at UrbanGlass - Fort Greene 647 Fulton St, Brooklyn, New York 11217

Discover the beauty of engraved glass! This class will explore patterns and textures, using a variety of coldworking equipment and tools such as lathes, belt sanders, and flat grinders. In addition to acquiring glass engraving skills, students will also learn grinding and polishing techniques. Investigate the exciting medium of glass printing (Vitreography)...

No upcoming schedules

2 sessions

Don't Blow It: Introduction to Hot Sculpting

at UrbanGlass - Fort Greene 647 Fulton St, Brooklyn, New York 11217

Spend a weekend in the glassblowing studio with master glass sculptor Deborah Czeresko. Czeresko will share her personal approach, honed over her 30-year career, to sculpting this transformative liquid and manipulating glass into both abstract and figural forms. This fun and fast-paced two-day weekend workshop is perfect for the aspiring glass sculptor....

No upcoming schedules

2 sessions

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Stained Glass and 3D Sculptures

at UrbanGlass - Fort Greene 647 Fulton St, Brooklyn, New York 11217

Using wire and metal sheets, students will create armatures and form architectural structures to support 3-dimensional stained glass pieces. By integrating a metal framework within glass sculptures, students will be able to create new and inventive works, playing with scale, shape, and pushing into new territories in stained glass. We will learn how...

No upcoming schedules

2 sessions

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Mould Madness

at UrbanGlass - Fort Greene 647 Fulton St, Brooklyn, New York 11217

The art of mould making can be translated into many forms and materials.  This workshop will give you the knowledge of kilncasting glass using high-fire refractory. Through this process, we will be covering techniques to house a range of mediums, allowing us to create multiples. Basic cold working will also be taught, to help produce a ready-to-display...

No upcoming schedules

6 sessions

Introduction to Kiln Casting

at UrbanGlass - Fort Greene 647 Fulton St, Brooklyn, New York 11217

This three day workshop is packed with information about all your basic mold making needs for kiln casting.  In this introductory class, students will be working with clay and wax to create positives to be directly translated into glass.  Two high fire refractory molds will be prepared in the kilns to complete the process of melting glass...

No upcoming schedules

3 sessions

Experimental Stained Glass Sculpture

at UrbanGlass - Fort Greene 647 Fulton St, Brooklyn, New York 11217

Explore color, light and form through the creation of abstract, 3-dimensional stained glass sculptures using the Tiffany method.  The class is open to beginners or intermediate students and will cover basic glass cutting, cold working with grinders and dremel, copper foil, soldering, and final assemblage of the sculpture.  In addition,...

No upcoming schedules

2 sessions

Introduction to Flameworking

at UrbanGlass - Fort Greene 647 Fulton St, Brooklyn, New York 11217

In this skill-building flameworking course, students will be working with borosilicate glass. Each week a different project will be initiated, which will focus on a specific skill. Projects include: Networked sculptural forms, solid and hollow sculptural forms, small jars, pendants, marbles, and working with color. This class will also discuss annealing,...

No upcoming schedules

8 sessions

Optical Sculptures and Holograms

at UrbanGlass - Fort Greene 647 Fulton St, Brooklyn, New York 11217

What happens when we think of glass as the shaper of light? Creating and experimenting with how glass and light interact we will make assemblages and record different types of holograms. We will shape light with glass and capture these light structures using a laser to etch the holographic prints. How holograms can be used to shape light and carry...

No upcoming schedules

2 sessions

Kiln Fired Glass Objects: The Glass Fusing Experience

at Marlene Meyerson JCC Manhattan - Upper West Side 334 Amsterdam Ave, New York, New York 10023

The process of melting glass to make artwork has been around for over 2000 years. You will get hooked on this enduring art form as you learn to cut, layer, and stack glass that will be melted (fused) in a kiln. Learn the difference between a full fuse and tack fuse, and create pieces with color and depth that can only be achieved with this medium....

No upcoming schedules

4 sessions

Glass Framework

at UrbanGlass - Fort Greene 647 Fulton St, Brooklyn, New York 11217

Working with solid borosilicate glass, students will explore methods for constructing complex structures with a torch from sketches and drawings. Projects begin with a scale drawing, which is transferred onto a kiln shelf, then used as a template to bend glass.  This class will incorporate demonstrations, technical samples and slide presentations...

No upcoming schedules

5 sessions

Scientific Flameworking: Basic Techniques

at UrbanGlass - Fort Greene 647 Fulton St, Brooklyn, New York 11217

This is a hands on class concentrating on scientific glass techniques and how they are beneficial to artistic endeavors.  Bends, side seals, pulling points, ring seals, wrapping coils, colored glass use and freehand blowing as well as use of a blow hose will be practiced. The final class will focus on flame worked goblets. Some completed goblet...

No upcoming schedules

6 sessions

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