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Textile Arts Center

Gowanus, Brooklyn, New York
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Textile Arts Center (TAC) is a NYC-based resource facility dedicated to raising awareness and understanding of textiles through creative educational programs for children and adults. At TAC, we aspire to unify the textile community and advocate for the handmade by providing accessible, skills-based classes that reinvigorate engagement with traditional crafts. Techniques like weaving, sewing, and dyeing are practical, connective, and process-driven -- common denominators for designers, artists, and creative practitioners around the world. Because these activities are so widely used, they help to foster community and bring creativity back into our daily lives. They are part of our collective history and vital to our ongoing expressions of design, art, and culture.  

We appreciate the unique values of textile arts and want to expand opportunities for new practitioners to engage with the medium. Participatory learning is the foundation of our model and enables students from all backgrounds to make meaningful contributions to a growing community of fiber artists. Workshops, courses, events, and special programs at TAC allow professionals and novices alike to explore their creative ingenuity through handcraft processes. By engaging with groups ranging from newcomers to experts, we increase the positive social impact of textile arts and nurture innovations and leadership in the field.  


Textile Arts Center was founded in 2009 in Brooklyn, NY. Its main workshop hosts youth and adult programs in a wide range of media. The Brooklyn location also houses the Artists in Residency program, and is home to Sewing Seeds, a program dedicated to the dissemination of accurate information on natural dyes.  In 2011, TAC opened the doors of its Manhattan studio, which hosts youth and adult programs, as well as textile-related events.

Reviews of Textile Arts Center

(293 Reviews)


Attended: After Workshop: Rust Dyeing

Could have been longer Needed more rusty supplies

julisa c.

Attended: Intro to Sewing

Lin was great. She was very detail-oriented and knowledgeable. Plan to go back for Sewing 101.

Stacy K.

Attended: Intro to Sewing

Lin was a great teacher! she taught the basics of the machine, and the class was small enough that we all had her attention when we needed it!


Attended: Leather Working 101

Fantastic class and great instructor. Nice neighborhood and terrific atmosphere. Would have loved more tools such as industrial sewing machine and skiving, working with dies. Studio doesn't have these types of equipment.


Attended: Screen Printing 101

Great class taught by Sheridan Black, the studio was well equipt and we were very productive. I recommend attending this weekend class with a prepared sketch of whatever you want to print. It will save you some time. Also, if you wish, bring t-shirts and canvas totes to print on.

Patricia T.

Attended: Sewing 101

This class was amazing. I learned a lot. We made a blouse on sample material. It was great. It's a little overwhelming since you learn a lot of techniques. How to use sewing machine and then how to make a something out of the pattern. I recommend for beginners and intermediate.


Attended: Sewing 101

I really enjoyed this class and learned a lot! I had a little bit of experience on a sewing machine, but with no formal training, so it was great to learn what tools to use, how to measure and cut, and how to sew certain types of seams. I liked that we got to do a full project (a tunic dress based on a pattern) after a few hours of learning basics. Our instructor Amelia was so positive and enthusiastic! She was encouraging and fun. We did run into the challenge that some of the sewing machines were temperamental, which meant some people fell behind, or the class was held up a little while the machines were fixed. That would be my only point of feedback for TAC to improve future workshops. Other than that, it was an excellent weekend, and I would highly recommend to others looking to learn sewing machine fundamentals!

Joyce T.

Attended: Large Format Marbling

Class was a great way to spend a Saturday, teacher was very knowledgeable and did a nice job at tying in interested fact while she was teaching. My only complaint was that the space was a little tight and it kind of felt like we were on top of each other.

Eleanor S.

Attended: Book Arts 101

This was a great workshop. Natalie is a wealth of knowledge and an excellent teacher. I came in as a total beginner and walked away with a good foundation of skills to get me started. I would take another workshop with her. Highly recommend.

Stefanie A.

Attended: Bead Embroidery (Evening Series)

So much fun! So inspiring! So excited to incorporate new skills in my own work!

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505 Carroll St, Brooklyn, New York 11215
Textile Arts Center
Gowanus, Brooklyn
505 Carroll St
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Brooklyn, New York 11215

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