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Choplet Ceramic Studio

Williamsburg, Brooklyn, New York
(179 Reviews)

Choplet Ceramic Studio combined with Williamsburg Ceramic Center offer ceramic classes and clay studio space in the heart of Williamsburg, Brooklyn in NYC. Choplet Ceramic School and Studio is home to 2600 square foot dedicated to the art of clay in all its form and welcomes newcomers to pottery and ceramic art as well as professional artists: 23 electric wheels, a kick wheel, hand building tables, 2 extruders, 2 slab roller, a glazing spray booth, a drying closet, 5 kilns and an amazing garden are some of the amenities the studio has to offer. Our amazing garden is also equipped of 8 electric wheel, one quick wheel and hand building tables, making it a perfect outdoor ceramic studio! Our inventory consists of: 8 clay bodies, 2 casting slips, 40 – 50 glazes, various colored engobes and pottery plaster. Williamsburg Ceramic Center is the perfect place for independent clay artists in need of a lot of storage space and 24 hours studio access. Our goal is to inspire creativity, foster self-discovery, and nurture an appreciation for art through our pottery programs and workshops and access to our studio, clay center and gallery.

During our 8 weeks ceramic classes our accomplished artist/instructors will demonstrate and assist you with wheel throwing, hand building, tile making and sculpting techniques as well as surface decoration and glazing. Our philosophy is to nurture individual expression: We do not give “cookie-cutter” assignments but rather encourage students to let their instructor know what they would like to achieve to develop their own original ideas and vision. Classes are built around group demonstrations followed by individualized help. Students also receive unlimited open studio access 7 days/week.

Choplet ceramic studio also offers a variety of Adult programs ranging from a fun one time trial (One day adult wheel classes), to semi private intensive wheel throwing classes or specialized ceramic skills such as mold making for slip casting and Raku firing. Our children programs include After school classes as well as Summer clay camp. At Choplet Studio, 7 years old and up will receive lessons on the potters wheel and they love it.


What are some of your most popular classes that you offer on CourseHorse? 
In order, I would say sip and spin, weekend one day workshop, mold making workshop, wheel throwing intensive. 

How long have you been in business? Can you share a bit more about your history? 
Choplet Ceramic Studio opened its doors 10.5 years ago. In 2006, Nadeige Choplet opened up the doors of her personal ceramic studio to a few artists and neighbors who expressed an interest in trying a medium they were not familiar with. Since then, Choplet Ceramic Studio expanded and grew to fulfill the needs and interest in clay of the tri-state community but conserved its friendly, homey atmosphere. One of the best compliments to receive from students and members is that Choplet studio has become their second home. 

What is your average class size? 
Our average class size is 11-13 people for one day workshops, 10 for mold making, up to 8 for wheel throwing intensive.

What is your typical student like? What are their goals?
Our students are typically with no experience and become very serious about clay after a few sessions. We have many success story of students who have quit their job and become full time ceramic artists/designers. 

Can you recommend activities to do in the neighborhood before or after class? 
This is Williamsburg. Bars, Restaurants, music venues, bowling, shopping, Park, Smorgasbord on the week end, Craft shows, outdoor swimming in the summer are recommended activities.

Reviews of Choplet Ceramic Studio

(179 Reviews)

Danielle H.

Attended: Wheel Throwing Pottery (Weekend)

I had such a great time in this class! Danielle was amazingly patient and balanced the flow of the class very well, everyone received so much individual attention. Thank you!


Attended: Wheel Throwing Pottery (Weekend)

Loved the class - 2 hours on the wheel with 20 minutes of basic instruction in the beginning. Lots of fun!


Attended: Wheel Throwing Pottery (Weekend)

I did this with my boyfriend and we both loved it. The class had a great instructor and very hands on attention, if needed. I would recommend.

Colin T.

Attended: Wheel Throwing Pottery (Weekend)

Loved the pottery class! Might go back for a second one. Definitely harder than I thought it would be but I learned a lot and the instructor (Danielle) was great!

Corey L.

Attended: Mold Making and Slip Casting: Pottery Workshop

This was a fantastic class. Nadeige delivers instruction in a very clear way and it was enjoyable to learn from the different types of molds being made. Highly recommended!

Rachel H.

Attended: Wheel Throwing Pottery (Weekend)

It was such a well run, thought out friendly class. Perfect for beginners, patient teachers and a really calm easy going atmosphere!

Jessica L.

Attended: Sip & Spin Pottery Workshop

Great class to try out throwing. It was a fun and interesting date! Am thinking about signing up for a few classes or studio time.

sandra p.

Attended: Wheel Throwing Pottery (Weekend)

We really enjoyed the class and we are thinking to take more classes. They were great!

Euree C.

Attended: Wheel Throwing Pottery (Weekend)

Really great instructor ( michelle) who was able to explain and also give individual attention to those who are first timers like me. Really enjoyed the class!

Rosa C.

Attended: Sip & Spin Pottery Workshop

The description for course was very accurate. We had a great time with Peter, our instructor at Choplet. Choplet is a very cute pottery workshop with many rooms. It's way bigger than it looks from the outside! Everyone I met at Choplet was helpful and cool. 2 hours is more than enough time to get 1 item done- many people were able to make 2! I ran into some technical difficulties, so I ended up only making one. For the low price of $8 (cash only), they allow you to fire an additional piece! I also loved that we drank our wine out of mugs previously made in the studio. Will definitely be taking another coursehorse class, and may even return to Choplet if I'm in the area!

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