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LYWDesigns Classes, New York

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LYWDesigns Classes Coming up in New York

Building A SquareSpace Site [Private]

at LYWDesigns - Union Square
114 5th Ave, New York, New York 10011

Have you ever found yourself sitting at your computer looking at SquareSpace ready to throw the whole device against the wall? Perhaps it's even felt like SquareSpace has played a sick trick on you and everyone seems to be in the know but you. You are not alone. Many students come to us feeling frustrated and overwhelmed.  It was assumed that...

Squarespace Tutoring (Private)

at LYWDesigns - Union Square
114 5th Ave, New York, New York 10011

You will leave with a close to or complete first draft of your website.  This includes linking social media, adding pages, a menu, and a blog, uploading content, and purchasing / connecting a domain.

Wordpress Tutoring (Private)

at LYWDesigns

Learn how to build a website or blog in WordPress. At the end of this course, you will have the tools needed to edit and use the backend of your website, as you have a better handle of the following: Buying Hosting ( Buying a domain Connecting a domain Choosing a template Linking social media Accounts to website The basics of curating...