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e+i Studio

e+i Studio is a dynamic architecture and design practice based in New York City, founded in 2007 that provides unique courses that can improve your understanding of this skill.

Provider Description

e+i Studio is a dynamic architecture and design practice based in New York City. Founded in 2007 by partners Eva Perez de Vega and Ian Gordon it engages in projects of all varied scales, from public projects that engage the city and the environment, to residential renovations, to exhibit, set and product design.

Informed by our background in movement related practices we approach architecture as an interdisciplinary practice that emerges from the exploration of the performance of matter and bodies in space. For us, architecture is a material manifestation of choreographed space. In other words, we seek to propose solutions that engage performative movement-based expression and architectural spatial constructs into proposals that are not fixed in time, but can evolve through performance and use.

The work of e+i has been supported and awarded by the New York Foundation For the Arts, the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council, the Manhattan Council Art Fund, Architecture For Humanity and Emerging New York Architects, among others. It has been exhibited in New York at the AIA Center for Architecture, Van Alen Institute, Max Protech, RIVAA art gallery, Parsons New School For Design, as well as internationally at the Milan design fair, Venice, Rome, Madrid, Stockholm and Seoul.

e+i is licensed to practice architecture in New York State and in Spain.

Notes: Students can use the school's computer for a fee of $50

e+i Studio
New York, New York

Reviews of e+i Studio

(4.9-star rating across 48 reviews)
  • Rhino Basic Workshop

    Reviewed by Martha H. on 11/14/2023
    Ian was fantastic! he was patient and super-knowlegable. The only problem with the course (through no one's fault) is that I would have loved and needed a full week's worth of them! The software is quite complex, and will take me some time to get it down.
  • Grasshopper Workshop

    Reviewed by Katelin T. on 4/18/2023
    Outstanding class. I've taken multiple classes here and they are all very informative yet presented in a way that is easy to absord. Ian is a wonderful teacher who always goes at a steady pace and takes time to answer any questions. He even helped me figure out how to do a personal project in in Grasshopper. Highly recommend for anyone interested in learning/advancing or brushing up on Grasshopper or Rhino.
  • Sketchup Workshop

    Reviewed by Christina C. on 2/27/2023
    Great class! Ian was super helpful and we got to go at our on pace and work on our current projects.
  • Sketchup Workshop

    Anonymous review on 4/26/2022
    Great class! Ian is such a great teacher & super patient working a new user like me. Program was easy to learn the basics within the time allotted. Studio provides additional private courses, see website for more details. Take this course! You wont regret it!
  • Rhino

    Reviewed by Patrick B. on 10/21/2019
    Was the introduction to Rhino / Grasshopper that I was looking for. It's a dense three days and I definitely wasn't able to absorb everything, but Ian did a nice job of going in-depth when someone in the class had questions and briefly touched on other, more straightforward points when needed in order to give as complete an overview as possible in the short time available. Ian provided demo files that were really helpful, including many extras that we weren't able to cover. He also provided resources from the makers of Rhino / Grasshopper and mentioned additional supplements that I've found helpful. I now have enough of a grasp of the Rhino / Grasshopper workflow that when I get stuck, I'm able to effectively Google questions and look through the Help docs, whereas before, I wouldn't know how to ask a question about what I wanted to accomplish, because my understanding was so limited. While it's not possible to really learn a new program in three days, Ian's foundation taught me how to approach modeling / designing using Rhino and cleared the beginning hurdles that I was getting caught up in when trying to learn myself. It was very helpful to have his guidance and it's a lot easier to grasp something new when you're able to ask questions and get "insider" shortcuts from someone who has the experience Ian does.
  • Rhino

    Reviewed by Carson F. on 7/2/2019
    Ian was a wonderful instructor- very knowledgable and patient.
  • Rhino Basic Workshop

    Anonymous review on 6/10/2019
    Class was very good and structured well for beginners.
  • Grasshopper Workshop

    Anonymous review on 4/21/2019
    Excellent class with good materials to go back to. I highly recommend it for people with prior knowledge of Rhino.
  • Rhino

    Reviewed by Michelle S. on 2/12/2019
    I can’t say enough good things about Ian, but I will give a few. He’s very knowledgeable, explains the topics very well, is prepared for the classes well and was also good at adjusting to the needs of the students, and just a great guy. I highly recommend taking this class or whatever other class Ian offers that interests you.
  • Rhino

    Anonymous review on 1/29/2019
    Extremely efficient class. Perfectly callibrated for Architects. Definitely recommend.
  • Rhino Basic Workshop

    Reviewed by linda m. on 12/5/2018
    Fantastic class Ian is an amazing instructor learned so much!!!!
  • Rhino Basic Workshop

    Anonymous review on 11/18/2018
    The class was definitely what I was looking for and learned a lot from the teacher. I loved the fact that class was very small at 6 and not overwhelming. Instructor was very detailed and easy to learn from. As a beginner of the software, after the class I felt I can definitely start using the program right away. I highly recommend to those who’s willing to learn.
  • Rhino Advanced Workshop

    Reviewed by Jennifer D. on 9/17/2018
    Great teacher. Thorough and patient.
  • Rhino Basic Workshop

    Reviewed by Jennifer D. on 9/10/2018
    Ian is a great teacher. Very patient and a good at explaining things slowly.
  • Rhino Basic Workshop

    Anonymous review on 7/16/2018
    The class, and Ian's style of teaching was exactly what I needed. Very good instructor.
  • Grasshopper Workshop

    Reviewed by Alexander K. on 2/28/2018
    Great introductory insight on how to use grasshopper
  • Rhino Basic Workshop

    Reviewed by Katie D. on 12/8/2017
    great class for someone who has never opened the program. We walked through all of the basic tools and leaned how to navigate in the program. the class moved at a good pace with good instruction. would definitely recommend this class to anyone wanting to get started with Rhino.
  • Rhino Basic Workshop

    Anonymous review on 11/4/2017
    Ian is an excellent teacher. I learned so much! I will continue taking classes with him.
  • Rhino Basic Workshop

    Reviewed by Johanna P. on 7/24/2017
    A great class to get to know rhe basics of Rhino. Friendly and knowledgable instructor, small group. Highly recommended. Johanna MacNair
  • Rhino Basic Workshop

    Anonymous review on 7/23/2017
    Very informational and organized.
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Review Summary by CourseHorse

Students who have taken classes at e+i Studio have praised the instructor, Ian, for his patience, knowledge, and ability to explain complex concepts in an easily understandable manner. They mention that the classes are informative and paced well, allowing them to absorb the material effectively. Many students appreciate Ian's willingness to answer questions and provide guidance on personal projects. The classes provide a solid foundation in Rhino and Grasshopper, allowing students to approach modeling and design with confidence. One student mentioned that the class gave them a comprehensive overview of Rhino and Grasshopper, even though it was not possible to fully learn the programs in just three days. They also appreciated the additional resources provided by Ian, which allowed them to continue learning after the class. Another student highlighted Ian's experience and the insider shortcuts he shared. Many students highly recommend the classes and express their intention to continue taking classes with Ian. Quotes: 1. "It's a lot easier to grasp something new when you're able to ask questions and get 'insider' shortcuts from someone who has the experience Ian does." 2. "As a beginner of the software, after the class I felt I can definitely start using the program right away." 3. "In two days, this class has taught me more in Rhino than my Rep class in college, which is already two months in the semester. I highly recommend this workshop with Ian."

Teachers at e+i Studio

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