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Midtown, New York, New York
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​Well, you made it. You're here, looking to take a striptease class. Deep breath.
We women need to feel free to confidently express ourselves sexually and sensually, without ANY shame!

Why do we yearn to take these classes, secretly desire to be strippers for a day? Is it the mystique of the unknown, the forbidden? Is it the glamour, the way we feel strippers are perceived, the way they carry themselves? Is it for the reactions we get when we tell people we are taking stripper class? Is it the desire to change our body, to be at ease with our body, with our sexuality? Is it to have power over our men, to have men want us, to leave 'em with jaws on the floor. It is to look sexy, to feel sexy? Is it to feel more confident, to not focus on our flaws, but embrace our bodies with pride and positivity? Is it the killer stripper shoes?

To be honest, we haven't quite figured that out yet. All we know is that when we look in the mirror, when we watch our bodies flow, when we touch ourselves in ways society has deemed "inappropriate," when we let go... we feel alive. We feel freakin' on fire!

So we dance. We dance for our lovers, for our bodies, for our spirit, for our mental well being, for ourselves. We dance to feel youthful, fit, confident, sexy, powerful, desired, envied, feminine, pretty. We dance because it just looks and feels so damn good.

So muster up your courage and strap on your heels. We'll see you in class.

"Courage is not the lack of fear but the ability to face it." - Lt. John B. Putnam Jr.

Notes: Please note that classes are for women only.

Reviews of StripXpertease

(104 Reviews)


Attended: Stripper Strength: Booty Twerk Jiggle N' Pop

EXCELLENT!! The instructor Jillian made the class super fun and comfortable. Can't wait to go back. Don't forget your boots shorts and knee pads.


Attended: Xtras: How to Talk Dirty (Without Cracking Up!)

I enjoyed the class very much. The instructor made it a comfortable environment.

Simone R.

Attended: Stripper Strength: Booty Twerk Jiggle N' Pop

Jillian is the best! The class had me sweating and smiling.


Attended: Stripper Strength: Booty Twerk Jiggle N' Pop

Julian was great. The class was fun and high energy. So that is the 4 stars. I would give the sign in process and service 1 star. The process of getting signed in and purchasing knee pads was not exactly welcoming. As we signed in a girl standing next to the counter who seemed like she must have been a regular laughed when the girl signing us in was rude and stated that she wasnt taking the next class (the one we were going to be) becuase she wasnt feeling it as she looked us up and down. Now I could careless what this woman thinks but thought it was tacky that an interaction like this would occur at the sign in desk. Then the knee pads - wont even go to deep into it but was another rude interaction. We went to this class to have a funtime bringing our sensuality out. Starting off on such a weird rude foot tainted the expereince.


Attended: Xtras: Suck N' Swallow, the Blow Job

I think it could have been a little better structured. The handouts were good. The swallow part of the class was literally glazed over in literally a few minutes and technique on how to swallow was not provided. Maybe participants should be asked to bring yogurt or some form of edible substance similar to the texture so that the swallowing technique can be practiced. Its a little misleading when its included in the title of the class but not a significant part of it. Overall it was a good class.

alison l.

Attended: Xtras: Suck N' Swallow, the Blow Job

Jillian was great! Just wish the class was longer or divided into 2 because we went through everything so fast. Also, you should consider that it was beyond embarrassing having to go to a building where you have to check in at the entrance with your id and tell them the name of the course. I I had to tell the name to 4 different people on the first floor and the 16th floor because they had trouble locating the course. It wasn't on the screen on the 16th floor. Thanks.


Attended: Stripper Strength: Hard-Core Heels

That was a great experience and a very effective workout. I definetly learnt many useful things and my abs are still hurting a lot!

Jimena Q.

Attended: Stripper Strength: Booty Twerk Jiggle N' Pop

The instructor was amazing and I had so much fun. I thought I'll be too shy but the class was so smooth and fun that I'm definitely thinking of going back.

Ekaterina G.

Attended: Stripper Strength: Splits S-T-R-E-T-C-H

I was very disappointed with the teacher, Jessica, who was coursing while the class, who was not checking they way students were exercising, & also was giving wrong advises, my friend got her muscle teared because of "teacher"'s non-professionalism.


Attended: Xtras: How to Talk Dirty (Without Cracking Up!)

The teacher was great, class was too short. It was a lot of fun. Definitely recommend it .

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