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New York Jazz Academy

Performing Arts
Upper West Side, New York, New York
(2 Reviews)

New York Jazz Academy, NYC’s fastest-growing music school, welcomes artists of all ages and skill levels to join us in the pursuit of excellence in jazz. With locations thriving in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, and Long Island, NYJA has built an extensive network of some of the best jazz musicians and educators in America’s most talent-packed city. Our diverse student body includes seasoned performing artists, adult hobbyists, supremely talented teens, and beginners of all ages. Students can train on virtually any instrument, including piano, guitar, drums, saxophone, trumpet, voice, and more.

From private lessons and improv workshops to jam sessions and band rehearsals, NYJA has something for virtually everyone. An active contributor to the cultural vitality of the city, NYJA also offers school outreach programs and assemblies, special performances, partnerships with major jazz clubs, custom workshops for out-of-town students, online classes, and educational consulting and publishing.

Reviews of New York Jazz Academy

(2 Reviews)

Angela B.

Attended: Vocal Jazz Workshops

Yaala is knowlegeable & encouraging. There was a great variety of song styles and enough time for each student to learn and practice the songs.

Sonya M.

Attended: Learn to Play Congas

Sonya M. gave this class 4 out of 5 CourseHorse stars.

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263 W 86th St, New York, New York 10024
New York Jazz Academy
Upper West Side, Manhattan
263 W 86th St
At West End Ave
New York, New York 10024

Teachers at New York Jazz Academy

Adam Birnbaum Ambrosio, David and Zimmer, Pete Arau, Javier and Webster, Michael Aubrey Johnson Aubrey Johnson & Thana Alexa Aubrey Johnson, Tammy Scheffer Aubrey Johnson, Kelly Ash Aubrey Johnson, Carolyn Leonhart & Sofia Rei Aubrey Johnson, Kelly Ash Carolyn Leonhart B. Shepik, A. Kehati, D. Blankinship, D. Ambrosio, D. Engelhard & M. Webster Birnbaum, Adam and Escoffery, Wayne Carolyn Leonhart Carolyn Leonhart, Tammy Scheffer Andrew Lim Dan Asher and Michael Webster Dan Asher, David Engelhard & Michael Webster Dan Asher, Erica von Kleist, and Michael Webster Daniel Blankinship Dave Allen David Engelhard David Ambrosio David Engelhard and Ron Wilkins David Engelhard, John Ray David Engelhard, Michael Webster David Engelhard, Javier Arau & John Ray David Engelhard, Javier Arau, Ron Wilkins David Engelhard, Michael Webster Dan Asher David Engelhard, Michael Webster & Alex Nguyen David Engelhard, Michael Webster & Javier Arau David Engelhard, Michael Webster, Peck Allmond, Jon Toscano, Ron Wilkins David Engelhard, Michael Webster, Alex Nguyen, Aubrey Johnson, Thana Alexa David Engelhard, Michael Webster, Dan Asher, Alex Nguyen David Engelhard, Michael Webster, Javier Arau & Alex Nguyen David Engelhard, Michael Webster, Kelly Ash, Alex Nguyen David Engelhard, Peck Allmond, Jon Toscano & Ron Wilkins Dempsey, Tom and Webster, Michael Erica von Kleist Escoffery, Wayne and Birnbaum, Adam Javier Arau Javier Arau and Kelly Ash Javier Arau, Kelly Ash and Carolyn Leonhart Javier Arau, David Engelhard & Michael Webster Javier Arau, JC Sanford & Michael Webster Javier Arau, Kelly Ash, David Engelhard , & Michael Webster Javier Arau, Tom Dempsey Lindsey Horner, & Michael Webster Joy Suprano, Jenni Barber, Benjamin Rauhala & Marc Tumminelli Kelly Ash and Carolyn Leonhart Lindsey Horner Lorne Watson Michael Webster Michael Webster & Javier Arau Michael Webster, Alex Nguyen & Javier Arau Michael Webster, Javier Arau, Jeff Fairbanks, David Engelhard Michael Webster, Michael Feinberg Dan Blankinship Miles Griffith New York Jazz Academy Instructors New York Jazz Academy Teachers New York Jazz Academy Instructors Oscar Feldman Ron Wilkins, Carolyn Leonhart, and Tammy Scheffer Small Ensemble Workshop Instructors Sofia Koutsovitis Sofia Rei Tammy Scheffer & Carolyn Leonhart Tammy Scheffer, Carolyn Leonhart Andrew Lim Tammy Scheffer, Carolyn Leonhart & Andrew Lim Tammy Scheffer, Vicki Burns, Yaala Ballin Thana Alexa Tim Ferguson Tom Dempsey Tom Dempsey, Lindsey Horner, Christopher Rogers and Michael Webster Tom Dempsey, Lindsey Rogers Horner, and Christopher Webster Tom Dempsey, Tim Ferguson & David Engelhard Tom Dempsey, Tim Ferguson & Michael Webster Tom Horner Dempsey, Lindsey Rogers and Christopher Webster Vicki Burns, Tammy Scheffer and Ron Wilkins Yaala Ballin Yaala Ballin, Carolyn Leonhart, and Tammy Scheffer ​Tom Dempsey & Tim Ferguson ​Tom Dempsey, Sten Hostfalt
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