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Sword Class NYC

Life Skills
East Harlem, New York, New York
(49 Reviews)

Sword Class NYC was founded in 2009, as a satellite school of the Sung Moo Kwan Kendo Academy, the largest school of its type in the United States. Sword Class NYC is the only school in the United States that offers both eastern and western sword styles side-by-side, encouraging exploration and discourse between the divergent forms. The official name of Sword Class NYC is Sung Do Kwan (in Korean – Seitokan in Japanese), which means ‘Academy of the Sacred Sword.’

Reviews of Sword Class NYC

(49 Reviews)


Attended: Kid's & Youth Lightsaber

Master Ben was great! Can't wait for next weeks class!!

Kajuan L.

Attended: Community Lightsaber Class (Ages 5-12)

Love it

Justyna R.

Attended: Community Lightsaber Class (Ages 5-12)

Was awesome, teacher was very good at explaining exercise and to the point

Joey D.

Attended: Beginner Longsword

Fun class! I enjoyed the historical aspects of the training. Now have to try to fit it in my schedule!


Attended: Beginner Longsword

This class was tons of fun! We are definitely going to sign up for more!

nikko c.

Attended: Beginner Longsword

it was great, kind teacher. I had a great time.


Attended: Beginner Longsword

The staff was very friendly and professional. However, anyone interested in this class needs to know it is quite physically demanding. After my first practice my arms were sore and carrying things was a bother. Lastly, absolutely do not feel intimidated; especially if you are a girl or are not very athletic. Its very fun, learning an art of murder!


Attended: Beginner Longsword

The class was fine and the instructor was very good really smart and enthusiastic. There were a couple of helpers there who were also good. The owner of the place was not very friendly however and could use some customer service skills, which ruined the experience somewhat. I wouldn't say that to his face though - what with it being a sword fighting class and all.


Attended: Beginner Longsword

Fun, not too difficult. AMAZING instructor!

Leia DeSousa

Attended: Siljun Dobup ("Real Sword")- Beginner/Intro

The class was interesting and informative, but my brother and I felt the entire time like the instructor resented us being there. He seemed annoyed that we weren't remember everything and executing it perfectly. A shame; it could have been extremely enjoyable.

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1944 Madison Ave, New York, New York 10035
Sword Class NYC
East Harlem, Manhattan
1944 Madison Ave
At E 125th St
New York, New York 10035