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New York Botanical Garden

Life Skills
NYBG Bronx, Bronx, New York
(205 Reviews)

Since its founding in 1891 The New York Botanical Garden has been a museum of plants, a preeminent center for botanical research, a global leader in plant-based education, and one of the great cultural institutions in the world.

The New York Botanical Garden educates people of all ages about the science, function, and beauty of plants to generate awareness, inspire appreciation, and provide an understanding of the importance of plants to all life on Earth. 

The Garden’s Education Division offers a wide range of structured, programmatic experiences at all levels of learning that is unrivaled at any botanical garden in the world.

Adult students benefit from the more than 500 courses and lectures offered each year through the Garden’s Continuing Education program. Certificate programs are offered in seven plant—related disciplines. Class offerings range from one-hour lectures to five-week intensive programs. 

Certificate Programs are a carefully selected series of courses focused on particular disciplines, preparing students for careers as well as personal enrichment in their chosen field of study.

Take a class or start a certificate program in:

  • Botanical Art
  • Botany
  • Crafts
  • Floral Design
  • Gardening
  • Horticulture
  • Horticultural Therapy
  • Landscape Design
  • Nature Writing and Photography
  • Wellness & Fitness

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Reviews of New York Botanical Garden

(205 Reviews)

Jennifer M.

Attended: Herbal Spa Botanicals



Attended: Introduction to Plant Science

Due to some scheduling conflicts I was not able to attend all classes but from what I saw, Manny is a knowledgeable botanist and a great teacher.

Diana H.

Attended: Easy and Elegant Floral Design Ideas

I had a great time, the instructor Rose was very informative and had a lot of good tips and tricks. And the class said one floral arraignment but this class walked away with two!

Kate H.

Attended: Easy and Elegant Floral Design Ideas

Instructor was very good. Knowledgeable and helpful.

Amy O.

Attended: Essential Oil Perfume Workshop

The teacher was great and very knowledgeable!

Eva M.

Attended: Essential Oil Perfume Workshop

Well organized. Lots of informaton was given. It was a great start for someone who wants to start working with essential oils.

Mary D.

Attended: Flower Arranging with Store-Bought Bouquets

Instructor was knowledgeable and personable. I learned a lot and enjoyed the class

Laurie G.

Attended: Flower Arranging with Store-Bought Bouquets

Fast paced and informative. Generous supply of a variety of flowers and two sizes of vases.

Jennifer M.

Attended: Soap Making Workshop

Teacher was inspiring and used only organic ingredients.


Attended: Compote Arrangements

The course was wonderful! I am a total amateur but felt very comfortable and relaxed. Tom was very accommodating, helpful & informative. He made the class very enjoyable, interactive but still fed a newby lots of information. Will absolutely look into taking another class with him!

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2900 Southern Blvd, Bronx, New York 10458
New York Botanical Garden
NYBG Bronx, Bronx
2900 Southern Blvd
Btwn Bedford Park Blvd & Mosholu Pkwy
Bronx, New York 10458

Classes at New York Botanical Garden

Fundamentals of Digital Photography Landscape Measurement The Garden Tomato Ornamental Grasses Culinary Herbs Wreath Perfect Peonies Flower ID from A to Z Landscape Design History Fundamentals of Gardening The Spirit of the Stone Interior Plantscapes Gardening with Native Plants Girls' Night Out: Spring Wildflowers All About Containers: All Three Manhattan Sections All About Containers Saturday: Container Gardening 101 Introduction to Horticultural Therapy All About Containers: Veggies and Herbs for Containers All About Containers Saturday: Designing w/ Containers Bokeh: Using Blur to Good Effect Container Gardening Compost: The Key to Healthy Gardens Medical Botany Graphics I Birds of New York: Basic Ornithology Spring Mushrooms Color Theory for Floral Design Living Decor: Green Wall Art All About Containers: All Three NYBG Sections Deer Resistant Landscape Exploring Tablescapes: Floral Runners Goodbye Digital Camera...Hello iPhone Botanical Drawing for Beginners Arranging with Summer Wildflowers Herbaceous Plant Identification Easy and Elegant Floral Design Ideas Botanical Print Tea Towels Peony Workshop Weekend Garden Design Workshop Herbal Saturday: Intro to Herbal Medicine Herbal Saturday: All Three Sections Decorating Cakes with Flowers Herbal Saturday: Growing an Herbal Garden Learning to See: Basic Composition Herbal Saturday: Herbal Infusions and Decoctions Spring Tulips in Watercolor Workshop Walking Meditation Whip Your Garden into Shape Insect Identification and Management Selecting Trees Landscape Design Tips: Learning from Before and After Spring Celebration: East Meets West Tree Climbing for Arborists Plants for Landscaping Tai Chi for Peace of Mind and Body Advanced iPhone Photography Antique Roses Native Flora in Summer Hyper-Tufa Planter Nature's Pharmacy Ikebana: A Comprehensive Approach Soil Science I: Physical Properties Plant Communities Workshop Terrace Gardening Sat: Great Plants for Terrace Gardens Terrace Gardening Saturday: All Three Sections Terrace Gardening Sat: Potting Mixes & Plant Nourish Terrace Gardening Sat: Disease & Pest Control in Pots Intro to Green Roofs Botanical Jewelry: Botanicals in Resin Foolproof Hydrangeas Botanical Blues: Cyanotype Introduction to Plant Science Growing a Culinary Herb Garden Botanical Drawing I: Methods and Materials Intensive Fundamentals of Form Intro to Landscape Design Soap Making Workshop Botanical Latin I
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Teachers at New York Botanical Garden

Aaron Bertelsen Acer VanWallendael Adam Negrin Adele Rossetti Adriana Zavala , James Oles, Juan Rafael Rivera & Mary Coffey Alan Gorkin Alexandre de Vogüé Alice Eckerson Alice Eckerson Amy Henderson Andrea Karo Andrea Filippone Andrea Candee Andrea Wulf , Susan Stewart and Stephen Kellert Andrew Faust Andy Brand Ann Perkowski Anna Macoboy Anna Paltselva Anne Meore Anne Meore Phyllis D'Amico Anne Meore & Phyllis D'Amico Annie Novak Annie Novak & Kristen Schafenacker Anya Pozdeeva Apollo Sa Deek Arnie Friedman Barbara Aronson Barbara Kitai Barbara Ambrose Barbara M. Thiers Ben Hider Benjamin Torke Betsy Rogers-Knox Bill Herman Bill Logan Bill Buck Bill Kolvek Bill Logan, Bill Schuster, Neil Hendrickson & George Hudler Bonnie Gale Brad Roeller Bradley Klein Brendan Sheehan Brian Sullivan Brian J. Huntley Bruce Eckerson Caitlin Parker Carol Woodin Carol Levine Carrie DiCostanzo Cary Fowler & Sandy McLeod Cassian Schmidt Charles Yurgalevitch Charles Bonnes Charles Jencks Chris Brunner Chris Raimondi, CLP Chris Raimondi, Richard Rosiello Nick Storrs Christian Fuller Christine Ten Eyck Christopher Roddick Christopher S. Raimondi Christopher S. Raimondi, Leda Meredith, & Elena Andrews Gaillard Claudia West Claudia Joseph Claudia Joseph Dan Cayer Daniel Furman Daniel Atha & Sheranza Alli Darrel Morrison Darrel Morrison, Bob Grese, Carey Lundin & Jensen Wheeler Wolfe Daryl Beyers Daryl Beyers & Leda Meredith Daryl Beyers & Molly Culver Daryl Beyers & Michele Langone Daryl Beyers, Graham Glauber & Richard Rosiello Daryl Beyers, Kim Eierman, & Melanie Menachem-Riggs Daryl Beyers, Michelle Langone Richard Rosiello Daryl Beyers, Nick Gershberg and Richard Rosiello Daryl Beyers, Nick Storrs Michael Ruggiero David Fedczuk David McConnell David Bulpitt David Fedczuk & Chris Ekstrom David Fedczuk, & Chris Ekstrom Deanna Curtis Deanna Curtis, & Wayne Cahilly Debbie Becker Deirdre Castro Dennis Burton Deryck de Matas Diana Conklin Diana Conklin Dick Rauh Dick Rauh Don Gabel Don Gabel & Kurt Morrell Donald McClelland Donald Gambino Doris Loechle Dorothy Smullen Douglas Daly Douglas Dubler Douglas Daly, Charles Peters, Kate Armstrong Dr. Merrill Harmin Duncan Himmelman Duncan Brine Edgar Sosa-Mieles Edmund Hollander Edward Sullivan Elena Andrews Gaillard Elinor Holland Elissa Gore Elizabeth Fabozzi Elizabeth Neves Elizabeth Scholl Elizabeth Poccia Elizabeth Gilbert & Amy Stewart Ellen Zachos Eric C. Morgan Erika Hanson Erin Hill Ernest Cavallo Eve Ashcraft Fabian Michelangeli Florence Boogaerts Frances Palmer Francine Douwes Whitney Francisca Coelho Françoise Weeks Frank Guida Gabriela Harvey Gary Novasel Gary Lincoff Gary Hilderbrand George Lozefski Gesche Wuerfel Gilles Clement Glenn Black Graham Glauber Gregory Plunkett Gustavo Capparelli Gwendolyn Ellman Halina Steiner Hanna Packer Hayden Herrera Heather Sandifer Hillary Parker Ina Vandebroek Ingrid Finnan Ivo M. Vermeulen Jack de Tar Jack de Tar, Dan Cayer & Liz Neves Jackie Fazio Jameel Gilbert James Kaechele James Lemyre James Lendemer James Carr Jamie Boyer Jan Johnsen Jan L. Gordon Jane Brook Barba Jane L. Didona Janice Parker Janna Weiss Jason Parkin & Christian Brown Jeanne Lapsker, M.D. Jeanne Reiner Jeffrey Erb Jeffrey Falk Jennifer Burch Jennifer Bakshi Jenny Lee Fowler Jesse Tsao Jessica Walliser Jessica Arcate Schuler Jim Freeman Jim Watson Joe McNally John Nagle John Capobianco John Beirne John Mark Courtney Joseph Laracuenta Judith Tankard Judy Glattstein Julian Picciano & Francisco Davila Julio Jimenez Junko Miura Karen Bussolini Karine Gordineer Karl Friedl Katherine Sabatino Kathie Miranda Kathrine Neville Kathy Salisbury Katie Bronson Katie Rose Clarke & Ron Song Destro Kazumi Terada Ken Smith Ken Molinari Ken Norman Ken Druse Ken Greene Kevin Cotter Kim Wilkie Kim Eierman Kirsten Nagashima Kris Covey Kristen Schafenacker & Annie Novak Kristin Schleiter Kristin M. Schleiter Kurt Morrell Larry Kelly Larry Lederman Larry Weaner Laura McKillop Laura Vogel Lauren Lambert Lauretta Jones Leah Kennell Leda Meredith Lee Mandell Leslie Day Leslie Day Linda Chisholm Linda M. Nemergut Linda Cody Linda S. Ferber, Ph.D plus Other Speakers Linnaea Tillett Lisa Fireman Lisa Wang Lisa Switkin Lisa Campbell Lisa Fireman Dorhout Livia Cetti Lorraine Ballato Louis Benech Louisa Rawle Tin Luciano Giubbilei Lucy Kenyon Lucy Reitzfeld Luis (Manny) Grossman Lynden B. Miller Mac Griswold Madeline Yanni Magda Salvesen Manny Grossman Marc Hachadourian Margaret Saska Margaret Saylor Margarita Poulson Maria Colletti Marie Viljoen Marilyn Reilly Mark Bunnell Marla Bosworth Marta McDowell Mary Christiansen Mary Margaret Jones Maryanne Micillo Maryanne Micillo Matthew Cook Matthew Wichrowski Matthew Pace Matthew Cook & Ryan Torres Maureen Laning Mchezaji Axum, Nevin Cohen, Annie Novak, Karen Washington Megan Paska Meghan Cahilly & Wayne Cahilly Mel Bellar Melanie Menachem-Riggs Meredith Martin Merrill Harmin Michael Sekor Michael Feller Michael Hagen Michael Blakeney Michael Ruggiero Michael Payton Michael J. Balick Michael Orsino & Jo-Ann Murphy Michele Langone Michele Langone, Daryl Beyers and Graham Glauber Mike Feller, Ken Chaya and Nancy Slowik Miranda Brooks Mobee Weinstein Molly Culver Myra Marsocci Nancy Minich Nancy Gerlach-Spriggs Nancy Contessa Nancy Slowik Nancy White Nancy White Nancy Marek Nate Harris Nicholas Storrs Nick Gershberg Nick Storrs, Xenia D'Ambrosi and Graham Glauber Noah Wilson-Rich Noel Rose Noreen Enright Patricia Czarnecki Patricia Wynne Paul Trader Peter Walker Peter Iocovello Peter Trowbridge Phil Clarke Phyllis D'Amico R. William Thomas R. William Thomas, Cassian Schmidt and Aaron Bertelsen Rachel Brudzinski Rachel Brudzinski & Mark Brooks Raymond Jungles Rebecca McMackin Regina Alvarez Richard Steinbach Richard Rosiello Richard J. Hobbs, Ph.D Rick Darke & Douglas W. Tallamy Robb Moss Robbin Moran, Ph.D Robert Llewellyn Robert Torres Robert Schilke Robert Mallet Roberta Rosenthal Robin Sleith Robin Jess Roger Repohl Ronda Brands Rose Pellicano Rose Edinger Rose Marie James Ruth Rogers Clausen Ryan Torres Ryan McCallister Samuel Bishop Sandra De Ovando Sara Katz Sara Stopek Sara Perl Egendorf Sara Stopek, Leda Meredith, & Daryl Beyers Sarah Price Sarah Owens Sarah Hettinger Sarah Saltus Siddig Seth Ganzhorn Shahid Naeem Shahid Naeem, Ursula Heise and John Nagle Sharon Abrams Shavaun Towers Shawn Spencer Sheila Brady & Susan Cohe Sheri Forster Shunmyo Masuno Sierra Steifman Songsuk Kim Sonia Uyterhoeven Stephen Morrell Stephen Dahmer Stephen Koren Stephen Sinon Susan Pell Susan Sapanara Susan Cohen & Florence Boogaerts Susan Cohen, & Hanna Packer Suzanne Boothby Talima Davis Tam Nguyen Tara Atwood Tara Atwood & Jen Burney Tatiana Morin Taylor Patterson Thaisa Way Thomas Rainer Thomas Sebenius Thomas Cawley Todd Forrest Tolly Beck Travis Wolf Trina Pilonero Trish O'Sullivan Twig Terrariums Ulf Nordfjell Ulrich Lorimer Ursula Basch Ursula Heise Ursula Basch & Karine Gordineer Ursula Basch, Andrea Karo, & Suzanne Boothby Ursula Basch, Ashley Gamell & Xenia D'Ambrosi Valerie D'Antonio Valerie Jardin Vella Chan Vincent Simeone Vincent Commisso Wade Wheatley Wallis Wilde-Menozzi Wayne Cahilly Wayne Cahilly & Meghan Cahilly Wayne Cahilly & Sarah Hettinger Wendy Hollender William Magruder William Harris Einhorn William Waitzman William H. Gerdts Xenia D'Ambrosi Yolanda LaGuerre Yoli LaGuerre
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