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New York Open Center

Life Skills
Flatiron, New York, New York
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The New York Open Center offers holistically-based educational programs to create positive transformation in individuals and the world. The New York Open Center was founded in 1984 with the intention of creating a forum for a new generation of seekers. Our founders felt there was an abundance of excellent spiritual teachers and practitioners in the New York City area without a physical space or destination in which to practice. With an event on the evening of January 13, 1984, the New York Open Center was born. The initial focus of the center was on spiritual values but the mission quickly expanded to include how our values and intentions lead us to participate in the wider world. Since then, the New York Open Center has evolved into an urban destination for holistic learning, personal development, professional advancement and enrichment. Programs are offered in spiritual inquiry and practice, psychology and self-development, holistic health, bodywork, movement and yoga, arts and creativity. The center also features concerts, performances and other special events. The Open Center is dedicated to making these educational and enriching opportunities available to anyone anywhere through online learning initiatives. Today, the New York Open Center presents more than 300 programs of exceptional depth and integrity to audiences totaling more than 10,000 annually.

Reviews of New York Open Center

(168 Reviews)


Attended: Integrative Hypnosis: Rewire Your Brain

Great class. Melissa covered a lot of useful techniques for whatever ails you. She demonstrated and explained very well. I liked that several days of info was consolidated into one day. I highly recommend this class both for beginners and for those, like me, who are very familiar with clinical hypnosis. Something for everyone.


Attended: Soul Mending: How to Heal Spiritual Traumas

I have never taken a class like this before however, I really did enjoy the class.


Attended: Free Intro: Coaching for Transformation

The class was very interesting.


Attended: Soul Mending: How to Heal Spiritual Traumas

The class was very interesting and informative.

Glenda P.

Attended: Free Intro: Calming the Nervous System

Priti had a really relaxed style about herself that immediately set the group at ease. And I thought it was great to offer a free into class in advance of purchasing the series. Thanks so much!


Attended: Zen & the Art of Photography

Not a lot of time was spend on taking photos. Don't feel like I got much out of the class.


Attended: Urban Tantra®: Sacred Sex for the 21st Century

The teacher was a lot of fun! I'm happy that I went and got outside of my comfort zone. The class was an intro to a lot of Tantra ideas and techniques.


Attended: Breaking Free of Clutter

This class focuses on time management, as the instructor believes it to be the root of disorganization. Well, that's not really my problem—I grew up in a multi-generational house of hoarders, so I really don't know where to start with keeping my apartment clean. I like to think that there's always room for improvement in any aspect of my life, but I really need to learn about getting organized, not how to track how much time I waste on distractions at work or how to run a meeting...

Tara R.

Attended: Herbal Alternatives to Antiobiotics

I took the Herbal Alternatives to Antibiotics class and it was great. Robin is a little scattered, but I don't mind since I am the same way. Plus, the amount of knowledge she provides more than makes up for it! She also brings in little tastings of teas, berries, mushrooms, etc. I had never heard of her before, but I am a huge fan now! I highly recommend this class.


Attended: On Compassion in Action, Altruism & Animal Rights

It was interesting to attend a live event and I appreciated the unusual combination of the two personalities. But the conversation remained quite superficial. I was hoping for a deeper understanding of the Buddhist principles that underlie the compassion that guded the presenters' choices tin living more sensitively.

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22 E 30th St, New York, New York 10016
New York Open Center
Flatiron, Manhattan
22 E 30th St
Btwn 5th & Madison Avenues
New York, New York 10016

Teachers at New York Open Center

Adrienne Jamiel Alan Turry Alberto Villoldo Alex Lickerman, MD Alex Grey & Allyson Grey Alex Pattakos, PhD and Elaine Dundon Alexandre Tannous Alicia A. Cook Alina Bas, M.A. Alisa Rose Alix Weisz Allison Gilbert Amelia Kinkade Amir Vahab Amy Gross Amy Cunningham Ana Polanco Andrea Beaman Andrea Candee Andrew J Mellen Andrew Hahn, PhD Ann Marie Chiasson Anna Brooke Annabelle Berrios Annie Bond Anodea Judith, PhD Anthony Bossis Anusha Sehgal Parivallal, & Dilip Sarkar etal Arielle Ford Barbara Russell Barbara E. Savin Barbara Biziou Barbara Stone, PhD, LISW, DCEP Barbara Carrellas Barbara Solowey Barbara Solowey Barbara Diane Barry Barbara Mainguy and Lewis Mehl Madrona Barry Gordon Barry Gordon & Tina Munson Beata Lewis Bettina Zumdick Bhola Banstola Bradford Keeney, PhD and Hillary Keeney, PhD Brendon Bridgit Dengel Gaspard, LCSW Candice Candice Carla Tara Carol Pearson Carol Look Charlie Morley Chongtul Rinpoche Christina Chambreau Christine Petrik Christine Petrik Christine M. Filardi Circle of Soul Claude Stein Claudia Welch Clayton Ainger Constantina Rhodes Craig Chalquist Cynthia Stadd Dan Millman Dan Tomasulo, MAPP, MFA, PhD Dan Lerner, Dan Tomasulo & Jennifer Cory Dan Tomasulo, MAPP, MFA, PhD and Dan Lerner, MAPP Dan Tomasulo, MAPP, MFA, PhD and Dan Lerner, MAPP Dana G Daniel Pinchbeck Danita Otruba, RA, AIA & Rosalie Prinzivalli David Treleaven David Treleaven, Ph.D. David Crow David Harp, MA David Winston, RH (AHG) David Borenstein, MD; Demo DiMartile & Mary Shomon David Moises Perez Martinez David Winston, Drew DiVittorio & Peeka Trenkle Dawn Petter Dawson Church, PhD Deborah Koff-Chapin Deborah Davis, LAc Deborah Starr, PhD Debra Pascali-Bonaro Deepak Chopra Demitra Vassiliadis Denise Galon & Munira Merchant, BAMS Devan Sipher Diana Raab Divya Alter Dolores Mosquera Dominique Christina, MA, Med Dominique Christina Don Jose Ruiz Donna Schwenk Donna Henes Donna Eden with David Feinstein, PhD Douglas Beasley Douglas Sloan Dr. Debbie Joffe Ellis Dr. Dennis Tirch Dr. Mona Lisa Schulz and Heather Dane Drew DiVittorio Drew DiVittorio, Dipl (NCCAOM) & Melissa Tiers Eben Alexander Elaine Clayton Elaine Woodall Elaine Egidio & Nan Moss Eliza Douglas Elizabeth Gilbert Elizabeth Whitier Elizabeth B. Jenkins Ellen Kamhi, Phd, RN Ellen Goldberg Emiliya Zhivotovskaya Eric Landon Eric Landon Eric Landon Eric Brumett, Sarah Faith Brumett and Tara Greenway Erin Olivo Erin Davis & Ken Campbell Erin Nichole Smith Fran Maher, L.Ac, and Brian Coffey, LMT Francesco Santoro Francis Tiso, PhD Frank Ostaseski Gabor Maté Gabriel Francis Gael Mae Ferguson Gail Mae Ferguson Gary Strauss Gary Lincoff Gay Kraeger Gayle Kirschenbaum Gerald Epstein Ginger Clarkson Glenn Black Grandmaster T. K. Shih, OMD, L.Ac. Greg Stewart Greg Bogart Greg Reitman Greg Stewart and Tania Stewart Gretchen Rubin Heather Dane & Amy Scher Heidi L Heidi L Heidi L Heidi L Henry Fersko-Weiss, LCSW Hilary Garivaltis Holly Holly Holly Bellebuono Hope Martin Howard Barry Schatz Hugh Byrne, PhD Irina Adams Irina Maryanchik Iris Scott, BFA Irma StarSpirit Woman Irma StarSpirit Woman, Itzhak Beery and the NY Shamanic Circle Itzhak Beery Itzhak Beery & the NY Shamanic Circle Jack Rosen Jackie S Jacob Liberman, OD, PhD Jan Booth Jane LaFazio Janet Bond Brill Jean McClelland Jean Haner Jean Koerner Jeanne Carbonetti Jeanne Denney Jeff Gitterman Jeff Migdow Jeff Volk and Gabriel Keleman, PhD Jenna la Flamme Jennifer "Lightwolf" Jones Jennifer Marie Hofmann Jill Willard Jimmy Jimmy Jimmy Joan Griffiths Vega Joanna Crespo Joanne Turnier Jody Wright Joe Monkman John Beaulieu John Lee John Pellitteri, PhD Jon Turk Jon Mundy Jonas Westring Jonathan Bricklin Jose Luis Herrera Joshua M. Greene and Godfrey Townsend Joule L'Adara, MFA JP Sears Judith Wendell Judith Orloff, MD Judith Hanson Lasater Julia Cameron Karen Friedland Karen Noé Karine Gordineer, MH, RM Kat Kowalski Kathryn Davis Kelli DeFlora Kelly Turner Kelly Thomas Ken Campbell and Erin Davis Kevin Nathaniel Kim Schneiderman, LCSW Kristen Rae Stevens Kristin Petrovich Kunchok Gyaltsen, DTM, MPH, PhD, and assistant, Sanggee Bohm Kyle McDonald Kyriacos Markides La Shonda Tyree Lakshmi Voelker Lakshmi Voelker & Tracey Eccleston Lakshmi Voelker & Tracey Eccleston Lama Migmar Tseten Lama Surya Das Lana Epstein, MA, LICSW Laura A Laura Simms Laura Berman Fortgang Laura Berman Fortang Laura Day Laura Lynne Jackson Laurel Parnell Lauren Walker Lawrence Edwards, PhD Leah Guy Leah Pearlman & Radhanath Swami Lee Lee Lee VanZyl Lena DeGloma Leslie Blackhall Letha Hadady Lewis Mehl-Madrona, Liana Werner-Grey Lili Lili Linda Bender Linda Graham, MFT Linda Kundell Linda Schnapp and Marisa Schnapp Linda Star Wolf Lisa VanOstrand Livia Kohn, PhD Lizzy Loch Kelly Lodro Rinzler Lois Bender Loren Fishman Lori Spagna Louise Montello Lynda Greenberg Lynn Singer Madhu Krishnappa Maron, ACC, CPC Maia Kincaid, PhD Mantak Chia Marc Gian Marc Gian Marco Dolce Margaret Maria Sirois Marina Romero & Samuel Malkemus Marjorie Fein Mark Matousek Mark Nepo Mark Wolynn Mark Epstein Mark Wolynn Mark Hyman Mark Nepo, Baptist de Pape and Agapi Stassinopoulos Martha Eddy, PhD Marty Epstein Mary Shomon Mary Carter & Evan Marshall Mary Helen Leonard Matthew Wood Matthew Wood Matthew Wood Matthieu Ricard & Laurie Anderson Mavis Gewant Maya Shetreat-Klein, MD Mel Stabin Melanie Sloane Melissa Tiers Melissa Harris Michael Tellinger Michael J. Gelb Michael Winn Michael Shea Michaela Haas, PhD Michelle N Millennia Ruth Lytle, ND Millennia Ruth Lytle, ND, CNS with guest Chef James Ray Mirabai Starr and Adam Bucko Miranda Maher Mitchell Yass, PhD, DPT Nacho Arimany Naina Marballi Naina Marballi Naina Marballi, BSAM, DAC Nan Moss, CSC & Rev. Elaine M. Egidio ,MCAT, LPC, BC-DMT Nancy Marie Brown Nancy Slonim Aronie Nancy Napier Nancy Smith, LMT Nancy Colier Nathalie Marinoff Niika Quistgard Odelia Shargian Olivia Olkowski onYang Yang, PhD Paloma Cervantes Pam Grout Pamela Miles Patricia Pimentel Selassie Patricia Pimentel Selassie and Millennia Ruth Lytle Patty Dann Paul Weinfield Paul Selig Paul Henderson and Smadar Yaish Paula Oleska Peeka Trenkle & Drew DiVittorio, Dipl (NCCAOM) Penny Simkin, PT Peter Doobinin Pir Zia Inayat-Khan Priscilla Bright Priti Robyn Ross Radical Change Agent Rainbow Eagle Rajiv Juneja Ralph White Randy Kamen Ravi Ratan, MSc, MBA, DSc Ray Crist Rene Whitlock Rene Whitlock Rene Whitlock Richard O’Connor Richard Schwartz Richard Lamarita Richard Michaels Richard C. Miller, PhD Richard Michael & Kena Acuna Richard Michaels, CPCC, MCC & & Madhu Krishnappa Maron, ACC, CPC Richard Michaels, MCC & Wendy Rodriguez, CPC Richard P. Brown Richard P. Brown, MD and Patricia L. Gerbarg, MD Rick Barrett Rick Jarow , PhD Rita London Rita Navarrete Perez and Toñita Gonzales Robert Wergin Robert M Place Robert Peng and Michael J. Gelb Robin Rose Bennett Roger Jahnke, OMD Ronald Alexander Rosalie Prinzivalli Rosalie Prinzivalli and Judith Wendall Rosemary Buczek Royce Froehlich Rupert Spira Ruth Levy Sangeeta Laura Biagi Sara Crow Scott Tillitt and Ajax Greene See Course Description Sergio Magaña (Ocelocoyotl) Sergio Krakowski Shakta Khalsa Sharon Brown Sharon Manner and Marc Rosenbaum Sheikha Khadija Radin Sheila Delson, CPO-CD Shmuel Tatz, PT, PhD Sifu Ed D’Urso Silvia Nakkach, MA, MMT Simcha Raphael Simone Wright Smadar Yaish Sonia Sonia Choquette, PhD Sonia Choquette, PhD Sri Shyamji Bhatnagar Stan Tatkin Stephanie Rooker Stephanie Rose Bird Stephen Ross, MD, Jeffrey Guss, MD, and Anthony Bossis, PhD Steve Jackowicz Steve Filante & Sharon Brown Steven Post Steven Post, with Eve Berkson Sue Frederick Susan Blum Susan Anderson Suzi Tucker Tama J. Kieves Tamika Tamika Teresa C Teresa C Teresa C Teri Meissner Thomas Moore Thomas Amelio Timothy McCall, MD Tori Quisling, MEd Tracy Cochran Trish DeTura, RN Trish O’Sullivan Wesley Burwell William J. Kaplanidis Yogiraj Alan Finger Yogiraj Alan Finger & Sarah Platt-Finger Yolanda Navarro & Liza Pullman Ysaye Barnwell, PhD Yuri Stoyanov, Steve Bass, MA Marjorie Roth & Greg Alexander Zenith Virago
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