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The New York Open Center’s mission is to bring the holistic, ecological and spiritual worldview into the contemporary world. Founded in 1984 in the heart of downtown New York City, The Open Center offers programs, workshops, conferences, lectures and performances that awaken the potential of the human spirit and help turn our society toward a future of well-being and sustainability.

The Open Center’s purpose is to advance and further the creation of a more conscious world, and to do so from the standpoint of urban America, where different cultures, ethnicities, beliefs and races converge and coexist in harmony. For over 36 years, we have presented a diverse offering of dynamic programs of different practices, traditions and belief systems, so that we may learn from each other to find the path best suited for ourselves.

It is our pursuit to help build a more multicultural, sustainable and just world. One open to the world’s mystical traditions, eager to learn from neglected health and wisdom sources and dedicated to the inner growth and human potential of all.

Drawing on practices and ideas from a wide variety of sources long neglected by mainstream academia, The Open Center focuses on the development of the body, the psyche, the spiritual faculties, the creative arts and on the social and ecological transformation of society.

22 E 30th St, New York, NY 10016
New York Open Center
Flatiron, Manhattan
22 E 30th St
Btwn 5th & Madison Avenues
New York, New York 10016

Reviews of New York Open Center

(4.2-star rating across 299 reviews)
  • The Magic & Medicine of Trees

    Anonymous review on 5/14/2021
  • Fermenting Vegetables: From Sauerkraut to Probiotic

    Anonymous review on 11/22/2020
    Wonderful class!! Sandor Katz was very knowledgeable AND interesting! I would definitely take more classes with him.
  • Green Medicine: A 4-Month Training in Herbalism

    Reviewed by Jasmin L. on 7/27/2020
    Very informational. Peeka convered everything top to bottom and though it is alot of information, it's all very useful . I really enjoyed my time in this class.
  • HeartMath for Unlocking Creativity, Flow & Happiness

    Anonymous review on 7/13/2020
    Absolutely amazing! This class called out to me and I'm so glad I went for it. I got so much more out of it than I was expecting. Highly recommend New York Open Center's programs.
  • Valentine’s Day Guayusa Dream Tea Ceremony

    Reviewed by Moshe O. on 2/15/2020
    Loved the course leader and the beauty surrounding the ceremony
  • 2020 Vision: Predictions for the New Year

    Anonymous review on 1/4/2020
    Interesting class, but I had no previous knowledge on the subject, so it was a little difficult to comprehend.
  • Jumpstart Your Memoir: Writing from the Heart

    Reviewed by Joanne C. on 12/16/2019
    The class was great. Participants wrote wonderful pieces, and Nancy has a way of making everyone comfortable enough to "write from the heart"!
  • Human TuneIn™ : A Sound Healing Event

    Anonymous review on 12/14/2019
    I decided not to go, but I’m sure it was great
  • Collective Shamanism – The Power of Large Group Healing

    Anonymous review on 12/8/2019
    The class was a joke. We left. They even told us they retitled it. For the first hour the guy who was anything but spiritual read from some papers and repeated himself about buying this and that over and over as well as recited multiple religious passages. Then wanted us to share our energy with him and 60 other people. When it said it was a class of 15 or less people. So we left. It was the opposite of everything I was ever taught. He even had us try and heal each other. Which ummm. You don’t do. A total joke. A scam. PS and everyone entering the room should be cleansed before partaking in that type of situation. Waste of money and time.
  • Calming the Nervous System

    Anonymous review on 11/24/2019
    The course was extremely helpful in reframing how we see stress. The instructor, Priti was so wonderful and made me feel heard and seen. Her good cheer and positive energy was infectious. I’d highly recommend this course. My only complaint is that it was only 3 sessions, once a week. I’d have liked there to be at least 2 sessions a week!
  • Medicine-Making with Cannabis Hemp Plants

    Reviewed by Kim l. on 11/5/2019
    Informative and very interesting. I recommend for anyone interested in alternatives to traditional medicine. I love this plant and believe in the science. the samples we took home were ample. I've been using the lotion on some sore spots where i think i'm developing arthritis. Whether real or psychosomatic, i have relief. i was concerned about sitting in a class for all those hours but it went by quickly -- which means the content was interesting and the class was well paced.
  • Earth Moon Gong Bath

    Anonymous review on 10/4/2019
    I had a wonderful experience with the gong bath. I felt my left side of the body letting go. The only thing I found distracting was the rapid heavy breather near me. Unfortunately the gong couldn't drown out his noise (even though the gong was loud enough to drown out the traffic outside!). But I tried to ignore him and just focus on the sound of the gongs.
  • The Healer Within: The Most Profound Medicine is Within

    Reviewed by Jesse P. on 7/20/2019
    Informative, thought provoking, peaceful, and fun. An incredible way to spend the day.
  • The Healer Within: The Most Profound Medicine is Within

    Reviewed by Ann R. on 7/15/2019
    Roger is a wealth of information. Inspirational!
  • VitaminR’s VisionWork:Improv for Difficult Conversation

    Reviewed by Jacqueline M. on 6/5/2019
    First improv class and it was super fun! Looking into doing more improv now after taking the course
  • The Alexander Technique

    Anonymous review on 5/14/2019
    interesting, relaxing, and fun class, gives you many moments to understand the human body and to be more fluid.
  • Mind, Mood and Happiness

    Reviewed by Wildra R. on 5/12/2019
    This was my first course with Course Horse. I was optimistic and looking forward to this day after reading the course title and description. I paid a babysitter for the day to care for my 3 little ones. I reserved my Uber early to make sure I was on time. The facility is beautiful! The gift/book shop cafe is so well kept and cozy. The actual workshop started ok. I was disappointed to see that there were only six other women registered for this course. The instructor began his lecture, reminded me of my study hall college days. I took out my pad and tried taking notes, but found it very difficult to follow. First, the presenter just seemed to be rambling on and sidetracking. In addition, the street noise was unbearable as the windows were kept wide open. The instructor then began a 25-minute guided meditation, which was good. However, the lights were on. I’ve meditated many times, but never with the lights on. We then spoke about our meditation experience for about 20 minutes. Then again we did another 25 minute meditation. This did not make sense to me. We then went to lunch and came back to an extremely dense 15-slide, or so, PPT which the instructor read to us word for word. I have 2 masters and have been a teacher for over 16 years. I felt like I needed a PHD in neuroscience to understand this presentation. He went over every minute detail of the brain’s composition. It was impossible for me to process all of this. The final portion was a 40 minute meditation. I could not take it anymore and left before commencing. The presenter was clearly knowledgeable; however, there was a huge discrepancy between the course description and the actual workshop. Aside from the first meditation, I do not feel that I gained practical knowledge that I can apply to my life to improve my mood, mind and overall wellness. I’m very disappointed. I’m out $150 for the course, $120 for childcare, $60 for transportation and I lost a day with my family.
  • Healing Spices: Herbal Medicine in Your Spice Rack

    Reviewed by earl d. on 5/12/2019
    I taught it was a very good class
  • Integrative Addiction Solution

    Reviewed by Maria Q. on 5/12/2019
    Wonderful experience ! No judgement very warm people.
  • Healing Spices: Herbal Medicine in Your Spice Rack

    Reviewed by melissa h. on 5/10/2019
    The class was huge - 40 people. Many of the recipes were given without specifics and we were told that we could find the recipes in the book. I honestly don't know what I paid for. I didn't get hands on learning, I didn't walk away with a more clear understanding, and although I did learn some helpful things (the reason I'm not making it 1 star), it was haphazard at best. The teacher said, "Hmm.. what should we do next?" more than three times.
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Review Summary by CourseHorse

According to student reviews, the classes at New York Open Center are highly recommended and provide valuable learning experiences. Students were able to learn a lot more than they expected and found the courses to be very informative and useful. The course leaders were praised for their knowledge and ability to engage students in the subject matter. This makes this class a great option for many people. Quotes: 1. "I got so much more out of it than I was expecting." 2. "Very informational...all very useful." 3. "Sandor Katz was very knowledgeable AND interesting!"

Teachers at New York Open Center

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