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Kronen Tea Education

Kronen Tea Education

Midtown, New York, New York
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Founded in 1892 in the prestigious city of Hamburg as a tribute to the coin that was minted that same year in the Austro-Hungarian Empire, the Krone (plural Kronen) or Crown. 

That very year - a time of stirring historical changes and exciting innovation - the founders decided to move the company to Trieste, an important port and a crossroads of journeys and adventures. As a result of the historical alliances of the Central European states, the city became an important commercial hub within a few years, particularly for overseas trade. 

In this Mediterranean centre for business relations and commerce, the brand soon became a symbol of elegance and quality. Noble spice and tea merchants selected only the rarest herbs, spices, and essential oils from the distant and mysterious Orient and brought them to Europe to produce tea blends and infusions with strong, distinctive aromas. Thanks to these leaders, Kronen Tee gained immediate fame in the sitting rooms of the social elite. 

This aristocratic beverage enjoyed continued success. Even when the name was changed to Te Corona during the first quarter of the twentieth century due to a ban on foreign businesses in Italy, the company maintained its prestige and was chosen as an official supplier in the most exclusive circles. 

During Italy's post-war rebirth and reconstruction, the company reverted to its original name - a proud symbol of tradition and quality - Kronen Tee. Still located in Trieste among the establishments that crowd the Corso, residents take their daily stroll among lingering memories of a legendary Italian tea that was enjoyed in beautiful rooms decorated with stucco and mirrors, making ladies and gentlemen dream. 

Today Kronen Tee offers connoisseurs an excellent product that respects traditional methods and is made by carefully selecting teas and infusions, revealing the passion of its founders and its unique flavour. 

Over the course of its long history, the brand has undergone several changes. Here are a few of the logos that have adorned the tea packages from 1892 to the present day:

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Kronen Tea Education
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New York, New York 10036

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