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Williamsburg, Brooklyn, New York
(167 Reviews)

Liloveve is a boutique jewelry studio located in the vibrant and artistic neighborhood of Williamsburg, Brooklyn. We offer jewelry classes and workshops that explore the inherent creativity of our individual students as well as technical aspects of the craft. We function as a bridge between the art of jewelry making and the production aspects of the jewelry industry – reviving ancient hand crafting skills as well as understanding modern tools and techniques.

Jewelry making is an antique art, having existed since the cave era. It has flourished throughout history up to our current day. We travel that rich lineage through a series of classes that delve into the organic handmade process, from introductory level courses up to professional model making and fine jewelry design.

The Liloveve Jewelry School offers classes and workshops in the art of handcrafting jewelry. There are many reasons that people come to take a jewelry class; to further their appreciation for a handmade aesthetic; to develop skills as an artisan; to enhance a burgeoning business career in fashion, industrial design, architecture, etc.; or the desire to open their own business. The courses available at Liloveve cover techniques and skills for all levels, including a variety of 6-week classes or shorter, weekend workshops. 


What are some of your most popular classes that you offer on CourseHorse?  
Our Ring Making Intensive is the most popular, but people also love our six-week Intro to Silversmithing and Intro to Wax Carving classes as well. 

How long have you been in business? Can you tell us a bit about your history? 
Liloveve was founded as a labor of love to share the fulfilling craft of jewelry making. Our owner had been teaching classes at various schools for a number of years before turning Liloveve Jewelry Studio into a fully operational school in 2009. 

What is your average class size? 
Our average class size is 7–10 people. We like to keep it small to create an intimate environment with a lot of individual attention from the instructor. 

What is your typical student like? What are their goals? 
Our students are typically young adults looking for a creative outlet. People that want to work with their hands and create something beautiful.  

Can you recommend activities to do in the neighborhood before or after class? 
In Williamsburg, there's a plethora of things to do. Lots of shopping, restaurants, people watching, cafes, galleries, the list goes on.

Reviews of Liloveve

(167 Reviews)
Flush Setting

Lauren W.

Attended: Flush Setting

Great class! Caroline was amazing!

Introduction to Wax Carving


Attended: Introduction to Wax Carving

Such a great class! You’ll learn how to use the materials and tools and actually create original jewelry.

Ring Making Intensive


Attended: Ring Making Intensive

Great class. Class size should be smaller

Ring Making Intensive

Alice X.

Attended: Ring Making Intensive

When you first get there, it's a little confusing because the outside is not clearly labeled and it just looks like a regular brownstone building. But once you ring the door and go inside, it's a really cute studio with two floors. Each person gets their own desk, complete with sets of tools to share. Erica was our teacher and she did a really good job of helping each and every one of us, while still allowing us to do it ourselves. I really enjoyed this class and got three rings out of it! I would definitely recommend this class if you're interested in doing something different. I've never worked with jewelry before but Erica made it super easy to learn!

Ring Making Intensive

Bianca T.

Attended: Ring Making Intensive

It was so great! My only wish was that it was a bit longer in time.

Bezel Setting

raquel r.

Attended: Bezel Setting

Love this class. Will highly recommend!

Silver I & II – Stone Setting

Danielle G.

Attended: Silver I & II – Stone Setting

I loved this class! The instructor was really nice and helpful. After demonstrating each step we were able to work at our own pace and he regularly checked in to see how we were doing. I already signed up for another class!

Ring Making Intensive

Iris T.

Attended: Ring Making Intensive

The Instructor presented the course well by explaining each facet of the ring making process, step by step he guided us throughout the entire time. We produced two ring bands. This was a well coodinated couse, I certainly enjoyed it.

Jewelry Design & Development


Attended: Jewelry Design & Development

So glad I took this class. The teacher was incredibly experienced and knowledgable and she gave us such good critiques on our work and provided insight for our individual collections. The classroom environment was very supportive. Great experience.

Ring Making Intensive


Attended: Ring Making Intensive

My dear husband purchased this class for me as a Christmas gift. I drove for over an hour from Long Island to Brooklyn very excited and looking forward to the gift I have been waiting for since December. When I arrived to class 11 minutes early I spotted a huge cat freely roaming the studio. I immediately told the woman who answered the door and gave me the tour that I am severely allergic to cats. She said she was sorry and hopefully I won’t get a reaction. She lead me to the workshop area and I was sure there wouldn’t be any cats there. Boy was I wrong. There was another woman there cleaning the workshop area sweeping up dust and wasn’t the least bit empathetic to what I repeated at least three times. I tried to sit and wait for class to begin as it was a gift but with two huge cats jumping on the tables and checking out every nook and cranny near me and not even put away after I mentioned how allergic I was put me off. I was told I would receive a refund but who refunds my time and disappointment? I’m all for animals however there are many people with cat allergies and I wonder why a business would want to loose customers by excluding people from enjoying a craft that brings all people together. After 5 or so minutes my breathing became shallow and I had no choice but to leave.

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