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Liloveve Jewelry School is a boutique studio in Williamsburg, Brooklyn that offers classes and workshops in handcrafting jewelry. They cater to individuals looking to explore their creative side, develop artisan skills, or enhance their career in fashion or design.


Upcoming Classes at Liloveve

  • Ring Making Intensive

    Discover the art of creating beautiful sterling silver rings in this hands-on jewelry fabrication course. Learn essential techniques such as sawing, filing, and soldering, while exploring different finishes and textures to make your rings truly unique. All tools and materials are provided, so come with your creativity and enthusiasm!

    Next start date: Saturday, Mar 2nd, 11am–2pm Eastern Time
    Price: $180
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  • Intro to Wax Carving

    Discover the art of wax carving and unleash your creativity in this hands-on jewelry-making course. Learn to sculpt intricate designs and create stunning pieces like rings and pendants using wax as your medium. No prior jewelry knowledge is required.

    Next start date: Wednesday, Mar 13th, 6:30–9pm Eastern Time
    Price: $550
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  • Intro to Silver

    Discover the art of creating stunning handmade jewelry with this fast-paced and engaging course. Learn essential techniques in working with sterling silver, from soldering and sawing to stone setting. Perfect for beginners and experienced jewelry makers looking to expand their skills.

    Next start date: Tuesday, Mar 12th, 6:30–9pm Eastern Time
    Price: $550
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  • Water Casting

    Learn the ancient art of metal casting through the innovative technique of pouring molten metal into water. Discover how to recycle metal and create unique alloys, then use the water-cast pieces to fabricate stunning jewelry. Join us for this hands-on workshop and unleash your creativity with this fascinating and unconventional art form.

    Next start date: Saturday, May 11th, 2–6pm Eastern Time
    Price: $260
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457 Grand St, Brooklyn, NY 11211
Williamsburg, Brooklyn
457 Grand St
Btwn Keap St & Borinquen Pl
Brooklyn, New York 11211

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Liloveve is a boutique jewelry studio located in the vibrant and artistic neighborhood of Williamsburg, Brooklyn. We offer jewelry classes and workshops that explore the inherent creativity of our individual students as well as technical aspects of the craft. We function as a bridge between the art of jewelry making and the production aspects of the jewelry industry – reviving ancient hand crafting skills as well as understanding modern tools and techniques.

Jewelry making is an antique art, having existed since the cave era. It has flourished throughout history up to our current day. We travel that rich lineage through a series of classes that delve into the organic handmade process, from introductory level courses up to professional model making and fine jewelry design.


The Liloveve Jewelry School offers classes and workshops in the art of handcrafting jewelry. There are many reasons that people come to take a jewelry class; to further their appreciation for a handmade aesthetic; to develop skills as an artisan; to enhance a burgeoning business career in fashion, industrial design, architecture, etc.; or the desire to open their own business. The courses available at Liloveve cover techniques and skills for all levels, including a variety of 6-week classes or shorter, weekend workshops.


What are some of your most popular classes that you offer on CourseHorse?

  • Our Ring Making Intensive is the most popular, but people also love our six-week Intro to Silversmithing and Intro to Wax Carving classes as well.

How long have you been in business? Can you tell us a bit about your history?

  • Liloveve was founded as a labor of love to share the fulfilling craft of jewelry making. The owner had been teaching classes at various schools for a number of years before turning Liloveve Jewelry Studio into a fully operational school in 2009.

What is your average class size?

  • Our average class size is 7–10 people. We like to keep it small to create an intimate environment with a lot of individual attention from the instructor.

What is your typical student like? What are their goals?

  • Our students are typically young adults looking for a creative outlet. People that want to work with their hands and create something beautiful.

Can you recommend activities to do in the neighborhood before or after class?

  • In Williamsburg, there's a plethora of things to do. Lots of shopping, restaurants, people watching, cafes, galleries, the list goes on.

Reviews of Liloveve

( 4.7-star rating across 203 reviews)
  • Ring Making Intensive

    Reviewed by Joseph S. on 1/21/2024
    This was an excellent class! I highly recommend it for the person who wants to create a piece of jewelry or wants to think about becoming a bench jeweler.
  • Ring Making Intensive

    Reviewed by Nadia S. on 12/3/2023
    Caroline was really lovely, organized and professional. I can't believe how much we learned and what we could make in just a few hours. Highly recommend.
  • Ring Making Intensive

    Reviewed by Michelle Y. on 10/23/2023
    Loved this class! Caroline was so patient and amazing, was able to guide us through all the steps to customize a sterling silver ring. Really appreciated her expertise and flexibility on listening to our ideas for rings and how to achieve them.
  • Ring Making Intensive

    Reviewed by Carolina S. on 10/22/2023
    Great class!
  • Ring Making Intensive

    Anonymous review on 9/30/2023
    This was an amazing class - Caroline is a great teacher, who obviously loves ring making/jewelry making. She was generous with her time and attention. The class was fun, interesting, and we went home with beautiful rings!
  • Intro to Wax Carving

    Reviewed by Sandra S. on 6/1/2023
    Caroline is a wonderful instructor. Easily approached and very hands on. I learned a great deal and am taking another one of her classes. I highly recommend this class.
  • Introduction to Silversmithing

    Anonymous review on 5/31/2023
    i loved this class and the arc over six weeks. Caroline was encouraging of everyone’s idea and the style they wanted to achieve. the only thing was due to the nature of different people’s projects, we all needed different attention. i felt i was waiting around some of the time for the next step for me.
  • Introduction to Silversmithing

    Reviewed by Sandra S. on 4/9/2023
    I loved this class. Caroline is a wonderful instructor. Patient!
  • Ring Making Intensive

    Anonymous review on 4/8/2023
    It was awesome! Instructor is very kind, being patient and focus on detail. Definitely love the class and very interested to joinakk no other similar class.
  • Introduction to Silversmithing

    Reviewed by Charlotte E. on 12/16/2022
    I loved this class and I highly recommend it to anyone! Caroline is extremely talented, patient, and knowledgeable. She is a wonderful teacher. The studio is well equipped and everyone was happy to be there!
  • Introduction to Silversmithing

    Reviewed by Andrea R. on 12/14/2022
    This class was exceptional!!! The teacher, Caroline, is passionate about what she does, and very patient and skilled at explaining things. I learned SO MUCH. Honestly, I looked forward to this class all week every week. The detailed work we did took time, precision, and patience, and I actually improved my ability to focus for periods of time. It was incredible to see everyone making such gorgeous jewelry step by step, and then the completed pieces. The studio is amazing, with many different types of tools and machines for making jewelry. Caroline makes lovely jewelry herself, some which is displayed in a few places. This class gets my highest possible recommendation.
  • Ring Making Intensive

    Reviewed by Boyd W. on 12/5/2022
    Great experience - highly recommend!
  • Ring Making Intensive

    Reviewed by Rogelio M. on 8/7/2022
    Class was amazing! Really fun and I learned alot! The instructor was patient and friendly. Definitely going to come back to take more classes!
  • Ring Making Intensive

    Reviewed by Melissa R. on 6/20/2021
    Loved loved loved this course. It was such a fun, great experience. Will be booking again!
  • Introduction to Silversmithing

    Anonymous review on 2/27/2020
    What a great first introduction to silversmithing!! The teacher was patient and really helpful - this has definitely ignited a life long hobby!
  • Ring Making Intensive

    Anonymous review on 1/23/2020
    Loved this class - made 2 beautiful rings!
  • Ring Making Intensive

    Reviewed by Arlene C. on 1/19/2020
    The course was very delightful! The instructor was great and very helpful. Would highly recommend it!
  • Intro to Wax Carving

    Anonymous review on 12/12/2019
    The class was great! I actually learned how to use the materials and created lovely pieces. I highly recommend!!
  • Introduction to Silversmithing

    Reviewed by Brian C. on 12/12/2019
    Perfect level of instruction and hands on work. Taught in a fully working studio so you can actually produce your own pieces. I highly recommend it.
  • Wax II: Stone Setting

    Anonymous review on 10/17/2019
    Fantastic. Caroline is the best. The wax carving (and metal work after your piece is cast) is fun, gratifying, and even meditative. You’ll end up with a beautiful ring with a stone setting that you made!
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Review Summary by CourseHorse

Students who have taken classes at Liloveve have had overwhelmingly positive experiences and have learned valuable skills in jewelry making. They consistently praise the expertise and patience of the instructor, Caroline, who is described as generous with her time and attention. Students appreciate her ability to guide them through the process of creating customized sterling silver jewelry. Quotes: 1. "It was incredible to see everyone making such gorgeous jewelry step by step, and then the completed pieces." 2. "Caroline is a wonderful instructor. Patient!" 3. "This has definitely ignited a life long hobby!"

Teachers at Liloveve

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