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Magnet Training Center

Magnet Training Center

Flatiron, New York, New York
(92 Reviews)

Magnet Theater is a performance space and training ground for the best and brightest comedic talent in New York City. Since 2005, we’ve been at the epicenter of the city’s growing improv movement—and today, we’re one of the most recognizable improv schools and theaters in the city. We’ve got critically acclaimed shows and classes in improv, musical improv, sketch, storytelling and more every single night of the week.

After studying in Chicago under improv guru Del Close, Armando Diaz, Ed Herbstman and Shannon Manning joined forces with improv teacher and veteran performer Alex Marino to open the Magnet Theater in March 2005. Today, the theater continues to be operated by Diaz, Herbstman and Marino. 

On any given night at Magnet, you’ll see our performers doing what they do best—creating some seriously amazing stuff in order to make you laugh. We’ve had improv powerhouses like Mike Myers join us onstage and conduct workshops. We’ve trained budding comedians from around the world. But most importantly, we’re giving a whole new generation of talent a place to take risks, be heard and blow minds. 

Magnet’s philosophy is simple but it’s been working pretty well for the last 10 years. Simply put, we can teach anyone to improvise. Our faculty is made up of veteran instructors—both homegrown as well as transplanted from the oldest, most esteemed comedy institutions in the country. And as such, our students get comprehensive training in the styles and philosophies that have been shaping the art form for generations. 

The new Magnet Training Center, marks a huge development in the history of the Magnet and the New York comedy community. For the first time since most anyone at Magnet can remember, we’ve got all of our classes running under the same roof, bringing our community of students, teachers, and performers together on a nightly basis. It also means that more classes are being offered in improv, musical improv, sketch comedy, and storytelling than ever before and that’s great news for all of New York, whether you’re a comedian, actor, singer, storyteller, or audience member.

Reviews of Magnet Training Center

(92 Reviews)
Improv Level One: The Principles of Improv

Frank J.

Attended: Improv Level One: The Principles of Improv

It showed me there is more to comedy than stand-up. Dennis is a very knowledgeable and friendly teacher.

Improv Level One: The Principles of Improv

Masha T.

Attended: Improv Level One: The Principles of Improv

The class is a lot of fun! I learned great improv techniques. The instructors make us feel comfortable and supported. And it’s a great way to meet and connect with people.

Improv Level Two: Intro to Long Form

Victor B.

Attended: Improv Level Two: Intro to Long Form

Lots of fun and lots of learning..

Improv Level Three: Long Form Intensive

Deborah W.

Attended: Improv Level Three: Long Form Intensive

Louis is literally the best teacher I have ever had. His style is so supportive and I have learned new ways of approaching my improv performance. The only drawback is that I wish the class was smaller.

Sketch Writing Level One

David G.

Attended: Sketch Writing Level One

It was hard work, but the experience was amazing and the teacher is clearly an expert in his field.

Character and Point of View

Aly K.

Attended: Character and Point of View

What a phenomenal experience! It was my first time at Magnet and I was not disappointed - the class could not have been more beneficial or engaging! I loved Melissa's energy and intention, her clarity, her preparation, and her dedication to the class objective. I don't think of myself as primarily an improviser and she still made me feel capable and comfortable - by the end of class I was volunteering to go first! It was a fantastic experience and definitely satisfied my itch to push myself out of my comfort zone and work with some new people! I really hope to come back and take the intro courses, as well as try a few drop ins! I'm so glad I decided to come down for this one!

The Saturday Drop-In


Attended: The Saturday Drop-In

I enjoyed the class! We did fun exercises and warm-ups. They really give you a safe space to be animated.

The Saturday Drop-In

Desta M.

Attended: The Saturday Drop-In

It was very fun! I enjoyed acting out different scenes during Improv!

The Saturday Drop-In

shanique h.

Attended: The Saturday Drop-In

It was informative and fun!

The Saturday Drop-In

Angela C.

Attended: The Saturday Drop-In

Exactly what I was looking for. Teach was awesome, I’d like to do this class again.

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22 W 32nd St 10th Fl, New York, New York 10001
Magnet Training Center
Flatiron, Manhattan
22 W 32nd St 10th Fl
Btwn Broadway & 5th Ave
New York, New York 10001

Upcoming Classes at Magnet Training Center

Musical Improv Level One
Musical Improv Level One
Next start date:

Wednesday Apr 12th, 3:30pm - 5:30pm Eastern Time

Improv Level One: The Principles of Improv
Improv Level One: The Principles of Improv
Next start date:

Monday Apr 3rd, 3:15pm - 5:15pm Eastern Time

Teachers at Magnet Training Center

Aaron Gold Adam Wade Alan Fessenden Alex Simmons Amanda Xeller Amy Gossels Andy Moskowitz Anna Neu Annie Moor Annie Moor & Frank Spitznagel Annie Moor and Miles Lindahl Anthony Veneziale Ari Miller Ari Miller & Elena Skopetos Armando Diaz Armando Diaz & Johnathan Ross Armando Diaz & Nick Kanellis Armando Diaz, Elana Fishbein and Nick Kanelis Armando Diaz, Louis Kornfeld & Nick Kanellis Armando Diaz, Nick Kanellis & Rick Andrews Ashley Glicken Ben Johnson Bianca Casusol Billy Soco Brent McBeth & Rebecca Stuard Caitlin Kunkel Caitlin Steitzer Charlie Nicholson Chet Siegel Chrissie Gruebel Chrissy Shackelford Dara Kell David Levin Dennis Pacheco Desmond Thorne Douglas Widick Elana Fishbein Elana Fishbein Elana, Hannah, Louis Megan, Michael, Rick and Rachel Eleanor Lewis Eleanor Lewis & Rick Andrews Elissa Bassist Ellen Matthews Emily Shaw Emily Shapiro Emily Flake Emily Schuman & Jordan Worona Ethan Batraski Frank Spitznagel Frank Spitznagel Frank Spitznagel & Tiffani Swalley Frank Spitznagel & Jacob Horn Frank Spitznagel & Ryan Dunkin Frank Spitznagel & Cheryl Horne Frank Spitznagel and Jon Bander Frank Spitznagel and Michael Lutton Frank Spitznagel and Nikita Burdein Frank Spitznagel, Michael Lutton & Nikita Burdein Fred Urfer Griffin Leeds Hannah Chase Hannah Chase & Megan Gray Hannah Chase Hebh Jamal, Amy Goodman & Steven H. Jaffe Jacob Horn and Frank Spitznagel James Folta Jamie Rivera Jamie Rivera & Rick Andrews Jarret Barenstein Jason Das Joe Whelski Johnathan Ross Johnathan Ross & Desmond Thorne Jon Bander Jon Bander & Miles Lindahl Josh Cohen & Tamra Malaga Judy Graham Justin Anderson Karen Wight Kevin McDonald Kim Hart Kimberly Harrington Kriss & and Kathy Kyra Sims Louis Kornfeld Louis Kornfeld & Nick Kanellis Luke Burns Mary Johnson Matt Alspaugh Meg Marano Meg Marano Megan Gray Megan Gray & Michael Lutton Megan Gray & Nick Kanellis Melissa Ulloa Menelaos Prokos Michael McLarnon Michael Lutton Michael Lutton Michael Lutton & Frank Spitznagel Mike Descoteaux Miles Lindahl Miles Lindahl & Dan Reitz Miles Lindahl & Michael Lutton Miles Lindahl & Frank Spitznagel Miles Lindahl & Nikita Burdein Mona Thompson & Shara Tonn Nat Silverman Nick Kanellis Nikita Burdein Nikita Burdein & Frank Spitznagel Nikita Burdein & Dan Reitz Patrick Buckholz Peter McNerney Phoebe Tyers Pietro Accardi R. Andrews,B. Casusol,H. Chase,M. Gray,R. Hamilton,L. Kornfeld,M. Lutton Rachael Mason Rachel Hamilton Rachel Rosenthal Richie Alfson & Michael Crisol Richie Alfson & l Michael Criso Rick Andrews Rick Andrews & Louis Kornfeld Rick Andrews & Melissa Ulloa Rick Andrews & Bianca Casusol Rick Andrews, Nikita Burdein, Bianca Casusol, Rachel Hamilton & L. Kornfeld Rob Penty Ross Taylor Sam Rogal Samhita Mukhopadhyay Sarah Maslin Nir Sean Taylor Shacottha Fields Stephanie Sparks T.J. Mannix Taylor Garron , Eva Victor Thomas Holton, Steven Lam and Cindy Lam & Nancy Yao Maasbach Wallace Best, Rachel Bohlmann, Ann Keating, Karla Goldman,Mary Connolly Wilson Tang & Jack Tchen Xavier Padin Zach Zucker
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