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Cricket eLearning, Formerly Fluent City

Cricket eLearning offers virtual language and culture classes for adults, kids, and teens. With experienced instructors and a wide range of learning materials, they provide customized learning experiences to help learners reach their goals.

Provider Description

Language & Culture Classes for Adults, Kids, & Teens

At Cricket eLearning, we make virtual learning possible for anyone, anytime, anywhere. With an expert team of instructors and unique learning materials, we empower you to reach your goals with confidence. We believe learning should be a human experience, customized to you.

The Cricket brand has 50 years of history educating and connecting families and communities worldwide. Our growing family of products come together to create a unique multi-generational learning space--through the combined programming expertise of Neulingo, NeuABC, and Fluent City, we offer diverse learning opportunities for kids, teens, and adults.

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Reviews of Cricket eLearning, Formerly Fluent City

(4.4-star rating across 116 reviews)
  • German - Level 2

    Anonymous review on 3/31/2022
    Outstanding teacher!
  • Russian - Level 2

    Reviewed by Moishe S. on 6/15/2021
    The instructor, John, supplements course material with his extensive knowledge of Russian culture. Lessons had a good mix of grammar, conversation, and lively humor.
  • Russian - Level 2

    Reviewed by Moishe S. on 4/7/2021
    This was a terrific way for me to dust off the cobwebs after many years of being away from the language. It surveyed many topics in a low key, entertaining format. The teachers' depth of linguistic knowledge and resources such as relevant videos and study aides served to boost learning motivation.
  • Russian - Level 2

    Reviewed by Johanna B. on 4/1/2021
    I really enjoyed my class. Leila is a great teacher, we had very varying material: the book, training exercises, apps, online exercises, videos, songs and many other things. It was a wonderful way to learn, being in a small group in an online class also helped. I feel like I learned a lot but even more importantly, the class gave me great motivation and the tools to also learn and continue to study by myself.
  • Spanish Level 1

    Reviewed by Tracy C. on 10/30/2020
    Our instructor, Christine, is awesome!! She made the classes fun and I learned so much!
  • Spanish Level 2

    Reviewed by Ashley A. on 10/16/2020
    Such a fun and interactive class! Really learned a lot and we all moved together at the same pace.
  • Hebrew - Level 1

    Anonymous review on 7/1/2020
    It unfortunately was not for me. I asked for support as an adult student as its hard to work and take classes. I asked for the course materials the day before class in order to allow me to prepare. It didn't seem to happen without reaching out to remind the instructor. As an educator of adults for 20 years, a class without an agenda or syllabus and not considering the needs of your students is not set up for success.
  • Chinese Mandarin - Level 1

    Reviewed by Mark T. on 4/8/2020
    The teacher is very knowledgeable, patient and efficient. She really makes everyone feel welcome and slows down the pace when needed. She is a great teacher (laoshi) and the other students in the class are supportive of one another.
  • French Level 3

    Reviewed by Darren K. on 3/18/2020
    Excellent teacher. Very engaging and innovative. Unfortunately the levels of proficiency varied a lot — and this slowed us down.
  • French Level 1

    Anonymous review on 2/22/2019
    Great course and excellent teacher! Great mixture of learning, practicing, and listening to music/videos. Learned a lot in ten weeks from absolutely zero French knowledge to being able to construct basic sentences.
  • German - Level 1

    Reviewed by James C. on 1/25/2019
    Was a great class. The teacher (David Tarsha) was excellent and really made learning fun and easy.
  • Hebrew - Level 1

    Reviewed by Michelle T. on 12/12/2018
    Mirra was an engaging and fun teacher! Learned a lot from her
  • Hebrew - Level 3

    Reviewed by Shai M. on 6/14/2018
    Hakim was a great teacher. He made class so fun and made learning Hebrew enjoyable. I highly recommend.
  • Hebrew - Level 2

    Reviewed by Liza G. on 5/15/2018
    Great class and great instructor. I liked the class size , Location and time. Can’t wait to do Hebrew 3.
  • German - Level 2

    Anonymous review on 4/5/2018
    very informational class. The teacher's english can be better!
  • Spanish Essentials

    Reviewed by Thomas T on 4/2/2018
    I had an excellent teacher, Michael, for Spanish 2. He created a safe, fun environment in which we thrived, became confident, and improved our knowledge and comfort with Spanish! All the staff are friendly and helpful, and greet you by name.
  • Spanish Essentials

    Reviewed by Laura C on 4/2/2018
    I am half way through Spanish level 1 with Victor and all I can say is - Yo amo Fluent City! ...Ok so I can actually say a lot more than that! Victor is a fantastic, inspiring and lively tutor. He makes the task of learning a new language a lot less daunting and very enjoyable. He speaks no less than 12 (!!!) languages himself so he's very knowledgeable and definitely knows what he's talking about....!! Before each class he will email us homework, which we prepare then discuss and expand on in class. Each class is 2 hours long. This is a great format and we cover a lot of material in every session. The classes are very engaging, Victor even emails us film and music clips to help us learn. The songs about verb endings have not left my head since and I often find myself singing them in the shower/gym/subway! I have wasted no time in signing up for Spanish level 2. I must also add that the support team at Fluent City - Lauren especially - are amazing. She is so helpful, efficient and friendly! As the review above states, you would be foolish not to sign up with F.C over their competitors! åÀQuÌ© estÌÁs esperando?
  • Spanish Essentials

    Reviewed by Natalie O on 4/2/2018
    Guys I've been taking Spanish classes and I feel like I've made so much progress! Thanks @fluentcity
  • French Level 3

    Reviewed by Anne H. on 12/6/2017
    This was an excellent class with a very enthusiastic instructor as well as valuable and fun weekly assignments. I enjoyed both participating in the all-French class dialogue and exercises as well as in doing the weekly homework. There were also fun songs and videos to watch and listen to. I am inspired to move ahead and take French 4.
  • Spanish Level 1

    Reviewed by Julia P. on 9/8/2017
    Great intro to Spanish! Small class, very conversational, and perfect for working professionals who are looking to be multilingual in the increasingly global landscape!
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Review Summary by CourseHorse

Students have generally positive things to say about the classes at Cricket eLearning, formerly Fluent City. They appreciate the knowledgeable and engaging instructors who use a variety of materials and resources to teach the language. The classes are described as fun, interactive, and low-pressure, allowing students to learn at their own pace. Many students feel that they have learned a lot and gained great motivation and tools to continue studying independently. - "The teacher is very knowledgeable, patient, and efficient. She really makes everyone feel welcome and slows down the pace when needed." - "Before each class, he will email us homework, which we prepare and then discuss and expand on in class. Each class is 2 hours long. This is a great format and we cover a lot of material in every session." - "It was the teacher that made this class such a success. She also understood that most of her students were working, so if we didn't have time to review class information on our own time she understood."

Teachers at Cricket eLearning, Formerly Fluent City

  • Abigail
  • Abigail Nanquil
  • Adam
  • Adam Cohen
  • Adele Mazurek
  • Alan Sulbaran
  • Alana Toulin
  • Alberto Bassi
  • Alex Campbell
  • Alexander Goetze
  • Alexandra Castano
  • Alice
  • Alison Frischman
  • Alla Krashevsky
  • Allan
  • Allan Sulbaran
  • Andrea Santin
  • Andres
  • Andrew Olshevski
  • Andrew
  • Andrew Bahr
  • Andy Travis
  • Angelica Paquette
  • Angelica Fabian
  • Anna Shilova
  • Anna
  • Antonio -
  • Atika Bensenouci
  • Aubrey Shultz
  • Aubrey
  • Aurelia Chaudagne
  • Ben Gomes & Laurie Pressman
  • Bill
  • Bill -
  • Bill Santagata
  • Bill Coelius, Fenton Li, Robert Verlaque & Jeff Dreisbach
  • Bridget Pranzatelli
  • Cab Tran
  • Candy Calderon
  • Carley Summers
  • Carlos Barreda
  • Carlos Perez Sarto
  • Carlos Andres Giraldo
  • Caroline Hesse
  • Catalina
  • Catalina Campos
  • Cecilia -
  • Celia Perez
  • Celina Bagagnolo
  • Channing Centeno
  • Chengzhou Jiang
  • Chiara Bianchini-Quesada
  • Chiara Chiara
  • Chris
  • Chris Beck
  • Chris Becker
  • Christine V.
  • Christopher Power
  • Claire Reid
  • Cleide -
  • Corey
  • Cristabel Ilarraza
  • Cristino Pacquing
  • Dana
  • Daniel Penner
  • Daniela Blini
  • Daniela
  • Daria Franklin
  • Daria Tennikova-Satral
  • Darren Ornitz
  • David Tarsha
  • Dennis Yueh-Yeh Li
  • Dennis Li
  • Devin Kennedy
  • Devon O'Shanecy
  • Diego
  • Diego Zoghbi
  • Dimetri Duckrey
  • Dinah
  • Dinah Sandoval
  • Dondre Green
  • Dr. Safae Daoudi
  • Drew
  • Eirene Wang
  • Eirene
  • Elah -
  • Elena
  • Elena Ten
  • Eleonora Davidyan
  • Eliana Gonzalez
  • Eliana
  • Eliana Levine
  • Elisha
  • Elizabeta Feldbein
  • Elizabeth Bae
  • Elizabeth
  • Elizabeth Diaz
  • Eman Salah
  • Emily Quint-Hoover
  • Emily Burnett
  • Emily
  • Emma Levine
  • Enje Brown
  • Enzo Scavone
  • ERIC
  • Eric Dadmun
  • Erica
  • Erika Wang
  • Erin Marie Musich
  • ERONA P.
  • Esther
  • Eva Kerner
  • Eva Soler Palleja
  • Fabian Gonzalez
  • Fabrizio Ventola
  • Faith Pippin
  • Felicia Christensen
  • Fernanda Dias
  • Fluent City instructor
  • Francesca Foggetti
  • Francois Monroc
  • Frank Bruckner
  • Gabriela Fuentes
  • Gaetano Dipaola
  • Galina Avakova
  • Ge Song
  • George Jreije
  • George Jreije
  • Gina -
  • Ginette Tchabda
  • Giovanna -
  • Giuseppe Mercuri
  • Graziella Caserta
  • Greg -
  • Gustavo Carvajal
  • Hakim Bishara
  • Haley Frevert
  • Hani Eschack
  • Harrison de Vignier-Awad
  • Haydy Elsanabary
  • Heilyn P.
  • Helen
  • Helen Ludden
  • Houda Lazrak
  • Ian Prince
  • Irene Siegel
  • Iris Zhang
  • Isabelle Burden
  • Israel Rodriguez
  • Israel
  • Ivy -
  • J. Turnbull, M. Finneran, B. Butler, J. Clark, J. King, & K. Maldeni
  • Jackie Ji
  • Jacob
  • Jacqueline
  • Jacqueline Youm
  • Jacqueline Maggio
  • Jairo Araya-Barrantes
  • Jared Hester
  • Jay Vilnai
  • Jay
  • Jen
  • Jennifer Doerre
  • Jeremiah -
  • Jeremiah Oliver
  • Jessica
  • Jesus
  • Jesus Aceves Loza
  • Jiayan
  • Jillian Marshall
  • Johan Pineda
  • Johana
  • Johana Pineda
  • Johanna Barrantes
  • John Dethlefsen
  • John Dethlefsen
  • John
  • Jojo Pan
  • Jonathan
  • Jonathan -
  • Jonathan Beltran-Alvarez
  • Jonathan Lam
  • Jose Moises Cruz
  • Joshua Cummings
  • Joyce Gavin
  • Juan Alzate
  • Juan
  • Juan Ardila
  • Juan Alzate
  • Julian Deville
  • Justin Balcourt
  • Justin Balcourt
  • Kameliya Sapundzhieva
  • Karen
  • Kat VanCleave
  • Katie Friedman
  • Katie Gioia
  • Kayla
  • Khaled Ramadan
  • Kyriakos Iliadis
  • Laura
  • Lea
  • Leila Abasheva
  • Leila
  • Leila Abasheva
  • Leona Binz
  • Lexee
  • Lexee McEntee
  • Liliana Di Luisa
  • Lily Harris
  • Lindsay Szper
  • Lindsay Cochran
  • Lindsey
  • Lindsey Cochran
  • Lisa K Saunders
  • Lorena -
  • Lorena Ramirez-Lopez
  • Louis Moffa
  • Luca de Gaetano
  • Luis Colon-Torres
  • Luis
  • Luis Madrid
  • Luisa -
  • Luiza Teixeira
  • Lukas Seel
  • Lydia Darly
  • Madeleine
  • Madeleine Williams
  • Madeline Conover
  • Maggie Marsico
  • Manuela Rana
  • Marcus Zelaya
  • Margaret Lapre
  • Margaret Lapre
  • Maria
  • Marie Windal
  • Marina Minina
  • Mark Libatique
  • Mark Langan
  • Marlen Lux
  • Martha Zhagui
  • Mary Ortiz
  • Mary Huamani
  • Mary Alice Jackson
  • Maryah Converse
  • Michele Canon
  • Michele Cannon
  • Miguel Rivas
  • Miguel Rivas
  • Mindy -
  • Minwei
  • Miraida Morales
  • Mirra
  • Mizuho Hashimoto
  • Mo Sun
  • Monique Oestreicher
  • Naoko Wada
  • Natalya Karimova
  • Nathan
  • Neal Pierantoni
  • Nica Rabinowitz
  • Nicola McEldowney
  • Nikola Segoloni
  • Nola Basey
  • Noor Hamdi
  • Olga Ozhiganova
  • Our Professors
  • Paola
  • PAOLA D.
  • Paul Gaboury & David Igo
  • Pauline Guedj
  • Pineda Llopart Serrano
  • Pola Melendez
  • Poliana
  • Raffaele Piscopiello
  • Ramiro Solorzano
  • Richard Sanford
  • Richard
  • Richard Green
  • Roa A
  • Robert Sciarrone
  • Robert
  • Ronit Segal
  • Ruby
  • Ruyu
  • Ryan
  • Ryan Evelyn
  • Ryan Carter
  • Sabrina Axster
  • Sam -
  • Sam Maher
  • Sammy -
  • Samuel Resende
  • Sandra Langley
  • Scott Green
  • Sebastian Silva
  • Sebastien
  • Serena Berkowitz
  • Shane Manieri
  • Shish Aikat & Ming Qiu
  • Sichen
  • Simon Jay
  • Simona Facchini
  • Sivan
  • Sofia Abu Irsheid
  • Soney
  • Sonia Prado-Illescas
  • Sue -
  • Sumar Frejat
  • Tai Soda
  • Tania
  • Taylor Pfeiffer
  • Teacher Sara Szumilas
  • Terri Lee
  • Terry Schreiber
  • Thiago Florencio
  • Torkom Movsesiyan
  • Torkom Movsesiyan
  • Tyler Losey
  • Tze Chun
  • Valentina
  • Valeria -
  • Vicky
  • Vicky Martin
  • Victor
  • Victor Pajarito Xochimitl
  • Victor Pajarito Xochmitl
  • Victoria D' Asto
  • Victoriia Zykina
  • Vincent Perez
  • Vincent
  • Vjosa Elezaj-Morina
  • William Santagata
  • William
  • William Farnham
  • Winnie Chen
  • Xavier
  • Xulei Yin
  • Yair Vilnai
  • Yamid
  • Yasunori Tanaka
  • Yeiner Aterhortua
  • Yeiner
  • Yi-Hua Tsai
  • Yoshi Vu
  • Yulia
  • Yuliana Barmotina
  • Yvonne Wolf
  • Z Kennedy - Lopez
  • Zora -
  • Zuzanna
  • Show More
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